Just Rogue.

Chapter Four: Mating Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas.

Rogue's claws were just pressing against either side of the redhead's throat when a heavy object slammed into her body from the side sending her flying across the room. Her body turned from her front facing the floor to her left side facing it, so a yelp leapt out of her throat as her back slammed hard against the solid wall on the otherside of the Medical Bay. She didn't get any time to gather herself as seconds later she fell downwards, her front this time taking the damage as she landed with a thud on the floor. Her body ached from the abuse causing it to tremble even as she slowly turned her head to see what had hit her.

To her relief it was not her mate but something else entirely. She watched wide eyed as the hulking behemoth went from all fours to standing before turning his head to look at the gathered group. This male reminded her of her mate and yet his presence was so dominating, intimidating, and pure Alpha that she didn't even dare move an inch from where she was even though her body had now healed itself.

"You should have called me earlier."

He growled, his penetrating eyes flashing as he looked significantly between her mate and another male. Although she did not understand his words she could tell by his body posture he was angry and currently claiming himself as the Alpha in charge.

"You got one thing right. She's definitely feral. I'm guessin' a combination of a death experience and the juiced up power from Ice Bitch over there probably advanced her mutation so any she absorbed earlier came permenant. Tried drownin' myself once, something must have hit her chest hard to get it all to reset. Happens to us. Sorta like being frozen, nothin' happens to us, we're just there until we get that restart."

He explained. Although none of the words were understood by Rogue she noticed he was distracted by talking to the other two-legged ones. His back was even to her. Her gaze fell onto the redhead who had not left her position on the bed. The redhead was also distracted by what was being said, and so Rogue decided this was the best time to finish what she came here to do.

Ever so quietly she slowly lifted herself onto all fours before crawling back across the room, using items scattered across the room as cover as she went. Soon enough she was underneath the slim metal thing the redhead was on. Unsheathing her claws she pressed her nose to the cold-stone-thing to identify just where the heart was. Finding the right position she pulled her head back and pressed her bone claws at just the right spot. Flexing the muscles in hands and arms, she slid her hands down just a fraction before slamming them upwards in one smooth option. At the same time the cold-stone-thing seemed to have developed small circles just where she thrust the bone claws which avoided her feeling any pain.

To her surprise though she didn't feel her claws going through any flesh nor blood pouring from the wounds as she pushed them through. She did feel however two large paws grab her around the wrists so tightly she found herself whimpering in pain. She struggled instinctively, wiggling her arms, attempting to skewer her attacker with her claws, and scraping her feet against the floor as well as the cold-stone-thing. Suddenly she was released and with a speed she didn't know she had she darted out from under her cover heading straight for the opening she had come through to enter this portion of the den.

Before she could get anywhere near close a large paw grabbed the back of her neck and hoisted her up into the air as if she was nothing but a disobediant cub. Rogue began hissing and spitting, her fingers scraping against the ones around her throat as she kicked her legs back and forth in the air.


The behemoth's voice said in such an authoritarian tone that would have any animal sitting to obey that he did not volume. Rogue went limp instantly, although her brows furrowed at the strange word. She had heard it before...

"So, she's only attacked the Ice Bitch then? Three times?"

He questioned the others gathered. Rogue took this time to glance at the others in the den. It was a bad move however as she saw the redhead in her mate's arms. What was worse was not only was the redhead almost nuzzling her mate but there was a sense of smugness in her gaze. Heart wrenching whimpers left her lips, strange liquid gathering in the corners of her eyes, and she began struggling in earnest in a desperate attempt to get to her rival and slit her throat.

"Ya are all a bunch of idiots. I don't even know the frail well and I know exactly whats goin' on with her."

He snorted, before turning Rogue to face him. This time he used both of his large arms to gather her against his chest although this did nothing to stop her trying to struggle. It just limited her struggling to clawing at his chest and neck as her head pressed against one of his solid pecks. The heart wrenching whimpers and whines continued, growing in volume, and thus her attacker turned to comfort her.

"Hey, I know frail. Smell 'er. She ain't had him."

He rumbled, and for a moment Rogue stilled. Images flittered through her mind of her mate sniffing the air, sometimes focusing on something, as it translated the male's words to something she could understand. She shifted forward a little, putting her head underneath his chin comfortably as her hands tightened their grip on the odd-not-quite-fur-covering-skin as she did as he said. She sniffed the air, taking in all the many scents, before managing to focus on just the redhead's. She knew then that another male had rutted with her recently but never her mate. Her mate hadn't touched the redhead in any way a mate would to court or keep their female. She began to relax at that, only then realising one of the male's large paws were running through her tangled head-fur.

"Jimmy, ya better get rid of the Ice Bitch. Stripes ain't gonna stay calm as this if ya keep holdin' her."

Rogue watched as her mate slowly made his way over to the nearest bed before putting the redhead down. Despite that being a good thing she could still smell the redhead on her mate causing her nose to scrunch in disgust. However to her surprise her mate stripped off the white-not-fur thing he was wearing revealing bare skin. His chest. There was so much muscle and definition that both feral and hidden humanity were for one single moment united. 'Ah've never seen him like this...' Her head voice supplied in a quiet half whisper and half swoon-like sigh. Her heart was racing, her arousal and pheromones began to filter into the air, and all she could do was stare. She really wanted to touch him...

The male turned to the others in the room,

"Leave 'er with Jimmy and I. We'll sort her out. Keep the staff floor clear if possible. Let no one up there. It'll take time to rehabilitate her."

He told them, leaving no room for negotiation, before giving a nod at her mate. Her gaze followed her mate's chest as he walked up to and past her that she only noticed the behemoth was moving when she could no longer see her mate's chest. She found herself blinking a few times as she began focusing on what was going on around her. She frowned, realising she was still being tightly held with no room for escape, as she watched the scenery pass her by. The only thing keeping her calm was the fact the male holding her was following her mate up into the small box thing that went up and down. After that they went round several turns and down corridors before going up an odd incline to get onto the next floor. They went up two inclines before going down the corridor. She realised seconds before they stopped at the door that she was now at her mate's den. She could smell it. Excited whimpers and whines left her lips as she began wiggling in the male's embrace in a desperate bid to fling herself at her mate whilst also getting into his den. Their den. She could smell no other female had ever been in it which only made her happier.

She stopped all movement however once she was carried inside her mate's den. She stared wide-eyed as she looked around it so she could memorise every single bit of it. Whilst she didn't know what most, if not all, things were in her mate's den a strange white rock seemed to nag at her a little. It was something important. Needing to know what it was she turned her gaze back to the male holding her, looking him in the eye as she begged to be let go through expression and body language that only animals as well as ferals could understand. He made sure to block the now closed door before putting her onto the ground and letting go.

Rogue instantly crawled to the strange white rock, kneeling before it as she began trying to claw at the edges. It didn't take her long to find the edge and have it break away from its resting place, a portion of the rock now swaying to the side to reveal its contents. The first thing she noticed was that it was cold inside but after that her gaze wandered to the strange short, upright, transparent stick inside. It also looked like there was liquid inside. She gave a confused grunt as she stared at it trying to figure out its significance. Images of her standing upright and passing one to her mate flashed through her mind giving her a strange sense of sadness. Why did she get the feeling the only thing she had ever been able to do as a mate was give him one of these strange sticks? Why did she feel this painful hole in her chest at the possibility that maybe they were never mates... What if she wanted him as a mate but he didn't want her? These questions never occured to Rogue before staring at the stick, but upon seeing it everything just seemed to flood over in such a powerful wave she didn't even realise she was letting gut-wrenching whines that sounded like a cat being tortured slowly but so loud the entire territory could hear. It was the only way the feral could understand to let out how she was feeling.

"Damn it," the behemoth cursed before snapping at her mate, "Bite her on the neck, and quick."

She didn't hear it of course or the small arguement the two males had. She did feel however a set of teeth piercing the flesh of her neck where it met her shoulder. Her sobs died out as she blinked a few times in surprise. A part of Rogue didn't want to look but eventually she turned her gaze to see the familiar stubble on the cheek of her mate. Was he marking her or reprimanding her? Timidly she stretch a hand out to touch his own neck where her bite should be. He didn't have one but if he was marking her, and he hadn't let go yet, shouldn't she mark him in return? Maybe they had never got round to it before... That would explain everything a lot better. Of course they were mates. They just hadn't marked each other yet.

Rogue managed to lean forward enough to reach the spot she had been eyeing, then as quick as a snake she sunk her teeth into his flesh. A happy purr resounded in her chest at the feel of her teeth in his neck. It was official now. The redhead could no longer come between them. He was hers. The images had been wrong. The strange white rock would have to go though along with the transparent sticks.

She felt her mate slowly release her before his tongue began lapping at the wound he had made. Following his example, she released him as well before licking at his wound. They were healing each other like mates. Like normal animals. Licking was for healing and comfort as well as cleanliness. Once finished she couldn't help but admire the permenant mark. It would never go away. The only mark either of them would ever carry. At least that was what her instincts were telling her.

Pulling away a little she let her hands glide up his chest with reverent awe. He was so smooth and she could feel the power beneath the skin. She leapt at him with a new wave of excited energy, her hands tearing the stiff middle of the odd-firm-skin-thing that covered his legs as she wiggled against him at his new position flat on his back on the floor.

"Damn it."

Came a faint curse although Rogue paid no attention to it. They had to mate, now. They had to consumate their mate-ship. Then they would be each others properly and for eternity. She could feel her blood sing at the thought of them being mates forever. Unfortunately she only managed to tear the stiff middle of the skin covering before she was flipped onto her back and her mate was standing up. Before she could even whimper in confusion to ask her mate what was wrong he had spun to face the other male. She watched in confusion as her mate began to make angry noises and his body mimicked the same. Rogue realised the other male had done something to make her mate mad.

In that moment she was torn. The other male was by far her superior and she had absolutely no chance at even coming out of a fight with him in a tie let alone anything else. However wasn't it her duty to stand up for her mate? Against better judgement she got up onto all fours and charged past her mate, standing right infront of the other male snarling, her claws sliding out from underneath her skin.

"Jimmy, ya couldn't have expected this to go any other way. I didn't even spend much time with the frail before the dam burst but even I could see she was hung up on ya. Would have done anythin' ya asked just to have a chance to be with ya. Now, the only thing she knows, the only thing that makes any sense to her is bein' ya mate. Now, ya can keep that stick up ya ass and break what remains of Rogue in that head, or ya can give 'er everythin' she's ever wanted and maybe gain ya one true mate outta it."

The male spoke, ignoring Rogue's defensive display. Rogue noticed her mate's body language loosen as the male spoke more.

"Now, if ya gonna choose the first option I'll take her with me. It'll be the only way she won't be a danger to the Ice Bitch and the rest of the world. If ya choose the latter I can stay here and help ya coax the feral in her to gradually let go of her grip so Rogue can come back in control as she's meant to be. Its up to ya. However, ya probably should leave the room and not come back to it until ya figure out what ya gonna do. It won't be fair to the frail if ya don't."

There was a deafening silence then, and Rogue began shifting on all four paws restlessly as a bad feeling began to consume her.


Her mate said before heading for the door. Rogue went wide eyed as her mate began to walk away from her, and without hesitation she leapt to cover the distance. Two large arms belonging to the behemoth however wrapped around her waist and yanked her hard against his tall, bulky body. Rogue found herself letting out begging whines at increasingly loud volume after the door closed whilst her body continued struggling in an attempt to get free. It wasn't supposed to be this way. He was supposed to mark her, she'd mark him, and then they'd mate with each other to make their relationship official. If he didn't mate with her she couldn't have his cubs. This was not the way everything should have gone.

"Frail, stop."

The behemoth commanded, and to her own surprise Rogue went limp. She couldn't help but let out a sniffle now and then, her body language telling all that could understand that she was sad and broken hearted. She didn't bother noticing the male sit down or encourage her into a curled position on his lap as he held her against his chest. Running a hand through her tangled head fur, he started up a comforting purr just for her.

He hadn't purred since Jimmy grew out of cub-hood.

"He'll be back frail. Don't ya worry."

Author's Note: So as I was writing up a chapter for Tiger Tiger (not finished yet) I got muse to post for Just Rogue. This chapter made me cry a little but I am thoroughly proud of it. Hopefully you all will enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Its even a lot longer then my other chapters usually are, you lucky readers!

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Whilst Jean does have the Phoenix in her it is only a small majority (like 10%) since Rogue took the majority of it. Having multiple psyches in her head makes her an expert now at keeping unwanted psyches locked up. Jean has just enough for it to give her a bit more of a 'bad side' in her personality but not for anything else. As for Jean's telepathy, Rogue is naturally resistant to it. Of course she did not know or have this prior to her death (she had refused to try and advance the power of her mutation like others do) but since her life & mutation has been pretty much restarted, as well as Rogue being in the feral state she is, she doesn't have the worry of her pesky humanity to hold her back. So it is a combination of feral (being so close to animals) being hard to read, and her feral side slowly exercising and strengthening her abilities - not that she realises it either. For her she's just using her natural defenses (such as teeth & claws), like any other animal to survive.

Logan will be attempting to pull the Alpha rank on her. She has to be contained, after all, and he'll want to get her back to normal as soon as possible. A mating mark & cubs may be coming in the future (you'll have to wait and find out!) but in the dominance fight it will not appear although a lot of biting shall be involved and a lot of damage to the mansion - poor Xavier. As for Jean, I almost feel sorry for her too. Damn her and not being the devil completely in this story. Rogue will be sorry for attacking Jean, and feel a little ashamed (she is a good girl after all) but a part of her ( she'll have a backbone now! O.O =D ) will feel vindicated. After all she should have stood up for herself sooner and fought for her man which she is now doing as a feral so she won't be completely sorry or apologetic for it. She's not a murderer though, in her own right mind, so no worries there.

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