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Chapter 26 - Best Vacation Evah

{May 2nd 2007 14:22 202 lbs.}
{Flying to Alaskan Vacation Home}

"You're amazing you know that?" Chuck was just staring at his wife, speaking through his intercom; she looked so natural so in her element flying the plane.

Sarah turned to him and gave him a huge smile; she was so excited about this vacation. It was their first real vacation since meeting and now that she thought about it, this was her first real vacation since she could remember. Cabo never counted because although it was 'technically' a vacation, she was still not able to relax and enjoy it like she was now. Besides this would be her first vacation with someone she loved. "You're not so bad yourself."

Sarah had an idea. "Chuck, did you want me to teach you how to fly?"

Chuck thought about it for a moment. A part of him was excited at the thought of flying but then when he looked over at his wife, when he really looked at her, he knew his answer. "I'm fine honey, I kind of like you flying me around." Chuck gave her the eyebrow dance. "It really turns me on baby."

Damn how can he get even more adorable? Sarah quickly looked at the space between them. It was a little cramped in the smaller plane but they might be able to make it work.

Chuck saw her mind turning and he realized what she was thinking. He placed a loving hand on her thigh. "Honey, let's just enjoy the flight. We'll have plenty of time to do other things when we get to the cabin."

Sarah wasn't sure she liked the sound of that. "This has nothing to do with our talk the other night does it?"

Chuck winced as he held up his hand pinching his finger and thumb close together. "Maybe just a scoch."

Damn it, Sarah chided herself. She had to open her big mouth about the sex thing. Of all the things that they could work on, having less sex in no way shape or form was going to work for her. "We really need to talk about that. I might have jumped the gun a little bit at blurting that out."

"No you were right Sarah. I want you to know you mean much more to me than just sex. I was thinking this vacation I would prove to you that I didn't need sex to… WOAH!" Chuck grabbed his seat as the plane suddenly took a nose dive.

"Sarah what the hell are you doing?" Chuck was officially freaking out.

"Take back what you just said." Sarah was looking at him not caring one bit for the quickly approaching ocean.

Chuck stuck his hand on the control panel acting as if he would be able to somehow use his hand to slow their certain doom. "Sarah… Please."

"Take it back Chuck."

"Fine, I was just kidding. We can have lots and lots of sex."

Sarah instantly brought the plane out of the dive and leveled it off, happy with the outcome.

Chuck snapped his head around towards her, staring at her, not believing she would do something like that.

Sarah quickly looked at him and then back to front. "What?"

"What?" Chuck squeaked out just a little higher than he meant. "Are you crazy?"

"Only for you sweetheart." Sarah leaned over a little to kiss him. She was somewhat shocked when he didn't kiss her. He just left her hanging as he sat their folding his arms across his chest. Fine, Sarah suddenly banked the plane towards Chuck's side causing him to lean towards her where she captured his lips with hers.

Fine, she wants to play this game. Chuck took off his head gear and removed hers. He then grabbed both sides of her head and pulled her to him, demanding entrance and instantly gaining it as he kissed her with all he was worth.

{* * *}

{May 2nd 2007 14:50 201 lbs.}
{Still Flying to Alaskan Vacation Home}

"For the record, that was amazing." Chuck was staring forward, fixing his pants and buckling his seatbelt. He helped Sarah finish hers as she was finished putting her pants back on.

Sarah knew she was probably going to have a bruise where the gear column jammed into her back but that was so small a price to pay she really couldn't care. It was amazing how quickly Chuck learned to fly when it was obvious she was handling a different kind of gear shift. Teaching her husband how to fly while having sex with him, that is one mark off her bucket list.

"So when's my next lesson?" Chuck just smirked as he continued staring out the front of the plane.

She just smiled as she reached over and grabbed his hand. "Thank you Chuck and about what I said before. Let's just pretend that I never said that about the sex object thing."

"Oh you think?" Chuck looked over at her the goofiest grin on his face.

"Oh my God Chuck, look." Sarah saw it right in front of them on the ocean below.

"What, what is it?" Chuck was searching the sky for what Sarah was talking about.

"In the water Chuck, down there." Sarah pointed towards the water as she brought the plane closer giving Chuck a perfect view of the two whales gliding along the surface of the ocean below.

Chuck practically jumped out of his seat. "Holy crap, I can't believe it. Look Sarah."

Sarah just laughed at her husband's reaction. It was so cute as he was so excited. "Their beautiful aren't they?"

Chuck had never seen such a sight. He had been to sea world, he'd seen movies and documentaries on blue whales, but this was real, this was something out of dream. He loved the beauty and serenity of some of God's greatest creations. It was just incredible and Chuck couldn't speak, it was just too special of a moment.

Husband and wife held hands as Sarah even one handed was able to bring the plane around close to the whales allowing them a close up view. This truly was a special moment and she took a mental photograph, ingraining in her mind not only this moment, but the moments before the whale sightings. This was already the greatest thing they've done together. Memories that fifty years from now they will both be able to recall and share in the feelings they had at this exact moment.

{* * *}

{May 2nd 2007 15:51}
{Alaskan Vacation Home}

It was almost an hour later when they finally made it to their destination, Sarah landing the plane in the lake that lead right up to the walkway to their cabin.

Chuck was getting the last of their gear from the plane, which wasn't a lot considering the home they would be staying at was supposed to be completely stocked. "Have you ever been to Alaska Sarah?" Chuck knew he never had and he couldn't recall if Sarah visited here or not.

Sarah shook her head, her blond curls playfully bouncing back and forth near her cheeks. "Nope, never been here." Sarah grabbed his hand as they walked up the dock to the wooden stairwell built into the side of the mountain that led to their cabin.

She lay her head on Chuck's shoulder, lost in the beauty of such untouched land. "This is wonderful Chuck. There is so much peace and tranquility out here. I mean we could actually hike five miles and find land that no man has ever touched."

"Quite the contrast to living in California huh? Chuck too was enjoying the peacefulness of the area. He looked down at his wife, hugging her closer. "You ever consider moving out here?"

She thought about it for a moment. It was beautiful, and while the peacefulness was nice now, she just felt that if they lived here, she wondered if it would ever get old. Still though she would not mind vacationing here… often.

"What about if we bought a cabin out here? Maybe made it a vacation home, some place to take the kids when we just want them to get away from the 'world'. You know like a family vacation home."

Well when he puts it like that, Sarah thought, how could she not agree. "Well we have the money, and land really is not that expensive around here. I don't know Chuck; let's just see how we like it."

"Of course that would mean leaving the cabin and I'm not sure we're going to be doing a lot of that." Chuck bumped her hips slightly.

"You learn quick honey." Sarah reached up and kissed his cheek as she held tightly to him as they walked up the stairs.

. . .

"This is amazing." Chuck was looking out the panoramic view of the water as the first floor room was enclosed entirely in glass. He held his wife in front of him, wrapping his arms tight around her.

"I really love the fire place; I say we sleep out here tonight?" Sarah tilted her head to the side a bit so she could look behind her at Chuck. "That rug and those blankets look really comfortable."

Chuck had to admit, that sounded pretty romantic. "Okay, how about we first cook something for dinner. The fridge and cupboards should be stocked and I'm starving."

Sarah led Chuck to the kitchen where they both looked through the fridge and came up with a plan for dinner. "I feel like grilled Salmon with rice. What do you say?"

"Grab the blankets and I'll meet you out at the grill. Maybe we could eat outside on the porch." Chuck grabbed the two Salmon fillets, and helped Sarah get the water boiling for the rice.

Sarah quickly kissed him, "Okay, let me get some veggies going to and I will meet you outside."

Chuck grabbed the utensils he would need and headed outside to start the grill. It definitely was getting colder as the evening was fast approaching.

. . .

Chuck was checking the salmon that was smelling so good as Sarah made her way out, wrapped in a furry blanket and sat down on one of the lounge chairs near Chuck.

Chuck smiled looking at how cozy his wife looked as he took a seat next to her. "You mind sharing; it's getting a bit nippy out here." Chuck faked shivering as his wife opened her blanket allowing him to come in.

Husband and wife sat there for a few minutes neither saying a word, both just enjoying the beautiful lake front.

"So did you ever think a year ago you'd be sitting with your husband on a lakefront in Alaska?"

Sarah sighed realizing how one simple mission had changed her life. It was such a scary thought of where she'd be right now if it wasn't for Chuck. "Not in a million years at least not here in a real marriage."

Chuck didn't know if he liked the sound of that. "Are you saying if you had a deep cover mission that you'd actually marry someone?"

Sarah quickly looked over to him, wondering if his thoughts were going to that place. "Chuck, you know this is different."

"Yeah but if I really think about it, how would I know for sure it was real? I mean what if three years from now I wake up and you say it was just a mission and you leave me?" Chuck didn't dare look at Sarah, but he had to bring it up.

Sarah was trying to stay calm. "Is that really what you think this is?"

"Well I mean can you honestly tell me if you were seducing a mark that he would know the difference?" Chuck finally got the courage to look over at her.

"So is this just your ego needing stroking Chuck or are you being serious?" Sarah was letting her anger show a bit. "Have I given you a reason to doubt me, ever?"

"Sarah you don't understand. Tell me if you were in a deep cover mission trying to get close to a mark, would he know it was fake or would you do everything to make him think it was real?" Chuck stood up checking on the fish, not liking one bit where his mind was going.

"Let me ask you something Chuck, how do I know that you aren't playing me?" Sarah just sat there with her arms folded as Chuck spun around to face her.

"That's just crazy, how is that even relative?" Chuck was just shaking his head.

"Well it's obvious Beckman and Graham think you're their golden child, maybe they wanted you to keep the cold hearted assassin under control. Forced her to submit to your will and thusly the government?" Sarah tilted her head a bit, daring Chuck to argue.

Chuck tried to say something but words were not coming to his mind in defense of Sarah's accusation.

"Not so fun when the shoe's on the other foot is it? And for your information, one I would never get pregnant, ever if it wasn't real, and secondly, if I didn't love you so damn much, we surely wouldn't be having as much sex as we do. Matter of fact, if this was a 'mission' as you seem to want to dream up, wouldn't the idea be for me to control the 'Mark'? How exactly do I control you?"

Once again Chuck really didn't have a comeback for this. He was really starting to think this was a stupid thing to bring up. "I'm sorry Sarah."

"Damn right you better be sorry." Sarah stood up grabbing his face. "How did this wonderful weekend suddenly become another fight? Why would you even bring this crap up?"

Chuck held up a finger. "Well in fairness, you were the one that brought up the deep cover thing."

"I'm done." Sarah turned and left, leaving Chuck to stand outside by himself.

"Way to go moron." Chuck chided himself as once again; his stupid mouth opened and allowed his stupid foot to be plunged right in.

He stood by the grill, making sure the fish did not burn. When he really thought about it, Sarah was absolutely right. If anything, it would seem he was the one that was controlling her. Of course he didn't do it on purpose but she never once pushed him to do anything. She was always there for him, supporting him, comforting him, and what does he do? He accuses his wife of something that wasn't even remotely true.

Ellie would kill me, Chuck mentally kicked himself. This whole vacation was supposed to be about showing Sarah how much she meant to him. And look what he did instead. Chuck hated the fact that even now, he still had those insecurities.

His thoughts suddenly paused as he felt his wife hug him tightly from behind.

"Chuck I don't want to fight anymore. It's to exhausting and I hate it."

Chuck turned around to hold her tightly in his arms. "I'm sorry Sarah; it's honestly not how I really feel. I just, sometimes I just can't believe what we have is real? It just doesn't make sense to me why you chose me."

Sarah looked up at him. "Does it matter why I chose you? The truth is Chuck; I chose to be with you. From the moment I walked into that Buy More, I knew you were special. I didn't want to hide my feelings for you because I love you. I want to be with you, but you already knew that Chuck so why do you still question my love for you?"

Sarah stood on her tippy toes to kiss him. "To be honest Chuck, I never would've been able to be in a deep cover relationship like that. I won't say I never had to seduce a mark, but there are just some things that I won't do. Being intimate the way we are Chuck, I've never done anything like that with anyone. And I'm sorry but no one would be that good at pretending, not even Carina."

"You really do love me don't you?"

"Yah think?" Sarah slapped his arm. "Now no more fighting, no more talking about this stuff. As far as I'm concerned my life started the day I met you and I want us to be happy. I won't our focus on the future, the future that includes starting a family together."

"Okay, no more thinking like that. I do have faith in you Sarah. I just wish I had your faith in me."

Sarah frowned knowing that her husband would always have that feeling in the back of his mind. But she would do all she could to make sure it stayed there or was gone all together. "So let's eat and enjoy our honeymoon?"

"I think I like that plan." Chuck hugged her tight realizing from this point on; he would never question her love or loyalty to him ever again. It was like breathing, he just had to accept that Sarah loving him was just part of life. He smiled thinking of how nice that was.

{* * *}

{May 2nd 2007 17:45}

Sarah and Chuck were lying in a post-coital bliss on the floor in front of the fire; both were naked and wrapped tightly together with a comforting blanket around them. "You know, I'm really going to miss make up sex." Sarah spoke softly.

Chuck looked at Sarah smiling. "Yeah, it's pretty awesome isn't it?" Chuck was thinking about the raw emotion, the raw passion that was poured out between he and his wife in their last love making session.

"Yeah I'm going to miss it but we'll have to figure out a replacement. Maybe during flight sex." Sarah raised her eyebrows, loving the look her husband was giving her.

"I think we need to find something where you're not going to get bruised during."

"I'm not complaining Chuck." She gave him a quick kiss.

"Oh I know, but I'm not sure my heart can take all the excitement." Chuck rubbed her arm as he looked right at her. "I think my favorite is just making love to my wife in our bed. Cuddling afterwards, and just being able to watch you slip into a peaceful sleep after. Yeah, I think that's my favorite."

Sarah felt like her heart cracked a little. "I love you so much."

"How about tomorrow after we wake up we fly over to Glacier Bay National Park. Maybe we could go for a hike, see some wildlife and the beautiful glaciers? I could use some exercise for the rest of my muscles and I really wanted to explore the area."

Sarah held in her laugh. "Well wouldn't want your other muscles getting jealous would we?" Sarah pushed Chuck on his back as she straddled him. "But until tomorrow, how about we work on that one special muscle?"

What do you say after that Chuck thought to himself as he quickly realized it would have to be a very long walk to make up the difference.

{* * *}

{May 3rd 2007 09:25}
{Glacier Bay National Park}

Sarah and Chuck had arrived at the park early afternoon of the next day. Of course it was hard to keep track of time with the daylight hours so different from California. They rented some hiking gear and were dressed in their cool weather gear.

Sarah had to admit, she was really excited about this hike. Sure she would've been fine staying in their cabin the whole weekend but just on the flight over she marveled at the breadth of beauty of the landscape. It was so serene from the plane and she couldn't wait to see it up close and judging by how excited her husband was, this was definitely going to be a wonderful experience.

Chuck had packed a thermos with hot cocoa, and he made sure to bring water and some power bars. They had a big breakfast knowing they wouldn't be eating for a while. Everything was set for a day of adventure and beauty, and that was just with his wife. He was excited for exploring the park also.

"You know it amazes me that you can make an all-white Parka sexy?" Chuck squeezed Sarah's hand as he walked next to his beautiful wife. It amazed him how his wife just had a way to bring out the beauty of everything around her. It was like looking through a prism of beauty.

"Well you look pretty good yourself Chuck."

"Seriously? I feel like the Pillsbury dough boy. One poke and I will go whoo ooh." Chuck did a full body shake, doing his best dough boy impression.

Sarah had to laugh at that, her husband was just being silly now. "I thought that was my job Chuck." Sarah gave him a sensuous look.

Chuck once again had to think about that for a second. By the time he realized what Sarah was saying, they'd come upon one the glacier lakes in the park.

"Wow, that is scary but also amazing." Chuck couldn't believe the magnitude of the glaciers that floated freely near the base of the mountain where the lake started. He could actually hear the grinding sound from the humongous ice formations. It was amazing to him how something so beautiful could be so powerful when let loose. Chuck had to smirk, looking down at his wife who was wrapped around his arm, maybe it wasn't so hard to believe.

"I want a picture of us with the ice formations in the back ground." Sarah pulled Chuck around to stand behind her similar to the pose on the boardwalk not too long ago. Sarah pulled out her phone and took a couple of pictures, one with both of them kissing.

As it seemed to always happen, the kiss started off innocently enough but quickly was turning into something more passionate. Sarah turned her body to now face Chuck, bringing up her hands around his neck, not once breaking the kiss. His warm mouth, the taste of his tongue with a hint of hot cocoa on it just drove her passion even more.

The couple were deep into the kiss when they heard a splash behind them. Chuck was the one to break the connection first, always being the curious one.

"No way, look Sarah, otters." Chuck stepped to the side bringing Sarah around so she could see the family of five otters playfully swimming not twenty yards from where they stood.

Sarah was not expecting such a quick release from their kiss and so it took her a moment to focus on just what interrupted them. She looked to where Chuck was pointing and laughed at just how cute the little otters were. "Awe Chuck, look how cute they are?"

Chuck couldn't help but laughing at the playful manner of the otters. It looked to him like they were purposefully putting on a show for them. There was a somewhat smaller glacier that they were perched on, each one taking their turn diving into the water and playfully coming back up to float on their back.

Chuck took out his phone to video the rare sight. "I have to say, that is… Holy crap!" Chuck jumped backwards as something very large, exploded out of the water grabbing one of the Otters in its mouth as it came crashing back down into the water.

Chuck quickly backed up, grabbing Sarah with him as both stood there shell shocked at the giant Killer Whale making quick work of the adorable little otter.

Chuck just looked at Sarah as she looked at him, both stunned at what just happened. "I don't think I will ever look at Shamu the same way again." Chuck swallowed the lump in his throat as where once played a happy family of otter's was now a quickly growing ring of blood in the water.

"Okay… How about we keep going?" Sarah wasn't quite sure what to make of that scene. It felt like an explosion went off in the water as the powerful whale came out of nowhere. It actually scared her a little, not expecting something like that to happen.

"Yeah… Good idea." Chuck followed her lead, still staring back at the site where the whale attacked. Chuck at the last minute remembered to stop recording. That was not something you see every day Chuck thought to himself.

. . .

The two walked in somewhat silence for the next twenty minutes. Both still in a sort of daze from what just happened. Chuck couldn't get the thought of those poor, adorable otters being destroyed by the whale. He wasn't sure he'd be able to eat later, his appetite suddenly lessening.

"How about we stay away from the water and go check out the paths along the mountain base?" Sarah wasn't sure she wanted to see the glaciers anymore.

"Sounds like a plan." Chuck looked to Sarah and both let out a quick chuckle. "That was just gross."

"I know right? I was like awe look how cute then bam, here comes Shamu." Sarah was shaking her head still remembering the vivid image.

"Yeah I say we stick to dry land for a while or just avoid cute little otters for a bit." Chuck bumped Sarah, one trying to lighten the mood and two to help him relax a bit.

Knowing it was time to change the subject, Sarah looked towards the mountains, the snow capping them like white fudge on a sundae. "Aren't the mountains beautiful?"

"Have you ever been rock climbing before?" Chuck was wondering what climbing those mountains would be like. He knew Devon had done some rock climbing but of course he never even attempted it.

Sarah looked at Chuck, biting her lower lip. She was nervous about telling him she had done it one time on a mission with the C.A.T. Squad as they tried to capture a Mexican drug lord.

Chuck looked over to her, confused by her silence. He could see the questioningly look in her eyes. "It's okay Sarah, I promised you remember." Chuck brought her to him holding her against his chest.

"I did one time with the old cat squad. We were raiding a house of a well-known drug dealer and the only way to get in there was from the side of a cliff." She held him close, taking in his warmth as she kept her face securely in his chest.

"Why would you be afraid to tell me that?"

"Well I may or may not have been wearing only a bikini." Sarah shyly looked up at her husband.

Now Chuck had pictured many an erotic imagines of Sarah, especially lately. But he had to admit, Sarah in a bikini climbing up the side of a mountain was going right to the top of his mental list.

"Chuck, are you mad?" Sarah gave him a squeeze.

"Shhh. I'm processing the image of you climbing a mountain in a bikini. I'm definitely saving that one off in my frontal lobe." Chuck was still staring at the mountain, a perfect image of Sarah coming to mind. He couldn't help but smile and become a little aroused.

Sarah had seen that look before and it didn't take her long to feel the effects of Chuck's musing. She couldn't help herself as she glanced down at Chuck's waist. "Well someone likes that story."

"Oh sorry, sometimes you know who has a mind of his own." Chuck tried to separate a bit to redirect his blood flow. Unfortunately Sarah was not letting him go.

Sarah couldn't help being a little aroused to. She liked the idea of putting on a show for her husband. "I take it you've forgotten about our little otter friends?"

"And there it goes. Thanks a lot Sarah." Chuck faked shaking his head in disgust.

Well if she had it to do over, she realized she really shouldn't have said anything. "Sorry. But did I tell you that time I had to sky dive out of a plane with nothing on but a parachute."

Chuck froze in his spot, his shut down look over taking him.

"I'm just kidding Chuck. It was a dream I had, but I wasn't alone. It was a tandem jump and there was this very handsome tall brown haired, brown eyed nerd that was jumping out of the plane with me. And he wasn't wearing anything either." Sarah could feel Chuck's entire body tense up, the calm before the storm. Yeah, this was really turning out to be the best vacation… Ever.