My 11th Fanfic so far this year,

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Anyways, I apologise for the not so great summary,

I had more but I ran out of character so I couldn't post it.

This is basically about a 19 year old Alex Rider, who still works for MI6, coming to stay at


Until Scorpia gets off his case.

Its set entirely in Alex's Point Of View (POV)


Hope ye enjoy,


(The reason I capitalized BRECON BEACONS, nobody knows)

Chapter 1

"Welcome to hell, kid".

Those first words managed to send a shiver down my spine as I stared out the window, up at the misty grey sky. It was likely to rain this evening. Not that I minded. But it was a fact that stuck clearly in my mind as we passed through the rough iron gates, the emblem of the SAS and 'Who Dares Wins' posted on the pillar. I was back. Again. To this personal hell hole of a training camp.

Brecon Beacons.

Not that it was a personal choice of course, I reminded myself as the truck stopped, and I jumped out. I had been given the usual uniform, combat trousers, black boots, dark green short sleeved shirt, and a camouflage jacket in which the sleeves were currently rolled up to my elbows. Grabbing my bag from the back and slinging it over my left shoulder, I nodded a quick thanks at the driver, before finding my way down to the familiar building. The other soldiers stared at me as I passed, half of them wondering who the new recruit was, the others wondering why I had no one leading the way, yet I still walked in the correct direction with an air of confidence around me like I had gone this way many times before even though they had never seen me. So. Yea. It was pretty complicated.

I gave a sharp, single knock on the door, and a second later, was given the order to come in. I quickly opened it, stepping inside and closing it behind me, before standing to attention.

The colonel stared at me for a minute before smirking, "At ease solider".

I relaxed slightly, allowing myself to look down at the man sitting behind his desk. Colonel John Philips. Been a while since I saw him. He looked me up and down, both a mixture of shock and awe passing over his features.

"Well... You've certainly certaintly changed" he finally said and I didn't blame him for being so shocked. I HAD changed. My blond hair had gotten slightly darker and was shorter and spiked up. My dark brown eyes were more serious and dangerous looking. I had seen too many things in my short life. Horrible things.

"You've grown" he continued.

"Tends to happen sir" I replied with a small smirk and he grinned, "Yes. I suppose it does. How tall are you now?".

"6ft 1 sir" I replied and he whistled, "Last I saw you Cub, you were barely 5ft 7. And you were remarkably younger looking. 14, wasn't it?".

"Yes sir" I confirmed and he nodded, "14 years old... Bloody MI6... And how old are you now? 20? 21?".

"19 sir, I only just turned 19" I replied and he looked up surprised, "19? Your only 19 years old? And yet your still MI6's best agent".

"Well, I wouldn't say their BEST agent..." I started but he cut me off, "Cub. You've had over 30 successful missions. And not a single bad one. Clean record. Very few people have ever managed to get even close to that".

I remained silent, simply nodding once.

Sighing, he glanced down at the file on his desk, "Alex Rider. 19 years old. MI6. That sound about right?".

"Yes sir" I replied simply.

"And your here because..." The Colonel trailed off and I couldn't hold back the surprised look that crossed my features, "MI6 didn't tell you sir?".

"Wouldn't be a first" he muttered and I smiled slightly, "Protection sir. That's why I'm here".

"Protection from who?".

"From... From Scorpia sir" I replied quietly and he looked up sharply, "Scorpia?",

I nodded.

"As in THE Scorpia?".

I nodded again.

He swore, leaning back in his chair, "Jeasus kid... What did you do to piss them off?".

"... I may have killed eleven of their twelve founding members at one point. The last leader happened to be sick when I placed the bomb. Bastard" I replied calmly and he laughed, "You know what kid? I think I'm starting to like you... Yea, we're going to get along just fine".

"... Thank you sir" I finally replied, unsure of what else to say and he laughed again, "Good lad. Now, as per requested by Mrs. Jones, Head of Special Operations, MI6, I am placing you with K-Unit for the time being".

I stiffened up slightly, "K-Unit, sir?".

He sighed, "It's alright Cub. I doubt they'll recognise you after all these years. And if they do, so what? Besides, they need a fourth member... Now that Fox is with the SIS full time. How is he getting on?".



Ben Daniels.

"He's... Good. Yea, he's going pretty good. Currently in the Czech Republic trying to tear apart a huge band of drug lords" I said casually and he nodded, "Good. I'm happy for him. Not happy about his career choice, but happy for him... Now, I doubt you'll want to be called Cub anymore will you?".

I shook my head.

"Thought so. Right Alex, you are now known as Jaguar" he replied.

Jaguar... I liked it.

"Is that all sir?" I asked.

"Yea, I think so... Oh, one more thing Cu- I mean Jaguar. The other men... My soldiers... Will give you a hard time. Your young. Your new. And they'll think you have no experience as a solider... They won't like you. Your MI6 material. And no one here likes MI6 material. I don't like MI6 material. But I like you. You're a good kid and have got brilliant skills and talents... But MI6 are wrong to use you. And I blame them for all this mess. Not you. Just them. Remember that".

"Will do sir" I replied, smiling slightly, as I turned back to the door.

"Oh, and Jaguar?" The Colonel suddenly asked again and I tensed up, "Yes sir?".

"Unless you want to start World War 3, I suggest you tell the minimum amount of people who you really are... But in the off chance you do say something and get into a fight... Well... I'm on your side, kid".

I smirked, "Thanks sir".