Years ago in the original Romeā€¦

A soft figure clothed purely in silver walked through a forest, followed closely by several other girls in silver. They seemed to be aware of everything around them as they walked through the forest, much to the amusement of the white haired boy silently following them.

The part that made him want to crack up was that they were supposed to be hunting him. Add to that the fact that the goddess in front hadn't even sensed his power, well, he was having a hard time withholding his laughter.

Eventually the goddess and her followers turned, drawing their weapons.

"So you did notice me?" The white haired man asked. "How thoughtful of you!" He cooed at the girls.

The goddess stepped forward. "We have been ordered to bring you before Olympus," she said in a cold voice.

"Oh," the boy complained. "But that throws a wrench into my plans."

"You're coming with to Olympus, boy," The goddess snarled.

"Who said I wasn't?" The boy smirked calmly at her. "Diana, I've been planning on going to Olympus for a while. I need to tell my father to keep it in his pants and scare the living shit out of you Olympians."

He grinned widely when her face turned red in anger. Suddenly, she leapt at him, grabbed his shoulder and flashed chains on him, before flashing the two of them to Olympus.

The boy looked at the goddess who had grabbed him and scowled at her.

"Di," he sighed, as though talking to a good friend. "That wasn't a very nice thing to do. I told you I was coming anyways."

The Olympian council slowly flashed in to see a glaring goddess of the moon and a boy who looked about 15 in age in the middle of the room.

Jupiter and Apollo both glared at the boy who stood in front of them.

"What are you doing here, mortal?" The gods glared at the boy, who was obviously unconcerned about the possibility about having gods as enemies.

The boy rolled his eyes. "Standing up after having a date with that beautiful girl over there. Damn, that was one wild morning." He said, knowing perfectly well how the overprotective brother and father of Diana would take the last comment. Both of whom looked about ready to blast the boy into nothingness. Something both tried to do after a minute of glowering at the boy.

When the dust from their attacks cleared, they were both dumbfounded to see he was completely unaffected.

"Sorry, I'm immune to death. I've tried it several times," his voice took on a chilling tone. The gods looked at him warily. "What can you expect though? Mom's a decaying bitch and Dad's a whore. Ain't that right, Poseidon?"

Simultaneously the gods reverted to their Greek forms.

Poseidon looked at the boy before him. "Perseus?"

"Lord Perseus. While you're better than Izanagi, I really don't like you. So, you can use my title."

"Perseus, I am you're father. You of all people should respect me."

Perseus snorted. "No, I of all people should be able to respect you. What's sad is that I can't."

Poseidon opened his mouth to say more but was cut off by his younger brother.

"This boy is too much of a threat to remain alive, I vote that we kill him." Zeus said.

Once again, Perseus snorted in laughter. "Already tried that, didn't you?" Apollo, Hermes, and Ares grinned at him.

"This kid's got spunk!" Ares laughed.

"Shut up before I castrate you, war god."

For the first time in the meeting, Athena spoke up. "Why not have him marry into the Olympian line?"

At first, Zeus looked like he was about to have a seizure. However, after a silent conversation with his daughter, he nodded his head in agreement.

"I believe it would be best to have him marry one of the virgin goddesses," Zeus said cautiously.

Perseus watched the council in amusement until he heard them speak about forcing him to marry one of the virgin goddesses. He froze when he heard that, as did Artemis, Athena, and Hestia. All three goddesses turned towards Zeus with murder showing in their eyes. However none got the chance to do anything as Perseus spoke a couple soft words.

"Jigoku no 50 mon (50 gates of hell)" he said holding his index and middle fingers together, the rest of his fingers curled the way they would if he had been making a fist. A small orb of white light formed at his fingertips. "Fire."

The light blasted itself at the king of the gods, piercing through Zeus' shoulder leaving a small, but very visible hole in it.

All of the gods looked at him in awe at the power of his attack. Perseus seemed to be perfectly fine, as he glared at the king of the gods. In actuality, her was exhausted after just that one attack, while it was only half of his full strength he put into it, it wore him out.

"Don't tell me what to do, you arrogant bastard," Perch snarled at him.

Perseus, just agree already, a voice hissed in his mind. We need this to strike back at that good for nothing Greek god!"

The gods looked at him in curiosity when the boy in front of them visibly flinched.

"Yes, Mother," he said under his breath. "Very well, thunder god, marry me to one of the goddesses," he said, sounding a little resigned.

The gods stared at him, trying to figure out why he had changed his mind so suddenly, and wondering if it had anything to do with his flinch. Zeus, however, didn't really care.

Nodding, the god of lightning spoke, "Artemis, since you brought him in, you shall marry him!"

Said goddess looked ready to kill at the proclamation. She glared at both her father and Perseus, the latter held up his hands innocently.

"Council dismissed!" Zeus bellowed. "Artemis, you need to spend some time with your new husband-to-be!"

Artemis hissed quietly.

In the middle of the throne room, Percy scowled. I hate your fucking guts, Mom, Percy thought to himself.

"Come here, boy," Artemis growled before shifting into Diana. "We must return to my huntresses."

"I shall teleport myself, I think, Diana." She scowled at him.

"Very well," She growled still, scowling at him.

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