I'm Not The Average Boy Next Door

Author: GleekShip

Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian

Prompt: Sebastian sees Kurt dancing and singing "Not the Boy Next Door" and when the New Directions go to meet their challenge Sebastian sings "I Want You Back" to him instead of Blaine.

Rating: K

I'm Not The Average Boy Next Door

Sebastian's jaw drops as Kurt rips off the black pants and shows off the skin tight gold ones underneath. You'd have to be crazy to even look away. While he's grown fond of Kurt's voice, everything is blocked out as he zones in on Kurt's pants. The fat, big bulge up front makes him like his lips as he gets closer to seeing what Kurt hides under his clothes. With the first twirl he sees the round plump ass begging to be released from the confines of the fabric.

Sebastian gulps and loosens his tie a bit as he looks to the Warblers at his side; they had all heard of the Nyada auditions at McKinley and were getting a sneak peak to the two individuals that were warranted an audition and were most likely their greatest competition at Nationals.

Sebastian's jaw audibly drops as Kurt thrusts his hips off of the piano, his bulge being pushed into the air and into Sebastian's eyes. He forces himself to turn away, muttering, "Stupid, Hummel.", although that's not at all what he's thinking. The other guys seem to be in a similar situation; in shock at what Kurt Hummel is managing to do.

Sebastian uses his new position that's facing away to focus on Kurt's voice, an eargasmic tone. He bites his lip and focuses more on the music, impressed by Kurt's range. It's impossible that Kurt won't get in now. He has the looks, the voice, and if need be, a secret weapon for casting directors if he would go that far.

The boy next door

Sebastian quickly turns as Kurt belts out that last note, his eyebrows going up, his eyes going down, and everyone in the audience standing up with applause. When people thought they were just getting out of class if it meant to hear some singing was worth it, they now knew it wasn't a waste of time. He can even see Madam Tibideaux sit up slightly, almost as if she was standing up. He turns his look into a glare at his Warblers as they start applauding, suddenly halting.

He huffs as he looks back to the boy on stage, suddenly angry that this boy is showing him up. Almost as if Kurt could hear him, the boy glances over everyone to see Sebastian. He raises an eyebrow; a challenge. Kurt blows him a kiss before he bows and moves to the side stage to wait for Rachel to go up.

Sebastian growls. "If you want a war . . . you got a war, Hummel."

Sebastian grins as Kurt slides into the Warbler room with suspicious eyes.

"What do you want, Smythe?" Kurt hisses as he flings a white invitation in his direction. "You said you wanted us hear to talk."

"No." Sebastian sneers as he steps forward, the Warblers getting in line behind him. "I wanted you here to hear us sing."


"Oooh." Sebastian sings as he steps up to Kurt and grabs his chin, lowering his voice to sing in a lower key. "Let me tell yah now."

He winks at Kurt before dropping his hand and twirling away before he goes into the rest of the song. Kurt's eyes widen as he recognizes the Michael Jackson song, 'I Want You Back'. Kurt stands back and watches as the hip-thrust themed routine worked before his eyes. Sebastian smirks at Kurt as he and his group start moving around to sit on the furniture, a perfect position.

"Oh baby, give me one more chance." Sebastian sings as he approaches Kurt, stepping up to Kurt in a way that Kurt's crossed legs are trapped between his. "To show you that I love you."

He grabs Kurt's chin to sing the next few lines softly, almost like a lullaby, while the Warblers continue on with the performance. Kurt finds himself blushing and looking down, but finds himself looking at Sebastian's muscled arm from where his sleeve had rolled up. He glances back up as Sebastian's fingers slide off of his chin and he twirls back into the synchronization.

Sebastian feels good as Kurt's eyes rake up and down his body, knowing that he has Kurt's appreciative eye and that the challenge is closed. He's won.

"That was good." Kurt acknowledges as he hops off the couch and the Warblers wait for a response. "But what was the point of it? What do you want to tell us?"

"Well I want something." Sebastian grins. "I want you back . . . with the Warblers. I have a feeling that you and I could make something quite special."

Kurt glances down as a coy smile crawls onto his face. "Just know this, Sebastian. I'm not the average boy next door."

So this is my first drabble, but there will be more. Each one will have a different pairing, maybe once or twice be a sequel, but they'll just be quick one-shots. If one gets enough interest, who knows, there may be a spin-off. So let me know what you guys think. And pm me if you have a prompt of your own, otherwise review and let me know what you think. :)