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Last time the Sailor Senshi got beaten to submission by Aria the siren. Sailor Neptune and Eternal Sailor moon tried fending her off but to no avail until Tuxedo Kamen showed up but even then it looked iffy.

With intervention from Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn and surprisingly Sailor Chibi Moon, they drive back the half-demon scourge but are left wondering what Alderic has in stored for them? The last 3 of his demon bred children are awakened and he begins his campaign.

Who will be targeted? Read and find out!

Chapter 4

The deceitful Ivy, Ami's wavering ideal

Juban Apartment complex

On the upper terrace of the apartment building where a pool set, Ami Mizuno had just finished reading a book and her mind wandered off to the latest battle.

It has been a couple of days since Ami and the other Senshi almost ended up captured by the current enemy if not for the intervention of Sailor Saturn, Pluto and Chibi Moon. They had all decided to stay vigilant in the matter of dealing with Alderic but he's been on the down-low.

Looking at the sparkling water under the warm sun Ami gave a sigh. This is turning out to be a troublesome situation as of late. I really thought we reached the end of our Senshi duties after dealing with Malachite and saving Minako-chan but looks like this new enemy has something sinister in store for us.

The short blue-haired woman contemplated more on the stuff which Setsuna revealed to them during the off time. He's an alchemist and battled Queen Serenity in the past before she established the Silver Millennium. During that period the gods of the world moved to a higher plane of existence but not before leaving behind blood relatives that would inherit each kingdom on one of the nine planets when Queen Serenity ascended. There were also Senshi that inherited our titles but the celestial powers that govern them couldn't be controlled by regular humans only by true successor of the planets.

All the info for Ami looked like it was taking its toll. Given that she was "the brains" of the team, she thought it was one of her duties trying to process everything they learned and using that information to get a better grasp on their current enemy's plans.

As well as he established his on regime during that time where he was the father for some of the ones there, like Kawasari and Luca, who were children during that queue of demons facing the false Senshi. Kawasari blamed them for causing her grief which she transferred to us as we are Senshi. Sailor Pluto has no idea what Alderic did in the past one thousand years but he made his presence known to her during Malachite's plan. Not only did Alderic revive a former general but used him to get to Minako and unlock her hidden potential, which lay in her element, love.

Upon saying that phrase she thought on what Setsuna revealed. Apparently we also have this inner potential just like Minako but ones that correspond with our own elements. Could that be his angle? Ami massaged her temples. All the thinking had caused her a headache.

"I'll just take a break, as much as I like thinking of various equations it won't help if I run myself ragged!" She said as she took off her white jacket shirt and revealed a one piece baby blue swimsuit.

Taking a dive into the water Ami felt a thrilling sensation being in her one element (besides books) which was water! Doing a couple of laps she swam with the grace of a dolphin. After a couple of minutes doing that she floated on the surface with a relaxed expression on her face.

"This is truly heaven. I can always count this to relax me," Holding her breath she went underneath and continued swimming. Once Ami reached her limit she broke through the surface.

"I think I really needed that," She swam to the shore and then heard her cell go off. Wondering who that was she stepped out and grabbed a white towel to dry off her hands and placed it around her shoulders before checking the number. It wasn't anything she recognized.

That's strange? Maybe it's a wrong call? She pressed talked, "Hello?"

It took a moment before a male voice spoke. "Yes, hello, is this Ami?"

Hmmm, that voice sounds familiar. "This is she, whom may I ask is calling?"

"Umm, hi Ami, it's been a couple of years; its me, Ryo Urawa!" Ryo spoke happily.

Eyes widened in disbelief on who she spoke too. "Urawa-san?! I…didn't think I'd speak to you again? It's been ages!"

Ryo Urawa was an old acquaintance (and once love interest) to Ami back in her middle school days. He was once a former holder of one of the 7 rainbow crystals that split once the Silver Crystal shattered during Queen Beryl's insurrection on the Moon Kingdom a long time ago. Ryo had been born with it and it gave him clairvoyance; able to see future events. He used those abilities to ace his test making him on par with Ami back in school.

Soon after meeting her he revealed that he knew that she was a Senshi and that he'd be turned to a monster once the crystal was taken from his body. Ami tried persuading him that the future wasn't set and he could create his own future but it came to pass. Sailor Mercury battled him but thanks to his feelings for her it gave Sailor Moon enough time to use the Moon Stick to heal him.

Ryo left on good terms and got a decent picture of her before leaving (since Usagi gave him a pic of her eating a burger!). But Ryo came back some months later when the Negaforce (or verse? Whatever) was recapturing the former vessels of the crystals and met up with her again when she found him escaping from Mamoru (who had been brainwashed by Beryl and Metalia). Even though there was a hint of a "spark" between the two nothing came of it and he soon went back to his hometown.

The two have lost contact ever since then until now.

"It's wonderful hearing your voice again, Urawa-san," She replied with a smile.

A chuckle came off the cell. "Haha, Ami, I don't mind if you call me my first name! You did it once before!"

Ami stifled a gasp as she held the cell tighter. "Umm, it's just it's been five years and we haven't spoken and…"

"Come on Ami, just say it and with no honorifics!" He pressed gently.

It took a couple of moments before Ami gathered up her courage and spoke. "I'm glad hearing from you, Ry….Ryo!"

Even though she couldn't see him she had a feeling he was smiling at the end of the line. With the pleasantries out-of-the-way Ami asked him a poignant question. "Ryo, how did you get my number?"

Ami heard him say "Hmmm," before forking out an answer. "Well, if you remember I could see the future and apparently I have some remnants of it. Not enough to see a clear picture but I thought about you and an image of your number came to me!"

The blue-eyed woman looked baffled by this but accepted the answer. "I guess that explains it. My nest inquiry is why? Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying speaking to you but for this to come out the blue…"

"Ah, well I have some free time from college in America and actually back in Japan in the Juban area!" He revealed happily. "I learned recently that there's going to be a seminar held at Tokyo U by a coming philosopher writer named Kurio Hagima. She will be discussing the subject of keeping waters clean and preventing aquatic mammals from perishing!"

"Really, I haven't heard of this author?" Ami spoke questioningly as her inner Sherlock Holmes came out wondering who it was.

"Like a said, she's new to this field but since I know you like the subject of environmental protection I'd thought you'd like to come with me?" He asked hopefully.

Ami was about to decline but then thought that it would give her a change of pace as of late. She had somewhat secluded herself as of late trying to come up with variable plans in dealing with their new enemy. If I don't do this I can just imagine what "cupid" will say.

A thought bubble formed and Minako, wearing a cupid get-up with some bows and arrows, pointed dramatically at her and said. "Don't let the chance of love pass you by or I'll have to get involved! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!" She soon began laughing with one hand covering her mouth and for some strange reason water crashing in the background as her hair flowed widely.

Oh dear and I don't want her advice just yet…"I'll happy go with you to this seminar of Kurio Hagima!" She confirmed.

Ryo whooped in excited fashion before catching himself causing her to giggle. "Cool, I'll meet you at the Juban station tomorrow and we'll make our way to Tokyo U!"

Ami thanked him and soon they hung up (at exactly the same time. its love I tell ya!) A smile appeared on her face. Was this a date? No, no, it was just two old friends going to some seminar. Thinking if it was a date would give her hives if she wasn't careful.

Checking the time on her cell it was 3:45. She considered if she should get a new outfit? My, I'm hanging out with the girls too much, She thought with mirth before heading back inside to change to some clothes before heading for the nearest department store. Ami soon would get in contact with Usagi and the others and tell them the news that Ryo was back in town.

In a well-furnished hotel in Juban a male in his late-teens who had a kind of baby-face with short black-hair and brown eyes finished his conversation with Ami. Ryo looked rather calm but internally he was yelling. He couldn't control his body!

A voluptuous figure appeared and wrapped arms around his neck. "Hmmm, it seems you did your first job well puppet," Ivy spoke as she pecked his cheek.

Ryo tried breaking free but her powers of subjugation prevented any recourse on his part. "Still trying to break my hold, dear?" The succumbs curiously asked as she giggled. "Even if you do still have some of that power of yours, it's no use against a temptress of dreams!" Ivy ran a hand through her wavy black hair as she leered at him. "And what naughty dreams you have of the Senshi of Water, Ryo-kun?"

Ryo growled somewhat as she stepped into his private dreams. "You…won't get away with this!"

"Please don't give me that! My plan will already go as scheduled as I," Waving an arm in a circle red smoke enveloped her and soon changed her appearance to a 21 century working woman; a dark blue-pants suit with a gold bracelet decorating her hand. Her hair styled in a bun. Her purple eyes changed to brown and her endowed chest went down from a D-cup to a moderate size B-cup. "Kurio Hagima, will use the very thing to shift dear Ami's heart and unlock that hidden potential of magic within her!"

The brown-eyed man felt like trash, he couldn't believe he got involved in this plot and it would revolve around hurting his former crush! Ami, please hold on to those convictions of yours! He swore in his head that he'd make sure to stop Ivy's plot!

Ivy aka Kurio Hagima, looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. She fondled her once buxom bosom. "Awww, my babies are small! I don't understand how those Senshi stand having such small things?!" She complained like a child. But she soon smiled. "But this will be fun. Finding you, Ryo was part of my plan." She looked at Ryo who was now laying on the bed. Ivy slinked her way on top of him. "Mmm-hmm, father had rather interesting files on the Senshi's past enemies along with whom they saved. I took a special interest in you, dear."

She began unbuttoning his shirt and showed his skinny body. "Hmm, what's this I smell?" She sniffed his pheromones on his chest and gasped as if she hit the lottery. "My, I never thought I'd meet a guy who's still held his V-card?"

Ryo tried keeping a blush from his face and a certain area for being aroused. He felt humiliated in being in this position. In his mind he thought most guys would shag with the first female that would do them but not like this!

"Uh-uh, none of that; I'll never get this chance again so pardon the intrusion but I'll be making myself nice and comfy here!" Her voice sounded sultry.

Before anything could get done a whirlwind of feathers interrupted the sex and candy fest as a stoic short-haired blond, Aria materialized. "Control yourself, Ivy!"

Ivy looked angry as she got interrupted from her "meal". "How dare you come here, Aria, this is my plan and I'll do what I want!" To emphasize her point her nails became like claws and her fake brown eyes started glowing bright purple.

Aria didn't look the least bit threatened. "Ivy you already had you're 'meal' earlier with another helpless guy. We don't want this getting out of hand with missing men everywhere!"

Scoffing Ivy got up. "Like I care about the general populace; men only think of one thing and one thing alone, a good screw!"

The blond siren tried keeping her cool. "Life is not all about the pleasures of the flesh. I won't interfere with your plan but you will refrain from having your way with this human!"

Hearing a kind of challenge Ivy gave her elder sister a death glare. "Or what will you do, sister dear?" She sounded insincere.

Swish! Click!

Before Ivy could breathe Aria was in her personal space with her sheathed rapier at her Adam's apple! Ivy tried not gulping as she stared in her sister's eyes.

"Don't test my patience. Father and even Erin, might put up with you but I won't. You will not overstep the line I set for you." A kind of power radiated from Aria's body as if complimenting her strong will. "Do that and I'll personally see to your demise, sister?"

Ivy only gave a couple of fearful gasp before Aria returned her sword to the side of her body. "Fine, you ruin my fun!"

Aria saw that Ryo was awake and looking surprised by what he saw. Using her sound powers she sang a brief note which made him go to sleep. "He'll awake in the morning. Now continue your preparations and make sure it goes as planned!"

With that command Aria vanished in a swirl of green feathers.

The Succubus slapped a vase to the ground and seethed in anger. "That bitch, I'll have her under my heel one day," She then vanished in a swirl of miniature bats to prepare for her seminar.

Juban Shopping district

Kawasari Habara was relaxing at a café drinking one of her favorite drinks; a vanilla frappachino with extra form! The lithe fox-demon was blessed with a high-metabolism so she wouldn't be gaining the dreaded fat after inhaling one.

The pony tailed woman had just finished a practice session with her crew and was happy getting break. Taking another sip of the pleasant drink she sighed in happiness. "Ahhh, these humans know how to make these peculiar concoctions!"

As she said that she began mulling about the fact her father and siblings were on the loose. Kawasari had tried to keep her nose to the ground for the time being but she felt like someone was watching her from the distance as of late.

Griping out a curse she slammed her cup. If that wasn't bad enough, Luca has found himself in the thrall of the Moon Princess's future brat!

On the first day after Luca met Chibi Usa, the pup had become smitten with her as he put it, "She has a nice smell to her!"

Ugh, I know I'm not starting any drama with them but really, my kid brother falling for that cotton candy girl? I didn't think he'd fall for a girl at least for another couple of hundred years! Kawasari was finding it hard a hard pill to swallow. She wanted to tell him not to befriend her but he was rather adamant in wanting being friends with her.

He swore that he'd just hang out with her in public and not bring her to their place! Kawasari accepted that and let him be (to her displeasure). Honestly shouldn't he be concerned with our father? If he's going to be friends with mini-rabbit that's going to cause trouble for us!

She once again drank her drink fast and soon got the dreaded brain freeze. As she banged her hand on the table as if trying to make the pain go away fast she heard a voice she thought she'd never hear.

"Hey Kawsasari-san!" An excited voice which belonged to Usagi Tsukino said!

Jumping from the table Kawasari saw all the Inner Senshi with bags of clothes. Usagi offered out a cheerful smile while Ami's was polite. Rei, Makoto and even Minako gave her an indifferent look for different reason.

Once seeing them she calmed down her reaction and turned her head. "Hmph, I did not expect to you all around here,"

"Why not, it's a free country, Kawasari!" Minako spoke in clipped tone (to the others surprise).

Kawasari looked at her rival. "Bah, I'm surprised you showing your face after your concert hit rock bottom like the Titanic!"

Minako just glared at her. "Hey I explained the circumstances besides I'll be making my début again in the concert you'll be performing in two-weeks!"

If hell froze over it would have at the glare the fox was radiating at her. "What did you say?!"

"You heard straight fox-face; you'll be my opening act!" Minako sounded proud of that fact.

"Opening act. Me. For you." Kawasari spoke.

Minako gave her a wicked smile. "It's killing you softly, I know!"

Before anything could get said Rei and Makoto grabbed Minako by the shoulder and placed the conceited blonde behind them.

"Come on Minako-chan, she's not opening for you, she's just going first!" Usagi explained surprisingly in the loop. "It's a joint performance!"

Glaring at the bunny and causing her to squeak out Kawsari felt the comings of a migraine. Her frustration levels were rising! "This is rich, first Luca falls for that brat of yours and now this?"

Rei went on the offensive. "And what's that supposed to mean?" She challenged.

She didn't offer an answer.

The green-eyed amazon soon got in the conversation. "Kawasari why are you acting like a jerk, I thought you were over this vendetta?"

Locking eyes with her Kawasari held a contempt tone. "Now why would you think that? Just because I haven't stirred up any trouble doesn't mean my feelings have changed for anyone of you," She soon moved her view to the others which finally landed on Usagi. "Being involved with you will be nothing but a pain. Especially with my father running about!"

"Does that mean you've gotten in contact with him?" Rei demanded. "Are you planning on joining him?"

"Why would I tell you that, it's my life!" Kawasari stated with snap. "We aren't friends, I might have helped you with Malachite and freeing Barbie over there but don't mistake that for trust!"

Usagi looked a little sad at that while Makoto and Rei looked at her with animosity. Minako remained quiet as she knew what Kawasari felt from when her empathetic powers activated those months ago. Ami was the only one to think through the matter of Kawasari's recent attitude.

"Kawasari-san, are you worried that Alderic will find some way to bring you to his side?" She asked.

The fox didn't offer an answer but her silence said all that it had to say on the matter.

"We all know you've worked hard trying to establish yourself and Luca-kun away from Alderic's side and we won't let him have you for his nefarious purposes!" She continued gently.

She found it hard to find faith in those words. Could they really protect her? "Don't make promises you can't keep, Princess Mercury." The tailed woman became solemn in her response. "You make it sound easy but it's not just him I'm concerned about…"

Makoto responded. "What do you mean, did he revive others?"

Chuckling with irony Kawasari answered. "My father always has a plan and he wouldn't bat an eye with using his own children. Not all of us are close to him."

The mood turned melancholy.

Usagi made the next step. "Kawasari, no matter what you think, we as a team think of you as a friend and that won't change." The meat-ball styled teen soon grasped Kawasari's hands. "Even if you succumb to whatever manipulations he says we will save you!"

The yellow-eyed cynical half-demon couldn't fathom what she heard. Is it possible that this annoying girl has a heart that big? Kawasari gave the bunny a cynical smile but her bangs covered her eyes. "Always with those words, I can see now where that power comes from. And it's not just that crystal of yours."

Usagi and the others gave her a wondering glance.

"Don't speak for your entire little group, rabbit; not all think of me as a 'friend', as you put it!" Kawasari thought of her meeting with Haruka at one point and it was rather tense. "But if you feel that strongly about it, I guess I think of you as…"

Usagi looked on in expectation. The others got strangely closer as well wanting to hear this.

"Hah, like I'd say those words!" Kawasari got up rather fast which made the group back up. "It's far too early for all that mushiness! Besides," She pointed to Minako. "If you remember, Barbie and I are rivals. I can't befriend ya'll just because of some sugary words!"

Kawasari soon got her bag and walked away before saying something else as she turned to them. "You're all right Tsukino-san," She surprised the moon rabbit by her calling her name and not some nickname.

What was strange her bangs continued covering her eyes so none saw that some tears were in it. Friends, huh?

Kawasari soon left the district and headed back home leaving the teen girls in a surprised stupor.

"Did that just happen?" Rei asked her mind going blank. "Usually she'd say something snarky!"

Makoto had to rub her eyes. "I think it did Rei, is it going to rain flaming rocks?" She checked the sky to make sure doomsday hadn't happened.

"Now be nice you two," Ami being the mother of the group admonished them. "With all that's going on we have to look for the truth hidden behind words at times!"

Usagi agreed with a nod. "Yeah, she's nice besides if she were anything but she'd had made sure that Luca-kun wouldn't hang out with Chibi Usa!"

Minako remained quiet as she looked at the place Kawasari sat. If anything should happen could we battle her again? The red-ribbon woman thought of her battle with Kawasari in Shinjuku with Yaten. And Hotaru mentioned something about this Areno guy fighting her. Hope we can survive against it. Thoughts of her previous experience with Malachite still rang in her head as she soon thought about Kensuke Rainer. I wonder how he's doing. Even if it was in a dream I feel that he's going through some pain at the moment. Ken-kun, please be all right. She did a little prayer for the black-haired Digi-destined of the Accel world.

Seeing Minako quiet it got the others worried. She's not one for being serious, that was Rei's department. As if having the same idea Ami said something.

"Umm, Minako, do you think this is a good outfit for my da…date with Ryo?" she asked with hesitation showing off a nice outfit.

This snapped her out of her train of thought as she gushed. "Oh my gosh, that's so cute Ami! But we need to buy something with a little flair!" Looking the pop-idol in training located an accessory store. "We are hitting that place to spice things up! Let's go ladies," Minako pulled out the fabled golden credit card that shined as if Arthur found Excalibur and lifted it from the stone. "Charge it!"

She pushed Amin into the store. The others sweat dropped.

"I wonder where she got that card?" Makoto wondered.

"I think she borrowed that card from Yaten-kun," Rei answered as she shook her head. "He's going to regret that. Come one let's make sure what she buys isn't extravagant that will put him in debt,"

With that they continued with their trek which would last until dusk. Ami would soon head back home and think of her date with a past crush.

Tokyo University (next day)

The day finally came as Ami and Ryo met at their destination and hugged upon seeing one another. After small talk they went by train to reach Tokyo University and now were standing in front the gates.

Ryo wore a dark-blue short-sleeved button shirt with brown pants and loafers. He looked a little tall and had a nice smile on his face. Ami, who wore a fetching blue dress and shoes with a aquamarine necklace on her neck, looked rather shy as she thought she dressed to formal for the outing.

Upon brining that up with Ryo all he said was he liked it!

Ami thanked an upper deity for that praise since she thought it was too much with the necklace. I wonder how Yaten-kun will react; I'll make sure to pay him back for Minako's splurges!

Ryo got the tickets ahead of time and they both went to the seminar.

A couple stood a little ways behind them as it was Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenoh, who also wanted to see this seminar of some up and coming philosopher since Haruka still felt a little iffy as she experienced that link with another version of herself in a different world. Michiru used this outing as to get her mind on straight.

"Looks like our Ami-chan has a date?" Haruka remarked with a smile.

Michiru giggled with refine charm. "Well Usagi did call to tell us about it but seeing it is surprising." She turned to her lover. "Ready to go in?"

"Sure, let's see what this is about?" Haruka remarked as they got their tickets and headed inside.

Ami and Ryo went to a large auditorium and stood amazed; it had a giant tank of water on the wall that showed lot of tropical fishes and other water related paraphilia.

Looking on in amazement the genius girl wondered how they did all this? She soon came across another tank on the wall with a couple of brown seals. Holding her hand to the window a seal rubbed its nose to where her hand was which made Ami giggle. Ryo noticed what she did and took a picture with his cell causing her to blush.

"Oh, Ryo no, that's probably a bad shot!" She cried.

Ryo laughed as he showed her picture, it actually was nice as it showed her with a serene kind expression on her features. He then surprised her as he wrapped an arm around her and shoulders and brought her closer to him which he took a picture of them smiling!

After that they continued observing the seminar and talked to environmental people about the beauties of protecting marine life under the sea and cleaning up oil spills and the like.

Ami became entranced by what she heard. All this is fascinating. They are right about wanting to protect these delicate creatures of life. She soon wondered that if she were a Senshi why hasn't she made a stand with this kind of issue? They were meant to protect life on earth and not just humans.

Her feature turned solemn as Ryo noted her expression. The teen male looked pained at seeing her. Ryo still couldn't get control of his body and screamed for Ami to get out of here!

Just as things settled down the lights lowered and on a well-built stage, a single light hit the presenter of today's faction, Kurio Hagima. Then a t.v. descended behind her which began a montage of her voice and explaining her own philosophy in wanting to protect all marine life. It showed Sperm Wales, seals, and the like. It went on about how due to a major oil spill the waters surrounding these mammals habitats things were getting hard for them to leave. Next showed humans polluting the waters with trash; throwing cans in the water and any disposable objects without a care in the world.

The presentation ended with all the world's water turning brown and funky which made some of the people gag and tried not tossing their cookies! Ami looked sad and somewhat angry at what she saw.

Kurio stepped back to the limelight. "Welcome all to this splendor's day. I hope you are enjoying my exhibits at this place. I have made it my personal duty to protect mother natures children from us humans whims and needs," She said in a clear voice. "We neglect this world as if we think it will survive but we all know that isn't the case. The earth's waters are dying due to our carelessness and it needs to stop! Is right that we hurt these majestic beings just because they can't talk? My philosophy is this; nature comes first before humans. If we don't think of the larger picture then one day our mother earth will one day vanish!"

In the crowed everyone was absorbing this. Ami nodded as if she were at church and testifying to a preacher! Ryo looked miserable for Ami.

Michiru and Haruka, who were once again in the back area, looked on with stoicism. Michiru didn't like the fervent way she spoke. Peeking at her mirror she noted a sliver of darkness enveloping the residence in this place and the coating looked thick around Ami!

Kurio continued her speech. "I believe there is all but one who can save all the waters of the world. It could be someone who doubts," She locked eyes with Ami, who stood mesmerized. "But believe that fighting for something on this grand scale is far important then anything else!"

Soon Kurio's seminar had ended and many scientist and lawyers began talking with passion about protecting this belief. Ami still felt strongly for what she saw. Could everything she learned been wrong? Were those words that were spoken untruth?

Ryo grasped her hand which made her turn in confusion.

"Come on Ami, I want to introduce you to Kurio Hagima." He said and they headed to the backstage.

Michiru noted what happened.

"You look a little ill, Michiru?" Haruka asked protectively.

Michiru confirmed it. "While Hagima's speech was going on I peaked at my mirror and saw some darkness overflowing around the area,"

"Could it be the enemies doing?"

"My institution hasn't failed me.' Michiru answered. Besides I think whoever is behind this is targeting Ami!

Behind the stage Ryo saw Kurio Hagima, who had talked on her cell Waiting for her to get off Ami looked at her as if she were some goddess!

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Ryo-kun" Kurio spoke with a mature calm. "Is this the girlfriend?"

This caused both to blush which got a laugh out of her. "Sorry, it's just I remember Ryo-kun speaking of a childhood crush. You are rather pretty, dear."

Ami blushed and smiled. "I think I look rather plain…"

"Nonsense, you represent purity." Kurio began. "I looked you up Ms. Mizuno and I have to say, you really are a protégé; good grades from elementary to college, which is one of the highest I've ever seen. You are almost a master with Chess and I heard even a good swimmer!"

Ami became modest. "I guess I have an affinity for these things?"

Kurio smiled. "Don't ever deny those talents of yours! Now how did you like my seminar?"

"I loved it! I've never heard anyone speak so strongly on this issue in preserving aquamarine life in such a fashion." Ami gushed. "I'm glad Ryo invited me."

Ryo looked somewhat guilty as he had another pained expression.

Kurio gave him a look and she continued talking to Ami. "That's good cause I think you are the one that is needed!"

"What do you mean?" Ami asked.

Ryo gritted his teeth. His strong feelings for Ami were bubbling to the surface as he tried breaking free from Ivy's control.

"What I mean is that you have something at your disposal that can give you what you want…" Kurio alluded to mysteriously.

Ami didn't know what she meant but unknown to her Kurio was slowly using her powers on Ami.

Before anything else got said Ryo yelled out. "Ami get out of here!" He pushed Ami behind her which caused Kurio to curse at him.

"How are you able to break free, miserable human?" Kurio screamed.

Ami looked confused. "Ryo…"

"Ami don't let her deceive you, she's an enemy!" He revealed pointing at her. "Don't let her words confuse you!"

Kurio slapped him aside and picked him up by his neck. "Naughty boy," She then tossed to a side of a wall knocking him out!

"Ryo," Ami yelled and narrowed her eyes at her. "Who are you?"

Kurio smiled wickedly as red smoke wrapped around her and appeared in her true form. "Ahh, nice to be back in my buxom body!" The succubus cried as she pointed at Ami. "That meat puppet was a good pawn to lure you here!"

"Ryo, you mean you controlled Ryo?!" Ami's voice got surprisingly sharp.

Ivy floated as she sat down, as if sitting on a chair with a folded let. "Yes, Ryo-kun had no choice since I took hold of his heart!"

Ami had some tears in her eyes. Did this happen because he knew me? Ami pulled out her star brooch. "I take it you are part of Alderic's crew?"

"Right again, missy!" Ivy crowed.

"Then I'll take you out myself; Mercury Eternal, Make-up!"

(Begin Highschool DxD Season 2 opening song Sympathy)

A moment later Eternal Sailor Mercury appeared in her eternal get-up. She shot a firm glare at the temptress. "On behalf of Mercury, I'll purge you from this place!"

"Oho?" Ivy didn't look worried as her plan was going off without a hitch.

Eternal Mercury flung out her hands and used Shine Aqua Illusion as the gallons of water headed straight for Ivy. Just when it looked like it would hit she vanished in a swirl of red smoke.

Mercury looked around before a hand grabbed her head and started squeezing her! "Now, now, Mercury, I was right what I said that you have something that change all of this," Her eyes glowed purple and started shoving random images of the destruction of marine life.

The images flashed in her head causing Mercury to have some tears appear.

"My words did not ring false, Senshi of Water and Ice. Humanity is indeed decaying the waters of your element and killing the ones under its domain," Ivy said. "Why do you fight for humans ways of life? No matter how much you save them, they continue killing off these beautiful creatures!"

"I…I" Eternal Sailor Mercury whimpered.

(Song ends)

(Begin Outer Senshi Theme)

"Deep Submerge!" Eternal Sailor Neptune yelled as she sent a ball-sized ocean water towards Ivy.

Ivy vanished, with Mercury in her possession and appeared a couple of meters ahead of the two outer senshi.

"Let go of Mercury, demon!" Eternal Sailor Uranus barked as she held her space sword in her hands.

"Uh-uh, we still have some girl talk to do!" Ivy said as she continued downloading information into the kind-hearted Senshi's head.

Uranus looked ready to hack and slash her but Neptune held her back. "What are you doing to Mercury?!"

Finishing the process Ivy smiled. "Well why don't you ask this friend of yours?" Letting go Mercury floated beside Ivy.

"Mercury, get down here!" Uranus demanded. "We are going to go through her!" Neptune didn't like the dead look she saw in her colleague's eyes. As Eternal Sailor Uranus glided towards Ivy, Mercury created an ice wall to separate them!

"Mercury?!" Uranus cried in surprise as Mercury throughout her hands and sent forth a pillar of water knocking her back. Neptune ran to Uranus.

"Mercury, what's gotten into you?!" Neptune admonished.

(Song ends)

Eternal Sailor Mercury didn't say anything as Ivy smiled with devious intent. This will get interesting!

"It's a lie,' Mercury whispered as Neptune and Uranus barely caught what she said. "This world is a lie, why do we humans continue abusing the majestic waters?"

"What is she going on about?!" Uranus demanded getting up with Neptune supporting her.

Ryo finally awoke and saw Mercury with a dead look. "Ami…please don't." A flash went through his head as he saw what would inevitable happen to Mercury.

"I won't let anything deter me from my one true mission!" Mercury's voice became firm as her planet sign shined brightly. "This is the path I must take!"

Both Senshi cried for Mercury's name but it didn't stop the Senshi of Water. A crystalized barrier formed around her body!

"What's happening?!" Uranus barked as they got pushed to a wall at the amount of magical energy being disputed!

Neptune saw Ryo getting up, shouldering his right arm.

"It's already happening?" Ryo spoke in awe and sadness.

"What do you know?!" Neptune asked him coldly.

Ryo gave Neptune a sorrowful look. "I know that this is something that will affect her life forever…"

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