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The night was dark and cold, the streets empty but it wasn't very surprising on a december night, around two in the morning. Only a vampire could be up at that time during such a glacial night. Thankfully for that creature of the night, he did not feel the effects of the coldness otherwise he wouldn't be walking outside. Godric would just be freezing if he wasn't a vampire, in fact he would be dead but even if his life was in danger, he would be doing the same thing.

The reason behind that late stroll was unfortunately not very joyous but it was needed. It was more a ritual than anything else for him.

For the last two hundred years, on the same day, the two thousand years old vampires took the same path. His entire body was overwhelmed by a bittersweet feeling, one he could not get rid of, no matter how hard he had tried. He often wished he could go back in time and change the fate of the young Lena Williams. He believed himself to be guilty of her death. Sure, he didn't drain her but somehow he was convinced her death, her delicate blood were on his hands. If she hadn't met him, she wouldn't have died at such a young age. She would have had a beautiful and long life filled with love but someone decided her life would end at only nineteen.

It wasn't fair and the ancient vampire always wished he could have prevented it but he didn't even know what happened to her. He only found out about her death by accident twenty years after their last fateful meeting. He was searching for a place to hide during the day and found out her grave by accident. Stunned, he did not move for a few minutes hypnotized by the date of her death, only one year after she disappeared from his life. He wished he had answers, he wished he knew how she died but no one could answer his questions now. She was gone and there wasn't anyone else who could solve that mystery.

So he did the only thing he could think of. Every year, he went back to Chicago, bringing her favorite flowers and placed them on her grave. She would have certainly loved those roses though it wasn't very usual for a vampire to bring flower with him for someone who was dead. Yet, the ancient vampire had changed during the last centuries in a good way. He valued human life more than before, he was not as violent as before and it brought him peace even though it could not erase the atrocities he committed.

Every single year, he found himself remembering every details of their time together. He smiled sadly at himself because a few years ago he came to the conclusion that he might have cared about her more than he thought. Lena Williams was a lovely girl and perhaps Godric fell for her despite his reluctance to get attached to a mere human. As hard as it was to admit it, the ancient vampire loved the girl dearly. Eric had even teased him so many times about Lena but the ancient vampire never answered. He was used to his child's snide remarks and it brightened his nights despite the hole in his chest left by Lena.

He remembered their first meeting. He and Eric noticed her one night in a theater. She was with some friends and her parents. She attracted his attention immediately, sure she was beautiful but there was something enchanting about her. She also smelled very sweet, there was not point denying it.

At first, it was only a game for the ancient vampire, a simple bet between himself and his child. Eric wanted to see how long it would take for his maker to fuck the girl with her agreement and without glamouring of course. Godric was very confident, who wouldn't be in his situation? It would be easy, no one could resist him and that girl would confirm his theory very quickly.

However, it didn't go as planned. She was clever but she also was suspicious of his sudden interest in her. She wouldn't fall into his arms so easily, it would just be an exciting challenge for Godric.

So, the vampire decided it would be easier to pretend he wanted to become his friends. Regularly, he paid a visit to the young woman at night or he managed to meet her by chance while she was out with her parents. What he didn't expect was the unusual feeling he got whenever he thought of her or just saw her. She became some kind of obsession for him, not only because of her body but her soul was charming.

Despite the era she lived in, she was a free spirit. She was brave and would make a wonderful vampire, Godric had even thought at some point. Lena didn't care about what everyone could think of her, she was only concerned by her parents opinion. She loved them dearly, it impressed the ancient vampire. She was so faithful to them, it was an appreciable quality. The more time they spent together, the more he learned to know her.

Very quickly, he became her closest friend, learning about her favorite books, her favorite flowers. She was also very fond of theater, her wildest dreams was to become an actress but her parents would never allow it. She was from a too good family. It saddened her but she only wanted to please her loved ones, so she listened to them, abandoning her dreams.

Spending time with Lena soon became a need for Godric but one day almost changed everything.

Her curiosity was picked when she noticed and followed him at night, founding him in a dark alley, feeding from a random woman. She gasped at the sight but did not move when their eyes met, her heart beat was going wild. The ancient vampire let go of his diner and Lena noticed his bloody fangs. She was scared but did not run away as if she accepted her fate, as if she believed she would die that night, killed by the one she considered her friend.

Godric walked towards her, retracting his fangs. She was trembling, her eyes full of tears. He just apologized for what she had witnessed and was ready to glamour her to make her forget when she slapped him and screamed at him, accusing him of the worst things. So the ancient vampire decided he had to explain her who he truly was, what kind of monster he was. Then he just let her leave, he didn't follow her though his heart told him he should have. His instincts were also reprimanding him for letting her go, knowing it could endanger him but he could not bring himself to kill her. He cared too much about her.

A few days later, she came back to him as surprisingly as it sounded. She confessed him she was terrified, that she did not want to die but at the same time, she admitted that she couldn't stay away from him, he had awakened something inside her that made her feel more alive than ever. She was basically telling him she loved him though those words never came out of her mouth that evening.

That night, she offered himself to him, hoping he would not end her life. That night he took her innocence but none of them regretted it. Though it all started with a simple bet, though it was only supposed to be a game, it became more. It was passionate between them. They spent most of their night time together. She was always finding a new excuse, usually her love for theater, to join him wherever he was. It was improper for such a good girl to spend her night outside but none of them cared, certainly not the two thousand years old vampire.

What still surprised the vampire was the fact that she accepted him, she accepted his vampire condition despite the danger she was in whenever she was with him. She even let him bite her, dominate her. He could let himself go with her but not too much. Her human condition was a small obstacle but Godric always managed to keep enough control not to hurt her. Without a doubt, he could have given her his blood to heal her but it wasn't necessary. He only healed the marks with his blood. To be honest, he wanted to keep her by his side not because of his blood but because she desired his company.

Their little love affair lasted a few months until it came to an end.

Godric remembered that night perfectly, she invited him at her house while her parents were gone for the night but they came back too early and discovered them. The ancient vampire could have easily glamoured them, killed them but the look of fear and distress on his lover's face made him changed his mind. She wanted sort this problem out by herself. She begged her parents to listen and they agreed at some point. So Godric just left, trusting his lover and knowing she was very persuasive, also knowing he would meet her again the next night. Little did he know was that she disappeared during the day. He tried to enter the house but his invitation had been revoked and that was the first time he regretted not giving her his blood. He didn't know what happened to her or where she went, though her parents were probably to blame. They had probably sent her away, leaving the vampire to cling to his memories.

"I've corrupted you." Godric struggled against his inner beast while the young woman placed kisses on his neck and fought against his now tight pants. She might have been pressed up against the wall by the vampire but she was not helpless.

His shirt was already on the floor with Lena's destroyed dress. She hadn't even complained about it, too eager to get rid of their clothes, the only barrier between their naked skin. Godric had only had the time to enter the house before He was brought upstairs by his lover.

"You only opened my eyes and I'm very very thankful for that. If I remember correctly, I've never stopped you." She answered, finally managing to get rid of his trousers.

The ancient vampire only laughed at her remark and eagerness. Her innocent looks hid very well her true nature or perhaps she was a very good actress.

"Indeed, you never rejected my... Attentions." Wasting no time, Godric's hands slid down her waist pulling her hungrily against his body.

"You are persuasive." She said in a moan while Godric pressed his lips against her own, one of his hands beginning to drift lower tantalizingly.

Her heart skipped a beat when his fingers got dangerously close to her center. She was used to his teasing but it was getting harder for her as the seconds passed. Godric taught her everything he knew about sex but they had together discovered how to make love though it didn't prevent the vampire from showing his power over her.

"Sure I am."

She moaned softly that time when his fingers slipped in between her legs. That was sheer torture for Lena. It was too much for her. That man or rather vampire could do incredible things to her body. He knew her so well as if she was made for him. He was just experienced in that area that was why she was already writhing in pleasure under his ministrations.

Godric just watched her intensely, her pleasure was enough for him though he wouldn't stop there. He intended to ravish her until the morning. His fangs ached with the need to plunge into her skin but that would have to wait.

"Godric..." She gasped, pleading. She was so lost, she didn't even now what she wanted. She was only aware of the sensation his fingers were causing her. She needed whatever he was willing to give her but as always, he was the one in control. She had no power over his moves, no power over her own body. She was completely at his mercy but she could care less. It was too good.

"What do you want?" He was teasing her and it brought him an intense satisfaction to know he was bringing her so much pleasure. He did not need to share a bond with her to know how she felt. The little noises she made, the way she gripped his shoulders were just enough for him.

"I..." She did not finish, she just couldn't, she only closed her eyes enjoying that moment, leaning against him for support. She did not have the strength in her body to stand up all by herself.

She realized that it was just a game for him, a way to prove her if it was even necessary that she belonged to him completely. She couldn't disagree on that point.

Godric smirked to himself, a part of him wanted to prolong her delicious torture but he didn't want to wait longer. He wanted her begging under him so he moved his hands faster, almost at vampires speed. Her breaths were becoming shorter, she was close, so close and just a few seconds later she was screaming his name as her first orgasm of the night flooded through her body.

The ancient vampire didn't let have her time to recover and brought her quickly to the bed, getting rid of the last piece of clothes between them. Lena opened her eyes, only to see her love on top of her. His orbs were darkened by desire making him look like a predator. She was his prey and she loved every single second of it. There was no point resisting him, she had learned about his nature. She was aware of the fact he was stronger than her. He could end her life with a flick of his fingers. That was perhaps what she also loved about him, the constant danger she was in. It made her cherish life.

Not wasting more time, Godric positioned himself between her legs and started to slide in, slowly just to tease her a little bit more though he was also teasing himself at the same time. He wanted nothing else but be buried inside of her and pound into her until she was screaming and begging under him. He wanted Lena to submit totally to him tonight, he wanted to claim her like he never had. Yet, he did not want to hurt her but his body had a mind of its own. His thrusts were hard and fast, her nails were scratching his back nearly drawing blood.

At some point, he stilled and she moaned, gripping his shoulders tightly.

"Don't tease me, please." Lena begged.

Godric chuckled at her desperate tone and he obliged. His hips thrust against hers, harder and deeper while he leaned his mouth down her neck, nipping at her skin with his human teeth. He managed to keep his fangs retracted for now but he knew that before the end of their love making, he would let it go and bite her, drinking her sweet blood. Lena groaned, rocking her hips against. She craved more, she wanted all of him.

Suddenly, he slowed down much to her displeasure. She tried to make him move again by gripping his hips with her small hands, it was pointless. His body was like a rock, she hadn't enough strength. He didn't even bulge, despite her effort.

"Godric..." She whimpered but that time he stopped all his movement, his eyes burning into hers as if he was punishing her for being too bold. Perhaps he was just testing her and her patience. "Stop being so cruel."

"Am I? I don't think so. You weren't complaining a few minutes ago." He responded, a smirk across his face. "Beg."

She wished to tell him how much she hated him at that very moment. She hated the fact that he had so much power over her in that situation. She could not refuse him when he was so deeply within her. Her mind kept reprimanding her for being so submissive with her lover but as much as she tried to fight against it, she couldn't help herself. There was no point denying how much she wanted him to end that sweet and burning suffering. If she had to beg for it, then she would do it despite her pride being hurt because she promised herself that one day, he would be the one begging for her. Yet, that was probably wishful thinking. She could never compete with him.


The ancient vampire did not move. "Come on, you can do better than that. Tell me what you want."

The blush on her cheeks wasn't visible due to her current state. She was used to hear those words coming from the vampire and it embarrassed her very much. She was taught to be a good woman, it wasn't appropriate to answer a request like that one but yet it wasn't proper to offer herself to a man that wasn't her husband.

"Please... Fuck me.." She pleaded, loathing the use of such a coarse language. "I-"

Her words died on her lips when Godric pulled out and swiftly thrust back into her forcefully. Lena moaned and bucked her hips wildly against his, getting lost in the sensations he was giving her. Her head was trashing against the bed as the vampire drove into her harder than before. He was everywhere at the same time and Lena couldn't help but close her eyes.

"Open your eyes." He ordered.

She obeyed and he increased his pace, nearly pounding into her at vampire speed. He was careful not to injure her but he knew she would be sore in the morning. He was leaving bruises but none of them cared. Godric felt her quiver beneath him, her moans grew louder, her breaths turned to pants. He did not need to share a connection with her to know she was about to come.

"Godric." She half screamed, half moaned.

The moment her body convulsed under him, his fangs sunk into her neck, drinking a few mouthful of her delicious life essence. He did not want to take much, the night was still young and he intended to have more than one time tonight. The taste of her blood and the feeling of her body beneath him brought him over the edge. Godric groaned when his own release hit him. His movements slowed down until he was still.

"You are depraved." She whispered trying to regain her breath.

Godric eased himself off her a little and laid next to her, chuckling at her remark.

"You are as depraved as I am, my dear Lena." He answered and brought one of his finger to his fangs. He drew blood in order to heal her bite mark on her neck. He planned to bite her again tonight but he did not want her sheets to get stained with blood, it would be too suspicious.

"The things you do to me, Godric..."

She sighed while the wounds on her skin closed. Lena got closer to the vampire and rested her head on his chest. He had no heart beat but surprisingly, it didn't bother her that much. She believed he didn't need a beating heart to love her and she loved him that way. He made her realize how wonderful it was to live, to just be free, something she had always dreamed of.

She smiled at herself when she got a wicked idea. Sure, the vampire was stronger than her but perhaps she could have the upper hand if she surprised him. The hand that rested on his chest drifted lower until it was dangerously close to his manhood.

"You're such a little tease." He said, waiting for her to make a move.

Lena did not disappoint him but instead of doing what he probably expected, she got on the top of him, positioning herself directly above him, a small smirk on her innocent face. Godric enjoyed her sudden boldness and smiled at her.

The night was far from being over for them, they had enough time to enjoy each other's company or so they thought.

The ancient vampire shook his head. That was only a memory, a good one but he would never have her in his arms again. He would never make love to her again, she would never be his again. Her body was under the ground. He sighed. That was probably his punishment for being a monster. He had killed so many innocent people, it was just payback, probably well deserved considering his past. Love was not something he could have.

"I've always wondered who put flowers on this grave, now I know." A voice startled Godric.

The vampire raised his head in the direction of the voice. Only the moon was illuminating the old cemetery but thanks to his vampire senses, Godric could perfectly see who was there. He just wasn't sure if it was real. His eyes were probably playing tricks on his mind.

"Well, hello Godric. It's nice to see you again."

There, in front of him stood Lena Williams. She hadn't aged, she was still the same. Her long strawberry blond hair was the same as before and her green eyes were still shining like before. There was a small smile on her face but she couldn't be real. That was a mirage, another punishment. It was sheer agony.

"You're dead. You can't be here. I'm in front of your grave."

"Well, technically, yes I'm dead just like you."

A vampire, she was just like him now. How was that even possible? It didn't make any sense. Who was buried under the ground then?What happened to her?

"How?" He asked. For the very first time, the ancient vampire was almost speechless and uncomfortable in front of the girl he once knew.

"How do you think? I'm glad to see you again. I've never forgotten you, you've always been on my mind." Lena started and took a step closer. "I should thank you for the flowers, you remembered."

The reunion was awkward but Godric seemed the only one bothered by it. Lena was quite fine, almost excited too see her old lover again. She had thought of him many times since her transformation but she had never dared to search for him.

"How did it happen?"

"It's rather a long story. Perhaps we could talk about it while drinking a Tru Blood? Is that acceptable for you?"

"It is." He answered mechanically, his mouth acting on its own accord. He was not in control of his body anymore.

Lena smiled and graciously went next to the ancient vampire, taking his hand in her own. She was glowing despite her pale skin and she had only one thing in her mind, Godric. The ancient vampire was just confused and skeptical though the most dominant part of him was overjoyed by her sudden reappearance. She was not dead and he liked that, he liked that very much.

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