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What's up? Time to finish up this arc! Last time the Inner, Outer and Kakyuu Senshi make their way to find Ami, who is now about to place Tokyo in an everlasting winter! Battles get underway with their current enemy while Moon, Venus and Mars, with Ryo, try to stop her.

Shocking events happen when a homunculus of Zoizite returns and has our clairvoyant in his clutches (literally).

How will everything end for our kind-hearted, genius Ami?

Let's find out!

Chapter 7

Strive to save Ami; machinations continue


Pain radiated through Ryo Uragawa's body as Zoisite clutched his hand thru him, if the former General were to make his hand solid it would end up killing the teen male! Eternal Sailor Moon, Venus and Mars couldn't comprehend how he could be alive now!

Mars looked ready to use one of her fire attacks but stopped by Venus. "We can't risk Ryo-kun's safety." A nod came from the raven-haired Senshi as she lowered her hand.

Zoisite looked at them with unchecked anger as he laughed. "I know it's been sometime but I'm glad to have come back thanks to Alderic-sama,"

The three Senshi looked on in disbelief at what he revealed. "Alderic brought back someone from the grave?" The bunny Senshi commented. "How is he doing this?"

"Remember Sailor Moon, Alderic even brought back Malachite," Venus brought up as she briefly thought about the man who loved her and drove him to destruction. "I don't think we can doubt what else he can do."

Mars keenly felt a weird vibe coming from Zoisite's body. Is that body of his unstable? I wonder in what process that scientist brings back the dead. "Let go of our friend Zoiste or do we have to remind you of how you fell to us?" Challenged Mars.

Bringing up the past Zoiste grew incensed as the pretty male thought of how the Senshi ruined his plans when trying to find the Rainbow Crystals and defeated the Shadow Warriors. "How can I forget that news? This won't be like last time for," He tightened his grip on Ryo who yelled in pain. "I have insurance. You pretty girls might have blossomed into fine warriors but you are still bound by that sense of moral obligation to protect humanity!"

They knew he was right which made them angry especially Eternal Sailor Mars.

"I am honored to experience this new life even if I'm nothing but a pawn for another." Zoisite's face grew melancholy. "It would have been perfect too if I could have met up with my love, Malachite…but!" He turned a glare at Eternal Sailor Venus who jumped back at the glare. "Those hopes dashed thanks to you Sailor Venus!"

The blonde grew angry at what he said. "That's not my fault; the feelings he felt were a link to his past!" Venus vaguely remembered her past from the Silver Millennium but recalled a moment of seeing Endymion's court once and seeing Malachite in his noble glory. "It over shadowed his feelings in the present. That wasn't my choice for him come after me!"

This made Zoistie angrier knowing that the man he loved fell for a harlot of Serenity's court! He soon had a sadistic look on his face. "Well if that's the case how about I even the odds?" The pony tailed blonde turned to Ryo, who looked ready to fall unconscious. "I will have a life for a life!"

Ryo struggled against the pain and wished he could do something to break free from this lunatic! He moved his head to look at the top of Tokyo Tower where Sailor Mercury was still whipping up an ice storm to put them in everlasting winter. I won't die here until I save Ami!

As he succumbed to Zoisite's power he slowly closed his eyes as the Senshi yelled out his name in shock!

Ryo's mindscape

I don't want to die here, I have someone to save…if anyone is out there please…please give me something to use!

You already have that something to use and break free! A voice replied. Turning around Ryo saw a blue sparkle in the darkness before the room brightened up. Covering his face with an arm Ryo waited until it died down before lowering it.

Awe appeared on his face as he saw a miniature Sailor Mercury in the middle of the white room. Ryo looked around making sure he got his bearing right before she giggled at him as if saying "this wasn't a dream".

"Hello Ryo-kun," The pint-sized Senshi easily replied. Ryo noted that this Mercury had pink eyes instead of blue?

"I don't know what's happening?" He began confused. "A guy named Zoisite phased his hand into my chest and I thought he squeezed, how am I all right?" His voice rang with panic which is understandable.

Miniture Mercury floated to him lightly kissed his cheek causing him to blush. "I'm sorry that happened but you are fine for the moment."

Another question came to Ryo before asking the inquiry. "How did you appear here? Why do you look like Ami?"

"So many questions; that's a trait Sailor Mercury likes about you Ryo-kun!" The tiny Senshi chirped out.

His head turned to the left in embarrassment.

"I am here in your mindfield; I am a part of Sailor Mercury. Or another way to see it is that she is my descendant." She replied ominously which got Ryo's attention. "I took this form as a way to speak with you for my true-self would be far beyond what a human can see."

Ryo gazed at this minititure being. "Are you a deity or something?" He asked.

Little Mercury gazed at him with a faraway look. "I once was…but that is not important. I came here because you are close to Ami's heart. You are the one she holds dear."

"I am…but I just spoke to her a day ago. I don't think she'd hold me in that accord. We haven't seen one another since our middle school days!" He argued with logic. "What she has for me is nothing but hormones going wild. Besides I am the reason she's involved in this. If Ivy hadn't found me and used her charm against me Ami would be safe!"

The small Senshi nodded with all his points. "Yes that is true but this is an unavoidable fate. With the current enemy many things have begun to spin that not even with one of [Clairvoyance} like Sailor Pluto or one of [Evaluation] like what you carry can figure that man's machinations."

Bringing up the enemy Ryo looked confused. "You know about that Alderic person and about my powers?"

A nod. "Yes and it is rare for a human to have a gift." She said before adding in an afterthought quietly. "In this dimension anyway…"

"What do you mean by this dimension?"

"Don't worry about the ramblings of a former deity!" Mercury JR replied with haste. "I brought you here to tell you that you have a way to get out of this predicament and get to Sailor Mercury!"

Ryo caught his breath, there was a way? "What way?"

"Use the powers bestowed upon you by birth." She simply answered.

This isn't what he wanted to hear. "Wait you want me to use this power I have to break free?" He sounded like he was about to laugh in the irony of it. "I can barely control [Evaluation] and that's only trying to determine with the information I gather through my sub-conscious. What am I going to do premonition the she-man to death?" He sarcastically joked.

"Yes that is what you'll do." Miniature Mercury answered.

He gaped at that.

"Your power, no matter how passive it is, has potential to protect you in an offensive way," She instructed with kindness. "Ryo-kun, you are not without strength. And I know you can free Ami from that dark influence."

"She was manipulated by that succubus by making her doubt humanity!" he explained but she waved him off.

"I know but that's not why I'm worried." She looked somewhat fearful. "The radiant magic power she's emitting is destroying her body before it's time," Snapping her fingers an image of the outside world appeared and Ryo viewed the screen with Mercury on it. Zooming in he saw to his shock, her body freezing over. "That is a forceful unlock of her potential being brought out if not stopped. Her element will affect the natural equilibrium of nature which will be unchangeable even if Princess Serenity uses her Silver Crystal."

Hearing that didn't make Ryo any less positive given many things hang in the balance. "How do you propose I use my power then?"

She floated towards him and placed a hand on his forehead. The planetary sign of Mercury shined briefly before subsiding. "You'll figure it out, now go."

With that Ryo found his body vanishing from his mind. Being left alone Miniature Mercury looked sad. "I hope he can get through to her. Even if the Senshi should beat Alderic, I'm concerned about another force in the works. I just hope that doesn't happen for some time." She prayed before returning to her domain.


The Senshi couldn't stop what Zoisite was going to do to Ryo. Just as Eternal Sailor Mars was going to release a flame attack Ryo opened his eyes sharply and placed his hand over a surprised Zoisite's head! Eyes glowing briefly Zoisite started convulsing in pain as visions started racing through his head! Letting out a scream of torment the former general released Ryo who landed in a heap!

Seeing that was their chance Eternal Sailors Mars and Venus unleashed their attacks at the same time which pushed back Zoisite who sent sliding on the snow-covered ground! Eternal Sailor Moon went to Ryo and returned him to their side.

Zoisite grunted in pain but it wasn't just the attacks by the Senshi that caused him pain but what Ryo did! Grunting out in pain Zoisite turned his sights to Ryo and pointed. "What did you do to me?!" He soon went to his knees trying to stop the residual psychic attack.

Breathing hard Ryo answered the question. "I overloaded your brain with visions thanks to my [Evaluation]." He had a smile on his face. "Sorry for the backlash!"

Mars, Moon and Venus looked impressed by what he did as they complimented him. "I didn't think you could do that?" Moon asked surprised.

"It's something I learned." He soon saw a brief flash of the future which involved Zoisite attacking them! "He's going to attack!"

Being warned the Senshi prepared as Zoistie flung out his hands and pink petals swirled towards them! As the attack was about to hit Eternal Sailor Venus stood in front of them and used her Crescent Beam Shower to hold back the attack before it subsided. Hair blowing in the cool air The Senshi of Love and Beauty called out to Zoisite. "You are going to deal with me!"

Moon looked concerned before the light-blue eyed Senshi gave her a response. "I've got this; Zoisite is out for my blood so I'll deal with him!"

Knowing that Venus was serious the duo nodded and with Ryo they headed back to Tokyo Tower.

(Slayers Next OST: Give a Reason, begins)

Seeing the others about to escape Zoisite launched a green sphere at them until Venus body coated with an orange/yellow light held out her hands and tossed the ball of energy like a volley ball back at Zoisite who dodged at the last second.

Continuing her attack Venus blew a kiss as she flung a heart-shaped blast at the copy. "Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

The pony tailed feminine man cupped his hands and sent a blast of energy to cancel out the red-ribbon Senshi's attack.

"I think it's time to settle this!" Venus spoke as she held out her hand and a heart chain changed to a medium length sword. "Malachite made his choice and with a heavy heart I let him go but I want to believe he's in a better place!"

Zoisite scoffed at her naivety upon hearing what ultimately happened to his lover. He wasn't going to say anything on the matter and only glared at her. "I'll see you dead Blondie!" And the general launched energy blasts at her which Venus either dodged or parried with her Chain Wink Sword! This went on for some moments before Zoisite thought of a different manner.

Vanishing in a swirl of flowers before the blonde could slice him the general appeared above her tossed a sphere at feet to knock her back! Yelling in surprise Eternal Sailor Venus rolled trying to stop her momentum and saw Zoisite coming towards her! Not even thinking Venus swung her leg and connected to the left side of his face and knocking him down! Appearing surprised Zositie got back up and fired small energy orbs at Venus!

Holding her sword in front of her an orange barrier protected her but the explosions started taking her toll as she couldn't keep up the barrier! Grimacing in pain Venus needed him distracted if she was going to win!

"I'll never forgive you for what happened to my Malachite!" Zoisite seethed as a dark aura coated his body and held a small orb in his hand before crushing it. "Balus Rod!" A whip made of light arced through the air before he impacted the barrier and shattering it to the red-ribbon accessory Senshi's shock! She leapt back before Zoisite could get in another lashing.

He smiled like a Dominatrix about to get her freak on. "It's time I proved who is top queen around here!"

A shiver went up the light blue-eyed Senshi's back remembering that Zoisite had "woman" traits. "Yeah dude, I think you proved that in spades," Venus snarked before disbanding her sword and held a heart chain instead. "Venus Love me Chain!" She slammed her chain against Zoisite's whip and energy sparked as array of lights descended upon the ground. The two whipped it out in a battle of dominance!

Venus manipulated her chain to ensnare Zoisite but he proved capable of matching her attacks as he snapped his light whip to her feet which Venus moved back from. Pushing the advantage Zoisite arched his whip through the air as the attack split to impale Venus! Seeing that Eternal Sailor Venus flew to the air and with a thrust of her hands she created more chains to cancel out his attack. Sparks of white and orange light fell to the snow-covered ground.

The duo then went back to whipping back and forth. Dodging a blow Zoisite surprised Venus by throwing out a fire-ball surprising the blonde. Manipulating her heart chain Venus made a temporary shield to block it. When could he ever do that? She wondered.

Zoisite's body had some modifications that made it easy to cast easy spells thanks to Alderic implanting his teachings into him but if the homunculus copy used anything higher than what he could sustain than his body would start breaking down.

The battle went on for five minutes with no victor before Zoisite had enough and dodged a whiplash attack from the pesky Senshi. "You've improved dear but don't think I'll go easy on you! I will honor Malachite by sending you to hell!"

Rolling her eyes Venus stood ready. "Why do the bad guys have to say that stuff? Can't you admit you are outclassed?"

"Bah, outclassed by you? I think not, darling!" holding up his hands he started chanting a mid-level attack. "You who sleep at the depths of the earth, one who has the soul of ice, with the power of blue let us reign down destruction with thou icy rage," A 15-length rune appeared above Venus as lightning hailed from the sigil! "Dynst Bras!"

Seeing the display Sailor Venus jumped back to avoid the attack but the hail of lightning scattered around keeping her restrained. "Dammit not like this!" She groaned in pain.

Laughing as his attack engulfed his enemy Zoisite soon coughed as blood came out. Knowing that spell went over his innate pool he was feeling the aftereffects but that didn't matter as he got rid of Venus. Or so he thought.

As the smoke cleared Zoisite saw an 8-tailed human-sized fox shaded with yellow fur in front of Venus and protected her by placing a barrier to shield her. Venus appeared surprised as well as she recognized the animal. "Kawasari?"

Hearing her name the animal demon appeared exasperated as she nodded before changing to her humanoid form; she wore her Cheongsam blue dress and her hair in a tail as she held a fan in her hands. Snapping it closed Kawasari declared her appearance. "I honestly can't fathom you losing to a Sailor Venus."

This irritated the usual happy Venus. "Hey I didn't think Zoisite would be sporting these new powers like one of those wizards you see in those fantasy novels!"

A scoff escaped the purple haired half-breed. "It appears father has given this pawn new powers but," She analytically scoped out Zoisite's body. "That attack took its toll on his body; he shouldn't do that less his body disappears. Father never was good with making artificial bodies even though Malachite was the exception."

Zoisite glared hatefully at the interloper for running his chances of ridding of his enemy. "So you are one of Alderic-sama's children? I don't think he'll mind if I get rid of you?"

As the words escaped his mouth Zoisite flung out a hand as petals came at Kawasari and Venus! Not batting an eye Kawasari used her fan to blow away the petal attack with a single swipe. "Such parlor tricks. And you gave the Senshi trouble when you appeared while alive?" She closed her fan with a snap.

Venus gazed at an irritated Zoisite and knew this could be her chance. "Thanks for helping, Kawasari."

Trying to hide a blush she answered. "Don't think much of this Barbie; this is one of them rare moments I'm going to help," Kawasari answered but her voice didn't sound irritated just haughty. "I will let you have the last strike to end this puppet's life."

Zosite didn't like what was happening. "I'm not going anywhere!"

He used another Balus Rod and swung it down at the duo! Both women dodged the blow and headed towards him. Kawasari changed to her fox form and unleashed a mouth blast which Zoisite created a shield for defense which was all Venus needed.

Holding out her hand she gathered sparkling golden energy as she prepared to launch her newest attack. "Shimmering Streak!"

The shining attack had enough power to puncture a German Tank as the attack slammed to Zoisite's pathetic barrier. Yelling in frustration he didn't see Kawasari or Venus. Then Kawasari appeared with Venus riding on her back.

"Zoisite, prepare for defeat!" Venus called out as she leapt off her back to charge her attack. Kawasari spread opens her tails as pale-blue flames enveloped the tips of her tails. With a roar she sent fox-fire to distract Zoisite. The homunculus tried hitting the annoying attack but completely ended up overcome.

Gathering her Senshi magic to her hands and created a medium-length sword. "This is the end of you Zoisite; Venus Chain Wink Sword!" Bringing her blade down Venus yelled boldly as she sliced Zoisite's body in two!

Gasping at being horizontally cut Zoiste looked in disbelief that even with his new powers he still fell to a Senshi! It happened again; I failed to get our revenge… Zoisite had a forlorn expression in which he whispered his last sentence. "Oh Malachite…I'm sorry." His body broke down to dust with his heartfelt plead.

Landing to the ground Venus maintained a poker face at bringing an end to Zoisite. Holding a hand to her chest she could remember Malachite having that same expression. I will never be free of this burden. I bring down Malachite and now the person he loved when they were alive.

Even though she was long past her feelings for Malachite she still felt sadness with how it all went down; it was Malachite's love for Venus that was instrumental in bringing him down once again.

Kawasari, who changed back to her human guise walked up to her. "You expressing some remorse over what happened to an enemy?"

"It's nothing; I just didn't think Alderic would bring back a past enemy again…" She tightened her hands to a fist. "I won't forgive him…"

Before the fox could say anything extra chimera's showed up. "Looks like father is trying to prevent us from going to your friends?"

Venus reformed her Chain Wink Sword. "Let him try, I won't let this stop me! You ready for this Kawasari?"

Flicking her tail Kawasari smiled. "I could always use exercise. I just hope those friends of yours can stop Sailor Mercury. I feel the effects are draining her."

"I'm not worried for one person can free her from that temptation just like how someone was there for me." Eternal Sailor Venus stated recalling what Yaten Kou did for her before the two started slaying down the chimera's from rampaging.

(Song ends)

In the distance of all the battles going on Jadeite and Nephrite viewed Zoisite's battle with indifference at seeing their former colleague's end by the hands of a Senshi.

"That fool wasn't fit for battle it seems?" Jadite complained upon seeing his defeat. The ever quiet Nephrite didn't utter a word. Think of this as recompense for how you killed me!

Nephlite still felt bitter when Zoisite manipulated a situation to get in Queen Beryl's favor by using Youma to kidnap Naru. I don't feel any sympathy for you!

Seeing his colleague expression Jadite didn't bother asking. The icy-blue eyed man turned his sights to the Senshi fighting off their master's children.

Eternal Sailor Moon, Mars and Ryo continued heading to the tower but they couldn't explain why it appeared to take longer. "It's a possibility that Mercury is the cause of the shifting," Ryo brought up. "I had a vision just now of her placing a barrier around this place,"

"So she's trying to prevent us eh? Never thought she was the devious type," Mars spoke out before she sensed a presence and stopped. What is this I'm feeling? "Eternal Sailor Moon grab Ryo and jump!"

Eternal Sailor Moon complied and moved Ryo before energy spheres slammed to the ground. Forging a bow of fire Mars released an arrow which ended up blocked by another enemy she thought she'd never see again!

"Well, well, it's been sometime Senshi!" A man with red hair replied as he wore a sleeveless brown vest and green pants with an upside down crescent moon evident on his forehead to prove who he was.

Mars glared her purple eyes at him. "Rebeus!" She cried! Rubeus was once part of the Dark Moon clan that came from the future to capture Chibi-Usa. Along with infuse dark energy to certain points of Tokyo to cause dire consequences in the future since the future counter-parts of Mars and the others were keeping the palace protected with a barrier. "You've returned as well? Alderic doesn't waste any time does he?"

"Don't look surprised Senshi of Mars. I am grateful for Alderic for reviving me, even though this body is a copy. And might I add you look different as well?"

Eternal Sailor Mars kept her glare at him as Ryo and Moon gazed at him with weariness.

An obnoxious laughter could be heard which Moon, Mars and Ryo covered their ears! A woman wearing a tight dress with long green hair appeared as well. "Ohohohoho, he's not the only one, meddlesome Sailor brats!"

"Emerald!" Eternal Sailor Moon cried in alarm. The last time she saw her was when she was a giant dragon about to destroy Crystal Castle in the 30th century!

The green-haired woman ran a hand through her lox as she smiled. "It's time for just dues against you Senshi! I will never allow you to flourish in this world!

Moon and Mars couldn't fathom why they were brought back but realized this was Alderic's plan to keep them distracted.

Knowing that the only one available to reach Ami Eternal Sailor Moon spoke to the teen. "Ryo-kun, I know this is unorthodox but I think you need to go alone and save Ami!" Moon replied to him.

A look of disbelief was just at what he was told. "What but what about you two?" he asked.

The Priestess Senshi answered as she knocked another arrow. "We stop these remnants. If these are artificial creations by Alderic then we have to put an end to them. Actually I'm all game; this gives me a chance to get licks on Rubeus for kidnapping me and the others on that damned UFO!"

That had always made Mars frustrated when that happened. A flipping UFO captured the Senshi! She wouldn't stand for this! Ryo hesitated before he got a reassuring smile from Moon.

"I'm positive you can help our Ami, just believe in that power of yours to lead you through this distorted space!" she spoke.

Nodding Ryo went on ahead.

(Melty Blood OST: End of 1000 years (remix) theme starts)

Rubeus smiled down at them as he could remember his death! Even though he blamed Emerald for leaving him behind on the exploding space ship, Sailor Moon had been the one to keep getting up after using the ship's gravitational field to hold her down. "This won't be a repeat of last time!" He yelled as he went for Eternal Sailor Moon until Eternal Sailor Mars intercepted with an arrow.

He dodged as the raven-haired beauty met him as she flew up using her wings!

While they clashed Emerald held contempt for the woman who took her Prince Diamond's heart away from her! My beloved prince always gazed at her wretched figure! I will never forgive her! A green aura coated her frame as she started talking to the purity bunny.

"It's been far too long, Sailor Moon, you have a new outfit?" Emerald replied with contempt. "No matter, I'll tear it from that body of yours and see it covered in blood!"

Eternal Sailor Moon didn't know how to respond to that, she wasn't like this before! "You won't be dong that or anything to me, Emerald. I defeated you once and I will do so again!" She pulled out her tier as she gave it a little twirl.

Emerald gave a screech as she released energy at Sailor Moon who formed a moon sized barrier for protection.

The green-haired woman hurled green crystals at the Eternal as the blonde pigtailed Senshi released a pink blast from her tier. Eternal Sailor Moon glided at Emerald and went to hit her with her miniature scepter but Emerald dodged the blow. Pressing her fingers to the crescent-shaped mark on her forehead the Eternal Senshi used her Moon Tiara Action and hurled the crescent-shaped projectile at her!

Seeing it coming Emerald slapped the petty attack. Holding up her hands Emerald sent a cascade of jagged edged crystals at Eternal Sailor Moon, who went on the defensive given she needed time to charge her attack to the highest point.

Eternal Sailor Moon went with an array of purified blast to wipe out Emerald's attack. Emerald held a gem and a blinding flash of light blinded Moon temporally. Rubbing her eyes Moon couldn't see anything until she felt a blow to her stomach! The jealous woman kicked the moon bunny and slapped her! A red swelling mark appeared on her face which Emerald relished in!

"That's what trash should like!" Emerald yelled before she sent a pulverizing colorful wind to push the Eternal to the ground. "Aurora Wind!"

Screaming Eternal Sailor Moon tried getting her bearings before Emerald used her new attack again and pushed her back even further! Landing on the ground the blue-eyed Senshi gazed at Emerald. "No way I'm losing to you!" She shouted defiance.

Seeing the look in her eyes put Emerald on edge; it was those same eyes that shined with such valor and strength that Emerald truly despised!

A silver glow surrounded Eternal Sailor Moon's frame as she flew towards Emerald with renewed strength and jabbed her tier in the tight-dressed woman's gut! Gagging Emerald didn't' see Moon kick her in the head before holding up her tier. It shinned brilliantly as feathers danced around her frame. "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!"

Emerald screamed out as a powerful pink-reddish beam slammed to her body and sent her hurtling through the sky!

Majority of the battles going on stopped to see a pink comet!

"Hey a pink comet, everyone make a wish!" Areno cried out! "Hey, make sure to close your eyes as well!"

For the Senshi and demon siblings who heard that they all just dropped their heads. Pretty soon they resumed their battle.

Rubeus and Mars' battle went to the cold skies as the red-haired man fired condensed blasts of energy at the nimble Senshi of War. Flying through them with expertise Mars gathered flame to her hands and swiped Rubeus in passing but he maneuvered away from the flame but ended up getting singed.

Eternal Sailor Mars used her Burning Mandala as flame rings got sent towards the rooster-haired man before he destroyed the attack with a well-placed shield. Laughing he sent a beam at Mars!

Cursing she pressed her fingers together and launched a corona flame thrower causing an explosion knocking her back somewhat.

"This won't go on forever Senshi, just surrender!" Rubeus called out as sent tiny spheres at her! Throwing out her hands she made a bird of fire that swallowed up his attack.

The purple eyed Senshi rebuked his statement. "I never surrender; it's time to send you back to your grave where you belong!" She declared as Mars held an ofuda between her fingers.

Knowing that those accursed seals would be a problem Rubeus snapped his fingers as spheres fire materialized behind Mars and slammed to her back causing her to fall to the ground! Flipping her body she floated tried slowing her descent before she crashed.

Getting up from the ground Eternal Sailor Mars aura melted the snow as a swirl of fire spun around her frame. "You dare you my element against me?" Cupping her hand she sent a Fire Soul at Rubeus. Gaping at the size of her attack which could envelop him he dodged the attack and jetted at her.

Throwing out a hand he sent small energy spheres at her. Creating a bow out of her sacred flames she knocked an arrow. "Flame Sniper!" The arrows broke to small pieces and slammed to his attack.

Both covered their eyes as the attacks died down. Rubeus smirked at her. "It seems you aren't up to snuff, Sailor Mars?" He mocked!

She wouldn't have some copy denounce her worth! Locking eyes with him Rubeus felt a cold chill go through his body which he didn't like. From his perspective it felt like looking to the eyes of a crazed warrior.

Not liking what he felt the red-haired man went for another volley of sphere blasts that Mars didn't see coming and soon flung back! Lifting up his hands he sent a cannon-ball sized attack at her! Before it hit a tiny figure appeared in front of her and kicked the energy attack like a soccer ball as it flung to the sky and dispersed.

"Who the hell are you brat?!" Rubeus called out to the tiny figure.

Mars turned to see the youngest child of Alderic standing before her; Luca!

"Hey, been awhile hasn't it?" He spoke up causing Mars to drop her head. "THe big bad priestess having trouble with a replica! That's a Kodak moment!"

Eternal Sailor Mars groaned. Saved by a child; how low can I go? "I had it handled brat!"

"You think you should be saying that to me?!" He yelled at her. "I saved you!"

"And you think I needed it?"

"You were on the ground about to cry!"

"Who's crying?" Mars snapped getting up from the ground. "I see where this is going; a big strong man trying to save the helpless damsel? Trust me dude, you are not Prince Charming!"

This caused the wolf puppy to start growling. "I don't even know why I saved you!"

"Yeah I'm wondering the same thing!"

Sparks of tension sparked between the two. Rubeus looked to Mars and Luca and grew mad at being ignored.

"I don't care who you are or why you are here but no one interrupts my kill!" He once again went for his sphere attack as it split to marble sized blast.

The two stopped arguing as Luca sent a large-sized wolf head to engulf the attack and cancel it out! Rubeus appeared surprised by the child's energy level!

"You ready to take him down?" Luca asked Mars.

Nodding Sailor Mars threw a fireball to start things off which he dodged. She soon threw another to keep him busy and he dodged. She sent another to which he dodged.

"What are you trying to prove?" He asked.

The Senshi only smirked. "You do know that I have full control of my attack right?"

This made him worry until he saw that her attacks didn't disperse in the freezing wind going around. Not wanting to see what she would do Rubeus started flying off until he was met by a boot to the face knocking him to the ground courtesy of Luca.

Giving a smile he got some distance from what he was getting from Mars. Rubeus was about to fly off again until an arrow pierced his stomach! Looking down he saw a parchment on the tip and he froze in place; it was a sutra!

"Something you should know," Mars spoke. "I never miss my target!" Moving her finger Mars traced a circle around the balls of fire she hurled at him earlier. It kept him contained as the fire started burning his skin.

Grunting in pain Rubeus tried holding back a scream before the flames started licking his skin and blood poured from the wounds! "No, you can't do this! You weren't like this before!" Sure, she got passionate when he blew of Catzi which garnered her ire but he never thought something like this was going to happen. He was just revived dammit!

Which was true, she wasn't normally this cruel but as of late Mars had somewhat adapted to a certain mindset. Locking her eyes on him her voice was serious. "Burn to ashes; Celestial Fire Burst!" The flames converged to a sphere which burned him alive as his screams drowned out by the Inferno!

"Die like the trash you are!" She coldly seethed before she caught herself. What was that just now?

That power from her, it felt weird. It was just like that time when she briefly fought Venus? Luca observed somewhat weary. He turned to see Sailor Moon next to him with a concerned expression.

Eternal Sailor Moon also saw her best friend's attack and was concerned. "Mars…" She whispered. Why did she do that?

(Theme ends)

Her friend turned around and looked scared at seeing her Sailor Moon before turning her gaze down. "Sailor Moon…I…" How can I explain what happened to me? Before words could get said Mars saw a figure jetting at her friend. "Sailor Moon, watch out!"

Heeding her friend's call Moon jumped away along with Luca as a figure crashed to the ground; it was Emerald and she looked upset.

"I won't have you beat me again!" She screamed as a dark glow enveloped her body and she turned to a 30 feet wide dragon with a red mane for hair!

Mars gathered around Moon as the duo saw Emerald as a dragon once again!

"She's not taking her defeat easily?" Moon muttered to which Mars rolled her eyes.

"They never do!" Mars cried.

"Stop squawking and prepare to fight!" Luca cried his eyes going feral. They prepped to battle.

(Sailor Moon R OST: Makaiju (Hell Tree) theme starts)

Once again the battles stopped at they saw a dragon roar that shook the entire area!

Erin, who stopped his fight against Axis Healer, saw what happened. I think it's time for us to go. With that copy going berserk and Sailor Mercury freezing this area there is no point in us staying here!

Lifting up a hand he sent a flare to the others to stop! "We are going!" He said as a portal formed behind him. He and Dorran stepped in with Areno following behind him!

Saturn and Healer had agitated looks at them leaving but knew they were needed to stop that Emerald dragon. "Let's go!" Healer stated as the two ran off.

Ivy also looked irritated at what happened. Scoffing at Pluto she tossed her black hair. "Not to worry time guardian, we will finish this next time!" The succubus stated before she flew towards the portal.

Narrowing her eyes Eternal Sailor Pluto knew they would clash again but at this point that didn't matter. "Alderic you never knew when to stop with your experiments!" She chastised the alchemist as she too flew towards her princess.

Aria was the last to see what was going down as the short-haired blond sheathed her rapier. After that she sprinted towards the portal as it vanished.

Eternal Sailor Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune and Sailor Star Fighter headed to the battle about to happen.

For Eternal Sailor Venus and Kawasari they too saw the situation. "Looks like we have a dragon to tame?" Venus spoke up.

"I never thought I'd be seeing one again," Kawasari murmured to the blonde's shock.

Not wanting to know what her rival meant they went to Sailor Moon and Mars.

Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Chibi Moon and Star Maker finished off the rest of the chimeras and saw it as well.

"You two, protect this area!" Maker stated as she sprinted to her colleagues location.

Chibi Moon cried out in protest but was stopped by the tuxedo man. "She's right; let's believe in Sailor Moon and the others!"

The pink-haired pigtailed Senshi nodded.

(Theme ends)

Ryo found himself back inside Tokyo tower as he saw the dragon rampaging outside. "Oh come on, even I didn't expect Godzilla to attack now!" The brown-haired teen soon ran up the stairs trying to reach Mercury; his visions growing frequent with each step he took.

Wait for me Ami, I won't let you die like this. This doesn't need to happen! His mind raced as he continued his trek.

Back outside the Senshi gathered around Moon and Mars with Kawasari and Luca joining the ranks.

"Who'd have thought we'd be facing her again?" Jupiter said as Mars gave them situation.

"Dragon slaying; should be fun right Neptune?" Uranus asked her lover.

A cynical giggle escaped the turquoise haired woman's lips. "This should be one for the books?"

"Let's not waste any time here, Ami still needs us!" Saturn declared as she spun her glaive.

Venus turned her sights to the tower. Come on Ryo, prove to us the power of feelings!

Ryo found himself at the top as he saw fallen forms on the ground. He saw a little girl freezing as he tried wiping the snow off of her. Outside the windows was Dark Sailor Mercury and her body looked half frozen.

Okay Ryo, it's time. He thought. Ryo felt nervous at what he was about to attempt; even with his visions he didn't see any conclusion to how it was going to end.

Well I can't rely on my powers forever. I have to trust in myself! I know my feelings will reach her. It's all up to destiny now! Thinking like a spiky-haired duelests who believed in destiny being on his side Ryo stepped outside as the wind howled and he held his freezing arms.

(Revolutionary Girl Utena OST: Truth begins)

"Sailor Mercury!" He called over the wind as she turned her sights to him. He gasped at seeing her frozen legs. "Ami…"

The dark-haired Senshi spoke in a cold tone. "I told you not to come here! Be gone from my sight!"

He didn't budge as he called her name again. "I'm not leaving you here! Stop this, you're not a killer!"

She ignored his heartfelt plea. "Be gone," with a wave of her hands she sent a miniature ice storm to blow him to a wall. Grunting in pain Ryo struggled to get up.

"Ami, please, you aren't some rabid revolutionary; you are a warrior of justice and love!" He pleased once again. "You've helped save this world by keeping the peace without any extremists actions!"

Turning her sights to him again the frozen Senshi looked unconcerned as the ice made its way her chest leaving her arms moving.

"This world needs change. Humans are the problem for this world. By freezing this city it will wipe out a majority of this species." She spoke.

He shook his head. "Even if you do that, there will still be people here in Japan! You can't possible wipe out an entire race even with this newfound power which will kill you!"

"My death is a footnote, it will bring change."

"It won't! This is minuscule in comparison. Unless you can wipe out the entire world, which I doubt you can do, this plan of yours is doomed to failure!" He rebutted her statement causing her to gasp a little. "I don't believe for a second that's the real reason you've decided to do this! It's only the gun but you haven't pulled the trigger!" Something else is at work. Is it her insecurities about something?

Dark Mercury gave looked at him with indifference. "My actions are indeed for something else; why would I betray my ideal if it wasn't for that."

"Because you would have gone for broke and decided to turn this place into the Antarctic already if you felt that way!" He yelled. "Why would you close off your heart? Ami, I've seen something; the last time an enemy manipulated you, you fought of the influence and trusted in your friends. What would make you choose this action? I know Ivy had her schemes but my [Evaluation] is telling it goes deeper than that!"

He soon saw a hazy image hanging over Mercury; it looked like a disembodied shadow. Is that what is causing this for her? "Ami, I know you don't want any of this!"

"How would you know what I want?" Mercury yelled out finally letting the "cold as ice" motif go. "Do you know what goes on in my heart? What I deal with? Can you possibly say you know me?"

"Yes I do!" He yelled out struggling to get closer to her.

"How do you; what would an intellectual person know what's in my heart?" She countered.

Grinding his teeth Ryo sprinted to where Mercury was and grabbed her shoulders. "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AMI!"

She gasped at what he said.

"I've always loved you since the day I met you!" He let all his emotions come to the surface. "I've thought about you constantly and I was worried that you'd forget after all the time that passed but you accepted my date! Yeah, it was a date and I waited to see you after all this time! I don't care if it went into some enemy's plan but I truly did want to see you again! You're smart and gentle. You are the smartest person I know but I've seen you are the most kind hearted girl…no not that, woman I've ever met!"

Dark Mercury's eyes widened. "Ryo…kun." The color of her eyes started changing from black to blue.

"The day I had my first vision it was of you. The person who I see in my dreams, I saw your kindness but the day I met you I truly felt it!" Ryo's eyes got soft as he looked at her. "I've never once stopped my feelings for you." He placed a hand over her cheek. "Even if I have visions I want you to know that I truly believe that the future isn't always set with a certain foundation. You being Senshi have always been that however with this I make a declaration."

His forehead shined of her Mercury sign which she looked to. "I want to be with you, always. No matter if you have to continue fighting the forces of darkness. I want to be the support you need and when it's time for you and the others to ascend," he gave her a smile which finally broke apart the last dark influence. "I'll be right there at your side.

Ryo bent down and locked his lips against hers as a blue hue enveloped them both. The darkness that influenced her vanished completely with a wail of a banshee as Sailor Mercury returned to her normal Super Senshi attire as the ice collapsed around her and she fell in her arms.

(Song ends)

Above the tower Alderic saw the entire thing and grew angry! He sported dark gray dog ears on his head and a tail; he apparently went with changing his body to a demon. "That wasn't part of my calculations!

Her energy was supposed to spike so I can take it but now," He turned his sights to Ryo. "I'll kill that boy for being the untold player in this!"

Back at the ground the battle with the Emerald dragon was still going on as Saturn and Pluto joined their staffs to create a barrier to prevent Emerald from trespassing down the city with Kawsari and Luca solidifying the shield. Mars used her scrolls of immobilization to temporary freeze the behemoth, Venus used her chains to keep her bound even further, Jupiter and Neptune combined their attacks to damage her, Uranus used her space sword to carve away the hide of her skin, Healer, Fighter and Maker used Starlight Tempest to blow apart the skin and Moon prepped to turn the dragon to dust until they saw an azure glow from the tower!

"What does that mean?" Uranus asked.

Mars, using her spiritual awareness while Venus rely on her recently returned empathy and Pluto, who had her own vision, could tell that Ryo had been able to do it!

Upon getting told that by Mars some of them they knew they had been able to do it!

"All that's left is taken down the giant lizard!" Fighter declared. "Do it Sailor Moon!"

With a nod Sailor Moon charged up her tier about to turn the dragon to dust once again until a portal appeared beneath her and vanished from sight.

"Where did she go?" Jupiter cried out.

"It seems Alderic has a hand in this," Pluto declared as she continued looking to the tower which garnered the others attention.

Why does Pluto look distress? Mars wondered.

At the top Ryo lowered Mercury's body as he gazed at her with kindness. "Looks I like I was able to do it!" He said with happiness.

"You've done it all right!" a voice cried forcing the teen to look up to see the alchemist! "My plans got ruined by some petty romance? This wasn't supposed to happen!"

Before he could move Alderic used his new speed grab Ryo by the throat and hold him up! "Let go of me!" He struggled against the iron grip!

"Shut up you novice! I never accounted for a psychic to ruin my plans," Alderic raged as he soon moved him over to the edge. "Oh well, even if she's been stopped I can think of another way to get her magical power, I'll just move on to the others now,"

"What are you planning by doing this!" Ryo yelled intriguing Alderic. Ryo had tried using his talent to overwhelm Alderic but the man has seen his fair share of people with psychic powers and had a defense against it!

"That's for me to know but I'll make sure that future you declared to Princess Mercury is cut short!" He soon floated in the air with Ryo as he would take him to a higher atmosphere and drop him to his death!

Sailor Mercury barely got up as she saw Alderic lift Ryo to the air as she called out his name. "RYO!"

"Looks like your lover is awake," Alderic smiled at Ryo who continued to struggle.

She tried powering up to her Eternal form but couldn't do it! "No not now! Ryo!"

Alderic said something to Ryo. "Listen up kid; there is no such thing as happily ever after. You'd do well to remember that!" He let him fall to the ground as he yelled!

Ryo started screaming as he went past the tower. He continued thinking that as long as Ami was all right he didn't mind this happening!

"RYO!" Mercury screamed for him as she gave a glare at Alderic before she flung herself from the tower and went charging after him, just as Sailor Moon once did for Sailor Chibi Moon.

Throwing out her hands she used her water element to try to slow down Ryo's descent which worked as the two locked hands. "I'm not letting you go Ryo," Mercury cried as she wrapped her arms around him in which he returned.

Then an azure glow surrounded the two as Mercury evolved to her Eternal form which slowed down their descent. Ryo looked surprised that happened. "I guess we can blame the power of love?" He joked which brought a smile to her face.

"Ryo," She whispered his name before kissing him on the lips! This surprised him for a second before he kissed back with passion.

Alderic looked surprised that little miracle happened; he only thought shit like that happened with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask? Scoffing he returned to his domain not before looking at his two children down there. I will get them to my side no matter what!

The Senshi, who got warned what was happening by Pluto saw Mercury returned to normal and coming down with Ryo, cheered that their friend returned to normal.

"Hey the snow's ended!" Venus cried with excitement as the sun started breaking through the clouds.

"Yes, it appears whatever Ryo did had enough impact to snap Ami-san out of her trance," Maker analytically stated.

"What about the people around here?" Jupiter wondered.

Pluto had an idea. "I'll be able to reverse the damage along with everyone's short-term memory. But we'll need to be there for Ami for some time."

Venus could understand what the time guardian was getting at.

When Mercury and Ryo landed the Senshi were reunited with their friends. Pluto did indeed use her time powers to reverse the damage. Afterwards they would all reconvene at the Hino shrine for celebration and inquiry about what to do now!

Dark realm

Alderic returned as he saw that Erin and Areno chaining down Emerald dragon in the basement of the complex. "Dad, you look different!" Areno pointed out confused.

"No really, I'd never would have guessed," Alderic remarked as he walked passed them. Aria had apparently been resting in her chambers while Ivy kept to herself about how her plan somewhat felled.

"Not to worry my daughter, at least with your plan Sailor Mercury's experienced her potential and it will grow from now on." This made Ivy smile as she too went to rest up. He hadn't seen a hair of the twins and wasn't even bothering in finding them.

Heading to his lab he saw that Jadetie and Nephelite return. "You collected the data in this battle?"

The homuncules nodded as they sat on some chairs.

"I'll be adding that results to analyze, I will find a way to beat those Senshi!" Alderic fumed still surprised by the fact about how some boy could be a hindrance in his plans!

Bah, this is slowly reminding me of that impudent child invading people's dreams! He thought. Alderic also knew of Kensuke Rainer and that fated day that changed everything. If that boy ever shows up again I'll be ready for him, He pulled out a glass like monocle.

Sighing he went about his business.

Even with his plans ruined he still had the other Senshi to deal with. What will his next plans ensure for the Sailor Senshi? Find out next time!

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