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Let's begin this next chapter of this story shall we? Last time a battle erupts with Aria the Siren and she has defeated majority of the Sailor Scout team.

Eternal Sailor Moon and Neptune are the only ones left to fend the siren off but for how long? Move forward readers!

Chapter 3

Awakening of remnants

Sailor Neptune had just got struck with an ultra-sonic blast from Aria! The last thing she saw was her body going down and everything going black…or so she thought.

The dark-green skirted Senshi ended up protected by her talisman; the Deep Aqua Mirror and had created a barrier to nullify some of the attack but she still got hurt somewhat.

Coughing from the shock Sailor Neptune grasped the handle of the mirror gently. "You protected me, again…" She uttered.

Eternal Sailor Moon looked relived that she got by unscathed but soon turned to dread at the rest of the Senshi being thrown asunder. The moon rabbit got closer as she moved Mercury to the others and soon got Mars to the small pile of fallen comrades.

Aria, who was afloat thanks to her wings on her back, still looked angry at being called "monster" by the Outer Senshi. The half-siren soon remembered others picking on her when she was younger.

"Bringer of death" they called her and "man stealing skank" due to her lineage. She hated being what she was at times.

"I'm not a monster; the ones who should bear that name are the ones who started all of this!" Muttered the short blonde.

Slitting her eyes at the stubborn Senshi, Aria set up to obliterate her.

Eternal Sailor Moon went to Neptune and supported her on her feet. "I've got you, Sailor Neptune."

The turquoise-haired Senshi smiled at the gesture for a second before placing her view on the floating figure. "She is strong; I've never battle someone of her class before. Even the Animates didn't have this much drive."

Blue-eyed girl agreed on that. Her battles with Beryl's minions and youma, heart snatchers, dream apparitions didn't hold anything to a real opponent who didn't leave things to chance.

"We have to stop her, I won't let her do what she pleases!" Eternal Sailor Moon had resolve to finish this battle.

Neptune was momentarily struck on how strong her princess has come. She is the light that will lead us to a better future… Getting her bearings she stood on her own feet. "I don't think you are ready to go off on your own just yet, bunny."

The pig tailed girl looked innocently at her for a second and smiled.

The moment ended up ruined as feathers launched at their feet which made the two Senshi move away. Aria held some feathers between her fingers and released more like darts at a target.

Moon floated away from them while Neptune rolled to the ground. Aria's movements were for Sailor Neptune as she threw a couple at her head. A shield protected the Senshi from the assault as Neptune released a spherical tidal wave at the aerial woman.

Opening her mouth she used a silent cry to disrupt the attack. Sailor Neptune gasped as Aria smiled. She released another wail that came towards her and knocked her off her feet. Sliding to the ground Neptune grimaced in pain as a feather stem pricked her arm!

Looking her she noticed a double image of Aria. Shaking her head she couldn't get the image out. Why am I seeing two of her?

Aria looked satisfied as she held a small empty bottle in her hand. I should thank father for giving me that. By mixing my blood with this and pricking my target, I can manipulate what she sees from her vision!

Sailor Neptune became confused as Aria unleashed a sonic wave at her. From her perception it looked like it came from two directions at once. Screaming she had cuts appears over her body.

Eternal Sailor Moon saw this and flew straight for Aria. Holding out her tier she fired a pink blast from her scepter! The elusive woman flipped over the attack and launched a condensed orb of sound. Not having enough time to dodge Eternal Sailor Moon became trapped in a sound bubble.

The vibration became painful to bear as she collapsed to the ground. Neptune saw this and tried rushing to her until she felt someone grab her neck; it was Aria.

"Uh-uh, you will not save the moon princess, just yet!" the siren murmured to her. She then tossed the Senshi like trash to the ground.

Sailor Neptune still saw images of the woman, even though she knew their could only be one. She thought how could that be. What happened before she saw those random images?

Her eyes flew open as she looked at her arm! She drugged me with something? Sailor Neptune had figured it out but how could she get the foreign toxin from her body?

"I know what you did to me," She choked out at Aria.

Aria looked somewhat impressed by the Senshi's logic. "Even if that's the case you can't get rid of it," Then a silent scream seemed to erupt from Neptune's ears as she writhed in agony.

The siren was using her own demonic energy to manipulate her residue energy that was in the Senshi. Sailor Neptune cried in pain at what she was going through.

"It's amazing how Luca and Kawasari lost to someone like you," She walked up and gripped the woman's hair. "My father has plans but I don't think he'll mind if I kill you!"

She held out a hand and her finger nails grew like talons. "Fare thee well!"

A rose soon pricked her hand, causing her to scream. Looking around she saw someone ahead of her; it was a male wearing a tuxedo attire with a white mask over his eyes and a top hat. A cane was in his hand. The man appeared carrying Sailor Moon.

Neptune saw who it was. "Tuxedo…Mask?"

Tuxedo Mask nodded to Neptune as he looked angry at what Aria did. "I won't stand to what you did to my love and her friends, demon!"

Aria looked at him stunned. He is…the King's son? An image of a girl appeared and it looked like Aria and a boy resembled Mamoru as a kid. They were playing together.

"You have a pretty voice, Ari!" The young Endymion said happily.

The girl blushed in happiness. "I don't know about that but when I get older, I'll sing you a song you won't forget!" The memory ended as she continued to stare at him. "Prince…Endymion?"

Tuxedo Mask saw the look on her face. Why is she looking at me like that? Looking at the love of his life he got serious. "Don't think you will get away unscathed!"

Aria didn't say anything as she had tears appear on her face. "Why…why are you here? You…promised to hear me sing…Endymion…"

He looked even more confused. "What are you talking about?"

It felt like she got slapped by some fanatical mother protecting her kids. "You…don't….?"

"I don't know you…" He uttered.

Aria felt like she was going into a pit. She soon narrowed her eyes at the figure in his arms. "She is the one…she made you forget about me!"

She expanded her wings and flew above them. "I will end that wretches life Endymion; then and only then can you be mine!"

Tuxedo Mask didn't know what she was going on about but he held his beloved protectively in his arms.

Sailor Neptune, who was barely conscious, saw the look on her face. It looked like she knew him? She then saw what she was going to do, "Tuxedo Mask get Sailor Moon out of here, now!"

The tuxedo man heard the plea and was about to but an invisible force kept him there. A figure appeared a couple of meters behind him with a hand out.

The figure looked around a male in his early twenties; he had short golden-hair and blue eyes. His attire composed of a short-sleeved shirt, black pants and he had black sneakers with red and white stripes on it. His left ear pierced with gold earring. He looked surprisingly handsome.

Next to his feet was a four-legged animal with dark-blue fur and a tail that resembled a mermaid at the tip. Its eyes were yellow.

The man petted his fury companion. "Nice leer attack, Dorran!" He spoke nicely as Dorran barked gleefully.

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Neptune looked at the strange duo with suspicion. Aria looked surprised as she hadn't seen the person in a long time. "Erin…you have returned?"

Erin smiled at her and waved. "Dad just woke me up, nice seeing you again!"

Sailor Neptune didn't know how to comprehend this. Is he another one of that man's children?

The gold-haired man looked at her with politeness but his smile had a hint of sadness to it. "So this is the princess of Neptune? Sister, you have gone over-board which is unlike you." He turned his view to the tuxedo man. "And it seems you haven't gotten over your crush?"

Aria didn't say anything for a moment. "What are you doing here? I have this situation handled!"

The one named Erin shook his head. "Father saw what you were about to do, he wants them alive, not dead! What's got you in a hitch?

Floating down she reached and grabbed Neptune once again, who groaned. She looked about tired of the hair pulling. "I disliked what she called me…"

It took a moment for it to click in his head and he gave a sigh. "Got called a monster? Really you should get over that stigma."

Turning on him she glared. "I don't want to hear that from you; out of all of us you are the only human child he had!"

Tuxedo Mask and Neptune gasped at what they found out.

Erin looked solemn and answered. "Don't bring that up at this moment. Just start gathering them so we can take them back." He gestured to his familiar, Dorran. "Place a barrier around the ones unconscious,"

Dorran gave a short bark and his eyes glowed dark as in invisible barrier surrounded Mars and the others.

Tuxedo Mask tried struggling but the paralysis that Dorran did still held. He looked at Sailor Moon and at her companions in dread. This couldn't be how it ended, right?

"Moonlight Boomerangs!" Pink and yellow crescent moons of energy came from nowhere and headed for the animal.

Dorran nimbly dodged as he landed by Erin who checked the surroundings. Aria also looked perplexed until a purple sphere of light almost slammed into her. She retreated quickly as it got her away from the Senshi.

Erin remained calm as he felt another presence and leapt away from a slash attack. Dorran followed.

Out stepped Eternal Sailor Pluto and Eternal Sailor Saturn; they held their weapons ready to strike again along with another surprise guest.

She looked around eleven or twelve years old as she had the same hair style as Sailor Moon but her hair styled after a rabbit and had pink hair and red eyes. She wore sailor suited attire with a pink skirt and high-heeled boots. A red chest bow and back bow with clips on her hair and a pink brooch.

"Oh-ho, who is this one?" Erin muttered.

Stepping in the forefront Sailor Chibi Moon stated her name. "I am from 30th century Crystal Tokyo; Sailor Chibi Moon!"

Tuxedo Kamen looked in disbelief at seeing his and Usagi's daughter from the future appear with Saturn and Pluto. Sailor Neptune was also shocked by this event.

"Solider of ruin; Sailor Saturn!" Said warrior declared as she gave a twirl of her silent glaive.

The dark-green long-haired Sailor called her title as well. "Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time, stands before you!"

She gave glare to Alderic's children with disdain. "Aria the siren and Erin the tamer; I didn't think you'd arrive here this soon!"

Aria only glared at the Senshi while Erin clapped. "My, my, the time guardian remembers us? You've changed from that gawky kid? How are Kawasari and Luca doing?"

Sailor Pluto slammed her staff to the ground. "None of your concern!"

He looked unperturbed. "Not that it matters, we'll eventually see them; Dorran!"

The four-legged animal (that resembled a Pokémon) eyes glowed dark and fired a condensed orb of darkness at them!

Sailor Saturn shielded them with her Silent Wall and the attack fell short. Sailor Chibi Moon held out her own scepter and released a cannon-ball sized attack at the two siblings and animal.

Erin pointed his fingers at the attack and like reading his master's command, Dorran created a shield to protect them. Making an up-ward gesture, Dorran soon jumped to the air and unleashed hurdles of stars at them.

Saturn took point as she glided to the attack and cut through them with her glaive and got in close range of Dorran.

Erin narrowed his eyes. "DORRAN!" He yelled.

The animal moved away from her attack and landed on fours. Growling he opened his mouth a colorful blast of light erupted from the tiny creature.

Sailor Saturn got her barrier up in time but pushed back. Sailor Pluto glided over and smacked the animal with her rod! Erin grabbed his partner before it hit the ground.

Aria flew in the air and released a silent sound wave at the trio. Sailor Chibi Moon instinctively dodged the attack (to Neptune and her father's disbelief) and charged up her attack.

"Moonlight Flash!" A bright pink light erupted which momentarily blinded Aria who screamed.

Eternal Sailor Pluto dislocated her staff and joined it in an X like formation and threw it at the siren. "Chronos Typhoon!" It trapped her in energy like twister.

Erin looked surprised at what happened. Looks like we underestimated these warriors? He dodged a blow from Saturn as he continued holding Dorran.

While that was going on Tuxedo Kamen could move his body and got to Neptune. He put Sailor Moon down and pulled out a vile. "Drink this,"

Sailor Neptune complied and drank it; it had the taste of raspberry. "Mamoru-san, what is that?"

"Something I'm trying out. From my latent psychometric abilities, I figured what's wrong with you. I guess this power gave me some foresight?"

"I had no clue you had such powers?" The Senshi of Embrace mentioned.

He chuckled ruefully. "I guess my powers are expanding more than just throwing roses!"

The blue-eyed woman smiled at that and thanked him as she looked at the battle waged. She wouldn't forgive Aria for bringing down her friends or love.

As she looked at them she noticed a presence beside her; Sailor Uranus!

"Uranus, you…" she began.

Sailor Uranus answered her but looked dead serious. "Yeah, the bunny's healing magic helped me recover but I was still out of it until now!"

Sailor Chibi Moon and Pluto were helping Saturn now as Dorran grew to the size of a horse which Erin rode. The man held out a hand and a glyph appeared.

"Bifrost!" he cried as ice crystals appeared from the ground an unleashed a large ice crystal. The Senshi dodged his attack before he clapped his hands together and the ice split into shards. Saturn and Pluto created a barrier to protect themselves from the attack.

"This has gone on long enough, don't you think Neptune?" Uranus glowed a dark blue color.

The same thing happened to Neptune but hers was sea-green. "The time for ascension is now!"

Outer Senshi's rods appeared before them and changed to brooches. The crystals became gem like and were in the middle.

"Uranus/Neptune Eternal, Make-UP!"

A flash of light bathed around their bodies as they donned wings on their back, white high-heeled boots and star choker's.

Eternal Sailor Uranus skit was dark blue and underneath light blue. Eternal Sailor Neptune's was turquoise at top and light green on the bottom. They became Eternal Senshi at last.

The others stopped fighting as they looked surprised by it

"Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama were able to do it!" Saturn replied happily.

Sailor Chibi Moon looked happy as well! "Now we can have an edge in this!" Sailor Pluto remained silent but was happy as well.

Tuxedo Mask could feel their power as well. "I'll leave it to you two!"

The two nodded and glided to their companions.

Aria got up and saw the upgrade. She stared at Sailor Neptune in particular and flew towards her. "I'm coming for you!" she called to Neptune as she unleashed a sonic blast from her mouth.

Eternal Sailor Neptune let Uranus go on ahead as she took out her mirror and reflected the attack back at her! Aria moved above the attack and sent another wave of sound at her! Neptune retaliated by using her Deep Submerge to cancel the attack.

Aria looked stunned and thought about using her weapon but thought against it. She soon started wailing a harsh note.

Eternal Sailor Neptune saw what Aria would go for and stuck. A wave of ocean water spun around the Senshi and changed to a violin. She held a bow in her hands and started playing to cancel out the sound wave emitting from the siren.

Aria was in disbelief; not only was Sailor Neptune canceling her sound but was keeping up the fluctuating complex notes?

Eternal Neptune opened her eyes. "Finally losing that voice of yours? Now here is my finale; Submarine Violin Tide!" A wave of ocean water crashed into the siren and slammed her to the ground in shock. Playing a quick tune the water swept her away further and left Aria coughing.

The Senshi of the Seas looked pleased as she tossed her wavy hair.

Eternal Sailor Uranus interfered in the battle with Erin as she sent wind blades to cancel Erin's attack. The handsome man didn't seem distressed as he petted Dorran. "Hmmm, the Senshi of the Heaven's, huh?"

"You seem to know me, punk?" She held out her space sword. "But I think this is where it will end for you and your pet!"

He laughed like it was a joke. "Not just yet; I wanted to test your powers and it looks like to bear fruit!"

Eternal Sailor Uranus looked ready to fight with Saturn and Chibi Moon ready to back her up.

"What is Alderic planning, Erin?" Sailor Pluto called out to him.

"I can't tell you, yet! I'm positive you'll know shortly!" He noticed his sister's plight. "Dorran, go!"

The four-legged animal shot off towards Aria and Erin held her in his arms. "Next time, the real games will begin. I hope you don't change from the experience." The trio soon vanished back to their dimension.

Sailor Uranus frowned and complained how she should have struck him down. She didn't even get a chance to strut her new powers. Sailor Chibi Moon went to Tuxedo Mask and hugged him tightly before going to her mother. "Mom, I'm here!"

Tuxedo Mask asked why she was here but interrupted by Pluto. "I'll tell you that soon but now we need to heal them up."

Holding up her time staff an oval barrier appeared around Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Healer. "Time Reversal!"

Time was rewound for the as the damage they sustained got healed. Shortly after that they would reconvene at the Outer Senshi's place.

In the distance the purple haired fox, Kawasari watched the scenario play out. She had used her illusion powers to blend in with the atmosphere and had been lucky that her siblings hadn't sensed her.

"Dammit, not only Aria but even Erin; this is getting complex. I'm going to have to tell Luca." She looked at the full moon in the sky. "With Areno there as well, the other three would be coming back too?"

Changing to her animal form to clear her mind before telling her brother the distressing news.

Dark Realm

In the former base of Queen Beryl, the orange haired wolf, Areno lounged about with his arms crossed. The blue-eyed half-breed had just gotten back from Kagoshima since his target Hotaru, had come back to Tokyo after half a year.

It's been something since he woke up all those months ago and his father wanted him looking after the Senshi of destruction.

Smiling a wolfish kind of grin he thought about his first interaction with the Goth teenager.

Kagoshima High School (past)

It was the start of the first quarter when he bumped into Hotaru and he was instantly smitten. He couldn't understand why after being locked up and the first piece of ass he wanted was an enemy from the past.

He dressed like a delinquent; an unbuttoned blue shirt that showed his undershirt, pants with a loose belt and he had a cocky attitude. I'm to observe this girl but her smell is ravishing to me. He thought as images of Hotaru in a string clad bikini appeared in his head.

The sixteen year old, who wore a sailor top and dark blue skirt didn't know what to think of him and simply ignored him.

"Hey, you wanna get something to drink after class?" He asked her point-blank. He gave her a smile.

Raising an eyebrow Hotaru scoffed at him. "No, thank you!" She went to her class unmolested.

One of his classmates ribbed him about trying to get to the "Emo-chick" but he only ignored him. This was his mission and while his dad told him about Malachite and his plans for the Senshi of Love, his was to watch her and somewhat keep her in the loop.

So for a couple of weeks he kept dogging her and asked about dating and she ruthlessly told him no and that she heard of his womanizing ways. He grinned at what she said. "So there's hope?"

The short-haired girl only looked at him like someone who was about to reap a soul. He froze at that but he secretly liked the look in her eyes.

On the day Malachite caught Minako at her most fragile, Alderic told Areno to get Hotaru caught up with the situation.

He didn't want too but he had no choice. The orange haired punk had an idea to get her to him. He had decided to go for one of her friends and coaxed her to do a certain thing with him. Areno made sure to do this action in the hall way where Hotaru wasn't there as a rumor would start-up.

The random girl tried saying know but he moved his hand to her crotch area and whispered something that made her blush. Seeing that expression he thought it was cute and she would have no choice but to tell Hotaru.

The evening came and he was on the roof after students and teachers went home. He had easily avoided the security given that he was faster than some chubby security dudes.

As he looked at the setting sun a door opened and appeared an angry Hotaru! She marched up to him and gave a slap to his face, which he didn't block and didn't see coming.

"How dare you say that to Kyoko-san?" She raged at him. "She's an innocent girl and I won't have you treat her like a piece of meat!"

He placed his hand at his throbbing cheek and smiled. "Hey at least it got your attention, honey!"

Violet orbs narrowed in suspicion at first but soon became flustered by being called "honey" by him. "Firstly, don't call me that, and second, what do you mean?"

He walked around her as he begun. "To begin with, I know that you are Senshi!"

She gave a gasp at how he figured her identity! "What, how do you know that?"

Chuckling he continued as if she didn't speak. "I'm positive that the time guardian got in contact with you a week ago about what's happening with another of your friends!"

Hotaru recalled at lunch at Setsuna calling her! "I moved away from the others, so how could-?!"

She saw something peculiar as he had black wolf ears appear on his head. Areno gave a wiggle at them in a playful fashion. "Yeah, I trailed you and my ears can pick up on whispers! I'm a wolf…well half anyway!"

The black-haired teen got on her guard at what she was hearing. "Are you part of Malachite's schemes?"

"That bastard, fuck no! I' working behind that for something bigger!" he easily replied back as he got a little closer to the short girl.

"I'm here to tell you to get that fine ass of yours to Tokyo in a couple of days! Something big is going to go down and those friends of yours will need you!"

Hotaru still found him suspect and didn't want to put faith in his words. "What do you gain from this, demon?"

He gave another chuckle. "That's for me to know…however before you go I've always wanted to taste how you are!"

She didn't like where this was going.

"I'm the first to admit that I have a problem with controlling myself with women;" He grew his tail from the backside and it wagged. He stuck his tongue out as well. "The texture of your skin, your hips and breast, God did something right with that!"

Hotaru continued backing away from him.

"And you know, you spurred me the first day I arrived! You looked at me like I was beneath you!" His teeth got sharp. "I like women like you but at the same time despise! You think you are better than me?"

She retaliated. "I don't think any such proclamations but you are someone who doesn't respect women! You think of us as a piece of meat on the side just to get your rocks off!"

He looked amused at what she said. "Oh, little Goth girl got some words? Before this evening is over I will have you!"

Hotaru Tomoe had enough and pulled out her transformation stick. "I don't know your angle in this but if you threaten me in any way I'll stop you here and now!"

"Huff-puff, you are getting me hard; how about I do this slowly!" He howled like said animal.

She gave him a look of disbelief and anger. "Saturn Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

A moment later she stood in her purple skirted Senshi attire with her glaive in her hands. "I'll eradicate you first, demon spawn!"

He howled again at in excitement going around. "This is going to get good! I'll be satisfied in a couple of moments!"

She groaned at his perversity but she couldn't let down her guard with him.

After a moment the two collided.

Thirty minutes had gone by and Sailor Saturn had a couple of scratches on her legs and her skirt all but gone. She breathed heavily at the amount of damage he had able to get to her.

Dammit, he's still going on, even after some of the slashes I made at him? On the other side of her Areno looked good but he was breathing heavily.

"You know how to fight. I'll let you in on a secret; I let you get those hack and slash attacks at me!" He laughed at seeing the expression on her face. "I fought many of you so-called Senshi in my past!" He soon turned serious and his eyes had a dark gleam to them. "And let me tell you, those bitches and bastards were ruthless compared to you!"

Sailor Saturn asked him what he meant.

"I only know that you are the true inheritor of your guardian planet but you are lacking something?" He walked up and brought up a clawed hand. "So it's true that you haven't embraced your powers just yet?"

Saturn looked mad as she twirled her glaive a couple of times and tried doing a horizontal slash but he mealy dodged to the left and brought a punch to her stomach, causing her to gag.

"Listen, you Senshi are known for your team work and your magic ability is something but in the long run it's a candle in the wind; doomed to blow out!"

Sailor Saturn grimaced at him and did a diagonal slash but he flipped away from her.

"You guys have a trait that you each inherit but it seems closed off! Not sure what will bring it out but I know you hesitate consciously! What afraid you'll destroy the world if you get serious?" He gave off a perverse grin.

The purple skirted solider tried blocking him out as she found it confusing on what he was saying but she did acknowledge about her holding back.

Since she is the bringer of death her powers are strong enough to rid the life of a planet. The primary attack she used we defensive one. I need something more if I'm going to defeat him! She thought urgently.

Sighing at this his lust for her was going down. "Well, I guess I'm going to have to end this!" Electricity cracked through his wolf claws. "Don't take this the wrong way but I don't think you'll be needed, honey; Lightning Claw!"

Electricity raced towards Saturn as she blocked it with her shield but soon got blown back by it! Her weapon thrown a couple of meters away.

Looking at what he did, Areno lamented. "Crap, oh well, I can find someone else!" He walked up to her and brought up his hand, leaking lightning. "I'll see you in my dreams!"

Time seemed to slow down from Saturn's peripheral vision. All her battles and she couldn't defend herself against some woman-hungry guy!

This isn't how it ends? If I have any untapped potential, no matter how small, let it be enough to get me through this! She closed her eyes and dug deep.

As she waited she felt a tiny spark of something and that's what she needed.

(Hymn of Sailor Saturn begins!)

Opening her eyes a glow radiated from them which Areno jumped away from as her aura burned his hand. He gave a whistle as he saw her float from the ground.

Her stick appeared and changed to a brooch with the crystal embedded in the center. She knew what she had to do and cried out the transformation phrase. "Saturn Eternal, Make-Up!" She was soon enveloped in purple light as she upgraded to Sailor Moon's current status. Her skirt layered purple then light violet. Her glaive floated to her and held it tightly.

(Theme ends)

Areno growled in satisfaction. "O-ho, let's see how this will go?" He sprinted at her as his hands leaked the element he wielded.

Eternal Sailor Saturn glided away from the slash attack and brought down her glaive which he blocked with a kick!

"Gotta, do better than that!" He said as he leapt up and tried kicking her couple of times.

Saturn expertly blocked his strikes with the pole of her weapon. Bringing the pole as a way to trip him up, the wolf got his legs on top of the pole and slammed it out of her hands. Going for a slashing attack it looked like he had the Eternal cornered. She moved her head away from his claw attack and brought up her left foot to slam it to his head.

Growling in annoyance he shook the webs out of his head. Saturn grabbed her glaive and tried stabbing the wolf but he saw it coming and jumped away.

He sent claw like lighting slashes at her. Creating a Silent Wall the shield blocked the attack. Spreading her wings she flew to the air and her tiara replaced with her planetary sign.

Silent prayers go unheard the unearthly wail of silence, She chanted her head as she spun her glaive overhead and swung it out-ward. "Filament Plume!"

A dome appeared around Areno as he yelped in surprise. Dark energy seemed to radiate from it and closed! He howled in pain at the amount of energy she was using end it ended!

His ears and tail ended up singed as the dome lowered and he had burn marks on his face. "Awooooo! No need to kill me!" He howled like a wolf in pain. "You didn't have to burn my tail too!" he cuddled said part with affection. "It's okay, it's okay, stay there, daddy needs you!"

Saturn lowered her weapon and a ghost of a smile showed on her delicate features. "Hmph, I know you could have escaped that so I didn't shoot to kill this time!"

Her tiara returned and she landed her feet to the ground. "I get the feeling that this is part of whatever plan you have," She returned to her civilian form. "And I will use it to my advantage when you decide to strike!"

She opened the door and turned to him. "If I should see you again, I will cut off a certain hanging appendage and not that beloved tail!"

The door closed with a snap.

Areno looked fearful at her for a couple of seconds but soon turned to lust. "Heh-heh, no way am I giving up on her!"

Dark Realm (present)

And after that she headed off to help her friends and returned a week later after Golden Week! He mused as he unfolded his arms.

He had still been put on standby and has kept observing Hotaru for the past seven months. He hasn't battled her since then but she kept her eyes on him. The last time he saw her was last month and that's when Alderic called for him to return.

Sensing various energy spikes Areno guessed that Alderic has revived the other three. Then Erin, with Dorran and a drenched Aria appeared and he looked surprised at how drenched his older sister was.

"Sis, the hell happened?" He asked as Erin took her to lay down on a random couch they had. The area had furniture in this part of the dimension.

Erin gave his little brother a look. "She got handed to her by a Senshi!"

"No shit," he asked as Aria silenced him with an intense glare.

Crap, I know that look, I better be quiet! He shook at how it would be a mistake to anger her.

Areno noticed Dorran and petted the creäture with affection. "How's it going, dude?" He asked as Dorran yipped in happiness.

Erin smiled. "It's only been a couple of days since he's revived me and I'm glad I was able to contract with Dorran again!"

The orange haired teen looked at the golden-haired man. "Well you are the only human among us and have an aptitude for the archaic mumbo-jumbo."

It was true that Erin took after Alderic in many ways and could use magic he didn't have his siblings unique talents and he also grew up with the fact that he was human. He ended up in a prison as well for a millennia and when he got free he thought he'd be a withered old man but since he had used magic when he was younger, the spells and enchantments slowed the aging process to a crawl.

So like his other family he wouldn't be aging anytime soon. He went to Aria and started healing her. "I'm glad you weren't badly injured, you don't normally let emotions get the better of you!"

Aria groaned as her injuries closed and looked at Areno. "It would have been nice for you to help!"

"Sorry sis, I have other stuff I had to do!" He waved it off and gave her a grin. "Normally stuff like this is cake for you but seeing you like this, they must have busted you up!"

Start another glare which quelled the teen. She than began thinking about seeing the one who held her heart; Endymion's reincarnation.

That is the prince's new form. I believe his name is Mamoru Chiba? And he is with that brat? The siren looked angry at that which Erin and Areno caught.

Erin remembered that before Queen Serenity's ascension and the being of the planets their father's palace and King Endymion's palace were neighbors and the king's son also knew Aria and Eren.

"He's grown handsome and before we got captured, he was only 15 years old when I last saw him, before that blood bath!" Aria muttered in bitterness.

Dorran went to her and lay his head on her legs. In a surprising gesture she didn't make him move away and petted him.

"So it's a safe bet that we all have tales that stem from that area?" Areno stated nonchalantly. "You being the oldest, Aria, than dad hooked up with a human and soon you came in Erin!"

Erin didn't say anything as he continued with the healing process.

"Then there's 'her!'" Areno spoke in a distasteful voice. "than me, Kawasari, the creepy-ass twins, and finally Luca!"

"It's sad that Kawasari and Luca aren't here with us!" Erin said with sadness while Aria looked on dispassionately.

Then they heard footsteps coming towards them and it was the graying alchemist, Alderic, wearing his grayish robes that he wore when using alchemy.

"I hope that there is enough for the party," He said gallantly like a noble at a party as three figures appeared behind him.

The first to appear behind him was a woman who looked older than her age would dictate; she had long wavy black hair, big boobs that looked like they would burst out at any given moment and her eyes were purple. Her body had curves like an hourglass figure and she wore a purple dress.

Areno yelped in shock at seeing her while Aria and Erin didn't show the emotion on their faces.

"My, if it isn't my older siblings and my younger brother," She spoke like a cougar on the prowl.

Erin, being the polite one, welcomed their sister. "Ivy, it's always a…pleasure in seeing you!"

She chortled at his way of talking. "Brother, dear, always being polite. Oh and Aria, darling!" She went to said person and air kissed her on the cheeks. Aria let her do it and returned the gesture (to her inner rage)

"I see you are adapting well?" Aria responded after the "fake" emotional drivel.

"Yes, I'm getting accustomed to my body once again and I am mighty happy I grew this much!" Her boobs gave a jiggle like Jell-O and she tweaked her bottom happily.

Ivy was the third oldest out of the alchemists children and the most manipulative. What her beauty and curiosity disguised was her ruthlessness and callousness nature. Her mother had been a Succubus which was surprising.

One had come to Alderic one night and….well offered him a night of unbridled pleasure and a couple of months later the mother dropped her off with the alchemist.

"Hmmm-hmmm and how are you my favorite play thing?" She asked eyeing Areno with contempt and secret perverse pleasure.

Areno stayed behind Aria and Erin. He could remember all the "games" she played with him when he got older, which made dealing with her a pain.

Alderic calmed his daughter down with a look which she obeyed.

Two other figures soon followed and they were twins who wore a boy and girl and looked around fifteen.

The boy had short purple hair and gray eyes while the girl had medium-length purple hair and grey eyes. Their facial expressions were devious and they giggled at their siblings. Their ears pointed like an elf. They looked surprisingly albino.

"Kukuku, Leilei, it's been awhile since we saw them, hasn't it?" The boy whispered while giggling.

Leilei returned the giggle and whispered. "Kikikiki, why it has, Xenxen; and my Aria certainly has grown to such a noble woman?"

Xenxen laughed and eyed his two brothers. "Lookie Leilei, Erin is a mature adult, why he can charm any woman if he wanted too, but Areno is still a chump!"

Leilei eyed their older brother and agreed with her twin. "Yes Xenxen, he is an utter disappointment!"

"What the hell you incestuous twins say?" He hollered at them and pointed. "Don't be bad mouthing me as soon as you little freaks are free!"

Leilei and Xenxen giggled like imps. "Who does he think he is?" Long haired teen girl said as she wrapped her arms around her twin.

"Do not worry, sister, he doesn't understand the 'love' we share!" He wrapped his arms around her waist and they kissed like no tomorrow.

Aria, Erin and Ivy only lowered their heads while Areno looked ready to either put the hose to them or run away screaming for bleach.

Sighing at his twins, Alderic grabbed them by the scruff of their shirts and banged their heads together. "I've told you not to do that in front of the others!" He complained to them as they rubbed their heads and he dropped them to the ground. He has tried controlling them about inappropriate behavior but they always found a way to do what they want saw he just let them...god he wanted to put a hose to them as well!

The twins Leilei and Xenxen were the most peculiar of his kids; they weren't birthed by a woman but from a test tube of genetic material he got from a dark elf, who was a demon of sorts.

He thought he could get that woman as part of his harem but the elf refused him twice over but she was smitten with him and offered up her eggs as compensation. He took them, added his own material and had them through artificially through a tube.

They were never good kids as they had evil thoughts from the get go. They were never that close to their elder siblings and they treated Kawasari and Luca like a scourge. They enjoyed picking on Areno, ignored Aria and Erin but they did feel kinship with Ivy, even though she couldn't wrap her mind around their thing for each other.

The honey blonde man clapped his hands in a way to get them to pay attention. "Now that I have all of you here, I would like to go through what happened to you!" He gave a poignant look to Aria and Erin. "Aria, I told you fight them not kill them! That's why I sent Erin after you."

"Father I can explain," she began but he silenced her with a look of his own which made her go quiet.

"I sent you since you are the most reliable but it seems you still have issues to work on!" He chastised.

Xenxen and Leilei giggled without restraint at what was happening.

"But you did get the last two to go Eternal so I will not punish you," He said again which silenced the two spores.

"But Father!" The twins cried out at the same time. They were expecting her to get punished. "They got stronger and almost killed her!"

He eyed the two and sighed. "They aren't at the level of killing half-demons, subduing them but not eradicating their existence just yet. Besides with this move I can finally go about my plan with getting them attuned to their elements."

"You mean," Ivy said as he nodded to her.

"Yes, just as the Senshi of Venus has activated her latent powers, I will do the same for them!"

Areno blanched at his father's plan while Erin asked the next question. "How will you go about that, father?"

"That's simple, I will use what they love against them or their sense of moral obligation!" He chuckled. Some looked confused at what he said.

"Dad, what do you mean?" Answered Areno.

Ivy only looked disgusted at what he said while the twins broke down in laughter at how foolish he sounded.

"Leilei, he couldn't follow what father said!" Laughed the short purple haired elf!

"Yes,yes, he is a big fool with pussy on the brain!" She laughed without restraint!

Areno glared at the two. "Shut up, venomous spawn's of evil!"

That made them laugh even harder.

Alderic soon bashed a cane over the twins heads. "Do not call your brother stupid," He then eyed his son. "What I mean Areno, is that I will use their moral of responsiblity for the world against them!"

"Ah, I get it, nice plan dad!" Areno stuck a thumbs up at him.

The alchemist had a drop of sweat go down his head. There's one born any minute….he came from my genetic material? More of his mother in him then mine!

The voluptuous Ivy said something next. "While that is going on what about Kawasari and Luca?"

Areno, Erin looked sad at mentioning them. Aria had an emotionless face while the twins hissed at their names.

"The fox and small pup are traitors!" Xenxen cried in anger. "They betray us for those cursed Senshi!"

"They deserve the proper punishment!" Leilei jeered.

Once again Alderic slammed their heads together. He had to find a way to keep them in control. "I will not give up on them just yet. This plan will have them be part of it too. They will not escape me!"

Ivy looked at her father with an impassive look. Father always held those two closely, if what he has doesn't work then I will dispose of them!

The twins thought of torturing Luca which made them cackle in delight. "Kukuku, we shall take off all that puppy's skin, lick his skin clean and bathe him in alcohol to see him writhe in agony!" Xenxen giggled.

"Kihihihi, we will make him bay like the dog he is," Leilei laughed.

Dorran, who had remained quiet, stood behind Erin's legs as the man petted his fur. "What will you do then after that father?"

"That is not the time to say, but once the keys are in place you will know!" He answered mysteriously.

Father, what do you have planned? Erin thought.

Chiba-Tsukino residence (two days later)

Usagi Tsukino was busy inhaling her breakfast with her future daughter Chibiusa. They were eating pancakes by Mamoru. The two-tailed blonde with the meatball hair-style thought about that night.

It had been two days since the battle and they recovered thanks to Sailor Pluto and reconvened at the Outer Senshi's residence.

Outer Senshi residence (two days ago)

Questions got thrown about with what happened that Michiru answered; she told them about Aria being a siren and how another figure appeared with an animal that Mamoru could attest too. Then Haruka spoke up about her and Michiru getting upgraded to Eternal and drove off the siblings.

"So is it starting with this Alderic character, Setsuna-san?" Rei asked.

The time guardian nodded. "I'm afraid that's where we stand. While Minako's concert was going on I got a message from Neo-Queen Serenity in the future,"

Everyone looked to Usagi and wondered how she would become that refined and regal.

"Still surprising hearing that Usagi-chan will be future ruler of the world!" Minako said giggling.

Ami tried holding back a chuckle. "I'm positive she will grow into it!"

"Not in this lifetime!" Rei snarked.

Usagi stuck her tongue out as the Inner Senshi stopped their banter and let Setunsa continue.

"She was sensing something was wrong and decided to send Chibiusa to our aid," She replied as the princess started talking.

"Mother thought it would be best if I came back here as this would be a trying time for you guys!"

Makoto raised an eyebrow. "Tell me, did she experience Alderic from her time period?"

Chibiusa thought on that. "I think she did mention it once but she said that he didn't have these kids of his…so something must have gone wrong?"

"The future is always changing and just because some things are the same doesn't mean it's exact, "Setsuna mentioned to them.

"So this was never part of the future?" Haruka asked.

Mamoru defended the time guardian. "Let's not cast blame, no one knows fully what the future will bring, even Setsuna. Yes, she knows some things but she is no god and things do slip under the radar from time to time."

Setsuna somewhat blushed and thanked Mamoru.

"Going on that let's be careful," Yaten said as he sat next Minako. "If worse comes to worse, I'll get in contact with Seiya and Taiki, to help out!"

Usagi smiled in happiness at seeing them again while Haruka looked displeased.

"Look just because you proved useful with that episode with Minako, doesn't mean we need MORE outsiders in this mess!" she barked not wanting to see Seiya Kou again!

"You still think I'm an outsider? If you don't change that attitude one day something will change all that!" Yaten snapped.

Before she could say anything an image of her and Michiru appeared in her head and it looked like they were in a containment field full of liquid. Haruka felt an odd feeling going through her other self; pure rage and hatred at a black-haired boy. The image closed off and the blue-eyed, sandy blonde looked somewhat spooked.

Michiru keenly asked if she was okay which Haruka said yeah. Looking to Yaten the short-haired blonde said that as long as they didn't get ahead of themselves, she would keep the peace.

Minako, Makoto, Rei, Usagi and even Hotaru looked surprised by that. What would change her mind?

Setsuna had a hunch as she felt that Haruka's mind had linked to another version of herself. I see that boy's interference will stay with this world for a while. I wonder what else will happen.

"I'm glad you can help us though Chibiusa-chan!" Ami said as she congratulated the preteen. "It seems your powers have grown some as well?"

The red-eyed girl spoke in an excited tone. "Yeah, future versions of yourselves have trained me so now I'll be of help!"

Hotaru hugged her friend. "I'm glad you will be staying in this time period for a while."

"Yeah, I want to make sure nothing disrupts your time plane!"

Mamoru smiled at that but then had a thought on Aria and even Erin. Why did she look sad when she saw me? An image appeared of him as a boy listening to her sing with another boy looking on happy.

Usagi saw his worry and put a hand on his shoulder. "Mamo-chan?" He gave her hand a squeeze.

"I'm fine Usako," He called her his personal pet name for her.

"I guess we should end it here and keep an eye out for Alderic," Makoto said getting up.

The two cats, Luna and Artemis, were there as well and Diana, who showed up after Chibi Moon appeared and went to her parents, were listening to the entire conversation.

"As well as anyone suspicious, we don't know how many children he has!" Luna cautioned.

"Well we could as Setsuna-san?" Usagi said as she gave her an innocent look.

Setsuna chuckled with unease. "I don't know at the exact moment. All I know about are Kawsari, Luca and there oldest siblings Erin and Aria."

"I guess we could ask Kawasari about it?" Rei said.

"She might not want to tell us anything, Rei-san," Ami said. "We should give her time."

"All right then, we will keep in contact!" Minako said. "I'm about to go, I have to put out a couple of fires with that mess that happened." Yaten agreed to help to and headed back to Tokyo park to deal with the masses.

"I'll be at my mother's apartment for a while." Ami mentioned. "I transferred to the university here for the foreseeable future."

"Are you sure you should have done that?" Michiru asked.

She giggled. "Not to worry, my credits are good and I'm ahead of some of the rest so my advisor said I should take a break and come back next semester. Of course I'll continue studying as I can take any online courses there as well!"

Rei said she would be heading back to the shrine and Makoto back to her apartment. The tailed-brunette said she transferred here to get in the neck of stuff as well.

It was no surprise that Chibiusa would stay with him and Usagi. They decided they would meet up again on Saturday.

Chiba-Tsukino apartment (present)

The finished their meals and Mamoru looked surprised on how they could eat all that.

"To think you don't even gain any weight, Usako!" He mentioned as Usagi giggled.

Chibiusa got her stuff together. "Well I'm about to head off to school, now!" She said.

During this free interval Mamoru had decided to send her for school. She whined about it at first but he said " A child should go to school to learn and make friendships!"

Usagi said as a side comment, "It's to get you outta of this house so I can have Mamo-chan, to myself!"

Chibiusa sighed at that but she couldn't fight it. Waving goodbye to her present-era parents she headed to Tokyo Elementary School

Elementary School (6th grade class)

Luca had just arrived at his class with a scowl on his face. Takaya and Shouji looked at him with worried looks.

"Dude, what's wrong, you eat something bad?" The glasses wearing Takaya said?

He ignored him.

"Hah, did you eat beans again!" The loud-mouth Shouji asked. "You shouldn't eat it as it makes you-!"

A moment later Shouji was on the ground knocked out! Takaya only sighed at the boy's tactic of using that joke again and looked to Luca.

"What's wrong?"

Luca looked at him with a glare but calmed down. "Nothing I just learned some news that's gotten me upset!" The spiky haired boy said.

Shouji by some divine intervention got up and asked the next question. "What made you upset? Did someone bad mouth Kira Yamato again on a form?"

Luca knocked him out again! It was a thing with these two and no one looked concerned for the boy as this always happened.

"I wouldn't be this upset if it was about the best pilot in that series!" He yelled and calmed down.

Even Erin is here now! Damn, looks like we can't stay out of this any longer! He gripped in his head and he smelled something peculiar.

"Dude, what is it now?" Takaya asked as he had his nose in a book and didn't need to look up. "You are entering your 'wolf-mode' again!"

He didn't tell him about his lineage but he had a good sense of smell which the two gave him the name "dog-mode". Knowing that he's a wolf he changed it to "wolf-mode".

"Something smells nice, like flowers!" He spoke in a dreamy voice that spooked the glasses wearing boy.

Getting up from the stupor again Shouji pointed at Luca. "What smell is this?" He sniffed the air and gagged. "Gah, dude I don't smell anything like flowers but it does smell like that someone-!"

A knot appeared on Shouji's head once again.

"Don't ruin my moment with your juvenile behavior, doofus!" Luca muttered as he tried pin-pointing the smell.

The teacher appeared and told them to sit down. "Shouji, please refrain from any senseless humor that get's you knocked out by Luca," The teacher dead panned. He even knew that and wasn't concerned as Luca wouldn't kill the poor bastard…at least not at this age.

Shouji got up as if it didn't happen and got in his desk.

Luca still sniffed and wondered what that heavenly smell was?

"I'd like to introduce a new transfer student, she will be staying for a year so make her feel welcomed!"

The twin-tailed girl smiled as she wrote her name. "My name is Usagi Tsukino but you can just call me, 'Chibiusa-chan'" She said happily.

Luca got the source of the smell and he was in love! Thank you goddess of love Minako, for granting me this chance at love!

In a college classroom, Minako sneezed loudly and wondered why she would do that. Yaten looked confused at the random incident and just rolled his eyes as Mr. Takahata rambled on about something.

Hino Shrine.

It was the mid morning and Rei had just finished her daily chores. She would have to get ready for her afternoon classes soon. As she placed the straw broom in the closet she saw a handsome figure praying. She wondered who he was as he looked foreign, like someone from England

Giving a last clap the blonde haired man turned and Rei noticed a dog-like animal by him. She got to him and thanked him for the patronage.

He nodded and smiled at her. "You have an exquisite shrine, priestess!" he replied easily.

Rei blushed and told him her name. "You can call me Rei Hino and that's an interesting dog?"

The animal went and sniffed her. She lowered herself to its level and it licked her! "Oh, he's a spry one?"

"Dorran, please control yourself!" He chided his animal companion softly. "Forgive Dorran, he's rather playful but he's taking a shine to you Hino-san!"

She laughed and petted him. "Dorran, that's an interesting name." She then looked at his eyes which were blue. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name!"

He chuckled with embarrassment. "Sorry, where are my manners; my name is Eric, I am happy to make your acquaintance, Rei Hino…"

Chapter 3 ends with the last of Alderic's kids involved!

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