(Otherwise known as an 8 chapters build-up to plotless SEX)

Chapter 9 "The Big Blue"

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Graphic, unadulterated gay sex ahead, peppered with some dirty talk.

Don't expect magical sex where they stimulate the prostate with the second thrust. Anal sex hurts, especially the first time.

Pff, who am I kidding? It's still fucking funny and romantic as hell!

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"So, mind telling me what's going on?" Makoto was the one to finally break the silence as the four of them finally reached the vending machines area at the end of the corridor.

Rei took a seat on the benches directly in front of the machines, covering his face with both hands, visibly exhausted.

Nagisa had fortunately stopped crying although he was now suffering from those post tantrum hiccups he hated so much. He pressed a hand against the cold surface of the vending machine and leaned forwards, bumping his head against the glass, moaning loudly.

Nitori took a good look around, after waiting for a few seconds and making sure that none of the other two had any intentions of actually responding to Makoto's question, the silver-haired teen took a deep breath and faced the tallest swimmer.

"Tachibana-san, I believe…" he began rather bravely before stopping in mid sentence and glancing around once again for good measure. "Matsuoka-senpai and Nanase-san are… they, eh… well, we think, I mean now we know they-" as hard as he tried, he couldn't really stop the blush that began creeping up his face. Mentally surrendering, Nitori chuckled and scratched his head sheepishly.

Makoto's eyes widened in surprise.


Nitori nodded furiously, closing his eyes and pursing his lips together, torn between smiling, laughing or asking a bunch of questions that had popped into his mind at the thought of two men in bed.

But the green-eyed swimmer only smiled benignantly, out stretching a hand to ruffle Nitori's hair.

"Finally," Makoto sighed in relief and three pairs of eyes turned to look at him expectantly.

"W-What? What do you mean 'finally'? Mako-chan?" Nagisa managed to ask between hiccups.

The oldest teen simply shrugged, summoning a coin from his pocket and heading towards the vending machine.

Two seconds later, Nagisa's exaggeratedly loud gasp got everyone's attention, as he covered his mouth with his left hand and pointed an accusatory finger at his childhood friend.

"You knew?!" he asked, outraged. At that, both Nitori and Rei looked up wearing similar expressions of absolute shock.

Makoto pressed a button and a can of soda rattled loudly inside the machine. As he retrieved the can and turned to face his friends, his smile widened.

"Kind of," he shrugged. "I know Haru very well and he had been acting off every time Rin was around. At first I thought it was because of Rin's almost radical personality change after he came back from Australia," he took a sip from his soda and gathered his breath.

"And?" asked Rei, sitting at the very edge of the bench.

"Let's just say I could basically hear Haru's thoughts louder than all the films we watched tonight," he smiled and closed his eyes. "He freaked me out so much I had to force myself to tune out," he chuckled.

Nagisa smacked himself on the forehead.

"Of course! You can read Haru-chan's mind!"

"But then… why… why didn't you tell us? You could have said something and then we wouldn't have had to do all we did to know for sure! I don't understand!" Rei choked up.

The green eyed teen shrugged once more, his smile ever present.

"Like I said, I kind of suspected, I had no idea if Rin felt the same way. And also, well, I thought it would be fun," he replied, nodding ever so slightly. He moved closer to his blonde friend and put an arm around his shoulders, offering him his soda.

"He doesn't hate you, by the way," he added, making Nagisa turn his head and look up at him, beaming.

"H-He doesn't?" he asked as if needing confirmation.

Makoto shook his head and ruffled Nagisa's hair. "He's a little overwhelmed though, so what do you all say we just head back and you two crash at my place tonight? Let's give those two some space," he suggested.

Nagisa's smile lightened up the atmosphere.

"Nn!" he nodded once and raised the soda can to his lips. As he took a giant gulp, his eyes widened and he almost choked, coughing furiously. He stumbled forwards over to Nitori, who involuntarily stepped backwards at the action. Nagisa took hold of his shirt and began shaking him slightly.

"Ai-chan! You have got to send me that video I took with your phone!" he urged. "I have an app that can turn it into my ringtone!" he added excitedly. Nitori's head bobbed stupidly before he effectively took control over his body, straightening up and trying to pry Nagisa's little hands off of him.

"Like hell he is," all four of them turned around to see Rin and Haru appear from within the shadows. "He's deleting it this instant."

"You guys are back I see, ready to go?" Makoto asked, glancing momentarily at their intertwined hands. Rin didn't miss his friend's eyes and glanced down at his own hand for only a second before defiantly looking straight back at the taller swimmer.

"One word from you and I'm calling Nagisa's sister," he threatened and Makoto visibly stiffened, looking away and chuckling almost silently.

Haru let go of Rin's hand, catching the redhead by surprise. He watched as the dark haired teen walked straight towards Nagisa, who immediately let go of his grasp on Nitori's shirt, hiding his hands from view and pointedly looking at his feet, bushing furiously.

"Nagisa," Haru spoke, placing both hands on the shorter teen's shoulders. As the younger swimmer looked up to meet his friend's gaze, he suddenly found himself enveloped in an awkward yet firm embrace. He gasped in surprise and his eyes widened at the realisation that Haru was actually hugging him.

"H-Haru-chan?" he asked incredulously, unable to do anything but blink and blush scarlet.

"Thank you," Haru whispered into his ear, letting go of his friend and turning around, evidently heading towards the stairs.

Nagisa remained rooted to the spot as the words slowly sank in. Nobody moved for what seemed like entire minutes, the only sounds were Haru's disappearing footsteps as he walked downstairs.

Suddenly, and to everyone's utter surprise, Nagisa turned his beaming face towards Rin who instinctively flinched back, expecting what was coming. The blonde teen launched himself forwards, taking a giant leap towards the redhead, managing to jump high enough to encircle his legs around the other's waist, placing both arms around his neck and kissing the top of his head.

"The fuck, N-Nagisa-" Rin tried to spit out but his voice was immediately muffled by the shorter teen's shoulder covering his mouth.

"Rinrin! I looove you!" the shorter teen beamed, tears gathering at the corners of his eyes. "I love you both!"

Rin desperately tried to wiggle himself out of the embrace but as he had learned for the second time tonight, Nagisa was abnormally strong, so he simply decided to let his friend hold him for a while, gently patting him on the back with one hand, sighing.

"Sure, sure, just get off me already!" he commanded the second he sensed his friend's grasp loosen ever so slightly. As his feet touched the floor, Nagisa looked up and locked eyes with his friend before him.

Rin snorted at the sight of Nagisa's ridiculously wide eyes and damn that stupidly contagious smile of his! He ruffled his hair and hoped that would be the end of it, turning around and walking towards the staircase where Haru had disappeared.

"Nitori," Rin spoke up, turning around and locking eyes with his roommate. The silver haired teen perked up and walked towards the redhead expectantly. "Sorry about all the trouble these idiots caused you, and thank you for your help." Nitori blushed immediately, taking another step closer to his roommate with all the intentions of bowing or something ridiculously polite like that. But once he was within touching distance, Rin leaned forwards closer to his ear. "Send me that video," he winked.

Nitori gasped at the playfulness in his roommate's voice, beaming back and nodding furiously.

"Nn!" he replied.

Makoto yawned as he began walking in the same direction as Rin, pulling Nagisa by the shoulders. "Let's go," he said, locking eyes with Rei who immediately sat up, pushing his glasses up his nose.

After apologising profusely for a few seconds, Nagisa and Rei waved Nitori goodbye and followed their two friends down the stairs.

Once they reached the first floor landing, where Haru had been patiently waiting, Rin took the lead and instead of walking back the same way they had gone in, he started heading towards the main entrance.

"Rin?" asked Makoto, wondering at the change of direction. The redhead turned back and shrugged.

"Shut up, I did it for the sake of suspense. We could have easily walked in through the main gate," he admitted, making Rei almost tumble forwards.

"Rin-san!" the bespectacled teen spoke, outraged.

They walked in silence for a few seconds, out the main door of the building, across the large stretch of grass that led to the gates and finally out the street, past a small security booth where a uniformed man was leaning back on his chair, sleeping soundly.

They encountered no further problems, finding their bicycles in the exact same condition they had left them. As they mounted and readied themselves for the ride back, Makoto dragged his bike over to where Haru was standing, brushing away the leaves that had piled and stuck between the wheel's wires.

"Haru," began the taller swimmer, even though he did not get a visible response, he knew Haru was listening. "You and Rin go ahead, Nagisa and Rei will crash at my place tonight."

The raven haired teen straightened up and Makoto didn't fail to notice the slight glimmer in his eyes.

"Got it," responded Haru dryly, as he mounted his bike and began peddling away towards the other end of town, four bikes followed.

As they began peddling down a stretch of the road by the beach, Haruka couldn't stop his eyes from glancing sideways, looking longingly at the crystalline water that beautifully reflected the moonlight on its surface. Every time he had this same image before him he couldn't help but think of whales and all types of sea creatures breaking the surface playfully, only to dive back in. It was a thought that had never failed to calm him down, whatever the situation. And right at that moment, he couldn't have felt more restless. Rin said he loved him back. Rin loved him back. Haru looked at the water and pictured a giant orca jumping gracefully towards the sky, diving back into the ocean's open arms. Rin had said he had loved him for years. His heart felt like it could burst. It really did. He squinted his eyes, trying to make out any forms in the far end of the ocean, straining his ears so he could catch any sort of sound. And then there was Rin's mouth and lips and tongue and oh, the taste that lingered in Haru's own mouth, he could summon the memory on command and he could actually taste him the way he was tasting the salt in the air. And it was starting to have a physical effect on him. He jolted as the bike rode over a particularly large pebble, his crotch bumping uncomfortably against the seat. He lifted himself up and kept on peddling, hoping not to draw too much attention to himself. Dolphins, yeah, dolphins swimming and breaking the surface of the water, their playful chirping echoing through the night. The sound of Rin's hot breath against his neck. Dammit. The ever-changing shades of ocean blue. Scarlet eyes glazed with lust and passion and love and seashells, seagulls, seawater. Rin, Rin, Rin.

Haru forced himself to stop, afraid that he would lose control of the bike any second now. His face felt abnormally hot and he thought he wouldn't last another minute without managing to make some sort of physical contact, any type of physical contact with the redhead who clouded his thoughts.

Rin, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei stopped abruptly when they noticed Haru had laid his bike on its side and was now intently staring at the ocean. They dismounted one by one and walked towards him.

"Haru?" Makoto broke the silence, gently placing a hand over his shoulder. The blue haired teen turned his head, looking for Rin with his eyes. Makoto smiled and shrugged almost imperceptibly.

"Let's go guys," he spoke up directing his words at Nagisa and Rei, who were slightly taken aback but eventually nodded nonetheless. Nagisa couldn't refrain himself from gently hugging Rin around the waist if only for a second, before whispering something that sounded a lot like 'good luck' which Rin resolutely refused to acknowledge, waving him off and focusing on the situation at hand.

"Call you guys tomorrow!" yelled Makoto from a distance and soon the sounds of their bikes were completely muffled by the gentle November breeze until only the sounds of the water prevailed.

Rin walked towards the raven haired youth and stopped when he was close enough to touch him, he placed a hand on the small of Haru's back and waited for a response. Nothing happened.

"Hey," Rin began, trying to get the other swimmer to acknowledge his presence beside him. Rin tried to make eye contact but Haru's eyes remained fixed in the horizon. Sighing defeatedly, Rin pulled his hand away and was about to pocket it when he felt Haru's hand grasp his wrist, stopping him from pulling away. Their eyes met for a second and Rin smiled, relieved.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Haru asked, pointing at the beach below the stretch of road where they were standing. Rin glanced around incredulously for a second before realising the other teen meant business. He nodded and Haru led the way, walking down the small grassy patch that separated the asphalt from the sand, not before carefully stacking their bikes at a safe distance from the road.

They walked in silence for a few seconds, hands in their respective pockets.

Rin was at loss for words. He really had no idea what to say or what to do. Whenever Haru got into one of his contemplative moods it was impossible to engage him in any sort of conversation. As for trying to guess what he was thinking, that would probably take a Makoto and a half, if anything at all. The redhead cursed under his breath, kicking a pebble as he went.

"You know," the redhead began, breaking the silence and getting Haru's attention. "You really should start talking to me about what's going on in that head of yours, I can only take so much suspense."

Haru held his gaze momentarily before turning his eyes back towards the ground. It would have been extremely annoying for Rin had he not noticed the slight smile that started to pull at the corners of Haru's mouth. His red eyes widened in surprise.

"W-What's so funny?" he asked, taking a closer look at Haru's face and noticing the blush that the half darkness had successfully hid from his eyes. "Are you blushing?" he continued, incredulously.

Haruka flushed scarlet in a matter of seconds, stopping on his tracks and covering his face with both hands.

"Oh God," came out the muffled, mortified words.

Suddenly, Rin understood and a giant smile appeared on his face, bearing out his pointy teeth.

"You're thinking about sex, aren't you?" he teased the slightly shorter teen, who only moaned in response. At this, Rin couldn't suppress the loud snort that came out of his nose and started laughing wholeheartedly.

Haru let his hands fall to his sides and scowled at the laughing redhead.

"Shut up, Rin," he tried to sound angry but he ended up sounding like he was 12 years old again and someone was teasing him about his name.

"Haruu," Rin almost chanted, taking the opportunity to cradle Haru's face with his hands, tilting him upwards so as to make eye contact. "God you're adorable," he added, gently pecking the raven haired teen before pulling back, taking his hand and intertwining their fingers. Suddenly feeling a lot better, Rin resumed their walking, pulling the other by the hand almost playfully.

Haru felt like dying, he wanted to dig a hole, jump in and pray for a flood. Was he so transparent? Silently glad that all Rin could distinguish was his blush and not the bulge that up until a few seconds had struggled for freedom against the fabric of his pants. God, he wanted to just drop dead right then and there. He would have stayed quiet, he should have, all those years of not offering neither comments nor opinions whenever someone talked to him shouldhave come in handy at that moment, except there was something that was bothering him to no end and if he didn't voice his concerns soon, he was pretty sure his head would just explode.

"Have you ever-" he began but immediately cut himself off, cursing at his blabbering mouth.

Rin gently applied some pressure to his hand, silently beckoning him to go on. He already knew what he wanted to ask.

But that was as far as Haru's bravado went. Chuckling to himself, Rin shrugged, staring at the horizon.

"I've never gone all the way," he informed the shorter swimmer who immediately looked up, searching his face with his glistening blue eyes. Not like he hadn't expected that answer, after all, Rin had admitted to dating a couple of people back in Australia. He'd be a fool not to expect him to at least have experimented before. However, that didn't stop him from wanting to kick something. Or set Australia on fire.

"Oh," was all he offered in response.

Rin snickered, stopping on his tracks.

"Let's sit down," he suggested, taking a seat on the sand before the other teen had time to object.

They sat down side by side, staring at the horizon, hands clasped together.

"This is going to sound ridiculous," Rin began talking, pointedly looking away from Haru. "But whenever I actually had a chance to go all the way, no matter who I was with, they weren't you. That was kind of an immediate turn off," he admitted. "I never really thought it would be possible, us getting together, or something... I don't mean to say I was planning on staying a virgin all my life but well, it never seemed like a pressing matter to deal with.

"Shit, why are we even talking about this? This is fucking embarrassing…" Rin mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

"Rin," Haru spoke up and the redhead almost flinched, taken aback.

"W-What?" his voice quivered at the look of utter determination he saw in Haru's blue orbs.

"How far can we go?" he asked in the most annoyingly neutral tone he could muster.

It was Rin's turn to blush furiously. Words started erupting in his brain and suddenly the image of a ravished Haru at the brink of ecstasy popped into mind, forcing him to shake his head and swallow hard. He counted the seconds in his mind and after 8 or 9 he decided he had to say something.

"W-We can… I mean, we don't have to, you know, we have to decide who…" and he cut himself off with a groan. "This shouldn't be so fucking hard to say, goddammit!"

He was so focused in untangling the ideas in his mind that Rin failed to notice Haru slowly leaning towards him until it was too late and he found his back pressed against the cold sand, Haru's face hovering millimetres over his own.

"H-Ha-" but he was cut off by the raven teen's moist lips trapping his mouth in a wet, lustful kiss. Haru's left hand was pinned under Rin's shoulders as his right one traveled down the other's broad chest, down his stomach and finally cupping his soft cock over his pants, causing Rin to flinch back in shock.

"Can we do this?" Haru whispered against the other teen's opened mouth, before sliding his tongue over Rin's bottom lip, gently stroking his cock to life. It took Rin almost an entire second to realise the situation they were getting themselves into, finding it erotic to no end. Not wasting another second, Rin pulled Haru by the front of his shirt with both hands and with as much force as he could muster, smashing their mouths together and bucking his hips.

"Yes," he moaned back into the other's mouth. Their tongues clashed and danced arrhythmically, making loud smacking sounds that only worked to excite them even more. They were kissing with so much force that their teeth kept clanking together as they aimed to ravish the other's mouth. Haru's hand had effectively stroked Rin's cock into a perfectly vertical position, as Rin's own hands traveled down Haru's back towards his butt, squeezing forcefully.

As Haruka moaned into the kiss, visibly stimulated by the other teen's grasp on his ass, Rin's hands circled his waist, tracing the outlines of the blue eyed teen's own throbbing erection over his pants. Haru's entire frame stiffened and his eyes fluttered shut, a frown of pleasure and restraint taking over his face.

"Rin, don't… don't tease me anymore," the raven haired teen begged between whispers. He had been played with enough for one night and he was sure he wouldn't survive another denial of his own release. He tried pulling back if ever so slightly but Rin's grasp kept him in place. In a matter of a fraction of a second, Haru felt himself roll over and land on his back, the redhead straddling him and glancing down at him with glazed eyes full of lust.

"Kiss me, Haru" moaned Rin, his open mouth hovering millimetres above Haru's, as he worked his hands over the other's erection. The huskiness in the other's voice was enough to drive Haru into a lust filled frenzy, pulling himself upwards to meet the other teen's lips and sliding his tongue into his waiting mouth.

Rin slid down the other teen's body without breaking the kiss, stretching his entire frame so that his knees were level with the teen's below him as he unbuttoned Haru's jeans. The raven haired teen gasped as both his pants and swimsuit were pulled down in one swift movement. His eyes widened and he searched Rin's face for an explanation, anything whatsoever, but all he got was a nip on his chin and a peck on his lips before the redhead disappeared downwards.

Haru tried clutching at the other's jacket, desperately trying to pull him back towards his face but it was to no avail. Rin glanced up at him and cracked a wicked smile, licking his lips.

"Rin, don't-" Haru almost begged but was immediately cut off by the most wonderful feeling he had ever experienced in his 17 years of life as Rin took him fully into his mouth. His hips bucked involuntarily and he forcefully shut his eyes, blinded by thousands of white stars that pierced his eyelids. Tension forced his abs to contract and Haru pulled himself up in a half pull up, tangling his fingers in Rin's red mane, torn between pulling him away or pushing his cock deeper into the other's mouth.

Rin's head bobbed up and down, stroking the base of Haru's cock with his right hand and cupping his balls with his left. He was no expert, but he knew what he had dreamed of doing all these years, and he would never admit it out loud, but having Haru's cock in his mouth and sucking his release out of him was at the very top of the list. He pulled up and Haru's throbbing cock popped out of his mouth. Without stopping his ministrations, Rin glanced down, taking an appreciative long look at the fully erect saliva-coated cock in his hand. It was slightly thicker than his and it curved slightly around the middle, he had felt it back when he had jerked him off back at Samezuka, only he hadn't really seen it up close. Its pink tip had started to drip precum and Rin oh so had to know what he tasted like. He licked his lips to moisten them before sticking out his tongue and experimentally licking the pearly drops, making Haru shudder from head to foot.

"Ah. Rin," moaned Haru, forcing Rin's eyes away from his cock and onto his face. His cheeks were flushed and his hair disheveled, Rin had never seen him look so absolutely emotional, his face contorted in a mixture of extreme pleasure and restraint, Haru was trying to hold back. Lifting himself up slightly with his free hand, Rin moved up just enough to place a chaste kiss over Haru's left hipbone, biting down on it hard as he continued to stroke him with vigour. And then Haru moaned loudly, throwing his head back and digging his nails into Rin's shoulders, it was suddenly all too much for the redhead who involuntarily began rocking his hips forwards trying to create at least a minimal amount of friction against his own hardened cock. He wouldn't, he couldn't resist much longer, the sight before him all too erotic it was almost unbearable.

The redhead pushed himself upwards to a kneeling position and without stopping his ministrations, pulled at the waistband of his own pants, releasing his positively rock hard erection with his free hand. Rin's dick was longer than Haru's and perfectly straight. The raven haired teen forced his head back up and his eyes were immediately drawn to Rin's hands, stroking two cocks with evident difficulty.

"Rin," Haru began, trying to lift himself up and outstretching his hands, hoping to pull the redhead closer in order to return the favour. But Rin shook his head and bent forwards, replacing the hand he had around Haru's cock with his mouth, this time, taking him in as far as he could go. Haru's hips bucked and let out a wanton moan of absolute ecstasy as Rin moved up and down, holding onto Haru's hips with is left hand and stroking himself with his right.

It was all too much, Haru had never felt anything like it before, his entire body was on fire and he could sense every little thing around him. From the sand that tickled his exposed skin, the strands of hair that framed his face asymmetrically, to the thin layer of sweat that had begun to coat his entire body. Rin's mouth felt hot and wet and oh so good, Haru's eyes sprang open and he glanced up at the sky. The immensity above him making his chest swell and his eyes burn, and then Rin moaned as he approached his own orgasm, causing Haru's brain to explode into a billion shiny pieces of light that mirrored the stars above them.

And then Haru felt it as he hit the curve of no return, his breath got caught in his throat and his abdomen contracted almost painfully as his orgasm hit him with so much force he threw his head back and forcefully pulled at Rin's hair, timing his thrusts with the waves of pleasure that made the world disappear entirely.

Rin wasn't prepared when Haru's seed came spilling into his mouth and it all threatened to go down the wrong pipe, so he promptly closed his throat and it took all but two seconds for it to start dripping out his mouth and down Haru's throbbing cock. The second he felt Haru's grasp loosen around his hair, Rin pulled himself up, now entirely focusing on his problem at hand, yanking at his own arousal as if his life depended on it. That's when he felt himself being pulled by his jacket, he blinked stupidly almost losing the pace of his ministrations and then his eyes made contact with Haru's shining blue orbs. His mouth was hanging open in a wanton display of post orgasmic glow as he moved his hand to stroke down his own cock, effectively milking every last drop he had left. When Rin saw this, he closed his eyes and readied himself for his own orgasm, repeating Haru's name over and over again.

"I love you," Haruka suddenly whispered, pulling him close enough to stick his tongue down Rin's throat, tasting his own essence in the other's mouth. That was all it took and Rin's moan came loud and clear, echoing through the night across the deserted beach. He moaned over and over again as he rode his own orgasm and his seed spilled all over Haru's exposed stomach, his entire frame jerking up and down to the rhythm of his own strokes. Haru's arms had snaked around his waist, holding him in place as the other climaxed all over him, unable to take his eyes away from Rin's look of utter pleasure and completion.

The redhead collapsed on top of the other and their bodies twitched and shivered as they recovered their breaths.

"God Haruu," Rin moaned throatily, grabbing fistfuls of the raven haired teen's jacket and nuzzling his face against his chest, their legs mingled together. "I don't think I've ever cum that hard in my life."

Haru's breathing had calmed down considerably and he glanced down at his stomach, needing visual confirmation of the pearly streams of semen that pooled at his belly button and ran down his sides. Rin had ejaculated a torrent.

"Let's go home," Haru said as he sat up, pulling Rin up with him.

The redhead seemed to have returned to his body, suddenly very aware of what they had just done. He glanced down at the mess he had made and mumbled an apology. Haru smiled back at him, hoisting himself up and rearranging his clothes. He offered a hand and Rin took it, apparently needing the boost.

They shook the excess sand off of their clothes and started walking back to the road in silence.

Riding the bikes back to Haru's house was absolute torture for both of them. Not only was riding a bike minutes after having ejaculated one of the most awkward feelings in the world, but their clothes were sticky and stiff, making it horribly uncomfortable to move. They were only too glad to distinguish the familiar slope of Haru's neighbourhood in the distance and a few minutes later, the bikes were safely chained back to their spots. They walked up the stairs almost mechanically, exhaustion finally hitting them full force.

Haru kicked off his shoes the second he set foot inside the house, almost tearing off his clothes as he made his way upstairs towards the bathroom. Rin followed awkwardly, not knowing what to do or where to go. He toed off his shoes carefully and glanced around as if expecting to see his friends there waiting for them, hoping to further ruin what had turned out to be one of the best nights of his life.

"Are you coming?" he heard Haru's exhausted voice call him from the stairs. Slightly taken aback, Rin blinked ridiculously a couple of times before making his way upstairs, following the dark haired teen into the bathroom.

Haru had effectively peeled off his clothes, his back turned towards Rin. To the redhead's surprise, Haru headed for the shower instead of the bathtub. He stood motionless by the door, not knowing whether to follow. He heard the shower start and it took a few seconds before steam began filling the room. Shrugging off his doubts, Rin started stripping, not bothering to fold his clothes and adding to the mess on the floor. He slid the shower door open and was greeted by Haru's exposed backside. He took a few seconds to take in the sight of the slightly shorter swimmer's muscled naked body, and goddammit if it wasn't the best thing he'd seen in his life.

He took a step forward, hissing slightly as he walked underneath the spray of hot water. They were standing really close to each other and Rin took the opportunity to snake his arms around Haru's waist from behind, resting his chin on the other's shoulder.

The warmth surround them felt wonderful and it worked like magic on their sore muscles. Rin began humming a random melody in complete satisfaction, rocking their bodies back and forth.

"You are incredible," Haru whispered, leaning back and resting his head on Rin's shoulder.

The redhead smirked and snorted, placing a gentle kiss on the other's cheek.

"I can't believe I'm still standing," Rin confessed, "you almost completely drained me back there."

"Actually, you almost drained yourself, I didn't do anything," Haru teased back, feeling himself relax further and further into the embrace.

Rin nipped playfully at Haru's neck.

"Let's get you cleaned up," said Rin, out stretching his arm and grabbing a bar of soap, gently rubbing it across Haru's stomach.

The redhead continued his ministrations for a few seconds, making sure he scrubbed off every last remaining bit of semen off his new lover's skin, feeling the hard rock abs under his fingers, occasionally trailing a finger down his belly button or up his chest.

"Rin," Haru's little whisper caught Rin's attention, making him stop in mid-movement. "You're getting me hard again."

As the redhead glanced down curiously, he noticed Haru's cock had indeed started to spring back to life. He stifled a chuckle, pulling him into a tighter embrace.

"Get in line," he cheekily replied, as he suddenly rubbed his own hardened length against Haru's backside.

The blue eyed swimmer turned in his arms, pushing the redhead away if ever so slightly in order to take in the sight of the other's erection. They exchanged looks that spoke volumes.

Do you want me to?

Should I…?

Aren't you too tired for…?

Can I…?

"I want to try something," mumbled Haru, kneeling down before the redhead before waiting for a response. Rin flinched back, his eyes widening. Was Haru about to do what he thought he was about to do?

With soapy hands, Haruka grasped Rin's hardened member with his right hand, experimentally. The shudder he received in response letting him know he was doing it the right way. Logic and instinct took over Haru's movements, giving Rin's cock long, firm strokes.

"Ahh, Haru," moaned Rin, he appeared to be the more vocal of the two and Haru didn't mind in the slightest. If anything, it excited him even more.

Without wasting another second, unable to restrain his impulses any longer, Haru opened his mouth and flicked his tongue over Rin's swollen tip.

The pointy toothed teen's fingers scrambled into Haru's dark mane, digging into his scalp.

"Yes, agh…" he bit down on his lip almost drawing blood as Haru stuck out his tongue and licked at his length, base to tip. "Haru, the fuck-" he moaned, leaning back and bumping his head against the tiled wall.

"Rin," whispered Haru, holding onto Rin's length as if it were a microphone. "Rin, I wanna go all the way," he almost moaned as he took Rin fully into his mouth with one swift movement. The redhead positively whimpered, barely able to register the other's words before he saw white.

Yes. Anything you want. Anything at all. I'm yours to command.

Haru's knees were painful against the tiled floor of the shower, but his mouth refused to stop, his tongue refused to stop. He grabbed onto Rin's butt cheeks, pulling the redhead deeper into his mouth. He choked as he felt the tip connect against the back of his throat, grudgingly pulling back and coughing slightly. But as he glanced upwards tentatively and saw Rin's expression full of lust and desire, he forced his cock back down his throat, timing his breaths with each thrust.

"Ahhh," moaned the redhead, louder and louder, bucking his hips against the heat of Haru's mouth. "H-Haru, wait," he almost begged. "Haru, if I cum right now… I'm going to pass out-" he gasped.

Haru pulled back, wiping the tears away from his eyes and the saliva that began running down his chin. He straightened up, turning off the shower and grabbing Rin by the wrist. He pulled him out of the shower and reached out to grab a couple of towels, wrapping them both sloppily before walking out of the bathroom and heading downstairs to the living room.

"Haru!" Rin's erection rubbed painfully against the fabric of the towel, making him curse loudly with every step he took. "Fuck, what the hell!"

He felt himself being pushed back and he almost screamed, almost. Rin landed loudly on top of a pile of pillows and blankets over the futon covered floor of the living room, with someone who looked like Haru hovering above him in almost complete darkness, save for the light of the street lamp that filtered in through the windows. Someone who looked like Haru because the person staring back at him with parted lips and lust filled eyes could not be Haru. The person hovering above him was a sex maniac slash bodysnatcher who had taken possession of Haruka's beautiful body and was about to have his way with him. Rin gulped loudly.

"H-Haru?" Rin hated the way his voice sounded an octave higher than it should have but he suddenly had to throw his head back the second he felt a hand grasp his erection, pumping him with a steady, gentle rhythm.

"Rin," he moaned into the other's mouth. "Rin, let me take you tonight."

"Hahh?!" Rin's head jerked up, pupils dilated, but was almost immediately silenced by another long stroke that would have brought him to his knees had he been standing up.

"Rin," the dark haired swimmer whispered against his neck, lapping at the exposed skin before him. The towel that had been half covering Haru's mid section slid off his wet body and he pressed down hard against the redhead's groin. "I've never done this before, and I don't want to hurt you, but I don't think I can take it any longer, I need you," and as he emphasised the word need, his tongue slid over the other swimmer's chin all the way into his open mouth.

Rin's head was spinning. He grabbed fistfuls of the blankets below him, restraining himself from digging his nails into the other's muscled back, trying to collect his thoughts. This was certainly not what he had planned. In all his fantasies, it was always him topping, Haru writhing beneath him, moaning his name and cumming between their stomachs. Another long stroke forced him to shut his eyes closed and gasp. God, was this Haru's first time touching someone else?

"I love you," Haru's voice was barely above a whisper, and his body started rocking back and forth, rubbing his erection against Rin's thigh. The fuck, when exactly did he part his legs? "Rin, I love you, please," and his words finally seemed to strike a nerve somewhere deep within Rin. He felt tears prickle at the corner of his eyes but he refused, refused absolutely refused to turn on the waterfalls. His arms slowly made their way around Haruka's waist, his nails digging and scratching at the muscled skin. He tore his mouth away from the other's and turned his face sideways, resolutely looking anywhere except those blue eyes full of lust and hope.

"Fine!" he couldn't believe he actually said it. Mentally kicking himself and biting down hard on his lower lip, Matsuoka Rin swallowed his giant pride and spread his legs, accommodating the teen above him.

Haru smiled as he pressed his forehead against Rin's chin.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"Don't thank me yet, asshole," Rin snapped, pushing the teen away and straightening up to a sitting position. "But if we're doing this, you better fucking prepare me well," he raised a finger over the other teen's face before realising the words that were coming out of his mouth. Mortified, he turned on his side and sank back down, smothering his face with the nearest pillow.

"Gwwwdddd," his muffled scream making Haru's heart swell with love. He gingerly stood up and walked away, leaving the redhead squirming between the small mountain of pillows and covers.

A few minutes later, Rin felt the futon shift under the other teen's weight and he grudgingly pulled the pillow low enough to peek through the top. He saw Haru struggling to open a sealed box of condoms.

"Haruka, the fuck, you have condoms?!" he asked outraged. "Didn't you say you were a fucking virgin?!"

Haru shrugged, tearing the plastic open with his teeth.

"My parents left them for me before they left," he admitted, before grinding his teeth. "Along a series of very uncomfortable instructions."

Rin rolled his eyes and continued to smother his face against the pillow, hopefully he'd suffocate and die before they went any further.

"I don't have any lubricant, but I did find this," Haru spoke conversationally, and just when Rin thought it couldn't get any less romantic than that, he peeked through the pillow and saw Haru holding up a tube of vaseline.

The redhead moaned in despair, closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the futon.

"Just kill me now," he commanded.

Haru smiled, prying the pillow away from Rin's clutch, exposing his naked body before him. Feeling his cover snatched away, Rin hid his face behind his forearms, finding neither strength nor will to fight Haru off.

The next thing he felt were a pair of moist lips gently pecking his midriff, long slender fingers trailing patterns against his sides. Rin would have been lying if he said he didn't find it exciting.

"I definitely love your body," Haru's breath ghosted against his skin and Rin's half hardened member sprung back to life almost instantly.

"What are you doing to me?" moaned the redhead in response, pulling the blue eyed teen upwards by the shoulders and pressing their mouths together. Haru's lips parted and their tongues met once again.

Rin felt himself involuntarily spreading his legs, slowly surrendering into the wanton yet subtle rocking of Haru's hips. He suddenly heard the cap of the vaseline tube snap open and he closed his eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable. A few seconds later, while Haru's left hand slowly stroked him, he felt a cold finger fondle his entrance. Rin gasped loudly at the contact but Haru swallowed his breath as he kissed him yet again, sensually.

It didn't feel bad at all. Mind you, he hadn't actually inserted a finger yet, but he found the gentle massaging of his entrance strangely arousing.

Rin broke the kiss and placed his arms around Haru's shoulders, pulling him closer and shutting his eyes.

"Do it," he whispered and Haru nodded in response. A single slender finger made its way up Rin's anus and the redhead shuddered, nuzzling his lover's neck.

"Does it hurt?" asked the raven haired swimmer, evidently concerned.

Rin shook his head twice, which Haru took as a signal to start moving his finger in and out at a pace he considered adequate.

"I love the sounds you're making," Haru's voice was husky and Rin's eyes sprang open, shutting his mouth instead. He hadn't realised he had been gasping with every little thrust of Haru's finger.

"Shut up," he snapped.

A second finger entered him and this time Rin felt a jolt of pain travel up his spine. He bit down on Haru's shoulder, making him flinch.

"Rin, you're hurting me," Haru moaned back, sounding more aroused than actually in pain.

"I'm hurting you?! Ahhh-" he cut himself off as he was forced to ride a new wave of pain. He suddenly felt Haru's lips all over his face, peppering him with kisses.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you can bite me," he spoke between kisses. "God Rin, you're so hot," he added, as he now began a steady pace in and out of Rin, slightly curving his fingers up as he pulled them out.

Rin pulled him closer by the neck as if trying to smother him against him.

"Another one," the redhead almost pleaded, keeping his voice as low a whisper as possible. Haru stiffened momentarily.

"Are you sure?" he asked and Rin nodded against him.


With that, Haru added a third finger and the pointy teeth almost tearing his skin open were the only signal letting him know that Rin was actually fighting through the pain. He decided to let Rin get used to the feeling before resuming his little thrusts, focusing instead on stroking his weeping cock, Rin might have been in pain, but he was as excited as he was, the rock hard erection between his fingers being all the confirmation he needed.

"Ahh, Haru," Rin got his voice back, focusing on the pleasure rather than the pain. "Stretch… me… more…" he commanded. Haru complied, it was his first time together and he didn't want his love to experience any pain whatsoever. Although that sounded impossible to achieve, especially since he was so inexperienced, he resolutely refused to go ahead until the other said he was ready. So then he began pulling in and out of him in a steady pace, spreading his fingers every now and then in order to stretch as much of the skin as painlessly as possible.

A tear slid down Rin's face and Haru gasped in horror. He removed his fingers as quickly as possible without hurting the redhead and cradled his head with his forearms.

"No, please Rin, don't cry, please," he pleaded, kissing the redhead's forehead with all the love he could muster. "I'm sorry, we don't have to do this," he began but he was silenced by Rin's tongue invading his mouth. The force of the kiss and the need he felt there almost knocked the breath out of Haru.

"Fuck, Haru," the redhead breathed hard. "Fuck me now."

Glancing down at the teen underneath him, Haru was almost elated to find Rin's eyes glistening with lust that simply hadn't been there a few moments ago. He kissed him passionately before straightening to a kneeling position, glancing down at Rin's naked body before him. He stroked his own cock in anticipation, tearing open a condom with his teeth.

Rin's eyes were fixed on the throbbing cock before him, following Haru's strokes up and down with his eyes. The intimacy and the caring and the words of love mingled with the purely erotic scene before him made Rin almost rethink his entire life in a matter of seconds. He wanted this. He wanted it bad. His breath got caught in his throat as he saw Haru slide on the condom, rolling it down his length. He uncapped the bottle of vaseline a second time, pouring a healthy measure on his hand before coating the already lubed latex.

Haru then perched forwards and Rin spread his legs automatically. As he slid up his lover's frame, Haru placed kisses and nips at random parts of Rin's front, from his belly button, up his abs, over his right nipple, his collarbone and finally connecting their mouths together.

"I love you," Rin heard Haru whisper before he felt something hard and blunt tip against his entrance.

The pain was excruciating as Haru slid his cock inside of him the first time. The raven haired teen lifted up his legs by the back of his knees as Rin hooked his arms around Haru's shoulders, pulling him closer as if hoping for him to shield him from the pain.

"Does it hurt?" Haru asked, his own voice a tone higher than normal at the pressure he felt surrounding his erection. Rin was tight.

"Of course it hurts, you sex crazed lunatic! Ahhh!" Rin bit back a moan, his eyes positively watering before he shut them tight.

"Look at me," Haru commanded, but Rin's eyes remained shut. Suddenly he felt a hand lovingly caressing his long red tresses, fingers trailing towards his face, a thumb stroking his lips. Rin's eyes sprang open at the touch.

Haru's eyes were focused on his mouth, his tongue peeking out licking his lips and Rin found the action so unadulteratedly wanton he almost forgot about the pain. They stuck out their tongues and the tips met, licking shyly at each other. That's when Haru pulled out momentarily, only to slide back in slowly, shutting his eyes and moaning Rin's name.

It hurt, it hurt a lot, but it was manageable. All he had to do was focus on the expression of the boy above him, the feeling of his fingers in his hair, the sight of his abs contracted with every breath he took, the taste of his tongue against his.

With every second, the pain receded and his breathing became more relaxed. Haru felt the loosening of Rin's grasp around his neck and began thrusting in and out of him, careful to read his face for any sign of pain. But his face only seemed to relax with every breath he took.

Rin's hands travelled down to grasp Haru's ass, squeezing forcefully and moaning loudly with every thrust.

The pain was still there, but it was the sort of pain that Rin didn't mind so much, of course it was discomforting, the alien sensation of being penetrated from behind was something he'd probably need years to get used to. But one thing was clear in his mind, he'd do it over and over again if that meant he'd be allowed to keep on watching Haru slowly losing control the way he was doing now.

"Rin, agh, Rin," Haruka moaned, surprised at his own inability to contain his thoughts. "Rin, fuck, you feel incredible, ahh."

Too much, it was suddenly too much for Rin to take. He wanted feel as good as Haru was feeling, without realising what he was doing, he slid his hand down between their bodies and began stroking his own cock, adopting the pace of Haru's thrusts.

"Yes, Rin, touch yourself, I'm so close," Haru's pace became slightly frenzied, skin slapping against skin. The dark haired teen straightened upwards into a kneeling position, taking a firm grip around Rin's waist as he pulled him against him with every hard thrust.

"Haru, fuck Haru, you're so hot, ahhhh," Rin's voice towered above their moans and gasps, he was definitely not holding back. The sight before him, Haru's every muscle pumped up, sweat coating his milky skin, his hips forcefully thrusting back and forth, filling him up in ways he didn't know were possible. He was close, he couldn't believe how close he was. How erotic he found the idea of Haru fucking him, the sounds, the smells, it was all working on him and he felt his orgasm draw hearer with every fast jerk of his hand.

Haru collapsed on top of Rin, suddenly needing to support his weight with his arms as his paced quickened even more, both teens moaned and gasped and were close to seeing stars at the back of their eyes.

Rin took a hold of Haru's neck with his free hand, moaning into his mouth.

"Haru, yes, ahhh, make me cum, fill me up," Rin pushed himself up by snaking his arm around Haru's shoulders, pumping his erection furiously. His head bobbed up and down with every thrust and jerk of his hand, losing control entirely and dragging Haru with him.

"I love you, I love you, fuck, ahhh, Haruu-"


The world collided over them as Rin's seed spilled between their stomachs, Haru let out a hollow groan, reaching his orgasm instantly.

They rocked each other back and forth until every drop had been milked out of them, and Haru collapsed on top of his lover, cradling his head with both arms.

A few seconds passed before Haru grudgingly slid out of Rin, his almost flaccid cock pulled down by the weight of the condom full to the brim. He slid it off carelessly and the latex smacked him in the hand.

"Ouch," he complained, throwing the offending object as far away as possible.

"Ew," Rin teased, unable to hide the smile on his face.

Haru turned back towards his lover, placing a sloppy kiss over his closed mouth and pulling the covers over them.

"Shut up," he snapped back, lying down next to him and sliding an arm around the other's waist. Rin rested his head on his right arm, returning the embrace with his left.

"That was amazing," Haru snuggled closer to his lover, sighing deeply.

Rin chuckled, pulling a few strands of hair away from Haru's eyes.

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep at all," Rin confessed. "That was… yeah, amazing."

Haru smiled as he closed his eyes.

"We can still watch The Big Blue if you want," he offered, half heartedly.

The redhead yawned, intertwining their legs.

"Tomorrow," he barely managed to whisper, before the world went black.

A few minutes later, two shadows suddenly appeared from behind a bush by the living room window, making absolutely no sound as they half tumbled down the stone steps that led down the hill of Haru's neighbourhood towards the main road.

Nagisa and Rei's faces bore identical looks of shock.

After a few minutes, they reached the landing that led to Makoto's house, silently sneaking in through the back window.

They tiptoed back to the living room and collapsed on the futons that Makoto had laid out for them.

Minutes passed by in silence before Nagisa cleared his throat.

"Serves us right."




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