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The guys unfroze as they hear a set of foot steps coming closer to the room there in. Before any of them can move the door opens.

"There you guys are Care's looking for you. You 2 are the new guys right?" Matt asked questioningly. Klaus and Kol nodded their heads. "I don't think we've properly meet. Matt Donovan." He shook hands with both as they introduced them selves. "Klaus and this is my brother Kol." Matt nodded.

"Sorry I didn't come sooner I got caught up at home. I actually caught the girls in the lobby." Matt mostly told Stefan and Damon. Walking into the living room they found the girls sitting talking quietly excluding Caroline. They made introductions and Bonnie caught Kol's eye. He knew he had to have her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you darling." Kol took her hand and kissed it. Bonnie snatched her hand away from him. The girls and Matt can sense tension in the room coming from Stefan, Damon, and Klaus.

"Did we miss something. Whats with the murderous looks Damon and Stefan?" Katherine asked dumbfounded. Everyone waited for an answer but before Damon can say anything he was interrupted.

"I finally got him down for the most part of the night." Caroline called out as she came down the stairs with a baby monitor in hand. Klaus turned to look at her and his breath hitched. She looked just as beautiful as he remembered. Pictures do not do her justice.

"So are you girls and Matt staying over tonight?" Caroline asks as she makes her way to the living room. She sits next to Matt who throws his arm around her. Which makes Klaus throw daggers at him. Caroline can feel tension in the room and raises her eyebrows in question.

"Of course, especially if I'm staying in your room." Matt joked winking at Caroline. She just shook her head and laughed along with everyone else except for Klaus, whose clenched his jaw and fists. The girls told her they are going to be sleeping over too.

"In all seriousness though, Whats with all the tension in the room?" Caroline asked and look around the room and just now notice two people who she doesn't know. She decided to introduce herself.

"I'm guessing your friends of my brothers. I'm Caroline their sister." She stuck her hand out to Kol, which he takes and kisses it. "Kol Mikealson. It's a pleasure to meet you. And might I just say you are truly beautiful." Caroline smiles at him. Klaus growls under his breath at Kol. Caroline then turns to the other guy in the room and her face turns cold. Right before Klaus can speak Caroline cuts him off.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Caroline yells at Klaus, which causes everyone in the room to jump. Before anyone can say anything else Giovanni's cries come through the baby monitor. Without saying anything further Caroline gets up to attend to her son. The girls and Matt looked around confused as to why Caroline just yelled at Klaus.

"What the hell was that about." Katherine hisses at Klaus. Everyone looks at him expectantly, especially Stefan and Damon. He sighs and starts to retell the same story he told Damon and Stefan just a few minutes ago. After he finishes retelling the story everyone has shocked expressions expect Damon, Stefan, and Kol. He kept apologizing more to Damon and Stefan. All of a sudden the girls and Matt had pissed off faces on. The girls and Matt start to yell at Klaus. Matt started stalking over to Klaus but Stefan had to hold him back. Not that he really wanted to but his nephew is sick and needs to sleep.

"Matt relax Damon and I already took care of it." Stefan said. Matt nodded and gritted his teeth. The girls got up to go check on Caroline and the baby. "As for you two I think it's best if you leave." Stefan gave Klaus and Kol pointed looks.

"But I want to meet my nephew and I didn't do anything wrong." Klaus sent Kol a dirty look for his comment. "Plus it's already late at night."

"There already here and it is late so might as well have them stay the night." Caroline said with a sigh, as her and the girls rejoined them. They were all shocked at her.

"Care are you sure about this?" Stefan asked his baby sister.

"Like I said it's already late." She said glaring at Klaus.

"How's the baby?" Damon asked his sister trying to break the awkward silence. Caroline turned to Damon and smiled.

"He's getting better. I put him back down to sleep. He should be fine the rest of the night." Caroline smiled thinking about her son.

"Care you look exhausted, Why don't we relax in the hot tub for a bit?" Elena asked ignoring the fact that Klaus,and by extension Kol, were in the room. She could see Caroline debate it in her head.

"We'll bring the baby monitor with us if you want." Elena said smiling at her. Caroline smiled back and nodded her head. All the girls squealed excitedly. Caroline was glad for the distraction at the moment. Although she knew she had to talk to him eventually just not now.

"Well you women can't have all the fun now can you. I think I'll be joining you beautiful ladies especially seeing that you all will be in bathing suits." Matt winked at the girls. The girls just laughed and shook their heads at him. Klaus and Kol just sat there awkwardly. Caroline looked over at them and sighed cursing herself for being so nice and civil.

"Did you guys want to join us?" She asked Kol and Klaus. They looked at her shocked like everyone else.

"What I'm trying to be civil and nice. Take it or leave it." She snapped at everybody and went to get changed. Everyone looked stunned for a second before the girls went to get changed as well. The guys hung back. Damon approached Klaus.

"Don't even think about going anywhere near my sister or nephew unless Caroline says otherwise. Don't even think about touching my sister either. We have our eyes on you Mikealson." Damon said through gritted teeth and glaring at Klaus. He looked at Kol for a second.

"I guess your ok in our book, seeing as how you had nothing to do with anything." he told Kol and he walked away along with Matt. Stefan decided to hang back for a second.

"Look I don't know what your aim was when you decided to come to our home knowing full well what the situation was. Just know that when you said and did those things to my sister you really hurt her. I think she was in love with you." Klaus smiled at that because he too is in love with her. "But after what happened I'm not sure she wants to risk getting hurt again. Especially because she has Gio to think about now. She puts him before anything. He's the light of her life." Stefan finished with a smile.

"I didn't mean to hurt her, mate. I want to be able to talk to her and apologize for my mistakes and what I said to her. I want her to know that without a doubt I will be here every step of the way from now on. I know I have a lot prove because, believe me I want to be apart of my son's life. And as I prove myself I also want to be apart of Caroline's life as well. I love her." Klaus told Stefan sternly and truth fully. Stefan nodded at him.

"You better because one slip up and your finished. That's IF Caroline decides you can be apart of the baby's life. My sister and nephew mean the world to me so don't mess up. If Care decides to give you a chance then I guess we can work on being friends." And with that Stefan padded Klaus on the back. Klaus thanked him and they went to go get changed.