I had gone to bed feeling pretty good about myself. Boromir surly knew how to be persistent when it came to conversation. When we sat down at that diner, I had no idea what I was in for. But still, there was this ever growing thing in my mind. Was it doubt? Probably. I don't know why he has to be so damn difficult. I tried explaining so many times to him that I don't think Middle Earth even exists and he kept pushing that notion away. Perhaps it's a made up reality as an escape from childhood trauma. After all, that's what happened in a case about a year ago where a woman who had suffered serious psychological damage due to her uncle's abuse in her teen years. She made up this place...what was it called? I think it was similar to Wonderland, and she thought she was Alice...

Perhaps it's the same for Boromir? Vivid descriptions and tales of all of these adventures, peoples names, what they looked like...and what the Hell are Hobbits?

Now here I was, flopping on my bed, fully clothed, wondering what happened. He had probed my mind. Gotten inside and made me doubt just about everything that I thought was the rational conclusion. But how? It was like he knew me. Knowing when I was completely bullshitting the reason I gave for Middle Earth not existing.

I questioned back. We learned everything there was to know about each other, and I hadn't even gotten my coffee from the waitress yet. Quite frankly, the more he talked about his home, the more I believed him.

As crazy and fucked up as it is, there was no lie when I stared him straight in the face.

I tore off my shirt and put on my Batman PJ's. Just like I do every night. Only this time my mind was racing with the thought that other worlds could exist.

I looked at the clock, almost 11. The earliest I had gone to bed. I was beat. So it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.


He always asked me that. Why did my dad always have to ask me why I did things? He stood before me, my mom had left the room, too upset for words. His dark eyes spoke the rage he ever so expertly expressed.

"What do you mean why?" I asked, "Did you not read the same note I did?"

"No, Coraline." Dad used my full name, fuck I hated when he did that, "I mean why did you just let him get away from you?"

"Dad?" I begged, "You think I asked for this?"

Beth was standing in the doorway, "Come on, dad."

"Hush, Bethany." Dad snapped, "It isn't your place to make up for every fuck-up your sister gets into."

"Arthur, please?" Mom had come back, her red dyed hair flaming and the eyes I had gotten from her gleamed in a pleading manner.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I yelled, "I had no idea that Lucas was married. Don't put that shit on me."

"Well maybe if you hadn't have let him go for so long he wouldn't have strayed." Dad retorted, ignoring my mother completely.

I was beyond hurt at this point, "Alright." I walked out of their living room and outside.

"Cory baby, please." My mom came after me. "If you could just understand that your father is just as hurt as you are."

I didn't answer her, for fear I might say something that I'd regret. So I ripped the door to my Subaru Baja open and started the ignition. I didn't take the cruiser, I knew dad had hated the fact I was even around cops. But, fuck them all.

"Bye, mom." I said.

"Cory, c'mon." Beth came outside. Dad followed her, ready to let out the last words.

"Let her go! But Coraline, if you reach the end of that driveway, you are never to come back here!" Dad yelled.

Determined to end this clusterfuck that was my relationship with my father, I stopped at the end of the driveway, then looked back.

"Fine." I simply said, then I slammed the gas and tore out of there as fast as I could.

"Shit!" I woke up saying.

Even with the AC on, I was sweating my ass off. No wonder I hated sleep, all of the bad memories seemed to come back to me.

I need a drink.

I got up and went to the door. When I opened it, Boromir was standing there. The sight made me jump about two feet in the air. His eyes were wide and he looked like he didn't know what to do with himself.

"Hey. You do know it's 2 in the morning right?" I asked.

"I heard you yelling." He said, "I wasn't sure if I should come in or wait for you."

He looked more torn up than I was. So I held his face. "Hey." I said soothingly, "Its okay."

"I can't believe you, Lady Blair." Boromir said.

Dammit he was difficult! I rolled my eyes then slid my arms around his neck and hugged him. It felt weird, to hug on my own accord. But nice.

"I'm fine." I whispered, taking in the woodsy scent.

"Why did you scream?" He asked softly in my ear, clearly not satisfied with my conclusions.

"Bad dream?" I suggested. There was clearly no appeasing this man. "C'mon. We'll just stay here all day and watch movies. Will that make you happy?"

"The moving pictures?" Boromir asked.

"Yes the moving pictures." I giggled.

I put in Kingdom of Heaven. Which Boromir enjoyed thoroughly. I figured as much. Lot's of sword fighting and Liam Neeson does it for me every time. Though, the whole skin eating disorder kinda creeps me the fuck out. But who doesn't love the Crusades?

After the movie ended, I kept true to my words and got another one. I popped Saving Private Ryan in and made some popcorn. I tried not to cry at the death of Doc. Which happens every damn time. Of course I told Boromir that both movies we'd watched were based on true events. Which he was utterly appalled that people could stoop so low.

We then sat there with some beers and watched the ENTIRE Godfather series. By that time, I was ready for breakfast. The living room stayed dark when I shut the curtains to give it a theater effect. But we sat there and ate waffles and bacon. The whole horse head thing didn't sit well with Boromir.

"Theoden would have damned this." He muttered.

"Maybe we'll watch a different genre now." I suggested.

"There are more?" Boromir asked, utterly shocked.

"Oh yeah. Millions and millions. But we ain't watching em all." I laughed, watching his facial expressions.

By the time we were done with Moulin Rouge. I realized my head was on his shoulder.

'Oh what the hell Cory?' I asked myself, 'He's gone in a few days! What are you doing to yourself?'

Right after I put Secondhand Lions in, my phone was ringing. I'd seen it a million times, but I was still peeved when I had to tear my gaze away from Christian Kane. So handsome.

I went into the other room and hit the call button.

"Blair." I said, thoroughly annoyed.

"Hey, Cory. Whatcha doing today?" Charlie asked.

I really need to pay attention to the caller I.D, "Nothing that'll involve you."

"Harsh, Blair. Very harsh." He said, "Listen, I know you called off Poker Night. But hey, I don't see why we couldn't just meet up here and do it. Seeing as how you don't want us over at your place."

"Charlie. I just want a day where I can relax. Please stop calling. And I'm not in the mood for Poker." I said, rubbing my temples.

"Oh." He seemed put off, "Well. The offer still stands. Just...call? If you wanna come."

"Alright." I said.

"Bye." He said quietly.

"Bye." I ended the call.

I went back into the living room and sat myself next to Boromir and leaned against him, right at the part with the two horses scene. Why did Evans sound so sad? Probably got in trouble with the Chief for pulling something on the rookie. Him and the three medics. Their little group was no good.

"Are you alright, Lady Blair?" Boromir asked me.

"Yeah why?" I answered.

"You seem troubled. The little box you have seems to always bring to you only trouble." He pointed to my cellphone.

"No. I'm good. Now hush, this is the good part." I said smirking, pushing everything aside.

Around lunchtime, I ordered a very greasy and unhealthy pizza from the tavern down the road. Then I forced Boromir to watch Labyrinth. So of course I HAD to call Beth, who obsessed over it . The entire movie we both quoted it line for line, I could hear her laughing over the phone. Boromir just shook his head whenever I said something ridiculously colorful about my sister.

When his torture was over, I let him grab whatever movie he felt like watching. Judging by the massive amounts of movies I had, I'd guess it'd take a while.

So I took my phone in the other room to keep talking with my sister.

"Sounds like you two are having a blast." Beth said.

"Yeah." I said, twirling around a piece of my hair.

"Quit twirling your hair, missy!" Beth scolded.

"How did you..."

"The tone of your voice." Beth told me, "You are totally falling for him, and hard. To think, I've only been gone for two days."

"Oh hush before someone hears you over there." I said.

"Dad's at work and mom is in bed. The kids are out doing God knows what. Oh, and guess who's up here?"

"Who?" I asked, only half-interested.

"My wonderful husband. Alex showed up with some flowers. Then of course I fucked the brains out of him but that's a different story." Beth said deviously.

"Oh that doesn't surprise me at all." I said laughing.

"Hush up, you arrogant fudger." Beth said, "Make sure you make Boromir watch Dracula." She ordered.

"I think he picked out The Shawshank Redemption." I said.

"And your point is?" Beth asked me.

"It's Morgan Freeman, you prick." I said.

"What about Gary Oldman? He's so fine in that movie." Beth said matter-o-factly.

"Too true. We'll watch both. I'll talk to you later." I said.

"Fine. Tell me which one he likes better." Beth said.

"Fine. Bye." I ended the call. Then I took a big case of ginger ale with me into the living room.

"Alright, let's watch something." I pranced to the couch.

In the middle of the movie, somewhere around the part where Tim Robbins' character is working in the library, I found myself once again leaning on Boromir. There was a moment, where we just looked at each other. Every time the scene in the movie changed, the colors on Boromir's face would change.

I really just wanted to pounce on him then and there. There was just this look in his eyes that told me he wanted to do the same to me. But we just turned back to look at the screen. I was so confused about how I felt.

And it scared me.