It's Just a Game

Author: GleekShip

Pairing: Puckurt

Prompt: Kurt goes to confront Puck about a little fight and short break-up.

Rating: G

It's Just a Game

"Noah." Kurt calls out as he pounds on the front door. "Just answer me."

He steps back and lets the storm soak him to his core. It had only been sprinkling on his drive over, but now it was a complete downpour to where you couldn't see five feet in front of you. Luckily for Kurt, the rain covered the tear tracks on his face. He goes to knock again, but retreats when he sees the door open.

Puck is standing there, a thin white shirt spread over his broad and muscled chest while the lower half of his body only had a small pair of black boxers. Normally Kurt would let his eyes drift lower, but they were broken up now so he keeps his eyes on Puck. The boy just stares at Kurt, waiting for the pale boy to do something.

Kurt gulps, trying to not swallow the rain water. "Are you going to invite me in?"

"That would be for a boyfriend, not for someone that betrayed me." Puck states firmly, his voice cold.

"I didn't betr-" Kurt stops as a shiver runs through him. "Look. I"m sorry for what I said, and for what I did. I promise that I didn't think-"

"That's right." Puck steps forward, the off-spray of rain from Kurt starting to sprinkle onto Puck's chest. "You didn't think. Most of our relationship has been me sacrificing things for you and the one thing that I told you to remember . . . you threw it away. Why?"

"I can't-" Kurt stops as he yanks his coat tighter around his body. "I don't know why, Noah. I wasn't thinking of me . . . I just wasn't thinking. It didn't seem important."

"It's funny how the little things about me don't seem important." Puck mutters, his voice less cold and softer than before.

"It is important." Kurt has to resist the urge to step closer. "And I know that I can't give you some silly excuse, but . . . it's just Mario, Noah."

"Don't diss Mario." Puck hisses. "You threw away a number one platinum edition that took me months of work to pay for. It's not just Mario."

Kurt sighs. "And it's not just sad that you broke up with me over a game."

"I broke up with you because you threw away something close to me, something that was expensive, and about a subject that I told you that I loved." Puck growls. "You'd be acting the same way if I threw away all of your Marc Jacobson's crap."

"It's Marc Jacobs." Kurt snaps. "But I wouldn't break up with you."

"And I guess that shows you how tight I hold the things that I love to me." Puck mutters.

Kurt lets out a shaky breath. "You don't love me?" Puck hesitates before deciding to say nothing, making Kurt let out an over-exaggerated sigh.

"What if I promise to buy you a new one? And to play two-player with you at least once a week. And you can throw away one-" He holds up a finger. "And I mean only one magazine. Does that at least make up for this?"

Puck sighs for a second before a small smile cracks on his face. "Come on in. We need to get you warmed up."

Hope you enjoyed it. It was fun seeing Puck passionate about something.