I Feel Empty

Author: GleekShip

Pairing: Kadam

Prompt: Adam takes a new spin on the musical mash-up Pretty/Unpretty with Kurt.

A/N: Adam's lyrics go along with these:

I feel pretty

Oh, so pretty

I feel (pretty and witty and bright)

And I pity

Any girl who isn't me tonight

Rating: R-ish

I Feel Empty

Kurt lets out a shaky breath as he empties his seed into Adam, his grip tightening on the boys hip and the boys cock. He smiles before dipping down and pressing a soft kiss to the corner of Adam's lips, the boy slowly moving his own against Kurt's as he comes down from his own orgasm. Adam's eyes flutter open as Kurt sits back and slowly rocks his hips in and out of Adam a few seconds longer before pulling out. Adam whimpers before he lowers his legs and raises an eyebrow at Kurt.

Kurt chuckles before he crawls over Adam and settles down at the boys side, his body sprawled over the length of Adam's and aligning all of their good parts together. "Love you."

"Love you too." Adam mutters before turning his head and weakly kissing Kurt's nose as he starts drifting. "You tired?"

"A bit." Kurt nods as he runs his fingers up Adam's body, his fingers dancing around Adam's cum to tease the boy. "Why?"

"Because." Adam shrugs before a small grin slides onto his face and he starts singing. "I feel empty."

"What?" Kurt raises an eyebrow.

"Oh so empty." Kurt narrows his eyes, waiting for the boy to continue on. "I feel empty and sticky inside."

"No." Kurt shakes his head as he chuckles. "Don't put dirty words into a good song."

"And I beg please." Adam sings louder.

"Don't." Kurt laughs as he buries his face into the boys neck.

"Please be in me again …" He waits for Kurt to look up at him again before he leans down and steals a quick kiss. "Tonight."

Kurt laughs as he sits back. "So is that your way of asking me for round 2?"

Adam nods before singing again. "I feel empty. Oh so empty."

"You are so cheesy." Kurt laughs before he sits up and reaches over to start stroking Adam's manhood. "But yes."

"Wait." Adam reaches up to cup Kurt's face. "I have another verse!"

This little jingle was stuck in my head, so I had to get it out just like Kurt.