I unclipped his leather restraints and let them hang beside the bed. I watched him stand, stretch and walk over to his black paint pot. He picked up the stained brush and dipped it into the paint. He put his face beside the wall, as close as he could get, and started to paint. He brushed the lines savagely onto the wall, getting faster and faster with each line he painted. After what seemed like forever, he dropped the brush and turned to face me.

"Can you see him now?"

I got a look at the wall, and saw a menacing figure. Small, heavy, with dark evil eyes. Not good.

"Yes. Who is he?"

"That is Gabe. My stepfather." He said, eyes narrowing when he said his name

Percy walked over to the CD holder and picked up a photograph.

"He was married to my mom. Before… before."

His tone was one of finality. That was all he was going to tell me right now.

"Hey…" I said questioningly "You want to show me to Piper's room?"

"Will Silena be there?"

"I can get her if you wan-"

"NO! I mean…" he cleared his throat "no that's ok. All she does is tell me how to clean my room properly. I'll show you myself."

I nodded and gestured for him to lead the way. He seemed really nervous for some reason, as he stumbled out of his room and down the corridor. As we walked along, he kept glancing back, as if he was checking I was still there behind him. He stopped at room number 394, and knocked a little tune on the door. He turned back and gripped my wrist and pulled me in front of him. I shot him a look as Jason opened the door.

"Annabeth! Good, you managed to find it." He smiled.

I was conscious of Percy's hand still on my wrist, and I felt myself flush slightly. I nodded slightly and walked in.

"Percy?!" Jason cried "What are you doing out of your room?"

I felt Percy shrink back, so I stepped in front of him again.

"He showed me the way." I frowned

Jason nodded and moved his head to the side to look at Percy. He raised an eyebrow, and I looked and saw Percy blush as bright as Jason's red tie. Jason started to laugh at Percy's discomfort, until a girl with bright feathers in her hair and a hello kitty top slapped him upside the head.

"Thanks Piper." Percy chuckled

"No problem Perce, any excuse to whack him." The girl smirked "Hey, I'm guessing your Annabeth."

"Hi, Piper?" I asked

"Yeah. I see you already met Percy." She winked at me

Ok. I'm confused. My facial expression must have showed it, because Jason mouthed 'tell you later'. Percy dropped my wrist abruptly, and stepped backwards into the doorframe.

"shit." He cursed, rubbing the back of his head

"ah…HA! I'm late! Annabeth, you'll be using the group room after me. I should be about an hour. See you all later!" Jason cried as he ran out, patting Percy on the shoulder as he passed


"He means the room where we talk to you. We use it because there is a movable wall, so the talks can be private or in a group: whatever you want." said Piper

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