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After my family interrogated Brittany, both in Spanish and English, we had breakfast with my aunts, who grilled her even more. I was so proud of Brit though, she flawlessly answered every question they hurled at her, yes I say hurled because the questions were coming quickly. They asked her everything from her favorite food, to her thoughts on foreign policy, to her favorite movie, to her religious views. I sat in awe while eating my huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, and fried chorizo. I've missed my mom's cooking so much, that I'm literally stuffing my face, barely stopping for air, when Brittany quickly kisses my full jaws and laughs. I hear a round of awwwws and look up at my aunts and quickly blush before I smile at Brit.

"So Ratoncito, this is serious?" My aunt Sophia asks.

I swallow the massive amount of food in my mouth and nod. "Sí." I say shyly. I place my hand on Brittany's, which was resting on the table and squeeze it, while smiling at her. "Very serious."

"Ok." Sophia smiles. "Well, we need to do some shopping for dinner." She states while grabbing her plate and going to the sink. "We'll see you later."

"Ok." I reply while stuffing more food in my mouth.

"Nice to meet you." Brittany smiles as my aunt kisses us both on the cheek and leaves the room.

"Do you like breakfast?" I ask her while wiping some sauce off of my mouth.

Brittany reaches over on my plate and steals a piece of chorizo and quickly eats it before I can complain. "Everything is awesome, can you cook this stuff?" She then asks as her eyes light up.

I nod. "Yeah, not as good as my mom but I know how to make it." I tell her while taking a sip of my guava juice. "Do you want me to cook more Mexican food at home?" I ask as I set my glass down.

Brittany eats another forkful of eggs and nods. "Yeah, I mean you don't have to if you don't want to."

"I can Brit." I shrug. "I just didn't think you would want it, that's all."

"Will you teach me how to make some of it?" She asks sweetly. Brittany hasn't ever asked me to show her how to make anything, she usually just asks me to cook something and offers to help. The fact that she wants to learn how to make some of the foods I've grown up on makes me feel a new sense of pride and my heart instantly swells.

"You really want to learn?" I ask her with a huge smile.

She nods. "Yeah, maybe I can make some for you one day."

I want to attack Brittany and kiss her all over right now, it's like she always finds new ways to make me find deeper and deeper in love with her. I look around to make sure we are alone in the kitchen before I lean forward and press our lips together. I softly moan into the kiss when Brittany licks my bottom lip, I part my lips slightly and shiver when her tongue slips in my mouth. I break the kiss for air and stare at her before kissing her softly again.

"Of course I'll show you, Brit." I smile as I rest my forehead on hers and run my thumb over her bottom lip. I wink at her and kiss her on the nose before I go back to eating my breakfast, resting my hand on her thigh.

Brittany reaches over on my plate and snags another piece of chorizo and quickly eats it.

"Brit!" I laugh out. "Just get some off the stove, it's tons left."

"It tastes better out of your plate." She laughs out.

I playfully roll my eyes and stand up and grab some more and put it on my plate. I then sit back down and slide my plate between us so we can share.

"So what are we doing today?" Brittany asks.

"Well, the party tonight doesn't start until around 5pm, so I was thinking maybe I can show you around Lima." I shrug.

"Exciting." Brittany smiles while eating more of the chorizo and holding a piece up to my mouth.

I accept the piece of meat off of her fork. "Yeah, good ole Lima." I laugh.

"You can probably get your stitches out today too." Brittany says while taking a drink of water and ghosting her fingers over my face. "Your parents didn't notice?"

"They noticed. " I tell her. "My mom just won't say anything about it, and my dad will corner me later in private and ask. He's not going to ask in front of anyone, the rest of my family will wait for my parents to say something to them about it."

"What about Lio?" Brittany asks. "You two seem really close, he hasn't asked."

"Lio noticed, he kept staring at it, but he's waiting for me to bring it up." I tell her. "I'll talk to him about later."

"Ok." Brittany smiles as she leans forward and kisses the stitches. "So hospital today?"

"Sure." I nod to her as I pick up the last piece of chorizo and feed it to Brittany with a sappy smile.

"Whoa, Lio was right! You're whipped!" I hear followed by a loud laugh. I roll my eyes and look up and see Lio's cousin, Mathias.

"Hey Mathias." I smile as I stand up and give him a hug. He bear hugs me and spins me around. "Mathias, this my girlfriend Brittany, Brit, baby, this is Lio's cousin, Mathias."

Mathias extends his hand to Brittany as she jumps up and hugs him instead. He laughs and hugs her back. "You're smoking hott." He says while her looking up and down.

"Watch it Mathias." I snap playfully.

"I'm just admiring her beauty." He smiles. "Nice to meet you Brittany."

"Nice to meet you too." Brittany smiles before she sits back down.

"So your parents are having a party tonight?" He asks while sitting down and picking up my fork and finishing off my eggs.

"Help yourself." I laugh out to him. "Yes, my parents are having a party."

"You two up for partying with us afterwards?" He asks.

"What are you and Lio up to tonight?" I ask him as I take my now empty plate to the sink.

"Bowling and then going to Shake for some drinks afterwards." Mathias smiles.

"You feel like going out tonight Brit?" I ask her.

"Sure, sounds fun." She smiles.

"Cool, it's just us four." He tells me. "Well us four for bowling, we are meeting up with people at the bar."

"Ok, sounds good. You coming to the party?" I ask him.

"Of course. I gotta get to work for a few hours so I'll see you two later." He smiles before leaving the kitchen.

"Your whole family is good looking." Brittany laughs. "He's like a model."

I roll my eyes. "Gross, don't tell Mathias that, his head is big enough." I laugh. "I've gotten in my fair share of arguments and fights for those two when we were younger." I tell Brittany as I grab her plate and place it in the sink.

"You've been in fights before?" She asks as she stands up.

I nod. "Yeah, a few, I have a bit of temper, and I protect those I love at all costs."

Brittany nods. "I don't want you fighting." She says softly. "There are other ways to handle things."

"I know." I nod at her. "I don't fight anymore." I tell her with a small smile.

"Ok." She nods.

"Why don't we go lay down and let our food digest a little, maybe nap a little since my parents woke us up super early." I suggest.

As soon as we go upstairs I lock my bedroom door and change into a pair of small shorts and a tank top, while Brit does the same thing. She lies down right away while I go to use the bathroom quickly. I come back out and see her under the covers with her eyes closed. I smile and slip in next to her and cuddle close to her as I start kissing down her neck.

"I know you aren't sleep." I whisper softly as I kiss up her jawline and nibble on her earlobe.

Brittany moans softly and rests her hand on my side and squeezes it softly as she opens her eyes and locks them with mine. She smiles at me and catches my lips in a sensual kiss. She pulls me closer as we deepen the kiss even more and I roll on top of her.

"We are long overdue to make love." I tell her as I pepper soft kisses to her lips and softly grab her breasts. "I miss your body, honeybee."

"We can't." She says in between kisses as she slips her hands in my shorts and grabs my butt.

"Tell your hands that." I moan out as I capture her lips again and explore her mouth with my tongue while bringing my hands up to stroke her hair.

"Not in your parents house, cupcake." She pants out as the kiss breaks.

I sigh and lay on her shoulder. "I need you baby." I whine as I hide my face in her neck.

She kisses my forehead and moves her hands up my back and hugs me tightly. "I need you too, but I know you are worth the wait." She smiles as she tilts my head up and kisses me softly.

"Ok." I exhale softly. "Can we at least take our nap like this?" I ask her.

"Sure, but no funny business on your part." She laughs out as she parts her legs so I can lie more comfortably on her.

"Ok." I reply as I wiggle to get comfortable and kiss her on the neck. "Just an hour nap, and we can hit the exciting streets of Lima." I laugh.

"Ok." Brittany replies as she yawns and holds me tight, like she always does when we cuddle and go to sleep. I sigh and fall asleep after I hear Brittany's breaths even out and I know she is asleep.

I wake up to someone knocking on my bedroom door. I groan softly and roll off of Brittany and sleepily walk to the door and open it slowly.

"Were you sleeping?" My dad asks.

"Sí papí." I nod. "But it's ok, qué pasa?" I ask with a yawn.

"I want to talk to you for a minute." He smiles.

I glance back at Brittany and smile as she rolls over on her side and exhales while grabbing a pillow and hugging it tightly. "Can we go to the guestroom?"

I close the door softly behind me as he nods and we walk to the guestroom. I quickly sit on the bed while he sits next to me.

¿Qué te pasó en la cara?" (What happened to your face?) My dad asks as he ghosts his fingers over my stitches on my cheek.

"I, um, I um, I got robbed back home." I whisper out.

"Oh, Dios mío, Ratty." He replies as his eyes widen, he never calls me ratoncito; he always shortened it to Ratty.

"I'm ok papí." I say as he pulls me closer and kisses me firmly on the forehead.

"Were you touched?" He asks lowly with fire in his eyes.

"No, papí." I quickly reply while shaking my head. "They just took the cash I had on me, and slapped me with a gun."

My dad has a huge temper, which is where I get my temper from partly, but his is on a complete different level than the average person. I can literally see his blood boiling as he starts to shake with anger, and his eyes get small and red. "Informe de la policía?" (Police report?) He asks sternly.

"Sí." I nod as he hugs me tightly. "I was so scared papí." I say as I start to shake with tears. "I thought I was going to die." I whisper out as tears begin to coat my cheeks.

"You're ok now, Ratty." He sighs out while hugging me tightly and rocking us slightly. "You're ok, mija." He repeats while rubbing my back to calm me down. Aside from Brittany, and Quinn, I don't allow myself to cry in front of anyone that's not my family. No matter what I'm going through or how old the pain is, I always cry when I talk to my dad about things. It's something about his gentle touch that envelops me and makes me know that everything is going to be ok. I'm such a daddy's girl, and I love it.

"Ok, ok, ok." He rambles out before he begins to mumble in Spanish to himself. I relax into his embrace and rest my head on his chest as he kisses the top of my head softly.

He then breaks the embrace and smiles at me. "Tell me about this girl." He then says with a raised eyebrow.

I quickly smile and blush as he wipes my tears away. "I'm in love with her papí." I tell him quickly.

"I can tell, you've never brought anyone home." He smiles. "Is she good to you?"

"Absolutely, she takes such good care of me, I can tell she loves me unconditionally, she allows me to take care of her and love her right back." I tell him. "We are complete equals in our relationship."

"How did you meet her?" He asks while crossing his arms across his chest.

"I met her the day I got fired." I start. "I went to the park to pass time before meeting Quinn for lunch, and she came up to me with her cat, she said I looked sad and offered to buy me a hot chocolate." I laugh at the memory. "The rest is history, we started hanging out more and more, and now here we are."

"You live together your mother says." He then states.

"Sí." I nod. "In my apartment, but we are moving to a bigger place in a few months."

"Why are you moving?" He then asks. "You have a two bedroom apartment."

"She planned on moving to this space before we met." I tell him.

"What about your lease?" He asks. "Can you break it?"

"That won't be a problem." I say quickly.

"Can you afford the new place?" He asks.

"Sí papí." I nod while yawning.

"Ok, and you're happy?" He then asks.

"Very." I say with a big smile.

"Ok, then I'm happy." He smiles before kissing me on the cheek. "Go back to sleep." He says as he stands up to leave the room. "We have a lot of company coming tonight, so I want you well rested."

I nod and head back to my room, and move the pillow to lie down close to Brittany again. She wakes up slightly as she wraps her arm around me. "Are you ok?" She rasps out.

I turn in her arms to face her. "I'm ok." I say as I kiss her on the cheek and close my eyes as I slip my hand under her shirt to rest on her back and fall back asleep.

"This is the Lima Bean." I smile as I open the door for Brittany to allow her to walk through first. "Q and I use to hang out here after school all the time, and sometimes during school." I shrug with a smile.

"Cool." Brittany smiles while looking around.

"Do you want to share a latte?" I ask her.

"Ok." She replies.

I order us a latte to share, and I get a blueberry muffin to snack on. I grab Brit's hand and walk us over to a booth in the corner and. I set a napkin down and cut the muffin in four pieces.

"So…." Brittany draws out. "If the walls in here could talk, what would they tell me about Santana Lopez, the teenager?" Brittany asks with a smile as she picks up a piece of the muffin and takes a bite.

I laugh. "Umm, they would say she was a badass, well, she thought she was badass, she ran Lima with Quinn up until spring of my junior year, and things changed." I shrugged.

Brittany took a small sip of the latte and slid it over to me. "What do you mean things changed?"

"Speaking of Quinn….she's staying at our place." I say quickly hoping to change the subject.

"Let's talk about Quinn in a moment." Brittany says softly. "What changed?"

I sigh. "I realized and accepted I was gay junior year." I tell her. "No one knew but Quinn and Lio, and probably Mathias." I list off. "And one other person."

Brittany nods. "Who's the other person?"

"She doesn't matter." I say quickly.

Brittany frowns and cocks her head. "Something has been bothering you since we've been in Lima." She then says softly while reaching over and grabbing my hands. "Please talk to me, Santana."

I sigh and close my eyes tightly. "Gloria." I whisper. "She's the other person that knew." I finally say.

"She an old girlfriend?" Brittany asks while running her thumbs over my knuckles.

I shrug. "Something like that, I don't know, honestly." I reply. "But, she doesn't matter to me anymore." I say sternly. "You are my girlfriend, and the absolute love of my life, Brittany." I say softly. "I love you so, so much."

Brittany smiles. "I love you too." She adds with a wink before leaning over the table and kissing me softly on the lips.

I take another sip of the latte and exhale slowly. "Can we please talk about something else?"

Brittany stares at me, and I just know she is looking into my soul. "Sure." She says softly. "Why is Quinn at our apartment?"

"She got in a fight with Sam and left." I tell her as I eat a piece of the muffin.

"Whoa?" Brittany breathes out. "Is she ok?"

"I don't know." I shrug. "I only texted her briefly this morning, she said she's thinking of coming to Lima for a few days to relax."

"That'll be fun." Brittany smiles. "Cedes coming with her?"

I frown. "She didn't say, but if so they would have to bring our boys, unless they leave them with Puck and Rachel."

"I don't think Chef likes Rachel." Brittany laughs.

"I don't think so either." I nod. "Probably because she always sings random animal songs to him."

"Very true." Brittany smiles. "Let's go get your stitches out." She then suggests.

"Ok." I nod as we finish the muffin and I grab her hand and lead her to the door just as Gloria brushes past me.

"Santanita?" She says quickly.

My eyes widen, but I don't respond I just lift Brittany's hand and kiss it softly as I follow her out the door.


The massive and completely unnecessary family party at my house is in full swing. There are literally dozens of people here. Brit and I had a few hours of alone time, just relaxing in my room, while I watched TV and she read a book until Maria came in and told me my mom and aunts needed me to help cook.

I reluctantly left Brit to help out in the kitchen, while she began to play with Maria and hang out with Mathias and Lio. I'm glad she gets along with them so well, since they are so important to me, and super protective of me. Mathias has been testing Brit to see if she is truly fluent in Spanish, and refuses to speak English around her. She switched over to French to mess with him and it was the most hilarious thing ever.

"Santanita!" My mother says quickly. "Eso es demasiado." She says while snapping her finger in my face, quickly pulling me out of my daydream of laying on the couch with Brit and relaxing. "That's too much." She repeats.

"Lo siento." I reply softly while setting the saltshaker down.

"Aren't you supposed to be a big time chef in New York?" My annoying cousin Aliana asks while laughing. "Or did you give the whole state high blood pressure with all the salt you apparently use?"

I turn around quickly and glare at her while rolling my eyes. "Shut the fuck up, Ali." I hiss.

"Language Santanita." My mother snaps at me as she takes the sauce I was making and dumps it in the drain. "Start over." She then says.

Cooking in New York with Brit, Q, and Cedes is fun… with my mom and aunts, not so much. I'm so afraid of messing up and that's exactly what I'm doing.

"How is the catering going?" My aunt Sophia asks.

"It's going good." I tell her with a smile. "I've done some dinner parties, and have a big one in Florida right after Valentine's Day."

"Whoa." Sophia smiles as she rushes over to me and hugs me tightly before kissing me on the cheek. "Estoy muy orgulloso de ti." (I'm so proud of you.)

"Gracias." I say with a smile.

"Does Brittany help you cook?" Sophia then asks as she measures out the correct amount of salt and hands it to me.

"Yeah, she helps me on the catering gigs I do mostly, and she helps with small things when I bake for customers." I nod while stirring the new batch of sauce. My mom comes over with a spoon and tastes a little and frowns.

"Más sal." (More salt) She says quickly.

I sigh and close my eyes tightly as I hear Aliana laughing again.

"Are you sure you're a chef?" She laughs while rolling up taquitos so my abuela can fry them.

"I swear to God, I'm going to kick your ass." I tell her as I turn around and we have a stare down. Aliana is the closest girl cousin I have my age, she's a year younger than me, and I swear I hate her guts. She's always been in competition with me, no matter I did, she always had to one better. Lio told me she's thinking of going to culinary school now, and it pisses me off to the point I don't even want to be around her right now.

"Leave Ratoncito alone." My abuela speaks up quickly. "Ali, you aren't putting enough meat inside. Unroll these and start over."

"Seriously abuela?" Aliana groans out. "They're fine."

The kitchen goes dead silent; in our family you don't back talk my abuela, no matter how old or how young. It's like when you are born a Lopez you come out the womb instantly knowing to respect her. Aliana apparently must have lost her mind today.

I look between Ali and my abuela then to my mother who is shaking her head as she continues to cook with her sisters by her side. My abuela whispers something harshly to Ali in Spanish, causing her eyes to turn red in a matter of seconds. I smirk and lock eyes with Sophia who shakes her head.

"Don't say a word." She whispers to me while she sprinkles a little more salt in my sauce and nods in approval after tasting it. "Perfect." She smiles. "Start the meat for the tamales." She then tells me.

"I need to use the bathroom first." I say quickly while leaving the kitchen and walking past Brit in the living room. She's leaning against the wall talking to Mathias and Lio, while they all drink a beer. I grab her arm and pull her behind me up the stairs to my bedroom. I quickly close the door and lock it while sighing in relief as I lean back on it.

"What's wrong?" Brittany asks quickly.

"I was suffocating in the kitchen." I tell her. "I need a hug." I then say shyly.

Brittany laughs while she sets her bottle down and opens her arms. I walk quickly into them and nestle my face in her chest while she hugs me tightly.

"Are you having fun?" I then ask her. "Sorry I'm stuck in the kitchen."

"I'm fine, cupcake." She smiles. "Change of plans for tonight, Mathias wants to go to a sports bar instead of bowling. Is that ok?"

I nod against her chest. "Whatever you want to do is fine with me, baby." I tell her as I lean up and softly press our lips together. "Mathias drinks like a fish, so plan on getting drunk tonight." I laugh.

Brittany laughs and begins to massage my lower back. "You better get back to the kitchen."

"I know." I exhale. "Thanks for the hug." I wink at her before leaving the room.


My ten thousand relatives are spread throughout the house while we feast on the huge meal Ali and I helped our moms, aunts, and abuela make. Brit and I are cuddled close on a couch in the basement with the younger generation of the Lopez clan, while we listen to music, drink, talk, and stuff our faces. Brit and I have our plates balanced on our laps while we eat off of each other's plates. There were so many different food options, and Brit, who loves to eat, wanted to try everything, so I got extra food on mine so she could try everything.

"Oh my God, everything is so good." Brittany moans out while eating a piece of her enchilada quickly and reaching over on my plate and getting a forkful of rice.

"Don't you cook like this at home, Rat?" Lio asks while laughing as he takes a huge bite of his tamale.

I shake my head as I pick up a tortilla shell and fill it with it carne guisada. I sop up the chile sauce on my plate and take a bite. "No." I mumble out. "I cook more American at home." I reply while trying to chew up my food. "We don't usually have huge meals anyways, I'm busy baking that I make smaller meals for us, but since Brit likes it so much, I definitely will from now on." I glance at Brittany who was finishing her enchilada and wink at her when she nods and gives me the thumbs up.

"Why?" Aliana asks. "Your girlfriend seems to like it, or are you still trying to pretend you're not Hispanic."

"Because I want to." I snap at her. "And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?" I ask her quickly while setting my plate on the floor at glaring at her as I cross my arms across my chest.

"You know what it means." She smiles.

"Are you two going to go at each other's throats all night?" Mathias groans out. "I don't feel like breaking up a fight. I just want to have some drinks and chill at the bar, maybe pick up a few women." I roll my eyes and pick my plate back up.

Brittany giggles and grabs a shell off my plate and fills hers, copying what I just did and smiling as her eyes widen happily after she bites it. "This sauce is so good." She adds as she wipes her mouth and takes another bite.

"Thanks." I smile at her and kiss her on the cheek. "What do you mean all night?" I ask as I take the sip of my Corona. "She isn't coming is she?" I ask while waving my beer at Ali. "I'm not babysitting her at the bar; she can't hold her damn liquor, and her drunk ass isn't going to get sick in my car again. No."

"According to Gloria, neither can you." Aliana smirks.

"Shit, Ali!" Lio yells out. "What the fuck?"

"She's not coming." I say sternly. "I'm not in the mood for her shit, no."

"You don't own Lima, I'll go wherever I want to, Miss New York." Ali smirks while reaching over and taking the last shell off my plate.

Brittany can probably feel the heat from my blood boiling radiating off of me at this point, while I glare at Aliana. She rubs my lower back and scoops some rice and meat on her fork and holds it up to my mouth. "Last bite?" She asks as she moves it back and forth between our faces playfully.

I laugh at her and grab her hand and eat the food off the fork. "Thanks."

"Thank you for dinner." She smiles as she scrapes the rest of the rice and beans off the plate and into her mouth.

"So we are going to Tracks?" Lio asks while handing Brittany and I another beer.

"Thanks." Brittany smiles. "Tracks?"

Mathias nods. "It's a sports bar, they have pool, darts, a small dance floor, and karaoke."

"Yeah, that's fine. Can Brit and I ride with you?" I ask him. "Or do you want me to drive?"

"Doesn't matter." Lio shrugs.

"I'll drive." Mathias suggests. "We can all fit in my truck."

"Who is we all?" I ask quickly.

"The five of us." Mathias replies. "Come on, it's a cousin party night."

"Brit and I will drive in my car." I shake my head. "Let's go get ready babe."

"You and Ali don't get along, huh?" Brittany asks as she brushes her hair in the mirror.

"Nope." I say quickly while holding up two different pairs of heels. "Red or yellow?"

Brittany turns around. "I like when you wear the red ones." She smiles.

"Cool." I nod as I sit down and slip my heels on.

"Why not?" She asks carefully.

"She's a bitch." I reply with a shrug while standing up and smoothing out my shirt. I had on pair of dark color jeans, with a white V-neck t-shirt on underneath, and a black blazer on top. I figure since we are just going to Tracks, I didn't need to get super fancy tonight. I then walk over to Brittany and take the brush out of her hand and begin to brush her hair for her. "We were close when we were younger, but when I got to high school, I had my teachers and friends start calling Santana instead of Santanita." I explain. "To her, I was disassociating myself from being Hispanic." I roll my eyes. "Quinn, being white, as my best friend, to her was going a step further. I'm sure the fact that you're white, is just the icing on the cake to her."

"Wow." Brittany breathes out.

"She isn't racist." I clarify quickly. "She is just like a super Hispanic, and thinks everyone should constantly be in touch with their heritage and culture at all times, her closet is full of t-shirts with the Mexican flag on it. When I see you, or Quinn, or Cedes, I don't see a race or ethnicity. I see my friends." I shrug. "It's fine that she is super proud to be Hispanic but I just don't feel the need to put on a show about what I am." I continue. "She also hates the fact that I don't speak as much Spanish as the rest of the family, like she only speaks Spanish to relatives, I go in and out, as you've probably noticed."

"So do you two ever get along?" Brittany asks as she stands up and turns around to face me. She softly smoothes out the lapels on my black blazer while staring deep in my eyes.

"Sometimes, I don't think today we will though." I breathe out. I lean forward and kiss her on the lips. "You look amazing." I smile at her. Brit is wearing a pair of dark purple super skin tight jeans, that makes her ass look beyond amazing, with a glittery black sweater that hangs loosely off her shoulders. I lean up and pepper soft kisses to her shoulders.

"So do you." She smiles before tilting my face up and catching my lips quickly.

"Ready to hit the Lima streets?" I laugh out.

Brittany nods and we head out of the room.

"Alright, I'll quarterback this for us." Mathias smiles. "Beers okay with everyone?"

Everyone nods as I rest my hand on Brittany's thigh and nod my head to the music playing in the bar. Brittany places her hand on top of mine and runs her thumbs over my knuckles while she sings along to the music.

"Dance with me." Brittany smiles out.

"Ok." I reply as Brit pulls me off the stool and we head to the small dance floor and beginning dancing while singing the lyrics Rihanna's song Diamonds. We're dancing close while smiling at each other; Brit rests her hands on my hips and takes the lead as the song changes to some techno version of the song. I wrap my hands around her neck and roll my hips just as she does. I quickly kiss her softly on the lips before leading her back to the table where Mathias has 10 shots on the table and 5 beers.

"Two shots a piece?" I ask him.

"Chickening out Rat?" He asks with a smirk.

"Never." I laugh while grabbing a shot.

"Let's toast." Lio suggests while lifting his first shot glass.

"What are we toasting to?" Brittany asks with a smile while picking up her glass.

"Let's toast to you." He suggests with a smile. "Welcome to the crazy ass Lopez family."

The five of us clink our glasses together and knock back the two shots back to back. Brittany hands me a lime, to which I quickly bite into it.

"Aren't you a bartender?" Aliana asks.

"Yeah, why?" I ask her as I take a sip of my beer.

"Just wondering." She smiles and walks away over to a group of her friends.

"Let's play some pool Brit." I suggest.

So apparently Brittany is a freakin pool shark. She's beat Mathias and Lio, and a few other guys, making a quick $300. She walks over towards me with a smile and discreetly sticks the wad of twenty-dollar bills in my bra as she kisses me.

"What can't you do?" I laugh out.

"Hmmmm." Brittany smiles. "I don't know."

I personally am terrible at pool, but it's fun to me, so I struggle through every single game. "Will you show some moves?"

Brittany nods. "Grab a stick."

I grab a stick while Brittany sets up the table. She then walks back over to me and stands behind me snaking her arms around my waist to rest on my hands. I lean back into chest for a moment and kiss her on the cheek before turning my head back and focusing on the table.

"You never want to take your eye off the cue ball." She explains. "Pull back nice and smooth." She says while pulling my arm back and kissing me on the neck. "Then keep your arm straight as you hit the ball." She finishes as she guides my arm to break.

"Whoa." I smile out when a few of the balls actually go in the pocket.

"Good job." She beams as we focus on another ball and Brit guides my hands once again and hits it in the pocket. I turn around and put the stick down while I pull her close and kiss her. "I love you."

"I love you too." She smiles before kissing me again and resting her hands on my hips.

Aliana comes over and hands Brit and I a drink. "Karoake is starting, I saved you two seats." She says before walking away quickly. Brittany goes to drink from her glass and I grab it from her quickly and sniff it.

"What are you doing?" Brittany asks.

"I don't trust her today." I say while staring in the clear liquid. "I'll get us different drinks." I tell her as I set them on an empty table. I lead Brit back over to the bar and order us a vodka redbull, with a splash of grenadine. I hand the bartender a nice tip and grab Brittany's hand and lead her over to where my cousins are seated.

Once we sit down Brittany wraps her arm around my shoulders and I lean into her embrace and take a sip of my drink as the first person goes up to the stage and completely butchers a Whitney Houston song. I roll my eyes as they bow over and over when the song ends even though no one is clapping for them. Brittany laughs softly before taking another sip of her drink.

"Why don't you sing a song?" She asks me.

I shake my head. "No, I just want to laugh at people tonight."

"I want to sing a song." She gushes.

"I'll sing a song with you." Lio smiles.

Brittany's eyes widen. "Really, do you mind Sanny?"

I shake my head. "Go for it." I smile as I nod at her.

Her eyes light up and she quickly kisses me before handing me her drink and jumping quickly. She grabs Lio's hand and practically drags him to the stage.

"She's mellows you out." Mathias said as he moves over a seat and sits next to me. "She's good for you."

"Thanks." I smile while finishing my drink; I set down the glass and sip from Brittany's. I figure I will just buy her another drink when she's done.

"So, I'm thinking of moving to New York." Mathias tells me.

I quickly smile. "Seriously?" I rush out. "Please tell me you're making Lio move with you, I want you both to get the hell out of Lima."

Mathias laughs loudly. "I don't know why he's stuck on staying here, but he did say he'll visit with me."

"Cool, when are you looking to come?" I ask him. "I want to make sure I don't have any catering to do, and that I'm not working crazy hours at the bar."

"Another month or so?" He shrugs. "I need to look for an apartment, know of any reasonable ones?"

I shrug. "Maybe, I'll check around." I already know I'm going to ask Brit if she has any openings in any of the buildings. I don't expect her to let him live for free, but maybe she has some really nice apartments that are open or will be soon.

"Do you have a job lined up yet?" I ask him. Mathias went to school for graphic design, but hasn't found anything in his field yet, so he's been doing some freelance modeling for people while working at the mall.

"Not yet, I figure maybe I can break into the modeling world." He laughs out.

"Well, you can help me cater for money, and I can try to get you a job at the bar I work at in the mean time." I tell him.

"Cool." He nods. "Thanks Rat."

"No problem." I tell him while we focus our attention back to the stage and I instantly laugh when the music starts. This is how I know Brittany is a super special magical person of some sort. Because only magic could make my super macho cousin, Lio, sing a Spice Girls song.

"Oh shit." Mathias laughs out. "I gotta record this." He says while quickly pulling out his phone.

I pull out my phone and call Quinn on Facetime quickly. "Answer, answer, answer." She finally picks up and I can tell she's been crying. She's sitting on my couch, eating right out of my special tub of ice cream.

Hey San

I'm going to ignore you having your shoes on my damn couch and eating out of the carton of ice cream for the time being, just because I know you're upset I say quickly while glaring at the phone.

Whatever, what do you want? She asks sadly.

To cheer you up babe I say as my voice softens and I turn the phone towards the stage just as the song starts.

Brittany and Lio are standing with their backs to us and nodding their heads dramatically to the beat when Lio turns around first and starts singing.

Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

Brittany then turns around and pushes him playfully while singing back to him.

So tell me what you want, what you really really want

Mathias, Aliana, and I are crying laughing at the two of them as they sing back and forth to each other.

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,

So tell me what you want, what you really really want,

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha

Brittany then twirls around before she sings the first verse.

If you want my future forget my past,

If you wanna get with me better make it fast,

Now don't go wasting my precious time,

Get your act together we could be just fine

I stand up and whistle loudly while clapping and singing along with her, we lock eyes and I wink at her.

"Pick the phone back up!" I hear Quinn faintly yell over all the noise. So I pick it back up and point it towards the stage just as Lio starts singing singing the chorus with her again.

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,

So tell me what you want, what you really really want,

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha.

Lio then starts the rap part as Ali screams for him to cheer him on.

So here's a story from A to Z, you wanna get with me you gotta listen carefully,

We got Em in the place who likes it in your face,

we got G like MC who likes it on an

Easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady,

and as for me you'll see,

Slam your body down and wind it all around

Slam your body down and wind it all around.

The entire time Lio is rapping Brittany is dancing on him, and winking at me and I can't help but laugh at how cute she is. They then start to sing the last part together.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends (gotta get with my friends),

Make it last forever friendship never ends,

If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,

Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta,

you gotta, you gotta, slam, slam, slam, slam

The next thing I know the two of them are having a salsa dance battle on the stage and the music quickly turns to match their dancing.

"Go Brit!" I yell out while laughing.

"Get her Lio!" Mathias laughs out. "God, your girl is so sexy." He then smirks.

"Watch it ass." I say to him quickly with a smile. "But yeah she is." I nod. "I'm super lucky."

Mathias smiles as the two of them finally stop dancing and hug it out before bowing, and earning a standing ovation from the bar. Brittany jumps off the stage and runs straight to my arms as I quickly wrap my arms around her neck and kiss her. "You were so good, honeybee." I smile out before catching her lips again.

I hand my phone off to Lio as Brittany deepens the kiss and pulls me closer to her.

"Get a room." I hear Ali say as they start to announce the next performer.

"I'm going outside with your phone Rat." Lio says quickly to me while lifting my phone.

"Ok." I nod at him as Brittany and I sit back down. "I drank some of your drink, sorry." I tell her.

"I'll grab another round." Mathias jumps up and goes to the bar.

"Let's give it up for the hometown hero back from the bright lights of New York!" A familiar voice blared through the microphone. "Santana Lopez is here everyone."

I quickly look up and lock eyes with Gloria and exhale sharply. "Brit, let's get out of here, let's go home."

"Why?" Brittany asks with a small frown. "I'm having fun, and you were too a minute ago. Let's stay, and she seems to know you, is she a friend?" She then asks with a smile.

"Yeah, let's stay." Aliana mimics.

I sigh as Brittany wraps her arm around my shoulders and kisses me on the temple. "She absolutely isn't a friend." I mumble as I lean into Brittany's embrace and wrap my arm around her waist.

"I'm going to sing a song that I know holds near and dear to someone's heart that's in the room right now. I hope it touches them." Gloria states as she winks at me.

I shudder and snuggle closer to Brit as Mathias brings over drinks and shots for everyone. I quickly knock back the shot right away.

"Slow down." Brittany says softly while rubbing my back.

Gloria then starts to sing.

She, she ain't real,

She ain't gonna be able to love you like I will,

She is a stranger,

You and I have history,

Or don't you remember?

Sure, she's got it all,

But, baby, is that really what you want?

Gloria stares at me and I can't take the smug look on her face so I jump up and head to the bar.

I'm at the bar taking another shot when Brittany walks over and takes the shot out of my hand.

"Hey…" She says softly. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing now that I'm looking at your beautiful face." I say softly. "Two apple martinis." I tell the bartender.

"Are you sure?" Brittany asks. "Who's the girl on stage?"

"A distant memory in my past that has decided to taunt me this weekend." I tell her. "Brittany, you know I only love you right, baby?"

Brittany nods. "I only love you too."

"Good." I smile softly. "And you know I would never, ever cheat on you right?"

"I trust you." Brittany nods. "I hope you trust me as well."

"Of course I do." I tell her as I lean forward to press our lips together.

Brittany deepens the kiss slowly before breaking it and kissing my scar softly on my cheek. "Does it hurt at all?"

I shake my head. "No, hopefully it fades away quickly too."

"You're still beautiful with it." Brittany says as the bartender sets our drink down, Brittany pulls out her credit card and hands it to the man before I can protest.

"Thanks for the drink." I smile at her while I lift it up.

"No problem, you're kind of cute, so I figure why not buy you a drink?" She teases as she takes a sip.

Lio comes over and hands me my phone back. "Quinn said to call her tomorrow."

"What did you two talk about?" I ask her while raising my eyebrow.

"Nothing." He shrugs.

"I hear you have a crush on her." Brittany smiles.

"Whoa…." Lio laughs. "Thanks a lot Rat."

I laugh and point to my drink and order Lio a martini.

"Put it in a normal glass dude." He counters quickly. "And no cherry."

Mathias and Aliana come back over by us. "You missed a great performance." Aliana says smugly.

"I'm going to run to the restroom." Brittany states as she kisses me softly on the lips and hops off the stool.

"You didn't show this much PDA with Gloria." Aliana states.

"Why do you keep bringing her up?" I ask angrily. "I wasn't dating fucking Gloria." I snap.

I roll my eyes and grab Brit's drink and jump down and walk over to the pool table area. I get us a table and set down Brit's drink. I find a pool stick that looks like the one she was using earlier and lean it on the table. I then use my phone to Google how a pool table should be set up quickly so I can rack the balls for us. I'm leaning over the table when I feel a pair of arms snack around my waist and soft kiss behind my ear.

"You know how horny I am right now." I say as the hands side to slowly massage my sides. "No teasing." I laugh out as I turn around and expect to see Brittany but find Gloria instead. "What the fuck, get your hands off of me." I snap while jumping back.

"What's wrong Santanita?" Gloria smiles. "You were into it a few seconds ago."

"I thought you were my girlfriend." I say to her. "Keep your damn hands to yourself."

"Hmmmm, I've never heard that from you before." She smirks while stepping closer.

"Seriously Glo, stop." I say sternly as she pins me to the table and tries to kiss me. I turn my head and push her off of me.

"You don't mean that." She says softly while licking her lips and leaning back in. I hear a glass drop and break and turn my head and see Brittany staring at us. She doesn't look pissed or sad; she doesn't have any expression on her face at all actually. I quickly slap Gloria sending her stumbling back.

"Thanks for ruining my fuckin life again!" I scream out as I turn and stare at Brittany again as tears stream down my face. Brittany doesn't move she just stares at me, so I turn and run out of the bar.

Brittany POV

Santana's family is huge; I must have met like 100 people today. I know I won't remember everyone's names, but I tried to visually remember some on everyone's face to make them stand out. Dinner was amazing, if Santana can cook like that, we are having Mexican food every night back in New York for at least a month. Her cousins Mathias and Lio are hilarious, I love them already, and they look just like Santana, it's so cute.

I'm coming out of the restroom when Aliana grabs my hand quickly. "Do you trust Santanita?"

"Of course I do, I don't have a reason not to." I tell her politely. I know Santana doesn't like her, and I can already tell I really don't either. It seems like Lio and Mathias kind of just tolerate her.

"Well, if you trust her, cool." She smiles and walks away.

I frown and shrug it off and walk back over to the bar where her cousins are. I get a glass of water when I follow everyone's gaze to where a woman has Santana pinned to the pool table, her arms on either side of her. I drop the glass from shock when I see the woman try to kiss Santana.

"Trust her." Lio says quickly while grabbing my arm. "Santana doesn't want Gloria, trust her and let her handle this." He adds.

"Ok." I breathe out slowly, so that's Gloria.

Santana turns and locks eyes with me and my heart skips a beat. She has a mixture of fear and anger in her eyes. Her eyes tell me she isn't comfortable in the position she's in. Suddenly she slaps Gloria and runs out the bar.

I quickly run outside after her. "San!" I call out as I look up and down the street. "Santana!"

"I didn't kiss her, I swear to God I didn't kiss her, or want her touching me." I hear her say softly. "Please believe me." She adds while sniffling. "I would never cheat on you." She sobs outs.

I turn around and walk quickly to her. "I believe you." I tell her before wiping her tears and pulling her in to a hug. "It never crossed my mind that you were cheating on me." I assure her. "It honestly never did, baby." I reach down and pick up a handful of snow and pat it into a small snowball. "Open your hand." I tell her softly.

She winces as opens her now extremely red palm. I press the snowball to her. "You really wacked her hard." I say softly.

Santana doesn't respond she just leans back into my chest. "We're okay, Santana." I assure her once again.

"Ok." She nods as I wrap my free arm around her as Mathias, Lio, and Aliana come out of the bar.

"Brittany I closed your tab out." Lio states while handing me my credit card. "Santana, you ok?" He asks me while handing both of us our coats.

"Let's just get out of here." Santana says softly.

"Ok. Ali, we'll take you home." Mathias states. "You two can stay at our apartment."

"Ok." I nod as we all start to walk to Mathias's truck.

Once we get to their apartment, Lio quickly strips his bed and puts fresh linen on it and tells us we can sleep in there. He hands San and I each a pair of brand new boxers and t-shirts to sleep in. He then hands me two towels in case we want to shower.

We take a long shower together before we slip in bed. Santana hugs me tightly and lays her head on my chest.

"Thank you for believing me." She finally speaks up; she hasn't said a word since we left the bar.

"I have no reason not to." I tell her before I kiss the top of her head. "I love you."

"I love you too." She replies before she falls asleep.

I'm holding an ice pack to her hand when I set it down and grab my phone. I browse Facebook and upload a few pictures of us from tonight on Instagram before I text Quinn.

TO QUINNIE: Who is Gloria?

I go to set my phone back down when it beeps right away, I pick it back up and see I have a message from Quinn.

FROM QUINNIE: San ran into her?!


FROM QUINNIE: I'm catching a flight in the morning. I'll be there tomorrow

I quickly frown. "She didn't answer my question." I whisper to myself.

TO QUINNIE: But, who is Gloria?

FROM QUINNIE: You have to ask Santana that.

TO QUINNIE: Ok, text us tomorrow when you land and we'll come get you

I set the phone back down and hug Santana tightly before falling asleep myself.