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Alex: The Odd Outcast by Cartooncrazy1293

Marisol: The Aspiring Social Butterfly by Beatle Whisperer

Ellie: The Hopeless Romantic by IvyVega186

Linlcon "Link" Fields: The Friendly Shadow by Green and purple superhero

Ruby Norman: The Tough Outcast by zombiefear101

Oliver Price: The Daredevil by Crewofgamers

Ethan Springfield: The Emotionless Pitcher by ScottAnime

Avery Johnson: The Manipulating Flirt by TheHungerGames321

Alice: The Musical Manipulator by Maixion

Kyle Pecks: The Quick-Tempered Hot Head by wolfgirl12390

Pepper: The Feel-Nothing Tough Guy by SStwins

Nicole: The Pranking Tomboy by FeketePillango

Aleck K. Malno: The Freaking Virgin by Single-Malt-Scotch

Christina Anne "Christy" McLean: The Crazy Mood Swing Girl by XxSullenLittyGirlxX

Lydia Bailey: The Sports Chick by sstwinz

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Chris McLean grinned at the camera. He was in front if the most evil place ever. A place every contestant would dread. It was perfect. In the middle of nowhere. Perfect wireless signals from its old use.


Also known as school. But prison is more fun and sounds more treacherous.

Chris wasn't too happy with the cast. Considering he only got to choose HALF of it. The producers suddenly got the idea in their head that they know how to pick up contestants. There was one specific contestant Chris didn't approve. But whatever. Either he gave up his job to Blainley, or he approved.

"Hello! I'm Chris McLean. You probably already knew that though. I'm here, in front of an old and now closed private school. It closed down way before I was born. No, Noah! Not before the 70's!" Chris did many expressions at the camera as he spoke. He was standing in front of a gated school with pieces of gate missing. The school was huge and old looking. It even had a school bell at the entrance. On the both sides of the school were cabins... or dorms. On the left side, you could see a perfectly organized and pretty dorm. On the right side, it looked as cheap as Camp Wawanakwa's cabins. So, very. Who knew what was behind the forest surrounded school.

"Yo, Chris! Where do put these guns?" Chef casually asked as he came out of the building holding a BB gun and a Terf gun.

"I dunno, just dump them somewhere. Now , shoo! I'm making my entrance. Anyways! Our new prisoner- I mean lovely students should be arriving," Chris said as he saw a cruddy and beat down school bus in the distance. When the bus stopped, a 16 year old boy came out with a green hoodie, blue baggy jeans, and black shoes. He had a yearly tan and short, brown, and curly hair. "Alex! So glad you could make it!"

Alex just kept his head held high and walked over next to Chris with his bags.

"So... you gonna talk, Alex? If not, just take your bags and your very tall self to the gate. Dear audience, I didn't choose this guy," Chris said and pointed to Alex as he walked to the gate. Pretty soon, another bus came. Off came a girl in a white ruffle top, black jeans, and flats. Bad choice of shoes. She had straight, dark brown hair with bangs that were accessorized with a cream-colored head band.

"Hello, Mr. McLean," she smiled.

"Hellooo, Marisol! How you doing?" Chris smiled as much as he could.

"I'm fine, thank you," Marisol made an effort to smile. She was a bit nervous because she knew there were millions of people watching her.

"Please take your bags and yourself next to Alex who can't feel bothered to talk!" Chris started to yell as he finished his sentence. Alex just put up his hood. Chris rolled his eyes as another bus came. "Ellie! How ya doing?" Ellie had a red v-neck with a black X on it, black shorts, and black boots. She had a plain brown pony tail that went along with her average height, skinny, and tanned body.

"Heey," Ellie awkwardly waved and smiled.

"You happy to be here, chick flick?"

"I guess," Ellie shrugged and got her bags to take them next to Alex and Marisol. Ellie smiled at Alex, and he showed a small smile. All three 16 year olds and Chris watched the next bus arrive.

A boy with a black jacket, black jeans, and black and white Lonverses came out of the bus. He was a 15 year old with an average height and build with a light tan and shirt medium hair. It was a golden brown color... sort of like the main character in the Legend of Melda who didn't have the series named after him even though he freaking saves everyone.

"Linlcon Fields!" Chris screamed in joy as he arrived. "How ya doing, bro?"

"I'm doing fine," Linlcon said and walked right by him as he observed everyone. He went right next to Marisol and made a small conversation with her. Chris just glared at them and crossed his arms.

"Stupid teenage boys," Chris muttered as a new rusty and noisy school bus came. Off came a very happy girl.

"OH MY GOSH IT'S CHRIS MCLEAN!" she fangirled and ran over to hug Chris with all her might.

"I definitely did NOT chose this one," Chris muttered as she let go. "Victoriana! Nice to have you here."

"Thanks! Now, I must go hug everything!" Victoriana fist bumped the air while using her neither hand to toss her luggage aside. She then proceeded to hug an innocent intern. Everyone just looked at her in a very confused way as a new bus arrived. An albino, short, and very pissed off looking girl got off.

"Ruby! The girl with a wonderful mother who put her in this show," Chris grinned.

"Shut up," Ruby glared at him and took her bags with the others. Ruby was albino. Which mean she didn't have that chromosome in her skin or something. Her hair was pure white and short. It covered her right eye. She was petite and had a white hoodie that said,' Rock Candy,' with skulls on it, white sneakers, and baggy black jeans. She stayed away from the others and glared at them with her ruby-red eyes.

"Gosh, what is wrong with these people?" Chris sighed as another bus came. Off came off a Canadian 16 year old in a grey skateboard helmet with short and straight black hair. He had a black T-shirt with flames, blue jeans, and white sneakers. "OLIVER!"

"CHRIIIS!" Oliver pointed at Chris and went up to him. They fist bumped, and Chris smiled. "I'm so psyched to be here, man!"

"Finally! A normal teenager willing to face the dangerous world of Total Drama. Please take your stuff, your helmet, and yourself with the others," Chris said. Even though Ruby was off in her own little corner, Oliver went right next to her. "Say, Ruby. Does your mom know how dangerous this is?"

"She put me in front of you, some animals, and forest creatures. I don't think so," Ruby replied.

"Aren't animals the same as fores-" Oliver said until he received a glare from Ruby. "Oh! We're the anim- Hey!"

"Just shut up," Ruby rolled her eyes as a bus came in from the distance.

"Ooo. Not all the contestants are here, and there's already drama. I like this," Chris rubbed his hands together and laughed evilly. Just then, an emotionless dude came out. He had a black beanie halfway over his black shaggy hair, a tight and grey short-sleeved v-neck, skinny khaki pants, and black shoes. He literally showed no emotion.

He came out of the cruddy old school bus looking like a bad ass.

"Ethan! How you doing?" Chris asked.

"I'm good, I guess," he shrugged yet showed no emotion. The guy has less expression than Blisten Newart. Chris just squinted at him then pointed to the others.

"Hi!" Marisol smiled at him.

"Hello," Ethan waved... still no emotion. Marisol scratched her head and studied him as Victoriana continued to hug things, and Ruby kept yelling at Oliver to fuck off. Chris just smiled at them... except at Victoriana. She was plain creeping him out. Who hugs birds?!

Apparently, Victoriana does! When the next bus arrived, a tall and lean American came out. She was 17, had ripped shorts, a floral shirt, and long and curly brown hair.

"Avery! Nice to have you here!" Chris smiled. Avery just looked at everything in a disgusted way.

"This is where we'll be staying?" Avery looked around.

"Yup. This is Total Drama, low budgets, more pain," Chris laughed as Avery went with the others. Just then, the next bus arrived. It was a 16-year-old with a black long-sleeve with yellow sleeves, blue denim shorts, and blue sneakers. She had blue hair with her bangs pinned back. She was a fair-skinned, short, and skinny Canadian.

"Wow," she whistled," this place is a dum- I mean it's lovely... I guess?" Chris just glared at her and pointed at the others.

"I'll be expecting better acting than that, Alice," Chris said knowingly as the others stared at Victoriana who was currently hugging a piece of fallen gate, they all turned their attention to the next school bus.

The 15 year old ran off screaming," I'M HERE!"

"NOBODY CARES!" Ruby yelled at him.

"Harsh, Ruby. Now, Kyle. Welcome to Total Drama Prison, dude!" Kyle and Chris fist bumped before Kyle went with his luggage next to Ellie. Ellie smiled at the younger boy. He had spiky red hair, he was tall and lean, semi-muscular, and he was wearing a pair of jeans, a fiery red shirt, and red and black another bus came up.

"Oh my gosh, he is hawt," Avery stared at the boy who got off the bus.

"Pepper!" Chris said as the seventeen year old got off the bus. "You happy to be here."

"Sure," Pepper shrugged then he glared at the others. Ruby rolled her eyes at him as the other contestants made room for him. Pepper was a bit skinny, had solid stance and poise, was wearing a red short-sleeved hoodie over black long-sleeve, white sneakers, and he had scruffy black hair around his head. The next bus came, and a short, skinny, and tan Dominican girl came out.

"Oh look, it's Fucktard McLean," she glared at him and fixed the right side of her hair to make sure it was covering her right eye. She had mid-length black hair with a green streak. It was covering her right eye. She had a green hoodie with a skull, black skinny jeans, and black sneakers.

"There's a reason why I decided to put you here," Chris laughed and completely ignored her comment. Nicole just rolled her eyes and went with the others. The 15-year-old and Pepper glared at each other for a brief moment. When the next bus came, a 16-year-old boy got off. He had tan skinny jeans, red sneakers, a white long sleeve under an orange shirt sleeve. He had glasses on and red-brown hair that was spiky from the back. Sort of like Masuke from Carruto.

"Aleck! How you doin'?" Chris and Aleck fist bumped.

"I'm doing great, thanks," Aleck said quietly. Chris just crossed his arms and sent him off with the others. The next bus held Chris' life.

"Oh look," Nicole glared at the girl who got off the bus," we have Chris' daughter with us. Daddy's little girl is gonna get special treatment." Chris got in Nicole's face.

"Do you seriously think I wanted her here?" Chris angrily whispered and Nicole and everyone else stared at his sad face with amusement.

"Don't worry, guys," she said," Dad and I made a deal. I'm going to be treated the same. I want to."

"What's your name? Christina?" Avery asked and a few people snickered.

"Actually... it is," Christina shrugged. "I heard Dad was-"

"CHRISTINA ANNE MCLEAN!" Chris threatened," Stay shut or I'll get you out of the show."

"Yes, dad," Christina sighed. She had a blue and white double sleeve shirt, khaki capris, sneakers, and she also had short and wavy black hair. She was short and kind of skinny. She had a skelanimal named Pip behind her back. Then, the final bus arrived. Pepper kept his eyes on the 16 year old. She was fairly tall, a bit thin, and she had a healthy build. She also had light skin with a tan. She was wearing a white sporty T-shirt, a white tennis skirt, white tennis shoes with lightning bolts on the side, and she had shoulder length, curly, sky blue hair.

"Lydia Baily!" Chris screamed. "Our last prisoner to arrive!"

"Prisoner?" Lydia laughed nervously.

"Go with the others," Chris laughed. Lydia did as she was told and smiled lightly at everyone. Even Victoriana who was finishing off her hugs with the cast.

"Uh," Pepper said with his hands in the air as Victoriana hugged him," can you not touch me."

"You're pretty," she smiled and went to hug Ellie.

"Okay," Chris scratched his head and waited for the hugs to finish,"YOU CAN STOP NOW!" Victoriana pouted but stopped. "Anyways, welcome to Total Drama Prison!"

"YEAAAH!" Oliver and Kyle cheered.

"You guys will be staying here, in this old school," Chris explained.

"Old school what?" Aleck asked.

"This old school," Chris replied.

"Old school what, though?" Alice asked.


"Ohhhh," they all nodded in understatement. Chris just facepalmed.

"Anywaaays, you guys will be doing school related challenges. All somewhat painful," Chris laughed evilly. Oliver raised his hand. "Yes, Oliver?"

"Where will we be staying?" Oliver asked.

"Great question. The winning team will be staying in the fancy dorm with 5 star rooms, beds with quality mattresses, blah blah blah, rich people stuff. Meanwhile, the losing team will stay in a cruddy old dorm. Speaking of teams. Alex, Marisol, Victoriana, Ruby, Oliver, Aleck, Christy, and Lydia. You'll be the Bright Fireflies."

"Go team!" Oliver cheered, Ruby just punched him in the shoulder.

"Ellie, Lincoln, Ethan, Avery, Alice, Kyle, Pepper, and Nicole! You guys are the Wise Owls!"

"Yay!" Ellie and Kyle cheered. Nicole and Pepper glared at each other while Avery tried to get Pepper's attention. Lincoln just smiled at Ellie and Kyle while Alice hummed to herself

"Now, everyone let's go through the school halls and into the back!" Chris announced. He told them to leave their stuff at the gate. As they walked through the halls, Chris pointed at a janitor's closet. That was going to be their confessional booth for the season.

Victoriana: OH MY FUCK I'M ON TV!

Nicole: Why am I here again?

Avery: Why am I so pretty?

Lincoln: Woah...


Ruby: Mother, *tearing up* why do you hate me?

"Okay! For today's challenge, we will be doing a basic thing... ditching," Chris said as all the students came out of the back door. There was a gate surrounding the huge track field that was meshed with a soccer/field. There were many holes in the gate, and some mattresses and desks were set around. In the very corner there were cell blocks. They had the prison bars and a little key slot each. They both seemed very big, but they were average.

"That'll be easy," Pepper said.

"You sure, Pepper? Chef is going to be guarding you guys." Pepper shrugged. "With a BB and Terf gun.

"Eh," Pepper shrugged again.


"Don't worry," Chef laughed and held up a tac," I got this." Pepper was about to talk again until Kyle stopped him.

"Anyways, the gates and Chef will be preventing you from getting to the forest. The gates have holes, and even an end is completely down. If Chef shoots you, you have to go in the cell block with your team flag on it."

"Is there a catch in the cell block?" Alice asked.

"Of course! Man," Chris shook his head," it's like you guys don't know me. Oh yeah, the walls are slowly closing in. Each team has 45 minutes before everyone in the cell is completely squashed. To prevent that from happening, you guys have to go to the forest a few feet down a path to a lake. There will be a pile of fish with a bear protecting it. I think our little friend is sleeping. For every fish you get, you get to exchange it for a key. One key will stop both cells. If you get the wrong key slash keys or get shot by Chef, an intern will open the cell block for you. You will stay in there until the end. Two people will go at a time. Once a person finds the right key, both cells will stop closing in." Aleck raised his hand.

"Um, what if the whole team goes and the key still hasn't been found?" Aleck asked.

"Then you guys will chose one person to let out to try again," Chris shrugged," only one."

"What if we don't find the keys on time?" Marisol asked.

"Then you all become pancakes for the bear," Chris laughed evilly. Everyone just frowned nervously while Victoriana smiled. "Quick, get into pairs if two. Get ready to send out one team... now!"

"Marisol!" Lydia said and grabbed her wrist,"let's go."

"Okay," Marisol responded and they both started sneaking around. Meanwhile, the Wise Owls were still bickering.

"Looks like the Bright Fireflies got a head start!" Chris announced from a tower. Total Drama logic on how he got there so fast.

"Ellie and I will go, that's it," Alice said right before they ran towards the fields. Both the track and football/ soccer fields were next to each other and both were dangerous with mattresses and desks in the way. As Chef looked around, Lydia did cartwheels to avoid getting shot. That distracted Chef, and it allowed Marisol to run by. Marisol hardly ever runs, so she made it to the other side with heavy breathing. Lydia eventually arrived once Marisol caught her breath. The two jogged to the lake.

"Just make a run for it," Alice told Ellie.

"You sure?" Ellie scratched her head. Alice nodded, and then they both ran for their lives. Surprisingly, not a single tac hit them. The Wise Owls were surprised. Except Ethan. Ethan doesn't show emotion.

Ethan: What's the point of showing emotion. The actions surrounding you describe what you should be feeling on the inside. Showing emotion through your body would just be a waste of time.

Meanwhile, with the fireflies...

"Just get the fish and run," Lydia whispered, they're slippery and smelly. Chef could find us any moment soon before we exchange then with McLean. Just be careful."

"Run?" Marisol panted.

Marisol: I grew up in a gated community. I hardly ever exercised. This, is terrible!

She grabbed two fishes carefully before the both made a run for it. Lydia was carrying three fish. Alice took note if that as they passed them by. Ellie awed at the fish and got two. She started hugging them. Alice raised an eyebrow at her before getting four.

Alice: Um... last time I checked, hugging fish isn't normal.

When they finally snuck past Chef, Chris gave the fireflies 5 different keys. They ran to the cell.

"Dies it open?" Marisol crossed her fingers.

"Nope," Lydia sighed as the intern opened the cell for them. The walls were slowly closing in. "Hurry!" Marisol just slumped down against the walls. Maybe she had a bit of claustrophobia. It took time to take it's toll... sometimes. Next thing you could hear was Alice and Ellie's complains. Looks like they didn't get the keys.

Next up was Ruby and Alex from the fireflies and Nicole and Ethan from the owls. Ruby and Alex went their own different ways and pace. Alex was fast since he had long legs, but he was tall. Ruby was slow because of her short legs, but she was small enough to hide unlike Alex. Then there was Nicole who was making fun of Ethan as they casually passed through the fields. Nicole was trying to anger him. It wasn't working.

Nicole: Is he... like... dead?

Both teams made it to the fish and ran back at different paces. Alex got hit by a tac in the back... or multiple tacs. He got dragged with Marisol and Lydia by the interns. When Nicole and Ethan made it to Chris, they got seven keys together. But still, none of them opened it. Nicole growled as Ethan just walked inside. Nicole sat down right in the middle.

"Um, guys," Nicole started shaking. "Why are the walls closing in?!"

"Crap," Alice said," she's claustrophobic.

"It's okay, Nicole," Ellie said," Santa isn't that scary."

"He's not real, you bimbo," Nicole glared at her.

"He's not?!" Ellie cried.

During the time being, Christina and Victoriana managed to wake up the damn bear right when Lincoln and Kyle got knocked out by Chef in the first time. Right now, Victoriana and Christy were getting a single key for the only fish they got to mislead the bear by throwing the other fish away. When Oliver and Aleck went into the fields, Aleck was nervous. That made him get shot in the forehead many times. Oliver then just made a run for it. Pepper and Avery from the owls made i halfway before Avery's intense flirting annoyed Pepper. That's when Chef took them both out. They all waited (especially Chef) for Oliver to arrive. When he finally arrived, Nicole was at the brink if death, the others were squashed a bit, and Chef pulled the trigger.

The tac his Oliver in the chest, and Oliver groaned before squishing into his cell.

"Can't... move," Nicole tried to move around.

"You all disappoint me. Especially you, Chrissy. Anyways, chose a single player from each team to go get fish. Chef, you're done. Real death risks aren't good for ratings," Chris sipped his soda," now just bring me fish. If you get the extra big fish of the pile, you get an extra key."

"Let me go," Pepper and Lydia said in unison from their cells. The interns let them go, and Lydia easily went past Pepper. Pepper knew she was going to go. He took his time jogging because he knew she was going to go for the big fish. When he got there, he was right.

Pepper: Let her go ahead, start searching, and make it easier. Not that I wanted to see her or anything.

"You're getting smelly," Pepper said as he started looking with her.

"Well, aren't you a gentlemen," Lydia roller her eyes with a small smile.

"No where near there," Pepper smirked.

"Bye," Lydia said before running off with the big fish. Pepper sighed and grabbed three fishes.

When Pepper got there, it turns out none of Lydia's keys worked. Pepper smirked as she stuck out her tongue at him.

Lydia: Pft, idiot. *angry with arms crossed*

When he put it the key, the lock finally opened. All the contestants slowly got out of the cells one by one. When Nicole finally got out, she ended p hugging Pepper.

Pepper put his hands straight up in the air (for the second time that day),"Am I some sort if hugging post? Because I don't like it." Nicole got slapped awake into reality before she slapped Pepper herself.

"The Wise Owls win the first challenge!" Chris announced," Bright Fireflies, meet me in detention hall. Winners can go wash up before dinner in the cafeteria. One of the Bright Fireflies is leaving tonight, missing their chance to win the million!"

"Now, in order to vote, there will be everybody's report cart in that supply closet. Stamp an F on the person you want gone's report card," Chris explained to them before an paper airplane hit him.

-the voting process later-

"When you receive a number two pencil, it means you're safe," Chris said and started throwing them," Aleck, Marisol, Alex, Ruby, Oliver, and Christy."

"Oh boy," Lydia mumbled and crossed her fingers. Vic just sat at her desk.

"Vic, you're in it for being crazy. Lydia, you lost the chance for your team... mostly. The last pencil goes to... Lydia. You guys go shower in the locker rooms for diner." Lydia sighed in relief before the pencil hit her head. "Vic. You're gonna have to take the stupid school bus back to a secret location for the losers."

"Aweeeeeee," she whined all the way out of the school and into the stupid school bus which was an embarrassing yellow and smelled like cheese.

"Bye bye, creepy weirdo!" Chris smiled the camera," Who willl win next tine? Who'll miss out of the chance on one million dollars! Find out next time in. Total. Drama. Prison!"

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