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After 4 and ½ hours of being in labor Caroline finally has her son in her arms. Her two brothers and best friends walk into the room to congratulate her. They each took turns holding the baby. Damon looks at his baby sister and asks " What did you name my nephew care?, hopefully Damon." he jokes. Caroline just laughs at that.

"I named him Giovanni Lorenzo Salvatore." Caroline replied proudly.

Stefan Smiled brightly at his nephew and said " There's no mistaken he's Italian." With a mischievous glint in his eye. Caroline looked around and smiled at her family.

3 Months Later

"Listen up gentlemen tomorrow night is your banquet for lacrosse. DO NOT be late or you will be running extra next practice. Understood?"

"YES COACH" the team replied.

"Great practice dismissed." The team headed to the locker to get changed and leave.

"So what made you want to transfer to NYU?" Stefan asked his new teammate. Klaus thought about it for a second and then answered

"Well mate, I wanted to be closer to my other siblings. You already know Kol who's on the team." They walked into the locker room. There lockers are right next to each other. Everyone finished there showers and are at there lockers. Klaus finished getting ready and was about to get Kol to leave when he spotted a picture in Stefan's locker's. Kol came next to him but he couldn't keep his eye off of the picture.

It was a picture of Stefan holding a baby and a beautiful girl with her arms around his neck from behind. He could never forget that beautiful girl. They spent a whole summer together last year. Things didn't really end well. He couldn't help his jealousy when it came to Caroline whether it ended well or not.

Kol looks were his brother is staring and sees the girl in the picture. He gets a mischievous glint in his eyes. He turns to Stefan and says "You have a beautiful family Stefan."

Stefan turns to him and then looks to where he's looking and smiles brightly at the picture and says "Thank You" Damon comes over and also smiles brightly "Are we talking about my amazing nephew?"

Klaus clenches his fists angrily. Kol noticing his brother getting more jealous and starts asking Stefan questions "So Stefan, What's your sons name?" Klaus was just about to hit his brother when Stefan and Damon busted out laughing. Klaus and Kol looked at them confused.

Stefan finally caught his breath and said " He's not my son he's also my nephew. His names Giovanni. Caroline is our sister." He pointed to the picture of her. Realization took over Klaus and Kol. Klaus visible relaxed for a second then he tensed up again realizing he could in fact be the baby's father.

Kol being Kol asked more questions "So is your sister with the baby's father?" Klaus smacked Kol on the back of the head. "What I just want to know if I have a shot here." Kol said trying to be innocent.

Damon and Stefan tensed angrily. Kol and Klaus can tell they hit a sour spot. Klaus is starting to get nervous.

Damon is the first to speak "No she's not with the baby's father. And if I ever meet him I'm going to beat him down."

Klaus swallowed hard before he spoke "Well don't you think that's a little harsh, mate." Damon just looked at him with one raised eyebrow "What if he got your baby sister pregnant,and called her some terrible things when she told him she was pregnant. How would you handle that situation?"

Kol answered instead "Yeah Nik, he has a point. If it was Bekah we would definitely beat the guy down."

Klaus replied nervously "I guess your right."

Stefan decided to change the subject "So are you guys staying in the dorms?"

Kol answered because Klaus was too busy imagining the beat down he would get if the baby is his. "No were staying with our older brother's house with our other two siblings."

They started leaving the locker room to the parking lot. "That's cool Stefan and I are living with our sister and nephew at our penthouse downtown."

Kol's eyes widen "Wait so you two live with your sister and nephew in a penthouse by yourselves no parents at all?"

Stefan and Damon's faces fall sad but Stefan answers anyways "Yeah no parents. They died a 5 months back."

"Were sorry to here that mates."Klaus says sincerely "Yeah sorry I asked guys. I didn't mean to upset you guys like that." Kol also says sincerely.

"Don't worry about it guys were fine. It was hard in the beginning but all of us are pushing through it. We should all hang out some it." Damon told them. They all agreed. In the parking lot they reached Klaus's car first. "Nice Benz you got there." Damon says as Klaus and Kol approach the car after putting there lacrosse bags in the trunk.

"Thanks mate." Klaus states as he unlocks the doors for Kol and himself. He looks up when he hears Kol whistle low and sees Damon and Stefan approach an all Black 2013 Bentley.

"Bloody hell where you been hiding that from me this whole time?" Kol joked. They all started laughing.

"You know how it is you have to roll in style." Damon joked right back.

"Well we'll see the both of you at the banquet tomorrow night. See ya." Stefan said.

Of course Kol being Kol had to add something else. "Is your sister going to be at the banquet as well. I would really like to get to know her." He jokingly winked at the Salvatore's. Klaus punched Kol on the arm. Damon and Stefan just looked at Kol and shook there heads laughing and got in there car.

As soon as there car was out of the parking lot Kol turned to Klaus. "Was that really necessary Nik?" When Klaus didn't answer Kol tried again " Nik? Hello earth to Nik...Are you-" Klaus interrupted him.

"I think he's my son." Klaus stated absentmindedly.

"Nik what the bloody hell are you talking about." Kol was very confused at this point.

"Stefan and Damon's nephew is my son." Klaus stated matter of fact.

Kol's eyes widen and his jaw drops to the floor. "Say that again." He stuttered.

Klaus took a deep breath and said it again. For a second time out loud making it more real than before. He still can't believe it.

"I said Stefan and Damon's nephew is my son. I'm pretty sure of it. I'm still going to have to talk to Caroline about it. If she'll talk to me after everything that was said. "

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