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The atmosphere became tensed for such a joyous reunion. The excitement Lena felt was replaced by a sudden feeling of fear and uneasiness. She was overjoyed by her meeting with Godric, she certainly didn't expect him to be the one putting flowers on her grave. It had always been a mystery for her because she couldn't imagine someone doing that for her. All her loved ones were gone though with hindsight, she realized they did not love her as expected. She was more a tool for them than anything else and despite their attentions, despite their probable love for her, she was nothing else but someone they could use. Even her parents treated her like a mere object, one they were not proud of. It pained her deeply at the time and even today there was a bittersweet feeling inside of her whenever she thought about them.

Then, there was Godric, her old lover, the one she gave herself to completely. She remembered perfectly how their history began but mostly how much she fell for him. He was an exciting creature, he was making her feel alive and loved though she was not blind. She now perfectly knew he did not share the same feelings. He liked her, enjoyed her company, enjoyed fucking her but that was all. Yet, at the time she wanted to believe in their little love affair and it wasn't that bad. He could have been a true monster and taken advantage of her but he never did. He usually acted like a true gentleman except in bed of course. At least, what she couldn't deny was that she had the best times of her human life with him.

However, despite her love for him, a part of her was furious with him. She somehow held him responsible for all the things that happened to her after their parents discovered them together that fateful night. Sure, she did not regret loving him, being with him, making love to him but it caused her so much misery in the end. He was one of the reasons she lived a hell during one long year, he was one of the reasons she became a vampire. He was responsible for the loss of her dreams and she despised him for that.

She had so many contradictory feelings about him that it was hard too think clearly in front of him. Of course, he hadn't changed a bit physically, he was still as handsome as before and it was hard to resist his looks just like it was hard to deny the attraction he still exerted on her body and soul.

"So, what happened to you?" He was the first to talk as they both sat in a vampire friendly bar, staring awkwardly at their Tru Blood bottles, not even touching it.

In spite of his age, Godric had to admit he was not that comfortable around her, not at all. She didn't scare her but there was something changed about her, something that had no connection with the fact she was a vampire. The female vampire in front of her had nothing to do with the Lena he once knew. There was something missing even if it was evident she was glad to see him.

"I should probably start from the very beginning." She said, knowing the pain she would go through by remembering her past but he had the right to know and she wanted him to realize what they affair led to. "The night they found us, I tried to convince them you were good for me, that they shouldn't make such a scene. I... I told them I was in love with you but they could care less. They had great expectations for me and they basically told me I had fucked up everything."

Godric frowned when she mentioned her love for him. It never truly occurred to him that at the time, she had feelings. He did not care about what she felt for him and just liked being with her and having someone to spent lovely time with. Yet, the more he thought about her while believing she was dead, the more he realized his mistakes. It was now evident for him she was very much in love with him and that he should have treated her differently because he did fall in love with her too.

"I was a shame, a disgrace for them now that I wasn't a virgin anymore, now that I had given myself to someone like you, someone that probably didn't have any condition in life. I was strained, a true dishonor for them. I tried to convince that they were wrong but they didn't listen to me but it was expected. They didn't care about my opinion. So they just decided to send me away that day. It all happened very quickly, I tried to fight against the man who took me away but it was pointless. They sent me to my uncle's until they joined us. That's when I learned I ought to be married to an older man, he was the only want who could want someone like me, according to my parents. They even told me they had to be very generous for him to accept someone who wasn't pure anymore. So, I had no choice but to obey."

Lena smiled sadly at the memory. She was devastated, she was disgusted by what they did to her. She thought about flying away and at some point she decided it was the best solution. She managed to find a way to leave the town but their parents found her quickly. So she tried to convinced herself it was perhaps the best solution, that the man could not be that bad. A husband was supposed to care for his wife and love her no matter what she did before. She imagined how her married life could be and she found comfort in the prospect of finding a nice husband. Sure, she might not love him but a nice relationship could emerge between the two of them, based on trust, friendship and respect. Her hopes were soon destroyed when she met him for the first time.

"He was much older than me and let's say he was not very nice. He did not respect me, he forced me to do my duty as a wife. He was arrogant, believed himself so above me. He was always furious with me and he hurt me many times just like he loved to humiliated me reminding me how disgusting I was. I lost count but I always had to look content and happy of this life otherwise I knew it would be worse."

That was when she realized she was only an object, not a human being. Women during her era couldn't expect to find love when they were a dishonor for their family, after all. It was her punishment for giving herself to someone else than her husband, for losing her virginity and loving a vampire.

Godric listened to her carefully but his fists were clenched. Hearing all the things she went through, he couldn't help but feel guilty. If he hadn't seduced, if he had stayed away from her, she would have had the life she deserved and not that one. How could a man treat such a lovely creature that way? The ancient vampire knew how charming Lena was, how kind her heart was. He imagined her trying to please her husband but getting only an endless pain in return. It was all his fault. He took her innocence and that changed her life forever. If only he had thought about the consequences of his action at the time but his anger was also directed to the man who dared to touch the girl. He would give anything to be able to make him pay for his behavior.

"One night, during a social diner I met that woman. She was so beautiful and free, she was everything I wanted to be. I spent most of the evening with her, trying to avoid my dear husband. Her name was Selina Moore and she saw right through me. She was aware of what my husband did to me and she gave me a choice. She proposed to give me a new life where I would be just like her. It clicked in my mind, very quickly. She was a vampire, I recognized the signs. She gave me two days and then she would ask for my answer. I knew what becoming a vampire meant, thanks to you. I knew I would die but resurrect as another creature, an immortal one. I was terrified of death but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was already dead inside. He took everything from me, my soul was dead because of him. So I accepted Selina's proposal. She drained me, gave me her blood and while everyone believe I was dead and buried me, she came back for me and dug me up."

Selina was her maker. Lena owed her everything. The female vampire taught everything she knew to her progeny and Selina confessed her progeny she saw a younger version of herself in Lena. That was why she desired to turn her. They would be like mother and daughter or just sisters. It also gave Lena an opportunity to take revenge on the man who abused her. She came back on night, glamoured him, played with him and ended his life in the most cruelest way she knew. She gave up the last part of her humanity that night but there was no regret inside of her. She gave up her old life and dreams. She had been granted with another chance to live and to live free that time. She took advantage of it and enjoyed it, never regretting her human life or perhaps one thing.

A part of her missed Godric but at the same time she was so furious with him because she was unable to understand him. He never glamoured her, he never claimed her nor did he share blood with her. It didn't make any sense for her. A vampire was not supposed to treat a human that way, either the human was his or the human was just a toy and could be glamoured. The ancient vampire treated her differently. It made her wonder at the time if he cared for her because if he didn't he could have glamoured her into getting in his bed, instead he took his time to seduce her. It made her boil with rage whenever she thought about him and for a good hundred years, she despised him that is why she never searched for him. Then, her feelings towards him changed or rather she didn't think of him as often as before. He was still in her mind but less, though she still had a soft spot for him.

"I apologize for the pain I've caused you. It was not my intention." Godric said, hoping to be forgiven. He was not the same vampire as before. He didn't see humans as playthings anymore. He respected them.

Lena was however surprised by the ancient vampire's attitude. During the time they were together, he never apologized, he never behaved like he cared. Perhaps time had changed him for the best but she wasn't the same girl anymore.

" What happened to you? You seem so sad, so depressed..."

"I evolved, I realized that the way I used to live wasn't the right one. I made many mistakes and I guess guilt crept up into my mind."

Lena studied the vampire carefully. He was sincere and he was showing her a side of him she had never seen. He was sensible, he was almost human. It did surprise her considering the fact that she lost her humanity two hundred years ago while it seemed he found himself a new conscientiousness.

"We all make mistakes. You know, I was foolish and naïve enough to believe you could one day care about me, that you truly appreciated my company more than another one. I just confused my feelings with the truth... I never understand why you didn't glamour me or why you never gave me your blood. Was I that disgusting for you? Was the idea of sharing a part of yourself with me so repulsive to you?"

"Where did you get that idea?" He asked quickly. "The reason why I never give you my blood was because I wanted you completely, your body, your soul... I didn't want your judgment to be clouded by my blood. I loved you but when I realized it, you were already dead." Godric confessed, almost ashamed of himself.

He behaved exactly like all those twenty first century teenagers discovering love for the very first time. Yet he was kind of discovering it too, his adolescence, his childhood had been taken away from him when he became a slave to a cruel master who then became his maker. He had never truly fallen in love before despite the love he felt for his progeny.

Lena was just stunned, unable to answer. He was basically telling her he returned her feelings but that he was too late. It bothered her because if he realized it sooner, she could have had another life. He could even have become her maker, that was if he loved her enough for that. Instead of staying together and making love forever, they both made their separate ways, not knowing what the other felt or wanted. That was sad.

"You've changed so much but I hope there's still that young and passionate girl inside of you." Godric said, his tone strangely becoming somber.

"It depends on who is asking for her." Lena answered boldly, her whole body overcame by an old feeling she knew very well. She suddenly felt herself back to when she was human, when she and Godric were having their love affair.

The atmosphere had suddenly changed between them. It wasn't awkward anymore. It became oddly tense but in rather a good way. They had put behind them the time that flew by in a heartbeat. It was almost like it never happened, like they were back to the time they didn't care about the rest of the world.

"Perhaps we should make up for lost time." She proposed, her intentions were hidden behind her words but it did not take a lot of reflection to understand what she was implying. She wasn't the same girl anymore, she was more audacious and had more experience in that area. She was not the innocent girl who let the vampire have his wicked way with her anymore. She could perfectly take care of her own needs, she knew exactly what she wanted from the older vampire knowing exactly what he was capable of.

"We should, indeed."

Lena smirked at him, standing up and holding out her hand for him. He gladly took it and brought her closer to him rapidly, knowing that he could not hurt her that time. If she was still human, her arm would be broken but thankfully she wasn't.

"We should probably go somewhere else, somewhere more private." She whispered in his ear, seductively.

"Lead the way."

They owned the night and they fully intended to take advantage of the time given to them.

The ancient vampire licked his bloody lips cautiously, ready to win and have his love submit under his ministrations. Lena wasn't human anymore but Godric had never forgotten how to make her writhe in pleasure. Her body was still reacting the same if you knew which buttons to push and Godric was very much aware of her soft spots. She tried to fight against him, she tried to take control of him but he did not let her and being much older than her, it was very easy.

Yet, she was not his prey anymore. She was his equal and he treated her as such but he still felt the need to show his power and dominance over her. He bit her to prove his superiority and it was delicious for both of them. He was literally claiming her the way he should have when she was still human . He wanted his scent to be all over her, he wanted them to become one.

His hands were gripping painfully the back of her thighs as he continued to thrust forcefully into her at vampire speed, the movement urging her legs further apart, making both of them groan loudly at the sensation. Lena's head kept hitting the wall whenever he drove into her while her arms clung around his neck for support. The pain was bearable and thanks to her vampire nature, she would not get any bruise. It was not exactly what she had in mind for tonight but that solution was not bad. Very soon however, she promised herself she would have the ancient vampire at her mercy, begging for a release he craved, one only her could give him.

"I missed you." She said almost indiscernibly but very honestly. She had sex with many humans since her transformation but none of them was as good as Godric was. None of them could compete with a vampire and especially not a two thousand years old vampire. Sure, their love making wasn't very elaborated and it could be considered as brutal but they did not need more. After two hundred years, their frustration, their love had to express themselves in that way. None of them complained.

"I missed you too." He responded, proving his point by pounding harder into her earning a loud moan from the female vampire.

Lena was slicing her lips with her fangs, her blood was pouring down her neck and landed on her breasts. Godric watched intensely every single drop of her blood, slowing down much to the youngest vampire displeasure.

"Don't you dare stop." Lena ordered and her lover chuckled at her desperate tone. She hadn't changed a bit.

"I'm nowhere near done, Lena... You should know it." He responded, moving his head down so that he could lick the blood off her breast. "Tonight you will surrender everything to me, you'll be completely mine and that, for the rest of our lives."

Godric started pushing his hips against hers and Lena matched his thrusts every time, wishing to prove her point. She wanted more from him.

"I'll be yours if you are mine in return." She managed to say between the moans, thankful that she did not need to breathe otherwise it would have been more complicated for her to say a thing.

If she was meant to be with him, she didn't want to watch him disappear from her life again. They might have been vampires but it didn't change the fact that she wished to have him for herself. She could claim him too, she had the same urge as him. Lena wanted everyone to be able to smell her own scent on him. She wanted to taste his blood just like he tasted hers.

"You don't even have to ask."

And with that, she just sunk her fangs inside of him, tasting his blood for the first time and earning a groan from the ancient vampire. That sound proved how much he was enjoying this and that wouldn't be the last time, a sound like that one who come out of his mouth. They had forever now.

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