Age Forty-One

A year after Scorpius' fourteenth birthday and his deflowering at the Temple Rati-Rahasya, he was asked back.

This was momentous.

It was the first time in over two hundred years that the priestesses of Rati had extended a second invitation to the same young man. Scorpius' humility and respect, his reverence for all women and his eagerness to learn had made an impression. Perhaps his hot, lithe body had been influential as well. The Portkey (a silver statue of a curvy, naked woman with enormous tits) had arrived by owl during Sunday dinner. The note from High Priestess Heather tied around the figure's waist read, It would be a true pleasure to pleasure you again on the anniversary of your birth, Moon Tiger.

Draco was so proud that his chest puffed out like a dragon preparing to roar fire. Hermione and Narcissa smirked at each other. Lucius, though also proud of his grandson, quickly retired to his study and drank a bottle of Firewhiskey. He held Abraxas' ivory head against his pouty bottom lip, resolutely fighting tears. High Priestess Izolda had never invited him back to her bedroom. It wasn't fair.

Draco and Hermione had been married the previous October atop a Peruvian temple with their family, friends and a sacred monkey in attendance. The Malfoy elves had baked their wedding cake, which was lemon with lemon icing and two thimbles on top. On the first night of their honeymoon, Hermione had surprised her groom with a new sexual position. It was a secret closely held by the priestesses of Rati and called The Galloping Camel. He had fainted during his climax.

Over the last year, Hermione had traveled less and Draco had traveled more, and in that way, they had both become librarians and tomb raiders. He'd swung on jungle vines and had learned to use a whip but had yet to eat a grub. Like his wife, he had a tattoo on his face - a thin slash of ruddy color along his left cheekbone. How else could he have gotten the Rolaka'i to trust him? He no longer wore sweater vests, bow ties or glasses unless he and Hermione were role-playing. He'd told his mother he'd gotten Muggle lay-sick. "Just like the famous Harry Potter," his father had scoffed.

When the latest installment of Lillian H. Prongs' popular Animagi Mystery Crew series had been published in June, a new character had been introduced. The young boy worked in the school library and helped the team with research. His Animagus form was a very young, white cat.

His name was Snow Kitten.


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