Chapter 35

"So… I guess this is it, then" I said awkwardly, standing in front of the military plane.

Behind me, Yassen was leaning heavily against the cargo aircraft, his face pale and tired-looking.

I felt terrible for moving him so soon, but once we reached Greece, he had the rest of his life to recover.

Wolf slowly nodded, his hands in his pockets, "Yea… I guess it is".

"Listen, Cub-"

"I just-"

We both stopped, and chuckled lightly.

"You first" He said, and I sighed, "I just… I just wanted to say thanks. For this, for everything, just… Thank you".

"Don't worry about it" He replied, but I shook my head, "No, seriously, you don't know what this means to me… You've put both your career and your life on the line for some guy you've barely known for a few months… No one else has ever done that before. Thank you. Really".

He studied me closely for a minute, "… It's alright. Just be sure to send us a postcard, yea?"

I nodded, "Of course. I doubt we'll be safe in Greece for long, but wherever we end up… I'll stay in contact. Don't worry".

It was silent for a few minutes.

"Alright, fine, come here" He grumbled, reaching out and pulling me into a tight hug, "I'm gonna fucking miss you, kid".

I gave a small laugh, "What happened to 'No Chick-flick' moment?"

"Well, I decided I could afford to make one exception… But if you ever mention this to anyone-"

"I won't" I promised, and he nodded, "Good… Because I'd really hate to kill you after all the trouble I went to saving your ass".

From behind us, we heard a sniffle, and Eagle's hoarse voice, "I promised myself I wouldn't cry… Promise broken".

Pulling apart, I turned to face him with an incredulous look on my face, "Seriously?"

He stared at me for a moment before a sob broke through, and he ran over, clutching on to me for dear life, "Oh, how I'm going to miss your sarcastic ways".

Snake sighed, "Here we go".

"And I'm gonna miss your jokes, and your attitude, and you're fighting with Wolfie, and your- your-"

"Eagle, come on, lay off the poor boy" Wolf ordered, "You've traumatised him enough as it is".

"No!" He pouted, wrapping his arms around me even tighter, and I frowned, "Eagle?"

"… Yea?"

"Do you want me to tell them about that time-"

"OKAY, OKAY, I'LL GET GO" He panicked, throwing himself away from me as if burned, and rushing back to Snake, hiding behind him.

The Medic gave him an odd look, before walking over to me, holding out his hand, "It's been nice working with you, Cub".

"You too" I replied shaking it, before quickly pulling him in, "And don't you dare act like you weren't going to hug me".

He laughed, "Yes, well, I was hoping for one. If Wolf hugged you, then I sure as hell wasn't being left out".

Pulling back again for the last time, I looked over each of them in turn, "… Thank you, again, for all this. I don't know what would have happened if-"

"Ok, well, looks like the plane's about to leave" Wold hurriedly interrupted, "And that's more than enough sap for now. 'Sides, not like we'll never see each other again, now, is it? I plan on spending my holidays somewhere warm. Got that, Cub?"

"Sure" I replied, smiling, before heading towards the grey metal plane, "I'll send you the address as soon as we settle down. And I'm sure you and Yassen can along for a few days without killing each other".

The assassin gave a noncommittal grunt, his expression still drawn, almost pained.

"So… See you, I suppose" I finished, helping the now-ex-SCORPIA agent into the plane, and they nodded, "Yea. Later, Cub".

And giving one last wave at my new-found friends, the door shut, and we were off.

Sitting back in my seat, I couldn't help but sigh in relief.

We were free.

We were finally free.

Then suddenly, I started laughing.

Next to me, Yassen frowned, "What are you so happy about?"

"Oh, nothing" I replied nonchalantly, "Just, you know, picking their reactions when they find out".

"Find out…?" He prompted, and I grinned, "What I wrote on their cabin wall… And you know what the best part is?"


I turned to him, and couldn't help but laugh once more, "It's written in Permanent Marker".

Okay, so, yea, lame ending or what?

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