The sun beamed down on John as he walked away. He almost seemed godly. Wind rushed towards him, caressing his blue cape. Suddenly he pushed off with his feet and began to fly. Karkat watched in awe. John looked back at him in amusement, seeing the awestruck face of the troll set a grin as big as Cheshire cat's on his face.

Karkat knew that there were powers given to special people whom would become great leaders one day. He and John are one of them.

The lands were divided up into four lands, Land of Time; ruled by Lord Strider, Land of Space; ruled by Madam' Harley, Land of Light; ruled by Madam' Lalonde, and the Land of Wind whose ruler is about to give up the thrown to his son.

There are also lands for the trolls to rule over away from the humans; the Land of Blood; its ruler died a while ago, Land of Mind; ruled by Madam' Pyrope, Land of Doom; ruled by Lord Captor, Land of Life; ruled by Madam' Feferi, and the Land of Hope; ruled by Lord Ampora. Eridan didn't deserve the thrown though; he had taken it as his own.

Lord Ampora was a good ruler, although some of his laws are ridiculous. Like Feferi has to become his matesprit or be locked in prison for the rest of her life and I quote "Evverybody has to wwear capes, because they're cool". Most of the trolls apposed the laws, but the sea dwellers helped Ampora conquer the Land of Hope. The Land of Hope was originally called the Land of Heart, but Eridan overthrew Nepeta. She fled the Land promising to come back one day with a strong troll that will help her take back her thrown and Land.

Madam' Pyrope's people are mostly made up of detectives, judges, inspectors, police, and doctors. Her Land and people are all about Justice. There's not a lot of information about it because not a lot of trolls have been able to enter the Land of Mind.

Lord Captor is a very prickly ruler, but is fair to his people. The people are mostly made up of computer hackers. Not much information is known about the Land of Doom either.

Madam' Feferi is a very cheerful leader and is right and just to her people. All male and female trolls want to be her matesprit/kismesis. At one point in time Lord Ampora forced her to be his matesprit, luckily though her people came to rescue her.

Trolls had almost no knowledge about the other rulers. They only know very few facts, like how Lord Strider can travel through time and Madam' Harley can shrink, enlarge, or teleport things. Rumor has it that Lord Strider fancies Madam' Harley and plans to marry her. But no one knows for sure.

The troll realized that the man he saw John with all those years ago, is his father! He had inherited the ability to control the wind (no shit Sherlock). John would soon become the Heir of Breath.

Karkat bowed down low to him; he had never known anyone royal before or had powers.

John looked over at Karkat confused at the gesture and remembered that he has royal blood.