Warning: the following is simply my rambling and ranting about this story, my thoughts as I begin to write it, as well as a short announcement to any of my previous followers. It will probably be very boring, and you may not wish to read it. If you do chose to skip the pre-amble, and simply get on to the story, please feel free.

This story will have a very dark tone. It won't be a constant bloodbath with relentless vulgarities, but it will have mature themes (violence, profanity, and sexual content). There will be no full on sex scenes, as I'm not sure I have the writing skill required to write something like that, and have it come out tastefully, instead of trashy word porn for someone lonely to jerk off to.

I find that a LOT of Daphne/Harry pairing stories have the exact same, rewashed plot, with identical characters. They start out with Harry getting a letter from Gringots that seeks his audience. Upon his meeting with the goblins, he discovers that Dumbledore has been stealing from him, using love potions on him to get him interested in Ginny, paying off the Weasleys to be kind to him, and stealing from his vault. He then finds out he has suppressed godlike powers, millions of galleons inherited from a ridiculous amount of ancestral families, and either a soul bond or a marriage contract to Daphne.

The stories always have Harry impressing the goblins of Gringots with his politeness (as if politeness would be an important virtue for Goblins), a new wand crafted out of the most legendary of ingredients for Harry, and Harry is able to justify his tyrannical rampage that results from him finding out about Dumbledore's trickery by simply saying "Nah, it's cool, I'm the heir to an ancient an noble house. It's legal for me to do all this."

These stories drive me insane; almost as much as the canon epilogue did. God damnit that was the worst ending to any series I have ever seen. The name "Albus Severus Potter" is enough on its own to warrant that title, but the Ginny/Harry marriage was complete garbage IMO.

Granted, it didn't necessarily have to be Daphne that Harry ends up with, but taking into account that in the canon, Draco ends up with Daphne's sister, I think she would be the best pick.

In Canon, every single Slytherin was portrayed as either evil, or a terrible person. Let's take a look at the only three Slytherins that weren't completely bad:

Slughorn was greedy; pinching every penny, and using the fame and success of those around him to boost his own status. Granted, his heart was in the right place, but he was ultimately portrayed as a gluttonous slob.

Snape may have only killed Dumbledore because he was ordered to, and he may have loved Lily, but he was childish and immature. He held an unhealthy grudge over his childhood rival for well over a decade, and transferred that grudge onto the child of said rival. No matter how justified some may think said grudge may be; that is unacceptable behavior for a teacher. He let losing his highschool crush push him towards the Death Eaters, and his naiveté ended up getting Lily killed.

Draco may have turned out somewhat decent in the end, but he was still the very pompous, self-entitled brat that made Harry dislike Slytherin in the first place for the vast majority of the series. Add to that the fact that he got away with his crimes seemingly unpunished at the end of the war, and you have a really poorly represented house at Hogwarts.

Putting Daphne (or any Slytherin, really. Hell, a reformed Pansy Parkinson would have worked very nicely) as the main romance would have shown young, impressionable readers that not everyone is the same as their stereotypes make them out to be. If a hero like Harry can love an "evil" Slytherin, why should people hate those of different races, religions, cultures, or orientations that are generally stereotyped negatively?

Instead, Harry ends up with Ginny Weasley: the girl who harbored a childish crush on him since she was a little girl, all because he was the famous "Boy-who-lived" and the very thing Harry most hates getting attention over. Instead of teaching kids a lesson in equality, and not judging a book by its cover, the canon instead teaches little girls that they'll end up marrying the celebrity they fawned over when they were eleven. Congratulations to Justin Beiber and the Jonas Brothers, you guys are getting a LOT of wives.

One line of Ginny's in particular at the end of Order of The Phoenix was enough to make me go "nope, uh-uh". The line in particular was where she mentioned that Micheal Corner had run off to comfort Cho. That line screamed a subtext of "My ex is dating your ex, so we should get together to complete the exchange", alongside a heavy dose of desperation.

Now, before any Ginny lovers out there start sharpening your pitchforks, I should note that as a character overall, I don't dislike Ginny. She's actually kind of a bad ass. My issue is strictly with her as a romance option for Harry, and what it represents.

If I had been in control of the Canon, I would have had Astoria being captured and brought to Malfoy Manor, instead of Luna. That way, little snippets of Draco/Astoria interactions could be written, showing him warm up to her and begin to fall for her. This would show a much more dynamic Draco Malfoy, and it would better explain why Draco was suddenly reluctant to give up Harry's identity when asked by Belatrix.

Alas, I don't own Harry Potter, and therefore, the canon is what it is. Perhaps once I'm done with this story, I'll begin a re-write of sorts to the last two books, with a lighter, more uplifting message.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this story will not be uplifting. It will not have a nice, kind Daphne that shatters house stereotypes, or a nice happy ending. This story will be dark, depressing, and have an ending that leaves more major characters dead than alive.

The Daphne Greengrass in this story isn't the over-used "Ice Queen" who shows no emotion to everyone else, but then as soon as she meets Harry, she suddenly loves and trusts him with undying devotion. Ron will not be the idiotic, jealous, Slytherin-hating prick that a lot of fanfics exaggerate him to be, and Dumbledore will not be the clichéd, manipulative bastard who has devised some master plan that Harry is suddenly able to ruin at every opportunity.

Daphne Greengrass will be a cold and calculating witch, who is very intelligent, but also very much flawed. (Spoiler alert) At the beginning, she will have a very noble cause, but will let all her new-found power get to her head. Ron will be as he is in the books: Harry's best friend. He may have jealousy issues, but that's what makes him human; no one is infallible. Dumbledore will be a wizard of the light that will always see the good in people. He is a powerful wizard, but he is not a godly diety; he's only human. He, like Ron, is not infallible, and is able to make mistakes. The Author of one of my favourite fanfics put it perfectly; He makes mistakes like everyone else, it's just that the mistakes he makes have far greater consequences than everyone elses.

On a related note, I'd like to end my spiel by listing some of my favourite Harry Potter fanfics. All have contributed in some degree to my inspiration of this story. For those looking for some good reads, I recommend any one of them:

"Dakaath: Prince of Darkness" by LT2000 (Cho/Harry)

"Delenda Est" by Lord Silvere (Younger Belatrix/Harry)

"Harry Potter and the Fury of the Elements" by The Phoenix King (Cho/Harry)

"The Lie I've Lived" by jbern (Fleur/Harry)

"The Pureblood Princess" by TheEndless7 (Daphne/Harry)

"Letters" by TheEndless7 (Fleur/Harry, with a Daphne/Harry alternate ending that IMO is better than the regular, simply because it shows a more realistic perspective of relationships than most fanfics … and it has Haphne. I like Haphne)

As well as anything by the author James Spookie (formerly MunkeyManiac)

(Also, if anyone can recommend some good Harry/Hermione fics, that would be greatly appreciated. Almost all of what I can find with her are either very poorly written, pure smut, or they involve a harem)

Anyways, please enjoy my story, and don't be afraid to comment, even if it's for (constructive) criticism.


Chapter 1: Letters From A Friend


January 28th, 2010

Having one's life flashing before their eyes before they die is not a new or unknown phenomenon. Millions of documented cases of individuals who have experienced a complete review of their life during a near death experience have come into existence over the years. Many of the religious crowd claim that the phenomenon is the result of a divine being reviewing the individual's life before sentencing them in the afterlife. Neurologists and psychologists dismiss such cases as hallucinations induced by extreme shock in an understandably stressful situation. Whether caused by divine judgment or a stress addled mind, Harry Potter didn't really care.

He had completely ignored the priest that had read him his last rites back in his holding cell. To him, the contents of the bible were nothing more than, as Daphne had often referred to it, 'utter dragon shit'. He chose not to pay much attention to his surroundings as he was led from his cell, down a long, desolate corridor, and into a large, circular chamber, surrounded on all sides by a spectating audience.

Had he bothered to search the faces that peered down at him, he would have noticed the tear-streaked face of Hermione, contorted into an expression of pain and sadness. He would have observed a thoroughly distraught Tonks, her hair colour dull and lifeless, as she sobbed into the shoulder of Pomona Sprout, who was desperately trying to remain strong for the young witch beside her.

The only time he paid any notice to a single member of the crowd around him was to look up and briefly lock eyes with a stoic Neville Longbottom. A silent conversation passed between the two former Gryffindors as Kingsley Shacklebolt read out a long list of crimes.

Harry did not resist as two aurors began leading him towards a familiar veiled archway. It was then that Harry's flashback of nearly a decade and a half worth of events began.


June 30th 1995

Dear Mr. Potter,

Whether or not you are aware, I am unsure, but in the past week, the Ministry of Magic has finally taken a stance on your claim of the Dark Lord's return. Unfortunately, their unofficial standpoint is that you are an attention seeking liar. Although they have yet to make their decision public, they have been pressuring the daily prophet into publish propaganda against both yourself and headmaster Dumbledore.

As it is, you will find very few individuals in magical Britain who both believe your story, and who aren't supporters of the Dark Lord. I am one of those individuals, and I wish to meet with you in person to discuss the possibility of a mutually beneficial alliance.


A friend

That was the letter Harry had discovered tied to the leg of an ethereal white barn owl perched on his window sill when he arrived at the Dursley's.

His head spinning, he collapsed onto his rather uncomfortable bed. His Fourth year at Hogwarts had been very emotionally tiring, and the revelation that this letter provided did not help the headache that rapidly was rapidly developing.

Why would the ministry do this? He asked himself. He knew that Fudge didn't want to believe his story, but to take such drastic measures? Why not simply cover up my story? Why go so far as to discredit me? Am I, a student, that much of a threat?

Questions began appearing in his head more rapidly than shoppers at a Black Friday sale. With a sigh, he rolled over onto his side to face his desk, where the unknown barn owl still perched, staring down at him. From her cage, Hedwig was sending the other owl glares of distain.

Who was this mysterious 'friend' of his?

Finally, Harry forced himself to his feet and pulled a quill and a small scrap of parchment from his trunk and hastily scrawled a quick note.

Dear, ?

That sounds acceptable

Sincerely, Harry

He felt silly, writing such a short message, and felt his cheeks warm up a little when he thought back to how formal the other letter had been. This mysterious messenger would probably think him either uncivilized or impolite from his response.

Not knowing what else he could add to the letter to make it seem more adequate, he tied the parchment to the barn owls leg.

As he watched the ghostly owl fly off, he berated himself for accepting to meet someone whose identity he didn't know. If the real Mad-Eye Moody were anything like his imposter portrayed, he'd be thoroughly disappointed at his lack of vigilance.

With another sigh, Harry decided he decided he'd deal with that problem when it arose.


A few hours earlier

A modest manor stood rigid on a tiny, rocky island just off the coast of Cardiff. Every day, ships ferrying passengers and cargo passed within a few hundred meters of the island, yet oddly enough, not a single person aboard those ships took notice of it.

Within one of the manor's many studies, a stoic figure sat perched on a brown leather armchair, a short glass of aged brandy clutched in one hand, while staring expectantly at the low burning embers within the study's majestic fireplace. Ornate carvings of ivy trailed along either side of the mahogany and ivory mantelpiece.

The figure in the armchair sniffed, inhaling the musk of the many ancient leather bound tomes that lined the dark wood shelves. With a slight flick of the wrist, they sloshed the brandy in their glass before taking a swig of the pungent liquor.

They then gently set the glass down on a low table to their right as the embers before them began to glow brightly before suddenly bursting into tall, verdant flames.

Despite this bizarre occurrence, the room's occupant wasn't fazed. Instead, they calmly stood up, drawing themselves up to full height, and clutched their hands together behind their back.

When a person stepped out of the fireplace, having materialized out of nothing from within the emerald fire, the now standing figure didn't even bat an eyelash. In fact, they seemed to be expecting it.

They took a brief moment to take in the appearance of the newcomer. Sleek strands of honey coloured hair flowed flawlessly from atop their head, framing a very youthful face. Twin sapphire eyes stared straight back at the original occupant. The new arrival's face was expertly schooled into a neutral mask that was unreadable to all. Unfortunately for her, those two ice blue eyes, like windows to the soul, betrayed her nearly paralyzing fear.

"Father," The young girl spoke, pushing her inner emotions down.

The man merely grunted in response, quickly bringing his attention back to the fireplace as it flared once more before admitting a second newcomer.

The newest of the room's occupant took a moment to straighten her robes and re-adjust the neat ponytail she kept her flawless golden hair in. Aside from her slightly lighter hair colour, and being visibly older and more developed, she looked nearly identical to the young girl she now stood beside.

After receiving a pointed stare from her father, the younger of the two girls spoke, knowing exactly what it was her father wanted, and knowing not to make him wait for it.

"I-I received an 'Outstanding' in all my classes. I plan on taking Runes and Arithmancy as my two electives for next year."

"Every class?" Her father questioned, tilting his head ever so slightly. "Not an hour ago I was in a meeting with several of my associates, including one Severus Snape. Do not try to pull the wool over my eyes, Astoria," He spat, with an obvious threat in his voice.

"Well… I mean, that is to say…" Astoria stuttered, "I did get an 'Exceeds Expectation' in potions, but I swear, every other class, I got an 'Outstanding'!"

"So you lied to me!" roared the Greengrass patriarch.

"W-well, I-I…"

"Daphne, what was your mark in potions?" He asked, ignoring Astoria's terrified sputtering, turning to the older girl.

"That's hardly fair, you know Astoria's in Ravenclaw, and you know Snape-"

"Professor Snape," Lord Greengrass hissed. In a single, fluid motion, he drew himself from his chair to his full height, and at 6'4, Cygnus Greengrass was an imposing sight.

Daphne gulped nervously. Clearly reminding her father that his youngest daughter was the only Greengrass in 14 generations not to be sorted into the house of the snake was not a wise decision. "Answer the question, Daphne!"

"I… I have an Outstanding." She finally acquiesced, shooting her half-sister an apologetic glance.

"Do you hear that, Astoria? Daphne has an O."

"Father, stop, please! You know Professor Snape is biased!" Daphne shouted.

Unfortunately, her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Lord Greengrass brandished his wand. "I will not accept mediocrity in this house, and I most certainly will not tolerate being lied to! CRUCIO!"

The projectile of red light struck Astoria directly in the chest, flinging her back into the solid wood of the mantelpiece. Her body crumpled to the floor in an uncontrollably quivering pile.

"Father, NO!" Daphne screeched, grabbing her father's wand hand in a miserable attempt to wrench it away from the twitching girl on the floor.

"Insolent girl!" howled the man, grabbing Daphne by the throat and flinging her against a bookshelf.

Although unsuccessful at overpowering the much larger wizard, Daphne's actions had the desired effect of breaking her father's concentration, freeing Astoria from the wrath of the dreaded torture curse.

"Father please!" gasped Daphne, crawling on her hands and knees to the hem of her father's robes, "I'll tutor Astoria; I'll make sure she brings her mark up next year. I promise. Just please, don't do this!"

Schooling his features into a cold and calculating mask before speaking, Cygnus gruffly nodded. "Very well. I have some business to attend to right now anyways. But make no mistake; you have now tied your fate to hers. If by the end of next year, her marks do not improve, you will both be begging for death."

With a flourish of his cloak, he strutted purposefully towards the floo connection. Tossing a pinch of floo powder into the fire, he sent them one last threat before disappearing into the verdant flames.

"And I just might grant it."

It was several more seconds before Daphne's adrenaline flooded mind was able to act. As soon as she realized that she and her sister were safe, she ran to Astoria's side. Tenderly, she pulled Astoria's prone form into a sitting position, wrapping her arm around the thirteen-year-old's small frame.

"I'm scared Daphne," The younger witch whimpered, burying her tear streaked face into the crook of Daphne's neck.

"Don't be," the elder sister replied, rocking the young girl gently from side to side, "I've been working on something for the past year, and I think I know who just might help us." With that, Daphne stood to go search for Tyto, her favourite of the Greengrass family owls.


July 8th, 1995

Hot! It's so god damned hot!

That was all that Harry Potter's heat addled brain was able to comprehend as he crawled into the shade of a nearby pine tree.

He had just spent the entire day mowing and weeding the Dursley's lawn, as well as pruning the hedges. It was a very dirty, tired, and sweaty Harry that walked up to the doorstep that evening, and instead of receiving thanks (not that he expected any), his uncle had told him to run off somewhere.

"A very important potential business partner is going to be arriving soon, and I won't have you tracking all that dirt into the house. You'll have to scamper off somewhere and occupy yourself for the next few hours," Vernon had said, "And don't let anyone see you doing your freaky nonsense. I won't have it!"

So, Harry had wandered off to a nearby park, collapsing into the shade of the very tree he now found himself taking refuge under.

For the past week since arriving back at Privet Drive from Hogwarts, his relatives had worked him to the bone. He had already scrubbed and polished every floorboard, washed and waxed both vehicles, cleaned the eve's trough twice, and dug out two new flower beds for the back yard. Harry was certain his relatives would run out of chores to give him, but alas, the list of chores kept growing.

The only good thing about being this exhausted was that he was unable to dwell on the events at the end of this past school year; the events that had led to the rise of Lord Voldemort, and the death of Cedric Diggory.

Harry Had spent many sleepless nights reliving that night. The moment he replayed in his head the most was the exact instant he had arrived back at Hogwarts, clutching Cedric's body.

He recalled every detail as he tore his gaze from the Cedric's lifeless corpse, a look of surprise frozen on his face, up to the spectators in the stands. He remembered the exact second that realization dawned on Amos Diggory; realization that his son lay unmoving, never to move again. He watched the shock wash over Professor Sprout as she came to terms with the fact that she'd never see one of her favourite students again. Worst of all, he watched the extreme pain and horror that overwhelmed Cho Chang. He could count every tear that marred her pretty face.

All because of him, Cho now had to live with Cedric's death.

With a groan, Harry rolled over onto his stomach and buried his face in the ground. With white knuckles, he grasped the baked, yellow grass beneath him in a fist.

Apparently not exhausted enough.

So, Harry just lay there on the ground, willing himself not to think about anything at all. Eventually he was able to escape into his own mind, closing himself off from the outside world.

He didn't have the foggiest idea how long he had stayed there; it may have been hours, it may have been minutes. He couldn't even be certain whether or not he had fallen asleep in that position at one point.

Suddenly, his ears picked up the sound of brittle grass blades being crunched underfoot, and he was snapped out of his trance.

On instinct, his hand went his pocket where it brushed across the handle of his wand. Slowly, he rolled over to take a glance at the person walking to see who it was that was nearby.

Harry yelped in surprise, as when he rolled over, he realized that his visitor was closer than he expected. Much closer. In fact, for a moment before he hastily backed up into the tree he had taken refuge under, His entire field of vision had been two orbs of flawless, almost unnatural blue.

"Tsk, your reaction speeds are much too slow. If I had been an enemy, you would be dead by this point," said a cold, hard edged female voice.

"And who the right bloody hell are you?" Harry demanded, letting go of the wand in his pocket, having ascertained that he was in no immediate danger.

His visitor noticed the action. "You're too quick to trust, too. No matter, we can work on that later."

Harry glared at the girl in front of him, before sudden recognition dawned on him.

"You're Daphne Greengrass!" he exclaimed, thrusting an accusatory finger at her.

"We can add observant to your list of traits," She scoffed, apathetically examining her fingernails.

"I… Who… You…" Harry stammered, mentally struggling with himself to come to terms with the fact that one of his year mates, one who he had never spoken more than a few words to over the years, and a Slytherin no less, was now standing before him, mere blocks away from Privet Drive.

Slowly, his mind digested this information, before latching on to one detail: her clothes.

"You're wearing wizard clothes! What if someone sees you?"

Daphne merely shrugged, "Then they'll look at me funny and be on their way. It's not as if I'm riding a unicorn into Buckingham palace."

"Ok, fair point," he acquiesced, "But what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to speak to you of course," she replied, the corner of her mouth twitching almost imperceptibly into the slightest of smirks, "Or did you forget my letter? You're a very difficult wizard to track down, especially when you didn't put your address in your response."

Harry's jaw dropped in a near comical fashion. "YOU!"

"Me," replied Daphne, her smirk growing more apparent, "your way with words never ceases to amaze me."

"Would you stop with your little comebacks?" Harry snapped.

Daphne shrugged, returning her attention back to cleaning her nails, "I would if you didn't make it so easy."

Harry scowled, deciding to ignore her haughty attitude, "And what do you mean 'difficult to track down'?"

"Well, seeing as how it's been 9 days since I sent you that letter, It's clearly taken some time to get here," She replied, abandoning her task with her fingernails, "It took me five days of searching ministry records and pulling favors to find the names of the people you were living with, and then I had to go through muggle phone books from all over Britain to find where they live. I say, whoever put you here did a very thorough job of hiding you."

"Obviously not thorough enough if you found me", Harry replied.

"I used my father's name to get access to the records, and there are maybe 10 other individuals in all of magical Britain that wield the same political clout that he does," She responded, before taking a moment to gesture the area around them. "Not to mention the ward that surrounds this place. I've never seen anything quite like it; Hogwarts doesn't even have wards like this. I had to spend a few hours running diagnostic spells until I was certain I'd survive passing through them."

Harry's curiosity threatened to overcome him, before he pulled himself back to the question that had been nagging him since the moment he'd first read Daphne's letter.

"You said you wanted to offer me an alliance. In the letter, I mean. What alliance?" He asked.

Daphne's disposition suddenly turned businesslike as she began to speak. "I want the Dark Lord gone; he is a bigoted fool that has become a voice of the festering hate which plagues our world. And I know that, for whatever reason, he seems to be hell-bent on ending your life. So, unless you enjoy having a psychopath after you, it is in both of our interests that he be destroyed."

Harry nodded slowly in understanding. "Fair enough," he said, "but why approach me? Surely someone like Dumbledore would be able to help you."

Daphne vehemently shook he head. "No, I want more than to just see the end of the Dark Lord. As powerful as Dumbledore may be, he is not the kind of man who would be willing to do what is necessary to end this world's hate."

"This world's hate?" asked Harry curiously, "What hate?"

Daphne scoffed. "I'm talking about the hate that will prevent your friend, Granger, from being allowed to hold a job as the head of a department within the ministry once she graduates, simply because of her blood status. The hate that has ensured our former professor, Lupin, to have never been employed outside of Hogwarts, simply because of his disease; the hate that caused your parent's will to be considered void by the Ministry."

Harry stared dumbly at her. Never before had he heard anything about his parents leaving behind a will, and now to finally find out about it, and learn it had been disregarded by the ministry had sent his brain reeling. Within him, something began to stir.

"-Your mother, despite being one of the most qualified witches in a century," Harry heard Daphne's voice, and realized he hadn't been paying attention to what she had been saying after the revelation about his parent's will. He immediately brought his focus back to the young, blonde haired witch. "-was forced to quit her job as an unspeakable, simply because of her parentage. One of my contacts has recently informed me that the Veela girl that was at our school for the tournament last year, Fleur, I believe her name was, has been denied employment within magical Great Britain by the ministry, simply because she isn't fully human,"

"Fleur's trying to move to the UK?" Harry asked, his distracted mind latching onto that piece of information.

Daphne merely ignored his question and continued with her speech. "You are symbol, whether you like it or not, of the Dark Lord's demise. Once the Ministry ends their smear campaign on you, the masses will rally around you. They will believe that you are the one to end him once and for all."

"That-" began Harry, only to be cut off by Daphne holding her hand up.

"So what happens after you beat him, or after someone else does the job instead? Things will return the way they were before. Muggleborns will still be discriminated against. Muggles will still be looked at as inferior beings. Half-breeds will still be shunned. Non-humans will still be treated like animals, just like it's been for hundreds of years.

"It's my goal to make the hate stop."

Harry stared at her for a full minute, carefully calculating what she had said. "What are you saying?" he asked.

Daphne then took a few deep breaths as if preparing for something before hesitantly speaking again, "My half-sister, Astoria, gets beaten daily simply because her mother was not a pureblood."

Harry's eyes widened at her admission.

"My sister has been nothing short of perfect in my eyes. Whenever I look at her, I see a beautiful, unbelievably intelligent young girl, who will one day make a name for herself. Yet, when my father looks at her, all he sees is an embarrassment that should be swept under the rug and forgotten, lest someone else see."

Harry dipped his head in thought. The way Daphne described Astoria's situation reminded him of his own traumatic upbringing.

"I want my sister to one day wake up to find herself in a world where she can be safe. I want her to see a world where no child will ever be neglected and unloved simply because of what they are."

Harry stared unblinkingly at Daphne. Could she know? Could she possibly have discovered his treatment at the hands of his abusive relatives?

Then a single realization hit him. No one will ever have to suffer what I have.

"Will you help me?" Daphne asked quietly, extending a hand towards Harry, "Will you help me make the world a better place?"

Harry looked at her outstretched hand for moment before clasping it with his own. "I will"

Daphne smiled. It wasn't like the few smirks or arrogant grins she had given him earlier. Her smile is truly beautiful, he decided. Harry couldn't help himself but smile back.

They stood there, smiling happily to each other for a moment, before something Daphne said returned to the forefront of Harry's mind.

"You said my parent's will was considered void. Does this mean you've seen it?" he asked.

Seeing the longing in his eyes, Daphne's face adopted a soft expression. "I looked through it to see where they wanted to send you. Remus Lupin was listed in your chain of custody, and as a lycanthrope, his mention was enough for the ministry to claim it to be an illegitimate will."

"Can I see it?" Harry asked sadly, "Even if it's not accepted by the ministry, I still want to see it with my own eyes."

Daphne nodded sorrowfully. "Sure," she replied, "I can take you there now, if you'd like"

All she received in response was a single downward jerk of the head from Harry. Gently, she took his hand in hers and closed her eyes. With a soft 'pop' the two disappeared.


It was an hour later that another soft 'pop' was heard on the front lawn of Number 4, Privet Drive. Fortunately, no one was outside at the time to see the short, pink-haired witch that had materialized out of thin air with the pop.

"Dung?" called out Nymphadora Tonks to seemingly no one.

"Oi, Dung!" She called out a bit louder when she received no response. "Dung what the bloody hell do you think you're playing at?"

Growing increasingly worried, Tonks apparated straight into the smallest bedroom of the house behind her. The wizard she had been sent to watch would receive a bit of a shock at having someone simply appear in his room, and both Dumbledore and Moody had told her not to be seen by her ward, but right now, his safety took priority.

It was with great shock that she discovered Harry's room to be empty. Casting a glance at the alarm clock that sat perched on the bedside table, she realized it was nearly 7 o'clock. Perhaps he was downstairs eating supper.

Quickly casting a disillusionment charm on herself, and adding a silencing spell on both her feet, she stealthily crept out of the bedroom. Cursing to herself as she nearly tripped on the stairs (twice) she made her way to the dining room. Looking in, she noted the bulking frames of Vernon and Dudley Dursely, both of whom wore formal suits that looked ridiculous, straining to hold together at the seams.

Petunia was also seated at the table, conversing quietly with a regal looking woman Tonks didn't recognize. Beside the unknown woman was a rather tall, handsome older gentleman Tonks also didn't recognize.

Cursing under her breath, the pink-haired witch forced herself to think rationally. The Dursleys had guests. Perhaps Harry left the house to avoid them.

Focusing on the nearby park Harry often went to whenever he wanted to be alone, Tonks quickly apparated away.

The second she re-materialized, she hastily searched around for any sign of the young wizard. When she discovered the park was empty, she mentally got herself ready to apparate away to the Order and give them the bad news. That was when a single, disembodied foot under a nearby tree caught her attention.

With a low, angry growl, she ripped an invisibility cloak off of the passed-out, prone form of Mundungus Fletcher, who reeked of alcohol.

"DUNG!" She screeched, her hair uncontrollably turning a fiery red.

The small man on the ground before her groaned and rolled over. "Oi! Watch it! I got me a hangover. Tha' bloody hurts!"

Tonks narrowed her eyes and send a well-aimed kick to the little man's ribs. "Where's Harry, Dung?"

"Ow! You fuckin' loony broad!" hissed Dung, clutching his side.

"Where is he?" Tonks asked again, unconcerned about any pain he was in

"He's right-" Mundungus began, gesturing towards a nearby tree, before stopping when he realized no one was under it. "-Er… well he was asleep under tha' tree las' I was lookin'."

"He's not at the Dursleys'," Said Tonks, still glaring at the man.

Mundungus instantly paled, and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. Tonks would have found it comical, had the situation not been so severe.

"Harry Potter has gone missing."


As an outcast I faced defeat
Seeking comfort in this painful retreat
Made an oracle against my will
Word spread of miraculous skills

Premonitions call my name
I once doubted them all when they came
Now I embrace it and I'll never be the same

Those who call me avatar
Know not what they're looking for
They just feed their flames with miracles
Just so you know
If you bathe within my light
You diminish your own might
Illusionist in everyone


To anyone wondering how Daphne is using magic outside of school, just wait, all will be explained.

Also, I'd like to point out that I'm Canadian. While we use the British way of spelling a lot of words (colour, favourite, grey, ect), we use an American vocabulary (elevator instead of lift, sweater instead of jumper, eraser instead of rubber, ect.). If any of my British reader catch anything out of place, please let me know.

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