A/N: Written for the 5,10,20,50,70,100 fandoms challenge, fandom 41: Kingdom Heart 358-2 Days. Also written for the 100_tales challenge on livejournal, Kingdom Hearts: Axel & Roxas, prompt #088 – thought.

And a big thank you to Kaito Lune for canon-checking and making sure I didn't have anyone outrageously OOC.

Second First Impressions

He was such a chatterbox. Now look at him, staring blankly around as if he's never seen the place before, muttering under his breath as though he's trying to memorise everything –

Which he probably is. Since he's forgotten it all. Including his own name, which I had to tell him three whole times before he stopped making it sound like some foreign word. Thank goodness he got the boss' name in one; I am not getting one of those glares because of this kid.

But it's hard to be patient with him; he's a quick learner, sure, but he's no baby. He should know three quarters of the stuff I need to show him; he did know half. And yet it's back to square one with him, and it's driving me up the wall.

And I swear, if he looks at me with those blank blue eyes one more time…

Except he somehow managed to worm his way in…somewhere. After all, we're Nobody; I don't exactly have a heart for him to worm himself into.