Before anyone bitches about them being extremely close in this chapter, I just want to remind everyone that many centuries have passed since the wedding and shit.

Percy glared at the sky. It was something he had been doing a lot lately, as though his enemy's would crumble at his very glance. Unfortunately, it wasn't working.

Percy continued to think, as he stood on a small grassy mound, close to where the hunters had set up camp.

Endless rains fell from the sky ever since Jupiter's declaration of war. It flooded the hunters camp, and everything around it.

"Glaring is not going to help."Artemis told, as she stood next to the Japanese God. They were the only ones outside. All her hunters had chosen to keep warm and dry in their tents.

Artemis nudged Percy's shoulder to check if he was listening. Her cold, wet skin, touched his. He jolted, shaking his head to focus.

Percy turned to his wife, and watched as a droplet of water rolled down her face, then down to the tip of her nose. As it fell, Percy expertly caught it. He rubbed his fingers together, merging the drop with all the other rain that had fallen on him.

"It's probably not, but it makes me feel better."

Artemis smiled, and rolled her eyes, before becoming slightly more serious. "You said you wanted to ask something to me?" Her voice was quieter in secrecy.

"What do you say to coming to Japan, and staying there for a while. Just until this war is over?"

The rain fall reduced to a light shower as Artemis sat down, pulling Percy with her. She pushed him onto his back, and laid her head on his chest.

The moon goddess took a deep breath in, and released. "I don't know... I would love to visit Japan, and meet more of your Shinigami... But I really don't know. What about my hunters? I have to ask them too, no?"

Percy tried to sit up, but in return received a punch to the chest, and was forced back down.

"Don't get up yet. We can ask them later." Artemis whispered to him. "Let's just enjoy some time together"

Percy idly began to play with her damp, auburn hair. "That's fine by me." Percy twirled her hair between his fingers, loving its softness.

"Do you really think my father will attack Japan?" Artemis asked.

Percy sighed, and tried to get up, failing again. "I honestly don't know. I wouldn't put it past him to try it though."

"Enough of this war talk, Artemis. Let's just have a bit of fun, without that topic coming up."

She tilted her head back, digging it into his chest, and raised a eyebrow, questioning his suggestion. "And how do you plan to do that?"

"Just don't punch me." Percy said. Quickly, he rolled on top of Artemis and smashed his lips to hers, silencing her surprised yelp.

When the two finally separated, they were breathing heavily. Percy moved to a different position, hovering over Artemis.


"So?" Artemis replied.

"So,do you think it was a good idea?" She smiled, and wrapped her arms around his neck, nodding.

"I'm sure you can do better than that." She said. "While that was nice... I'd like to think even you can do something better."

Percy grinned. "Alright, Artemis. Let's see if I can do better."

Percy's hand shot out, and grabbed her hand before he flashed away.

Reappearing in a familiar forest, it put a large smile on both of their faces. It was the same forest they used to visit during roman times, the same one she had met him in.

As Artemis looked around, she could almost see how she, and her husband had met those many years ago. Her attention swayed as Percy held her hand, giving it a soft squeeze.

They walked through the forest in silence, bringing back past memories, until coming to a small clearing. If you didn't know where exactly it was, it would be extremely difficult to find.

Percy waved his hand, summoning a picnic blanket, and a basket of food. The four corners of the blanket were held down by small dishes, with a pure white candle lit and placed in the middle of each.

A small gasp escaped Artemis' lips. The scene was beautiful.

Percy snapped his fingers, and the food appeared, perfectly set out for them to eat.

Artemis inhaled the delicious aroma, as Percy guided her to the seat reserved on his lap. She leaned back against his chest, closing her eyes to enjoy the moment.

"Well, are you hungry?"

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