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He hid in the darkness, keeping out of sight.

Rian didn't want anyone to see him, and likely nobody would. He was one with the shadows, hidden in places that most would be in plain sight. The Imperial city Bastion was full of dark corners and hallways that people scarcely walked through. Not only that, but being a Dark Elf and an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood gave him the ability to be hidden where most would be visible.

Now I must find Amaund. The contract had been from a Breton named Amaund Motierre, and Rian had been the one chosen for the job. Nobody else at the Sanctuary could do it, just him. Nobody matched his skill; he was the best, fit for the largest contract the Brotherhood has seen in years.

He should be around here somewhere. Rian thought, his grey skin concealing him. His red eyes were a problem however, as one could see them in the darkness. Rian had to close them when someone came by, but aside from that he was never detected by the guards or politicians.

He crept out from the dark corner, making sure that nobody was around, and then getting back on his feet and standing up straight. Amaund should be coming at any moment, unless he was late. He better not keep me waiting.

Rian had been shorter than most Dark elves, in fact he was around the same height as most Nords, but lacked their muscle and brute strength. His face harbored an impatient look; and a frown seemed to always be upon it. He had a beard that did not stretch out past his chin, and his hair was long as well. He looked like any Dark elf.

Where is he? He was growing impatient as always, Amaund should have arrived by now. Had something gone wrong? He better not have forgotten…no, that can't be it…who forgets they have a contract with the Dark Brotherhood? It was a preposterous thought; nobody would leave the Dark Brotherhood hanging. If he doesn't come soon, then I will have no choice but to leave. If he stayed much longer he had the chance of getting caught.

Then, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. He bolted towards the dark corner again, waiting to see if it was Amaund. It better be him, Sithis demands a life. Rian would not wait much longer, and he watched as the figure turned the corner and was in his line of sight. A guard.

He kept very still, not wanting to attract the guard's attention. Damn Motierre, he better get here very soon. The man passed by without giving Rian a glance, and kept on walking. Rian's hand coursed over the hilt of his dagger, ready to pull it out and give the guard's life to the void if necessary.

Not long after more footsteps came, and Rian had already unsheathed his dagger this time. His eyes were locked on the entrance to the hallway, waiting to strike if anyone saw him. He readied himself to spring up at any moment. But the person who came by was the one he had been waiting for. Made me wait long enough.

He stood up again, and looked at the hooded man before him. Even concealed Rian was not fooled by the identity of the man. Amaund approached him slowly, as if hesitant at what he was about to do. But Rian went faster, growing impatient at all the waiting and slow motion. I just want to get this over with and then get a bite to eat. Gods know I'm hungry.

"Did you bring it?" Rian asked.

"Of course," Amaund Motierre said, pulling out a small drought of liquid from his pocket. "Here, that should work well enough."

"We will find out soon." Rian replied, "If not, I'm afraid that the Emperor might survive this encounter."

"Poison or not, if I paid you to kill Titus, then I want him dead." Amaund seemed to be slightly angered. Let him be angry, it matters not to me.

"Your contract will be fulfilled; you need not worry about that." Rian said.

"I hope so," Amaund said as Rian took the poison. "Allalian is counting on me to get this done, and I will. One does not want the Aldmeri Dominion as an enemy."

"Indeed, or else I may receive another contract asking for your life as well." Rian threatened.

"Do the job right and you won't be burdened with that." Amaund said.

"You paid the Brotherhood for a death, and a death you shall receive." Rian said, and he could see Amaund shutter. "Do I intimidate you that much? Not yours, the Emperors. That is what you paid for after all."

"Of course, of course…" Amaund repeated. "Just get this done quickly, the Dominion wants Titus dead as soon as possible, and I mean to do just that."

"Anyone else you would like me to kill as well?" Rian asked, "It will cost you extra though."

"Just kill the Emperor and get this over with." Amaund began, "The Dominion is already working on eradicating all of Mede's possible heirs. The last thing we need is them ruining everything."

"Alright then, I will go at once." Rian said.

"A session has just ended, so he should be in his chambers." Amaund began, "Do it quietly, and if anyone else is in there then wait for them to leave. I don't want any more blood on my hands."

"The blood is not on your hands, Motierre, they're on mine." Rian said, before briskly walking away from the Elder council member.

He didn't turn back, he just kept going forward. Rian didn't know whether Amaund was following, although he seriously doubted it. I wonder what the Dominion is planning. Rian thought, whatever it is, it's been a long time coming. People all over Tamriel had been talking about the second Great War ever since the first one ended. Titus himself had been too paranoid to send more men to the rebellion in Skyrim. And from what he had heard, many were surprised he sent as many men to Skyrim during the war with the Draugr.

Whatever the Dominion wants, they need an Emperor out of the picture to do it. Amaund had said that the Dominion was targeting all of Mede's heirs as well. His family, and close friends will be in danger. And the Dragonborn as well…word had spread fast ever since it happened that the Dragonborn had been named the heir to the throne. All the Dominion needs to do is kill him, and it will be all out war for the Throne.

He moved slowly, making sure that nobody was around to hear his footsteps. Soon, he identified the stairs, and quickly bolted towards them. Nobody was in the halls, so perhaps the Elder council was having a meeting. Have they noticed Motierre is gone?

He climbed up, wasting no time. He had to get this contract fulfilled and get out of there as soon as possible. He went up speedily, feeling no fatigue in the beginning. He had been trained to outrun guards and enemies of all kinds in order to join the Brotherhood, these stairs would not tire him. Yet when he realized he was nowhere near the top, his legs began to feel weary, and he slowed down. That was a whole lot of stairs…but I'm almost there. And when he made it to the top, he saw the large wooden door that he knew was the Emperor's.

Here it is. His hand caressed the door knob, twisting it very slowly, not wanting to make a sound. He could hear two voices inside, which meant that Titus was not alone. I'll have to wait for one to leave. He pulled the door open, and took a few light steps inside.

"Now that the Draugr are all gone, how many of the men will be kept in Skyrim?" one of the men said.

"Enough to fortify the forts, I suppose. I gave General Rikke the responsibility of stationing the men." the voice that sounded like the Emperor said.

"How many are there now?"

"Fifteen-thousand at the most, enough to defend the province against another mysterious threat until we are able to send aid. But also not too much that we can't defend our own borders." Titus Mede II said.

"Good enough, it should prove useful in case more of those Draugr show up." The voice said, "First the rebellion, then the Dragons, then the Draugr. Skyrim has been having a tough time lately."

"Well, I'm sure they will be safe now that the Dragonborn has returned." Titus said.

"Why did he spend so much time here in Cyrodiil?" the voice asked.

"He had business to attend to as my heir, mainly meeting the commanders and generals of the Legion. I also wanted him to stay in Cyrodiil for a while, that way he gets a feel of what his new home will be like once he takes the Throne." Titus replied.

"He will never live up to the mantle of the Septim rulers."

"Nobody can," the Emperor replied. "The Septims built this empire, and saved the world countless times. Tamriel would not be the same without them."

"Aye, your right. I just hope that this new Dragonborn can bring glory to the Empire."

"He will, I have faith in him." Titus began, "Besides, even if he is not the greatest of rulers, he is still Dragonborn, and the Dragon Throne was meant for one of his kind to sit it."

"You are right there," the voice said. "If he can absorb the souls of dragons, then he can be a decent ruler."

"Aye." Were Titus' last words to the man, before he bid his farewells and the stranger went to the door. Rian hid behind a wooden dresser, and kept his hand on his dagger, opening the bottle of poison and dropping some on the tip of his blade. He would have to do this quickly; else the chance would escape him.

He waited for the man to open the door, and stood silent for around a minute afterwards. Rian wanted him to be out of range to hear what was going on. When he thought the coast was clear, he crept behind the dresser, peeking his head out to see the Emperor at his desk with scrolls on it. Rian readied himself.

He sprinted forward.

Titus Mede II didn't cry out in fear, nor did he scream in terror, he just looked at Rian as he charged forward. As if to say, "I knew this was coming." The Dark elf did not hesitate however, and shot out his hand to grab the Emperor's head. He struggled and thrashed about, but Rian's grasp was strong. He did not let go, and yanked his head back, and with one stroke let his dagger slide against the Emperor's throat.

When it was all done, Rian wiped the blood on his hands upon the rich clothes of the Emperor's dead corpse. He didn't even try to flee. Rian thought, He stared death in the eye without fear. Rian had gained a new found respect for the man even as he left this dead corpse, and went out the door.

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This story takes place around seven months after Dragonfire.

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