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Chapter 37 - Infamy

"You doing okay Chuck?" Sarah reached out a calming hand to soothe her husband as they drove through the heart of Honolulu on their way to the Pearl Harbor monument.

"Physically a lot better and thank you for yesterday, I really needed that time with you." Chuck turned his head towards his wife. "You're the best you know that?"

Sarah gave him a genuine smile. "You keep telling me that."

"Well, because it's true. I don't know what I'd do without you." Chuck smiled at her.

"I don't ever want to find that out okay?" Sarah squeezed his thigh reminding him he still needed to be more careful in the things he did.

Realizing Sarah was probably going to say something about the risks he took, he decided to change the subject. "Not to change the subject but Graham seemed happy with the updates I sent him yesterday. I think were over 50% done and that was with the huge setback a few months ago."

"Well I still think you should have taken a break but I know you wanted to get something to him while we were on vacation. I just wish you would've woke me so I could've helped you." Sarah reached over and gave him a quick kiss.

"Yeah it's not the same programming without your input. I just hate thinking you get to board helping me." Chuck squinted his eyes as he looked at his wife.

"Chuck… What have I told you?" Sarah gave Chuck her disapproving look.

"That you always want to be part of the things I enjoy. And I want you to because you are so brilliant and you've picked up the programming languages so fast." Chuck looked down at her hand on his thigh as he rubbed the top of it. "I just want you to be happy doing what you love."

"Oh wow, was that a play on words my little nerd." Sarah wriggled her eyebrows at Chuck.

Chuck shook his finger at her. "I see what you did there. The thing you love doing the most is what sweetheart?"

"Well you of course." This time Sarah pulled him by the neck to give him a kiss.

"We really are too far gone aren't we?" Chuck leaned his head against the seat, not able to hide the smile growing on his face.

"Yeah we really are."

"I think I'm going to be sick." Carina could only sit and shake her head from the back seat. How did she get stuck riding with these two?

"Sorry Carina, forgot you were there." Chuck turned and looked at her apologetically.

"Chuck, I don't get forgotten. You understand me?" Carina punched his arm.

"Well my wife has this mind control ability on me that makes me forget everything around me except her. It's a real talent, I'm serious."

Carina looked behind her. "Is it too late to get a ride with Casey?"

Sarah looked in the rear view mirror. "You're the one that just had to ride with us. So stop your complaining."

"Well I figured you guys would have got all of it out of your system having the whole day to yourselves yesterday." Carina gave an impressive look towards Chuck. "Apparently I miscalculated the ability of your nerd Sarah."

Chuck just smiled. "Happens to me all the time. I'm more than meets the eye you know?" Chuck glanced over towards Sarah a small smile on his lips.

"Okay Optimas Prime or should I say Megatron?" Carina just folded her arms, pleased with herself that she could compete with the nerd culture.

"Actually Chuck leans more towards the Autobots with his favorite being Ironhide." Sarah glanced in the rear view mirror giving a take that look towards Carina. No one knows her husband better than she does.

"Oh I bet his favorite is Ironhide. And what's yours Sarah, Wideload?" Oh Carina knew two could play at the game.

"Very funny Carina, actually that is a Decepticon. I prefer Hot Spot, leader of the Protectobots." Sarah looked over at the dumb founded look on Chuck's face. "You love me don't you?"

"I… uh… I…"

"Oh look Sarah, you broke him again." Carina playfully punched, the for once speechless Chuck, in the arm... again.

Chuck was walking next to Casey as they approached the Pearl Harbor monument. Chuck was like a sponge soaking up all the stories Casey was telling him about the attack on the morning of December 7th, 1941.

Bryce was walking next to Sarah and Carina who just stared over at Chuck and his child like curiosity as Casey looked to be in his element.

"So what's wrong Bryce, jealous of your boy toy finding a new love?" Carina smirked at Bryce who was obviously a little peeved at being put on the back burner.

Sarah, in a rare moment of pity turned to Bryce. "Bryce, this is really important for Chuck and Casey. They have an eternal bond over this stuff and we just need to let them be while they experience this together."

"Yeah, whatever. I'm not worried." Bryce tried to act like it was no big deal.

Chuck was looking over at Casey who was explaining to him the actual events of the morning of the infamous day. "Are you saying that the Japanese fighter squadron was actually detected before the actual attack?"

Casey looked stoically at the all-white memorial building as the two partners approached. "Yeah they did. Unfortunately the monitoring crew assumed it was a group of bombers out for a practice run. They never knew what hit them until it was too late."

Chuck just shook his head. "I feel so bad for those guys in charge of surveillance. It must have been horrible for them knowing what happened afterwards."

Casey just nodded his head in agreement as the two walked through the opening to the memorial. Casey learned long ago never be surprised at how Chuck responds to certain things but he still couldn't help but feel honored to call him a friend. Chuck's first thought was feeling bad for the men who could have warned of the attack instead of blaming them or ridiculing them for their lack of action.

"Oh my God." Chuck felt like he stepped into a dream world as he stared at the incredible display before him. Hundreds of names were written on the beautiful marble wall that adorned the side of the monument. Almost in a trance like state, Chuck walked over to the far left side of the wall and respectfully raised his hand and traced his fingers down over the first row of names.

Casey stood right behind Chuck as he guarded him with his life even though Chuck was nowhere near any kind of danger. Still the hulking NSA agent stood guard behind Chuck, grumbling anytime anyone even got close to him. He made sure as Chuck went down each row of names that nothing interrupted his partner.

Sarah couldn't help herself as a tear came to her eyes as she stood in the back, looking at her husband with nothing short of complete and utter adoration. She fiercely loved this man and she would never be able to explain in words what his actions did to her.

It seemed even Carina was somewhat subdued as she looked upon the strange actions of Casey and Chuck. "What is Chuck doing Sarah?" Carina leaned next to her to speak quietly to her best friend.

Sarah had a hard enough time speaking, seeing such respect paid by her husband but she wanted her friend to know. "Chuck is committing every name of every fallen soldier to memory."

Carina brought her head back in astonishment. "He's doing what?"

Sarah turned to her best friend, placing a caring hand on her arm. "My husband is committing to memory every single person that died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. It's his way of honoring those men and woman who sacrificed so much for this country."

Carina was about to ask how in the hell someone could do that when it seemed Bryce, with just as much admiration on his face as Sarah, turned to her and said, "Chuck has eidetic memory."

Carina gave a bewildered look as if Bryce was talking a foreign language. "You mean he has like photographic memory?"

Bryce obviously knew a lot about Chuck's ability, it having paid off plenty in College. "Well sort of. Its more like Chuck can take a photograph and store it in his mind to recall at any time." Bryce could see Carina was still confused. "Instead of memorizing each and every specific detail, he can process chunks of information as if its part of a picture he keeps in his mind."

Carina, although not completely satisfied, figured there had to come a time when a single human being would have to stop surprising people with their incredibleness. Apparently that limit was not going to be met any time soon by the computer nerd from Burbank. She looked over at her star struck friend, realizing that Sarah had truly found someone special… someone that the hardened CIA agent finally deserved.

Carina's thoughts were interrupted as she saw Sarah move quietly towards her husband who had his one hand behind him, apparently motioning for his wife as he continued to read each and every name.

Sarah as respectfully as she could approached Chuck, wrapping her arm around his as she let her husband hold her close as he continued to read and memorize each name. This is what she lived for, what she craved as even in a state of complete and utter concentration, her husband still needed her. It was almost like she was a physical part of him that at a subconscious level he craved to be near her.

{* * *}

The group had toured the monument for almost two hours. It wasn't necessarily that there was a lot see, but Chuck and Casey seemed to study and memorize every single detail of everything the monument provided.

It was at the actual site of one of the massive hulls that Chuck and Casey stared down into the murky depths for what must have been fifteen minutes. The two Agents had both ceremoniously dropped their leis into the water. It was after they dropped them that both men just stoically stood and looked into the waters below.

Chuck had his eyes closed now as he tried to picture the day more than 50 years ago. He tried to think of what the brave men aboard the U.S.S. Arizona must have gone through when the bomb exploded inside their lower decks. It was then he opened his eyes and without looking at Casey, said, "Casey, we can never, ever let anything like this happen again. September 11th, the Yemen bombing, the bombing of the CIA base, never again. As long as we have the ability to prevent this, we must always fight those that would use terrorism as a means to destroy our Country."

Casey, still looking at the ghostly wreckage of the famous battleship responded, "So what do you propose we do kid?"

Chuck took a deep breath, an air of determination overcoming him. "Whatever it takes."

Casey just nodded in approval. "Whatever it takes."

{* * *}

Nighttime finally approached and it was a well-deserved break that the team needed as they met up later for dinner down in the hotel restaurant.

Chuck hadn't left Casey's side for almost the whole day and the hulking NSA agent seemed to be eating it up. Casey was telling Chuck all about his time in the service and the different people he had met during his time in the NSA. To Chuck, it was as if Casey was explaining the gaming specs for the new Call of Duty, he was that interested. The experience they both shared during the morning trip to the Pearl Harbor monument and then taking a first class tour, thanks to Casey, of the locally docked destroyer class sub, created an even closer bond between the two.

Sarah leaned over to Bryce who was sitting next to her staring across the table at Chuck and Casey talking adamantly about what would be the best missile defense system to build. Casey was of course stuck on the Star Wars initiative where Chuck, although loving that idea, was thinking more of a Independence Day meets Iron Man type of defense system. "Jealous?"

Bryce gave a smirk as his eyes never left his best friend. "Of course not. Chuck knows who his best friend is." Bryce tried to act confident but there wasn't much resolve in his voice.

Sarah, in a rare moment of pity for Bryce, decided to go easy on him. "You know, Chuck thinks of Casey more like a fatherly figure, some one that will always be able to teach him wisdom, and knowledge."

Bryce turned to look at Sarah. "I know, and I'm glad he has him."

Sarah could tell something was weighing heavily on Bryce and she knew exactly what it was; and as much as it pained her to admit, she felt it was time to clear the air. "I understand why you did it Bryce."

Bryce fell silent, every muscle in his body tightening, every nerve ending sparking to life. This was not what he wanted to talk about.

"But sometimes, what we think is best for someone else, should be left up to them to decide. If you love someone, really care for them then it's a decision both parties should make together."

Bryce felt a slight anger growing inside as he tried to keep his voice down as to not alert the people around him. "With all due respect, how would you even begin to know what that feels like?"

"Bryce, Chuck knows the whole me more than anyone ever has, even my own father. But no one knows the cold hearted spy that I was before Chuck better than you." Sarah looked over towards Chuck, pausing as she felt the pit of her stomach turn in on itself. "What do you think that cold hearted spy would have done thinking that she was compromised?" This time Sarah looked to Bryce, as if daring him to deny it.

Bryce deflated at that point. If anything, Sarah's point would have done way more damage. "You would've asked for reassignment and left you're asset without a word."

As scary as that thought was, it was the absolute truth. "Anyone but Chuck, and I would have left without thinking twice, whether I was compromised or not. Remember he was my Mark at first, not my asset. What do you think Graham would've had me do if I'd gotten the Intersect from his computer?" Sarah swallowed the lump in her throat. "I was so cold, so empty that I would've put a bullet in his head if the powers that be ordered it. Even after he was my asset, I wondered many times if he was better off without me. But instead of hiding behind my badge or my title, I took that love in my heart and my feelings for Chuck and included him in everything. I let him in and swore he'd never be alone."

Bryce shook his head. "But I had to do it Sarah. You think I didn't want to say no, that I didn't want to just turn back time and choose different?"

"But you didn't did you? You made a choice to do what you did and it almost killed him. But guess what Bryce?"

Bryce just lowered his head, staring at his empty plate.

"He forgave you. Even after all you did; he forgave you." And here it goes, Sarah thought to herself as this was harder than she even imagined. "And I forgive you to. For everything."

Bryce quickly looked at her, trying to find truth in her words and feeling relief when he saw it in her eyes. "But how could you forgive me? For betraying you and not to mention being the source of pain for the one person you ever loved."

Sarah just shrugged her shoulders, and with little thought or effort, she just replied, "I'm a Bartowski now." And with that, the distance was just to much as she got up from her seat and walked around to Chuck where she sat conformably in his lap.

She was so relieved to see the absolute love and adoration change in his eyes as she was now with him. This filled her with warmth that not even she could explain. There was only one thing that would make this the absolute perfect moment in time…

"Love you sweetie." Chuck leaned into her giving her a thoughtful kiss on the cheek.

And now everything was perfect.