I am surrounded by Books, Movies, Boys.

They say its all that matters, find your calling, it's all that matters.

I looked to the Books.

"We've got adventure! Imagination!

Princes, Damsels, Dragons, and Castles.

"Yes." I respond. "But where do I fit in? What's my purpose?"

They snicker. "You are the Reader, you read."

I frown. "That's not what I'm looking for. That is not a purpose for me."

So I leave them, ignoring their needy calls for attention.

I turn to the Big Screen. TV, Movies, and such things.

"We've brought your imagination to life!" They say. "Drama, action, angst, and passion!"

"That's all very entertaining." I smile. "So where do I fit in?"

They laugh. "You are the Viewer, you watch and are entertained."

I grimace. "That does seem like fun, but its not a purpose for me."

So I go to the Boys.

They are so very charming. "Come with us! You can experience things no Books or Movies could ever show you."

"That sounds adventurous, and you are all so very pretty, but what would my purpose be?" I ask.

They smile. "You are free, do whatever you please as long as it gives you pleasure."

I sigh in utter disappointment. "That is very tempting, but there must be something more."

I walk off, leaving their sneering faces behind me.

I sit on a park swing.

Children laugh without care. Lucky, lucky Children.

Maybe I don't have a purpose, but that's an even worse thought than not ever finding one.

A Niece sits next to me.

"Can you do the Hokey-Pokey?"

I raise an eyebrow. "No."


"It's Macarena, and no." Funny child.

"Jesus loves you?" She asks again.


"Jesus loves you this I know." She sings with a high, off tone voice.

"Silly, it's Jesus loves me." I correct with a roll of my eyes.

"No, Jesus loves you!" She remains adamant.

"You're wrong." I tell her flatly.

She looked up with big watering blue eyes. "Yes he does."

It's then I realize, what my real purpose is.

Because she's right, Jesus loves me, he loves you, he loves.

It's at this time a well rehearsed verse repeats in my mind. It's a verse I memorized for the chocolate covered raisins in my Sunday School.

"I love because he first loved me."

Or something along those lines.

How easily I lost focus. My life is to love, and I knew I could only love if I knew how much he loved me.

Died on a cross for everyone, every Sinner just like me. For the Authors, the screen Writers, the Boys.

I smiled down at the little girl. "Jesus loves you this I know, for the bible tells me so-"

She laughed and sang and did tiny hand gestures she too had learned in Sunday School.

For that moment, we were both children. Carefree, trusting, innocent.

We are children of God. And our purpose is to love and bring others to the same love that enables us to be children once more.