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"After all, betrayal is only paid with death."


Honestly, what was he expecting?

Ever since he had seen the man, ever since Misaki insisted to follow him, ever since he had held his hand with dancing flames, ever since that man's flames started to burn his being, ever since the beginning… He knew Suoh Mikoto was going to be his ending.

Surprise, surprise… He hadn't been wrong.

"Misaki… Misaki…I…I…"

A clear, pure tear fell onto the ground.

"After all, betrayal is only paid with death."

It was true that the monkey was the betrayer. Yata had told him countless times that he would kill him for what he did. For betraying Mikoto-san, for betraying HOMRA, for betraying his comrades, for betraying him.

Weren't they friends? So, why did he left him and hurt him so much? That is not what friends do, especially best friends.

They were supposed to be together forever but Saruhiko had broken the promise the day he burnt his HOMRA mark.

He tried to remember his past days with Saruhiko, the happy, warm ones with the two of them, but he changed so much since that.

Now, every time they would cross their ways, the monkey would do everything to make Yata go on rampage and have a fight with him. He tried to ignore him, but the sarcastic tone of Saruhiko and that smirk on his face pissed him off so much, he had to wipe it off from the bastard's face and there was no other way than to go on a fight against him.

Although, after every fight he had with him, he would be so physically tired but at the same emotionally outworn, he would just lie in his bed, crying silently, in his empty apartment that he and Saruhiko had once shared.

Where have we gone wrong, Saruhiko?

He had shred many tears on cold nights, he had promised he would kill him for that and hate him for eternity.

He had promised himself that.


He could never hate him, as much as tried. He could never kill the person who had been so dearly important to him once.

Maybe he was weak. Extremely weak for it.

Because there it was Mikoto-san implying that Saruhiko deserved nothing more than death.

He had to admit that it was very rare for Mikoto-san to say such thing, but, perhaps, he always have been seeking revenge on more important things like Totsuka Tatara's murder, to decide to hunt down Saruhiko.

Whether way, Mikoto-san was just saying it, like Yata, right? It was just to scare Saruhiko, right?

Mikoto Suoh's orbs shore a deep crimson stronger and darker than before, as he looked at Fushimi.

Yata also noticed that, at that moment, Totsuka's eyes also became the same colour as Suoh's and a dark smirk appeared on his lips.

Both Mikoto and Totsuka had their eyes focused on Fushimi, who took a step back on defense.

When Fushimi's hand was close to his drawing his right knive, Mikoto jumped forward like a lion, disarming him and tackling Fushimi against the huge, white door, earning a loud yell as his back hit with much strength the door, knocking the air out of his lungs.

It happened so fast for Yata, he didn't have time to react as he saw Mikoto, pushing him straight to the ground and attacking Fushimi.

With Fushimi contorted with pain and trying to regain his breathing, Mikoto pushed his two muscled arms against the door, cornering Fushimi between them.

"What is like to feel hell?", Mikoto asked, darkly with a smirk on his lips as his shore a deadly red.

"…I have been living in hell, since I met you.", Fushimi replied, panting and coughing, looking into Suoh's orbs, their faces inches apart.

"Well, then… Let's meet again in there."



Mikoto with a swift movement, was behind Saruhiko with his right arm squeezing Fushimi neck's, as he hold onto Fushimi's frame with his left hand, trapping him against him, unable to run and make any movements.

Fushimi struggled to break free from Suoh's holding in pitiful attempts as he was felling his ribcage bones being crushed as well as his neck.

The more he struggled, the more Mikoto strengthen his hold on Fushimi, who felt his bones breaking into pieces every second that passed.


Totsuka Tatara approached the Red King and stood on his left side.

"What is, Yata-san? Aren't you the one who said he was the betrayer? He dishonored HOMRA and left you. He broke the promise you shared and humiliated you. It's time to pay for what he has done.", Totsuka stated, serious.

"I know but…", Misaki looked down onto his feet. He didn't want to cry in front of Saruhiko. He didn't want to be weak in front of him.

"All you need is us. King and I will always be there for you. We won't leave you and hurt you..." Totsuka opened his right hand in Misaki's direction, "Your red is still part of us. We are friends and… family."

Misaki looked at Totsuka with teary amber eyes.

"You don't need him, Yata. Think about it… Which would you choose: a hero or a betrayer?", Mikoto Suoh asked, still holding painfully Saruhiko.

Everyone thought he was better without Saruhiko. Even Mikoto-san had said it.

The answer seemed evident in head.

"Misaki." , a struggled sign was heard and Yata raised his head to the only person who called him by his first name.

Fushimi could hardly make the words as the physical pain was overtaking him.

"Misaki. Misaki… I… I…", Fushimi gulped hard, trying to get enough air to talk.

He locked cerulean eyes with amber ones. With sweet, innocent, teary amber eyes.

"I… I am… sorry…", Fushimi said, tears streaming down his pale cheeks.

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