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Time: Six weeks later.

Breakfast,... Adonis Once Again,... Raven Goes to the Mall of Shopping,... A Party,...

Tofu bacon sizzled in the pan along with tofu eggs. Knowing people had been created to be nothing more than food for a psychotic race had made the violet-haired girl rethink her position on eating meat. While her body needed it, she tried to keep it to a minimum. Sorting the meal onto two plates, she placed one in front of Beast Boy who'd been watching her. Only a few months before that would've annoyed her, but now she loved it when he watched her. Smiling, she took a seat across from him. Around the others she still put on her usual facade, but with him it wasn't needed. She now knew her powers were her and hers alone. Unless she choose to, there was no reason for them to run out of control, and that was something she would never do.

"Perfect." Beast Boy told her, biting into the bacon.

"I had to get it right eventually." Raven muttered with a slight smile tugging at her lips. Before having the shape shifter try to teach her to cook, she'd never done more than boil water for her herbal tea. A lot of ruined attempts had either been tossed into the garbage, or into Starfire's stomach. The girl would eat anything so long as she had mustard to go with it.

"Tofu again?" Cyborg asked, walking into the room. "Why?"

"I discovered the meaning of life." The violet-haired girl intoned.

The cybernetic teen blinked. "You did? What is it?"

"Food." She replied, taking a bit of egg.

"Food?" The cybernetic teen blinked again? "That's it? Food?"

"Food." The violet-haired girl answered, quite serious.

Shaking his head, Cyborg turned to leave. As he did so, alarms sounded throughout the tower.

"Don't villains eat?" Beast Boy asked. "They always pull something during breakfast."

"Jump City villains must be early risers." Raven commented apathetically.

"They're villains. You would think they would try something at night." The shape shifter muttered, quickly gobbling down his tofu bacon and eggs.

Robin rushed into the room and glanced a display. "It's a bank robbery." He stated with purpose. "Let's go team."

Several minutes later they'd gathered around Fourth Street Bank. Adonis had torn the vault door off its hinges and was busy gathering bags of cash.

"Give it up Adonis." Robin yelled.

"Why?" What do you wimps think you can do?"

"This." Intoned Raven. She ripped a lamp post out of the ground with her dark magic and used it to trip the massive figure in his battle suit. Each time he stood up, she tripped him again. She could call on White Raven now at will, and that would let her match almost any foe face-to-face, but she preferred not to. As it was, her connection to Beast Boy vastly enhanced her powers. Feeling a little like a bully, she tripped the massive figure again.

"Stop that." Adonis yelled, clearly angry.

"No." She replied impassively. "Not until you surrender."

Beast Boy sat back and watched, amused at the sight. The rest of the Titans did so too. Cyborg's cannon was useless against the battle suit the villain was wearing, while Robin's explosive discs were pretty much the same.

After twenty minutes she grew tired of it. "You try." She said, holding the lamp post out to the shape shifter.

Focusing, he reached out and fused a small part of his soul with the post. Whereas her magic had coated it in black, his was a dark green. Clumsily he tried to trip the villain. The attempt failed, and the livid criminal managed to gain his feet.

"Definitely need more practice." Raven commented. As Rage and Knowledge had suggested, the shape shifter was capable of some magic. What his full potential was had yet to be determined.

"Bleh!" Beast Boy said, and turned into a fifty foot giant crocodile. As with all his forms, his connection to Raven enhanced its size and power. He opened his mouth, and faced the charging villain.

Adonis froze, eyes going wide as he stared. "Since when can you change into that?" He asked nervously.

"Around two months." Raven intoned, speaking for the shape shifter since the crocodile form couldn't speak. "You might be in a suit made of titanium, but those teeth are big. I wonder if he could bite through." She looked at Beast Boy. "Only one way to find out. Bite him in two." She ordered, pointing at Adonis. At her command the massive beast moved forward, lunging at the villain.

"I give up! I give up!" Adonis cried, crouching on the ground with his hands over his head.

"That went well." The violet-haired girl commented, with a smile at Beast Boy.

"It did." He admitted, changing back to his human form. "Even if Jinx did come over and spend a whole day casting curses on me, I'm glad I confessed. It comes in handy."

Raven nodded, recalling the confession. She'd been there, and had seen Robin tear into the shape shifter viciously, talking about the honor of the Titans along with other stuff. She'd figured ten minutes of listening to that rant had been enough of a punishment for her boyfriend, and had at that point summarily tossed said leader into the bay. When Jinx had found out, she'd indeed spent a whole day casting minor bad luck curse on the green-skinned Titan. She'd only held back on crushing the pink-haired girl because Beast Boy had pointed out he had attack the girl's boyfriend, and deserved it. Still, she'd kept a close eye on the girl. Strangely enough, it was that which gave her away. Jinx was the only one who'd figured out she and the shape shifter were dating.

They returned to the tower where Beast Boy and Cyborg immediately headed for the video games. Raven spent some time alone in her room meditating.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." She intoned, seeking tranquility. It came quickly and with ease, being something she now did out of enjoyment, and not necessity. A knock on the door interrupted her, causing her to frown. Beast Boy knew her well, and understood she liked some time alone. It wouldn't be him. Starfire. She realized, sending her senses through the door. Reaching out she opened it.

"Is it not a glorious evening, friend Raven?" The perky girl asked, entering the room.

"It is." Raven intoned. "Aren't most days glorious?" She asked impassively, letting just the tiniest hint of a smile show through her facade.

"They are." Starfire replied, sitting beside the violet-haired girl. "Would it not also be glorious to visit the mall of shopping?" The eyes of the alien pleaded.

"Not really." Raven disagreed apathetically.

"Not even to try on new clothes, or browse the stores of music?" The orange-skinned Titan spoke as if shocked.

"I always wear the same thing." She pointed out. "And I don't listen to music."

"All the more reason to visit the mall of shopping then, friend Raven. It's time you tried something new. Don't you want boys to think you're pretty?"

Raven's eyebrows raised at this. "Not really." She intoned. Except for one. She mentally added.

"Not even friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked.

Shock kept her facade in place. After a second she managed to regain her wits. "What about Beast Boy?" The violet-haired girl asked.

"You eat breakfast with him every day, and spend time with him mediating. You no long hit him, or get annoyed at his jokes." The orange-skinned alien pointed out.

"So?" Came the impassive reply.

"So. Do you like him? Your eyes light up when you're around him, and you smile."

"Oh." It seems the cat's out of the bag. She told herself. "I like him." She replied, smiling slightly.

"The mall of shopping has many outfits. Would it not be nice to wear some?" The alien beamed. "I'm sure he would approve."

Raven gave it some thought. In truth she didn't care for shopping, and considered her usual attire satisfactory. She knew Beast Boy approved of it. Sitting back, she stared at her friend, knowing she was making the girl nervous. Her and Beast Boy had talked about it; immortality. The time would come when they would leave the Titans. Not yet for a while. Raven wanted to see Robin's and Starfire's kids, and spoil them. The Titans were her first friends and she wanted memories of them; enough to last a long long time. Memories won't be made sitting alone in a room. She told herself.

"Lets go to the mall of shopping." She replied to the orange-skinned girl. "But I'm not trying on any clothes, Just going to browse."

Surprise reigned supreme in Starfire's eyes. Raven had never accepted her offers of shopping before.

Raven grinned. "And in the meantime we can talk about boys. Mainly one spiky haired one, and one with pointy ears."

The Tamaranian blinked, clearly in shock. She knew talking about boys was something girls did on earth, but she'd never had anyone to talk about them with.

The violet-haired girl stood, and pulled her friend to her feet. "You think Beast Boy would look good in tuxedo?" She asked. "Of course that's pretty far off yet. But in time..." She shrugged. Of course if you count the demon ceremony, then we're already married. She thought to herself with a smile.

"He would." Starfire hurried to say. "Of course so would Robin. I wonder if we could have a double marriage?"

"You two talk about marriage yet?" Raven asked, curious.

"No." The alien suddenly deflated. "But I'm sure we will one day."

"You will." Raven agreed. "You two are perfect for each other." She teleported them to the outside of the tower where they both took to the air, heading towards the mall of shopping.

Three hours later she and Starfire dragged themselves back to the tower.

That wasn't too bad. Raven mused to herself. The perky alien had been ecstatic to have someone to shop with, and Raven figured she would join the girl again once in a while. Surprisingly enough, they'd spent over an hour in the toys section talking about kids. She'd even picked something up for Beast Boy. Finding it had been strange, but it was definitely meant for him.

Standing at the tower entrance, something felt strange; there was no sense of anyone around. Guessed they all left. She shrugged, and entered the commons room with Starfire following her. The darkness erupted into light, and a chorus of 'Happy Birthday' echoed through the room.

Beast Boy grinned at the shocked girl. He might not know much magic, but he could block their presence long enough for the surprise to work. "Happy Birthday Raven." He repeated, smiling at her.

The violet-haired girl looked around, noticing Starfire wasn't the least but shocked. It took her several seconds to realize how she should react. "Thanks." She replied, giving them all a brief smile. It's my birthday again. She mused, surprised. And I have friends to share it with, and Trigon won't be showing up to this one. She smiled again. "Hope you got me a big cake, because after being dragged around the mall for three hours I'm famished."

"We did." Cyborg replied. He dragged her to the table.

She had to admit it was huge; too huge. There was no way five people could eat all of that. Her eyes roamed over the gigantic creation, wondering what they were going to do with it.

"Everyone wants a piece." Cyborg explained, seeing her look. "So someone will be delivering a piece to all the honorary Titans."

"Oh." She replied, still eying the cake. It showed a crude picture of her, with a raven outlined in the background. Not too long ago the reminder of what she was would've upset her. Now she just smiled, excited.

"Blow out the candles and make a wish." Beast Boy told her, his hand on her shoulder.

She glanced at him, beaming him a smile. "I know exactly what to wish for." She told him. "But given the size of the cake, how am I supposed to blow out the candles? They're more than five feet apart. She turned to look at the immense pastry again. The cake was five feet wide, with the candles spaced around its edge.

"I'm sure you can do it, friend Raven." Starfire assured her.

The violet-haired girl nodded, and prepared to give it a try. I wish for all my friends to live very long and very happy lives. She silently intoned. Taking a gigantic deep breath, she held it. Walking around in a circle, she blew just enough to put out each candle, holding her breath again after each one. She barely made it to the last one.

The cake was delicious, and mysterious. It seemed to be made up of dozens of miniature cakes, all with different flavors. It was irresistable.

"It's like you." Beast Boy said, watching her try different pieces. "When I said you were creepy I was wrong. I should've said mysterious." He watched her closely.

"Mysterious does sound better than creepy." She smiled. Her hand reached out to briefly touch his.

"Gifts." Starfire yelled ecstatically, cake frosting around her mouth. She was clearly enjoying the moment.

Watching her, Raven wondered what would happen if she introduced the girl to Happy. "Want to meet someone after the party?" She asked the girl.

"Who?" The orange-skinned alien asked. "Why not just invite them over now so they can have fun too?"

"They're already here, but you can't see her." The violet-haired girl explained, grinning at the girl's puzzled look. "And I'm pretty sure they're having fun."

"Okay." The confused girl agreed. "But now it's time to open your gifts."

She sat back in a chair and had them handed to her.

Cyborg gave her a book. They waited patiently for her, as she flipped through the pages deciphering the old english text. Supposed the book was a grimoire with ancient celtic spells. It would be fun to read even if it wasn't a true book of magic. She carefully placed it to one side.

Robin stepped forward. His gift was a talisman to be worn around the neck. In the form of a raven made of some form of black iron, it was supposed to aid a person in casting magic.

"Doubt it really works." He added. "But I thought it might suit you."

"I like it." She said. "Only problem with wearing stuff like this is it can get lost in a fight. I'll keep it safe somewhere." She carefully placed the charm on top of the book.

"I didn't know what to get." Starfire said, stepping forward. "I doubted you would want clothes." She shrugged, and handed Raven a small parcel.

It turned out to be a chess set. The pieces were intricately carved, and looked very delicate. Touching them, she decided that looks were deceiving. "It's beautiful." She told the girl. She held up a piece and studied it. It shone pure black, radiating light to create a dark aura around it. "The white pieces are silver." The violet-haired girl remarked, examining them. They were pure silver, the same color as Beast Boy in his dragon form. As with the black pieces, each had an aura around it reflecting the color of the piece.

"Sorry. I had it made on Tamaran and I guess I got it wrong." The girl was about to cry.

"I love it." Raven said, in awe, still examining the pieces. "They're beautiful. And the silver reminds me of the person I will be playing most often with." Her eyes sought out Beast Boy who smiled back at her.

Nervously he stepped forward. "I didn't know what to get either." Beast Boy told her. He handed her a small parcel. "This is for your birthday." He explained.

She opened it; another book. This one was written in latin with ornately drawn pictures on the cover. It was about the origin of the word demon. She flips through the pages.

"Believe it or not, I actually read it." He told her. "You would be surprised how much the author got right." Looking around he noticed all four of them were staring at him, mouths open, eyes wide in surprise. He took a deep breath. "Yes." He added. "I read it. I admit it took some time with it being in latin and having to translate each line, but I read it."

Cyborg and Robin looked away, obviously not believing him.

"So we can discuss it?" Raven asked, smiling.

"We can." He replied, heart pounding in response to the smile.

She placed the book carefully to one side. A simple touch imbued it with a trace of magic. It would now be resistant to minor wear and tear, and to her demonic senses it would glow, making it nearly impossible to lose. She turned to see him holding out a small box.

"Two gifts?" She asked, eyes lighting up. Birthdays were something she could get used to.

"This isn't a birthday gift, but I wanted to give it to you on your birthday." Beast Boy explained.

"Oh." She opened the box to look inside. She closed the lid, and took a deep breath, staring up at him. "You sure." She ask, beaming a smile that wiped away her facade.

"If you are."

She handed the box back, and fear that she was refusing spiked in him. Then she held out her left hand, beaming up at him. He could hear her heart beating as fast and as loud as his was. He opened the box, and took out a ring. He slid it on her ring finger, eyes never leaving hers.

The violet-haired girl looked at the ring. A flawless cut dark blue diamond on top of a finely crafted silver band. The band had intricate engravings on the sides in the form of a raven's wings. The bird's eyes were small amethysts staring up at her. That it was the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen was an understatement. She held it out proudly.

"That's a joke? Right?" Cyborg asked.

Robin was pale, glancing between the ring and Starfire, knowing she would want to take that next step. His eyes, even masked, gave away his thoughts and abject terror.

"What is it?" Starfire asked, looking closely. "It's very beautiful." She added, with awe in her voice.

"It is." Raven agreed, unable to stop beaming up at the shape shifter. To the shock of everyone present, she pulled him down on top of her, and gave him a deep, lingering, kiss.

"It's not a joke." Cyborg said, sitting down on the floor.

"What is it?" Starfire asked, knowing it had to be more than just a ring.

"An engagement ring." Raven told her, still holding the hand up to show it off.

"Engagement ring?" The alien's voice held confusion.

"It's a ring that shows two people are committed to each other." Cyborg explained from the floor. "It's a promise that they will one day marry."

"Oh." Starfire turned to look at Robin. "Can I have one?" She asked.

Boy Wonder's mouth opened and closed, but no words came out. His face went even paler.

Raven broke the kiss, leaving both her and Beast Boy breathless. "I have something for you." She told him. "Hold out your hand."

He did so, curious. She placed a ring of pure silver on his ring finger. The band was formed into the shape of a dragon, with two green emeralds marking its eyes. A trace of white gold showed the dragon's breath being unleashed upon some foe. Looking close, one could even see what must be a tattoo etched in its right wing tip; much like the one he had as a dragon. He raised his hand, examining the ring. "It's beautiful." He said, eyes wide, smiling. He pulled her close, and returned the kiss she'd given him.

End of Story.

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