Ianto sat at Jack's desk with a frown on his face. Today had not been a good day. Jack and Tosh were trapped back in time and he, Owen and Gwen had faced a tough decision. Open the rift to get them back or leave them. As much as Ianto wanted them back he couldn't risked opening the rift, who knew what it could do to the world? Jack wouldn't have wanted that. But Owen had other ideas. The man was set on getting his lost lover back. In the end, Ianto had been forced to shoot him. However, the rift still opened. Thankfully, Gwen reported that Jack and Tosh had indeed been returned safely, but they still didn't know what the consequences would be.

So yes, today had not been a good day. But strangely enough, that's not why Ianto sat with a frown. The truth was, he couldn't get Owen's words out of his head. 'In your dreams, Ianto. In your sad wet dreams when you're his part-time shag, maybe.' He shook his head. It wasn't true. Things weren't like that between them. Jack cared about him and he did need him. It was true that Jack wasn't a one lover kind of guy, Ianto had no illusions about that. But even so, he was more than just a... part-time shag. He mattered.

"Usually when I find a hot guy sitting at my desk he's looking a bit more excited." Ianto snapped his head up to see his Captain standing in the door. He quickly stood and moved back from the desk. "Jack, I'm glad you're back," he said as he straightened out his suit jacket. "You and Tosh."

Jack just grinned and moved from the doorway into the room. "Glad to be back," he replied. "I guess that hole in Owen's shoulder was your handiwork?"

Ianto hesitated before answering. "Yes, sir. I... tried to stop him opening the rift. We didn't have the last few numbers and I thought it was too big a risk." He wasn't sure what Jack was thinking. He'd been sure he was doing the right thing at the time. The rift was too dangerous, but they'd gotten the Captain and Tosh back in the end.

Jack must have sensed his unease. "You were right to do it, Ianto. I'd have done it too if I were in your place. The lives of two people, however handsome they are, isn't worth what the rift could do to the world." Jack shrugged off his coat and hung it in the corner before moving around his desk to come face to face with Ianto.

"It did get you back though," Ianto said as he scanned the older man's face. His eyes flickered down further before coming back to rest on Jack's. "So that's good." He cleared his throat and looked away for a moment. "And we haven't detected any temporal activity as of yet. If we're lucky everything will be fine."

Jack grinned before stepping even closer to Ianto. "When have we ever been lucky?"