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Introducing Scions of a Lost Kingdom! This story will dive into the past of the main antagonists, Alderic, genius alchemist and his half-blooded children and his connection to the Sailor Senshi and the time before the first golden age of the Silver Millennium.

All the Senshi will have a starring role in this story but if you want key figures in it: Usagi, Rei, Minako and Setsuna but that's just giving you a general idea!

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It has a slight crossover with another story named Accel Stream 2 by my friend Chaosblazer. Minor points but it does add up so read it!

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Chapter 1

Connections to the past

The country of Japan is where this stories setting takes place and the setting is in Juuban, where a group of heroic skirt wearing, ass-kicking teenage girls on any evil that dares step foot on the peace they achieved!

Warriors named the Sailor Senshi, guardians of earth and respective heiresses to the planets of the solar system, led normal lives before their true selves were awaken.

After many battles they thought they achieved peace but life for the Senshi is never easy. Seven months earlier a battle waged with an old enemy, Malachite, who was brought back to life, wanted Sailor Venus for her latent powers of love.

In order to do that Malachite used pawns in his plan for the Senshi of love, two half-breeds, the fox bred Kawasari and her younger brother, Luca, a wolf breed. They started a chain of events that led the Senshi of Time, Sailor Pluto, to rediscover a person from the past never mentioned, Alderic.

The only reason that he returned Malachite was for a plan he started a long time ago and now that the first step had finished he needed the other Senshi to embrace their inner roots.

But what is this plan?

Distant past (Earth)

The mysterious man Alderic, an alchemist and leader of a small kingdom of demons, along with father to some, and decided to start a queue for the kingdom of earth.

During this time the gods of the planets used their own version of Senshi to take down his ambitions but what they didn't know is that they wielded their own version of justice and started eradicating his kingdom of any demon or half-bred children.

It became known as a massacre. A young Sailor Pluto, who was training at the time, had arrived to stop them but they didn't pay her any heed and continued on with their rampage. One of the self-deluded Senshi had come across Luca, who was a mere toddler and tried killing him but the wolf half-breed killed that opposition and others before being calmed by Kawasari.

Alderic knew of the Senshi's crimes against his kingdom and decided to retaliate. Using his older children for war against them and the kingdom of earth they proceeded to attack.

After many battles from all three sides with causality's everywhere a lone woman with silver hair stepped up to stop all the chaos from running rampant. Using the blessed gem of the universe she had no choice but to seal all who carried demon blood in their veins.

But she was merciful as she had them continue growing in their hibernation. Serenity didn't want to kill any innocent lives due to one person's ambition. Next she relinquished control of the "false Senshi" powers and banished them to the void.

Finally Serenity confronted the man who started all this. His palace was rather small but still suited the population here. All that was left was ashes on the ground and dead bodies decaying.

Alderic's eyes looked wildly at her for all that she did. He didn't know how this girl, who was a descended of Selene, held such a powerful tool but he wanted to make it his.

"Don't be a fool Serenity!" he argued at her. "That power is not made for you let me use it so I can take my rightful place as ruler of earth! With my knowledge I can bring great things to this world!"

The teenage Serenity looked sad but firm at him, as she held her birthright, the silver crystal, in her possession. "You're not needed for this world, Alderic. I've seen how you ruled your kingdom and even though it is superior with you intellectual progress of alchemy, you treat the ones under your care with disdain; even your own children!"

The blonde looking man with gray eyes scoffed. "I treat them well enough. I will bring unity to this place and eradicate those cursed Senshi! They killed my people!"

Serenity held back tears at what they did. "My hearts go out to all the innocents lost in their hatred for non-humans and dealt with accordingly. However you started this when you tried to usurp the throne from Endymion!" She snapped.

"He is a fool! This land is dying and his little kingdom flourishes with life? I know all about the Golden Crystal he possesses and I will have it! It's magic left by the gods that have ascended to a higher plane. And you," He had a look of scorn etched on his face. "Descendent of the Goddess Selene, who will not have to worry about getting older, get on my case? At least I am doing something for my ambitions!"

"Your ambitions cross over ethical lines; you've used your subjects for experiments to make chimera that roam around this area! You've sired children for the sake that they will be tools! This life of perversion will end!"

He laughed hard at her. "Ha-ha, and what will you do? What you think you will ascend to that damn throne in the sky and make that prophecy a reality!" Continuing laughing for a couple of moments he noted that she looked composed and stopped mid-laugh.

"No….not you?!" Alderic looked sick at the concept of this girl who wasn't even an adult, would acquire that right! He always knew people linked to the moon would one day end up there but not her? She was a commoner! She was a pacifist, what right would she bring about!

He pointed a finger at her. "Is that why you have that crystal with you? Blessed with that divinity?"

Serenity didn't say anything for a time. She had always known that she would be the one to use her birthright. Her blood was strong and has lived on this world for a time. She stopped aging when she was seventeen and has remained that way for years.

The person in front of her used various potions to extend his youth. As mentioned only those whose blood holds a strong link to their ancestors bared that curse. But one night when she prayed for an answer for the fighting to stop a tear that ran down her cheek changed to the Silver Crystal.

Not knowing what it was for a moment a small ball of light arrived and told her that is the Silver Crystal; a powerful force of good that could only be wielded by the clan of the moon, in particular Serenity's bloodline.

Thinking on it for a moment Serenity soon realized this is where her destiny has led her. She would usher in the new age for people of earth and citizens of the planets to live in peace, as she had dreamed. But in order for that to happen she had to rid this time of a potential enemy.

"Alderic, the time for your kingdom and the era of these Senshi with no boundaries comes to an end today!" She spoke with a clear and authorities tone.

"Like hell, you bitch! I will take my place as king of the world and grab hold of that gem of yours! Magic has already left this world and only populated by the people close to Endymion's court. The time for science and alchemy is now!"

She shook he head. "Science and magic will reign in the new age but you will not see it!"

Giving her an incredulous look he muttered. "What do you mean?"

"As I've said this era won't happen with you here!"

Eyes widening in fear he stood frozen. "You wouldn't kill me Serenity, you don't have the heart!"

She firmed her resolve. "Don't underestimate what I can and can't do Alderic, the world doesn't need you're tainted influence."

He leered at her. "You do realize I won't stand by and let you work that magic of yours? Pulling out a red vial he slugged the contents down and his body started to shake.

Alderic roared in agony at what was happening as Serenity looked surprised and scared for the man.

His hair got shaggy and went to his back side, his body grew fur and his teeth got sharp. His tail was that of a reptile, claws of a lion and strength of a wild beast! Alderic's grew seven feet tall and stomped his talon foot to the ground.

Roaring he spoke. "I won't let it end this way, I'll kill you and use that crystal as my own!"

She shook her head. "I won't let you do that. In name of the moon, I'll stop you!"

(Begin Inner Senshi Transformation theme!)

Holding up her gem she recited a phrase that would be passed down to her future daughter.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power! Make-up! She leapt to the air as silver light coated around her body!

An instant later she stood in the typical Sailor Scout attire with the white body suit, white gloves, circular shoulder pads, star choker, golden tiara, knee-high heeled boots and skirt. Her skirt was silver and the back bow was gold.

The gem on the tiara was silver and she had a silver locket with the crystal embedded in the middle.

"I am Sailor Silver Moon!" Said person cried making a quick pose by crossing her arms in an x-like formation! For a moment she wondered why she would pose like as if people watched her. Taking a glance behind her she didn't see anyone.

Silver Moon counted that as nerves getting to her and got her attention back to the alchemist turned monster.

(Theme ends)

"What in the-why did you go through all that for a costume change?! You think a puny girl like you can kill me?" He cried aghast. His pride didn't like the fact he had to battle her for he wanted to test his mantle against the king of earth not some girl wearing little to the imagination.

Moon looked down at herself as a drop of sweat came down her head. The ball of light warned her something like this would happen and had her come prepared. Of course she's never fought before but this is for the happiness and stability of the future of the planet and moon kingdom that was awaiting her ascension.

(Sailor Moon S OST: Death Buster's battle theme, starts)

Not waiting anymore Alderic charged at her and brought down a clawed fist! Seeing the attack Silver Moon leapt away as the attack made a decent sized hole on the ground!

Eyes gaping somewhat, she freaked out by his amount of strength. "Come on, I have to defeat that kind of opposition?" She jumped away again as the beast punched again.

This went on for a couple of minutes of her dodging the behemoths attacks but Alderic grew bored with this game of cat and mouse. Or Scary monster chasing a scantily clad, "I could show my panties at any given moment", warrior.

He swung his tail which connected to her stomach and sent her falling to the ground. The monster proceeded to kick her around for a moment or two before throwing out claw slashes! Sailor Silver Moon screamed as claw marks appeared on her bare legs and forearms.

Silver Moon rolled away momentarily pulled out her tiara; it turned to a discus. "Moon Tiara Action!" Throwing the spinning weapon it came toward him.

Oh for the love of-I AM NOT GETTING KILLED BY A DAMN DISC! Alderic smacked the silly move away and it changed back to normal.

"…Well that's not right?" Was all the Senshi stated as the chimera charged at her once again

Giving a kick to her frozen body Alderic held her like a trophy being presented. "Bah, like a girl like you would ever be a ruler? Don't make me laugh you whore!"

Squeezing the life out of her Silver Moon groaned in pain. So much for me bringing change to the world? Selene was wrong about me; I'm not a queen or warrior, just a helpless girl who is out of her league!

She casted a pitiful look to the sky; a full moon was hanging in the air. The blue-eyed Senshi thought that this was a way to go. She couldn't die by natural causes but she could get killed.

I'm sorry… Everything was going dark for her until she saw something in the moon. An image of a beautiful baby with blonde curls and blue eyes smiling at her!?

The Senshi thought she was going crazy for a moment and looked again, yep image was still there! She didn't know what to think of it.

"Dead Scream!" A small voice cried as a purple orb slammed into the beast back, letting Silver Moon go.

Both turned to see a child Sailor Pluto holding up her Garnet Staff. "Please do not give in yet, Silver Moon!" She cried urgently. "Your future is already set and I see it's a bright one! Fight on!"

Sailor Silver Moon then realized that Pluto was able to show her a glimpse of the future. Was that what was waiting down her path?

Alderic got over the first shock of being attacked and charged at the tiny figure! Sailor Pluto body got stiff at the terrifying figure bulldozing towards her!

The Moon Senshi bolted up and ran trying to stop the monster from hurting the Senshi. "Pluto, move!"

Pluto heard the voice and rolled away before Alderic could hit her. However the tail wrapped around her waist and tightened the grip around the girl! "Ahhh!"

"You were a friend to my kids but you are an official Senshi, are you not?!" As a response Pluto grunted in pain

Silver Moon tried getting Pluto out of the hold but Alderic shoved her to the ground. "You've got to do better. But then again you were never much of anything!"

Narrowing her eyes she had to have a weapon to fend him off! As if a prayer heard her plea a staff with a crescent moon on top appeared in her hands. The glow of it sent a wave of energy at the rampaging alchemist freeing the small girl from his clutches!

Pluto landed with a thud and looked at her queen. "Serenity-sama…?"

(Kingdom Hearts BBS OST: Aqua's theme starts)

The Senshi could feel her latent powers coming to her as the crystal floated to the top of the staff, replacing the crescent moon. Then the marking returned forming a protective coating for the crystal.

Floating majestically her aura coated the ground, causing life to grow around the area! Alderic looked stunned at the scene. "Is this her power?"

"Alderic, I won't let the ambitions you have destroy the future!" Holding up her staff a silver light enveloped him. The alchemist tried to move but he was frozen.

Waving her weapon in a circle the planet signs appeared. They started spinning around her as she gathered their celestial powers. White wings appeared on her back and her planetary sign, a crescent moon, showed.

"Brilliance of the dawn that illuminates the world, the moon that embraces the sky, by the nine holy planets descends thy sacred light, shining!"

She held the scepter towards the sky as all the power gathered there. "Celestial Innocence!"

The amount of power came at the alchemist as his bestial body broke down! Screaming at what was happening he stood once more in his human form.

Sailor Pluto looked on in awe at what she saw. This was the power of the crystal but more importantly, Serenity's powers.

Sailor Silver Moon looked ethereal for a moment. "I have stopped your rampage and your powers are no more!"

"You couldn't have possibly," Alderic tried using his alchemy but nothing happened.

"The powers you once wielded are gone and now I do this," She pointed a finger and a crescent moon glyph appeared underneath him. "I should end your life but I won't. What I will do is keep you locked in your kingdom, where you will do no more damage!"

He soon became locked in a mirror and the area was his prison. "You will not escape this fate and you will die of old age. The future is now Alderic and you are not welcome."

With that she took Sailor Pluto and teleported to her kingdom. Alderic looked angry at what happened to him! How could he be stopped by her?

(Theme ends)

All wasn't bad however, that vial contained an aspect of something he needed. He wouldn't be aging anytime soon. Alderic smiled as he looked at the empty vial. "Good thing I had that essence of a phoenix feather. I have immortality at last!"

He looked around his prison and on the outside his kingdom looked ruins. "It will all fall down but I know her seal won't last. I will regain my powers in time and when I do, she will loath the day she didn't kill me!"

So he waited and bided his time.

On the newly established kingdom on the moon Sailor Pluto looked astonished at how nice it looked. She glanced at Silver Moon who was back to her normal appearance. She sighed.

"I don't think this kind of work is for me…" She said as she returned to her human guise.

"But your majesty, you defeated him with ease and you have a lot of power now!" Pluto tried reassuring her.

She chuckled. "That was only a one time deal. I know my role isn't fighting; it is governing in this golden age. The title of the Senshi of the Moon will pass down but I get the feeling that it won't happen for a while."

The young Sailor Pluto smiled but it turned sad. "You sealed up Kawasari and Luca, didn't you?"

Serenity nodded albeit with regret. "I wish there was another option but with all the fighting they would have killed. At least now no one can harm them."

Pluto understood that but it still was sad. "I tried to help but those others got in my way."

"Yes, the humans who tried using the power of the celestial planets but it affected their minds. Only a true descended of them could use them to their fullest without succumbing to the madness. Now all whose blood is strong with the old gods will ascend to the planets and rule their kingdoms. There they will have the child that will be the true essence of it."

She looked to Pluto and placed a hand on her head. "You are the first Senshi given this privilege as your father didn't go with the others. He wanted to raise you until he felt you were ready. I thank you for giving me hope within the darkness."

The dark green haired girl blushed at the compliments she was getting. "None at all your highness; I only did what I deemed right. I haven't the accesses my full abilities yet and I still need training. Even my clairvoyance is off…"

"It will come to you in time and that ability will develop to Omniscience. Now the hard part of this, From what your father said you will guard the time gates. I didn't want you to do that unit you were older but…"

"I know my duty, Queen Serenity," Pluto chimed calling her regal title. "Even though I am heiress to Pluto, I know where my duty truly lies. I will learn as I go and help you anyway possible until the children of the planets are born!"

The silver-haired woman, who looked around her early twenties instead of her mid-teen years smiled, "I will have to grant the people of earth where they would like to stay to populate the castles and begin a treaty with King Endymion. So much stuff to do…" She slightly cried at the amount of paperwork.

"You will do fine. We all will do what we can to make sure this golden age doesn't end."

Queen Serenity smiled. "I hope you are right child…"

Alderic's home (present)

It was the middle of the night and a lone man slept in his bedroom restlessly. Alderic was having that dream again. It was a dream he had every night for as long as he could remember. Him getting sealed by the moon queen.

Getting up he went to the bathroom and checked the mirror. He looked around his early forties with his honey blonde hair turning a little gray. The potion he took all those years ago was coming undone.

"Hmph at least it lasted this long!" He commented as he went back to his room. Looking outside the windows his castle was in a void. During his travels he had procreate the place where the Negaforce (Negaverse?) was once in.

With his vast knowledge of alchemy and magic it was simple to do once you had a general idea of theories at your disposal.

During his imprisonment his seal did indeed become undone thanks to Metialia coming into the picture. Her powers released him and when he saw this he laughed. Alderic didn't take part in the battle with the moon goddess as he could use this time to build and gather information.

And that is what he did since the fall of the Silver Millenium. It was a long road but he had made it to this point. During the travels he discovered the seals of his children and filed that away for future use.

Then many years later he found himself in the country of Japan where he heard of the Sailor Suited warrior Sailor V. Thinking that the warriors of the planets were reborn in this time he would start his plans.

When he was younger he had heard that the Senshi did have powers more than they could comprehend, being linked the planets they were born on and he would want that power for his own ends.

Running a hand over his head he thought that there was much to do before he could start his plans for domination. "Even if the Senshi of Love has closed off her powers, the others will need a push as well."

He went to a lower chamber where there were four more stones. "I will have to revive them slowly and once that happens I will begin my plans."

Smiling with perverse pleasure he thought who he should go after first? Waving a hand in front images of the Senshi appeared.

"They each have potential of their elements and it will bring demolition to the world. Hmmm, I think I'll need to test this first."

Clapping his hands he slammed them to the ground an alchemic circle appeared. The energy went around the room until he finished creating his experiments.

"I will use these chimeras to begin soon!" He stated. "Princess Serenity, you and your warriors are about to be thrown to my maze of confusion!"

Tokyo park

It's been seven months since the last of the Senshi's battle and they surprisingly had gotten back to the swing of things.

In the city crowds were gathering at a park for an up and coming act. There was a stage with lights around it.

A certain group of teenage girls were there supporting their friend; one had blond hair with meat ball hair style on top, this was Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon! She was enjoying the ambiance as she was with her boyfriend Mamoru Chiba.

The man was handsome with his short black hair and had blue eyes. He went by the rose throwing vigilante Tuxedo Kamen.

Next to him was a girl with short-blue hair and eyes. She had a bookish kind of look to her but she dawned a kind smile on her face; Ami Mizuno.

The last person in the group was a tall girl with brown hair tied in a tail and green eyes, Makoto Kino.

"Can you believe this?" Gushed an excited Usagi to her boyfriend. "Minako's got her first pre concert!"

Mamoru chuckled at how joyful she was being. "It's all you talked about for weeks. I think you are more excited for her than she is!"

"He's got a point Usagi-chan. Of course she's worked hard and texted me an hour ago on how nervous she is." Makoto laughed.

"It is good that she is keeping up with her general studies though while doing this on the side," Ami mentioned. "For a second I thought she would have stopped going to college?"

"I believe she almost did but Yaten-kun had a firm grip on that subject…" Makoto stated.

Usagi had a confused look. "It's amazing that he stayed here after all these months. I thought that after his mission he would have returned to his planet?"

Looking thoughtful for a moment, Mamoru answered the question. "He told me that he has no pressuring issues there at the moment and decided to take a small vacation."

"Vacation, it sounds like he's playing hookie!" Usagi mentioned!

The others got an uneasy laugh at that.

"It's sad that Setsuna and her group couldn't make though," Makoto brought up.

"They've been busy with other stuff but they send their love! With Hotaru back at school we might not see her for a while. I think Haruka and Michiru came back from their stint in America but other work is keeping them busy." Usagi told them that info.

"Along with Rei, she wanted to come but she's taking care of the shrine since her grandfather is taking a break. She transferred her credits to go to the same university as Minako!" Ami said.

Mamoru continued the conversation. "Not to mention that Luca and Kawasari have been out of the picture as well, I hope they are doing all right?"

When bringing up the puppy boy all the teen girls sighed in happiness.

"Awww Luca-kun, I wonder how he's doing at school?" The bunny girl fawned over him as she pictured hugging the poor boy and pulling on his dog ears.

"Yeah, remember when he came to visit us, he told us he's getting comfortable with kids his own age and learning to control his impulses." Ami stated.

Makoto giggled. "I think as well it has something to do with Rei and how she's got him on a leash."

They laughed at that. Luca and Rei still were the bane of each other's existence.

"Didn't Kawasari also start-up something?" Mamoru asked.

That got a nod from the logical Ami. "She's also singing as well and I believe there is a fierce rivalry between people who support Minako and Kawasari…"

"It never ends doesn't it? I thought that Kawasari would hang out with us today as well…" Usagi said with sadness.

Her boyfriend wrapped his arms around her. "Usako, people's feelings won't change quickly. Patience is needed. At least she's fine with Luca seeing us."

The others took that to account. It was true their friendship with the spiky-haired boy was better but with Kawasari it was still icy.

"I hope that we can discover this truth in regards to her past," Ami said. "Setsuna-san mentioned she would tell us but hasn't yet?"

"We might have to push on that." Makoto said as the crowed was getting pumped up.

"Hey, Minako is about to start!" Usagi yelled as she started fan girling out! "Come on, show some love for our sister!"

The small group looked from left to right as people stared at them. Yep, she made a scene.

Behind the stage a certain long blonde hair teen was getting nervous for her performance. Minako Aino was applying the last of her light make up. She wore a black t-shirt, blue jeans and high-heeled sandals.

"Can this really be happening after all this time?" She asked the person behind her.

A voice spoke to her. "Yes, it is happening Minako!" The person who spoke was Yaten Kou. "Be proud for getting this far. And sure it's a mock concert but this is already generating buzz about you!"

The blue-eyed girl smiled. "That's true and it's giving me confidence to strike out more."

Minako Aino had indeed gotten this far. After her first performance at that club months ago she had gotten inspired to do that stuff along with continuing her education. Yaten had helped her begin but she realized she had to be productive. She did have him as an advisor though.

The two weren't official after what happened with Malachite but anyone who saw them felt that there was a charge with the two. Even Usagi was wondering when they'd hook up, to their embarrassment.

Placing a hand on her shoulder he gave her some encouragement. "Come on, you'll do fine. Just remember to go with the tempo."

She held that hand for a moment and got up. "Time for me to do this!"

"Break a leg, Mina-chan!"

Winking she went to the stage.

The crowds were pumped as they saw the ever cheerful Minako set foot on stage!

"MINAKO-CHAN, WE LOVE YOU!" The fans enthused as she waved at them.

She saw her friends and was happy in seeing them. "Hey I hope you're ready! This is a new song I wanna try, so hope you enjoy!"

The crowd got quiet as the music began playing on the speakers.

(The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Hikari no Filimento (The Filament of Light) begins.)

Mina's voice was clear as she sang the lyrics:

The memory from that day I had forgotten

Is faint in the distant sky.

Our hearts should have been connected,

But your shaking eyes didn't answer.

No matter how much I believe

No matter how much I want to convey

My voice just won't reach

Oh, filament of light

Carve everything into this body of mine

And then I will walk from here

A segment of memories

Now, I unravel the tangled threads of fate

I want to become strong

So that if we meet once again

I can protect you.

(Song continue)

As she was singing people liked how everything was brought together with it. Some parts were good that you remembered.

Yaten looked happy at what she was doing. As he watched her he wondered how long he could continue having his "vacation" as it were.

I know that Taiki and Seiya are probably getting worried? I should tell them that I've been thinking about staying here…

As that concert was happening another person entered the park; it was a girl with short blonde hair wearing long-sleeved dress strode in the park seeing what the commotion was about.

She had an impassive face looking at the scenery. "This is where father wanted me to come?" Aria saw her targets. "The Sailor Senshi along with the moon princess's lover? I will see how far they have come from that short interval of peace."

Aria's hand glowed green as she ready to start some trouble.

The end of the first chapter! So how'd you readers like it?

So I began with a quick past introduction on how all that happened in the past before the golden age.

I guess it's shocking that I had Queen Serenity become her daughter's future persona?

I just added silver into it since her hair is the color. She only did it once though and as you saw she has some of her daughter's characteristics in the beginning as well!

Alderic, as I said, has an enigmatic personality and he did sire a lot of kids. Well say that his kingdom had demons mixed in with some humans and alchemy and science was the big thing before other aspects entered in (magic, celestial powers, etc)

Yeah, Sailor Pluto did battle him as a young girl. Let's just say her father left her to her own devices after he ascended. Yeah I'm making this up as I go along.

Other stuff will happen in this story and at least you got some Intel what's been going on with them.

Aria makes her appearance and will be the first boss they battle with. Don't expect her to go all out at first however.

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