Shindou Shuichi stood by the door completely disheveled and panting like a madman, blocking his lover's way out of the apartment.

"If you want them, find them." he said menacingly, staring at the tall blonde man in front of him.

Yuki Eiri sighed deeply and removed the cigarette from his lips. He gently ran a hand through his tangled locks of dirty blonde hair, avoiding the younger man's eyes so he wouldn't realise how amusing he found his little threat.

"You know I could just go for a walk, don't you?" he replied. This wasn't the most ideal weather to go out and truth be told, he hadn't seriously considered the possibility, but he had to say something now, didn't he?

The pink haired singer crossed his arms over his chest and smirked victoriously.

"Hmph, you and I both know that's not happening." The confidence with which Shuichi spoke made the sharp-tongued novelist want to tackle him to the ground and ravish him right there and then. For a second.

This might just turn out to be the most imaginative foreplay scenario I've ever come up with, thought the blonde.

"Is there a point to you trying to stop me from going for a drive, or is it just another of your idiotic, bratty whims?" Glare, suck, inhale, puff. Glare.

"Oh there is a point, Uesugi." Pant, blush, fist, look away. Pant.



"Well spit it out already, you damn monkey!"

Shuichi closed his eyes and took a deep breath, exhaled loudly and stared at his lover with white hot determination burning through his eyes, making the novelist cringe a little.

"If you find your keys I'll leave you alone for the rest of the month AND I'll do whatever sex stuff you want whenever you want…"

"You'll do that anyways."

"I'm not done."

Yuki Eiri crossed his arms over his chest.

"If you find your keys, I'll…" the little pink haired singer looked away and frowned. "I'll say that thing you wanted me to say to Mika-san."

"You have my attention." The novelist uncrossed his arms and walked directly at his lover, stopping three feet away from him. "If I find my keys you'll leave me alone for one month, do whatever sex stuff I want whenever I want to and you'll tell Mika that thing we discussed the other day next time she gets on my nerves, is that a deal?"

The listing of the things he'd have to do if he lost suddenly roused the singer from his momentary reverie, being at touching distance from his lover never failed to distract him from reality. But right before the blonde made a move to touch him, Shuichi raised a ringer and stopped the man in mid air.

"However… if you can't find them…" he smirked…