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Planet Earth; Milky Way Galaxy Sector 23; Republic of Unknown Origin: First Planetary Saiya-jin Conquest

The earthling female who wailed on the floor beneath him was shouting something hysterically in a tongue unlike any he had ever heard. It was choppy, utterly simple and devoid of any ceremonials, as far as he could tell. But Raditsu was not a linguist and he had not come to this place to attempt any further communication. Although it seemed now that his directives were being challenged.

These earthlings were different, it seemed: intelligent, scheming. He had noticed something different at least when he'd approached their compound. An officer addressed him.

"I am sorry for the noise, Aash'an, suukah. The female one with the yellow hair was injured and is not yet dead."

Raditsu's mouth twitched, and he sniffed the air. Although he was not used to such a high concentration of nitrogen yet, he could still smell the blood.

"She will be soon. What is the meaning of this delay? I ordered the plunder and incineration of this compound over twenty minutes ago."

He looked up at the small group of other Chikyuu-jin across the room. They were captive, yet so defiant in their manner and expression that they appeared almost Saiya-jin. Almost… The officer next to him cleared his throat.

"They wish to… Well they wish to bargain with us, Aash'an."

Raditsu turned his eye back to his man. The irritated amusement must have been visible on his face, he thought. The soldier blinked and gestured respectfully to Raditsu.

"You may want to hear them, Aash'an. The technology in this compound is far superior to what we had anticipated."

A sharp, accusing voice from across the room danced into Raditsu's ears. It spat something harsh and probably insulting his way. When he looked for the source, he saw only the color of its hair. Blue… Blue like the cascade of water that tossed itself over the cliffs near the royal palace on his home world. Raditsu squinted.

"She says…" The officer beside him began, tentatively, as any interpreter does, "She says if we can find the intelligence to do so, we should listen."

Raditsu stepped away from the officer slowly, toward the voice and the hair. It was female, that much was certain. And Chikyuu-jin were so much like the Saiya-jin in body and face that the differences between her expression and that of a Saiya-jin female were nearly indiscernible. She was so… angry. Eyes that matched the color of her hair blazed with cruel hatred, and not a speck of fear. Raditsu chuckled heartily.

"You mean if we're not as stupid as we appear?" He said to the officer. The soldier behind him did not answer the question. He only said, 'suukah, Aash'an'.

Raditsu did not look away from those hateful eyes; they were mesmerizing.

"What is their proposal?" He asked, watching the others around the blue one. An older male was beside her, struggling every so often against the Saiya-jin who held him. His eyes never left the yellow-haired one on the floor. She had stopped wailing and squirming.

"Aash'an," the officer said warily. "The blue-haired female says that if we take her in exchange for the lives of her family, and these other warriors," he gestured to some of the other Chikyuu-jin, "she will help us create containment devices for plasma."

"Kusha'la!" Raditsu laughed through his disbelief. "Ridiculous! Only the lizard Aisu-jin have use for plasma containment. But she will make a fine addition to the slaver ship's bounty. Take her anyhow."

As he turned away, the officer interpreted, and the blue-haired one protested vehemently.

"Aash'an, the others?" The officer inquired.

Raditsu turned back briefly. They looked able enough, and some of the "warriors" (though he hesitated to use such a term for these weak creatures) looked strong enough at least for the stage-fight houses that entertained Saiya-jin elite classes.

"If any of you have use for house slaves you may take them. I can respect a good trade." He glanced sideways at the blue female, and some officers around him chuckled heartily.

She was spitting words at them now, struggling violently against her Saiya-jin captor and kicking the air wildly. She had some fight in her, Raditsu thought admiringly. It was too bad she'd be wasted on a slaver…

As Raditsu turned to leave the room, he noticed it looked much like the Azelean laboratories they'd destroyed and plundered in Sector 13 three years ago. He instructed the officer to capture as much tech as was necessary and the burn the rest. As some idle soldiers began to comply, Raditsu heard the commotion before he saw it.

When he turned, the old one next to the blue female was protesting the violation of his lab. In what seemed like slow motion, he broke free of his distracted captor and reached across the table in front of him. The shard of glass there was in his hand now, and he turned purposefully to his adversary. The Saiya-jin growled and cupped his left hand toward the old one as he advanced. He could smell the jal'a.

"Wait…!" Raditsu groaned, agitated. Wait!"

But it was too late now. The growling soldier charged his energy and fired a ball of it straight at the old one's chest. The Chikyuu-jin flew backward against the table and groaned in pain as he slumped to the floor. He would not survive. The female was screaming again in her primitive tongue. Now the other Chikyuu-jin warriors were breaking their holds and attempting to avenge the old one. Raditsu smelled the jal'a as if the room were full of only Saiya-jin. His brow furrowed; the air was electric, and he knew. The Chikyuu-jin warriors could harness the jal'a!

It seemed the other Saiya-jin were suddenly aware, and the massacre began. Although Raditsu could sense the control, none of the Chikyuu-jin were strong enough or adept enough to best their counterparts. When the brief struggle was over there was blood everywhere, but no other sound except the whimpering of the blue one. Raditsu gripped the collar of his interpreting officer's battlesuit and squeezed.

"Get these morons back outside and to the fleet ship!" He snapped. "Now you've wasted them all!"

"Suukah." The officer bowed his eyes and began to follow his order.

Raditsu's nose itched as the dust and smoke began to clear.

"Aash'an!" Another soldier shouted to him. "This female is still alive."

"Then take her to the fleet ship, for all the gods' sakes! The slaver won't wait for just one. Vash'halla! What a waste of time! Take her and get the fuck out!"

The whimpering had stopped. But as the soldiers filed out, and the blue-haired Chikyuu-jin passed him, Raditsu thought he could feel the fire in her gaze. He watched her, intently, and her eyes never left him. Having never seen such eyes in all the galaxies and on all the planets he knew, Raditsu wondered then if it was an evil spell that stayed his hand and kept him from sending a spear of his jal'a right through her heart.

After they had gone, and the rest of the squad began to light up the building, Raditsu did not look back to watch.