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The Guide

Annabeth Chase, the popular girl, the volleyball and track star, the prettiest girl in school not caked in makeup, and more importantly the secret nerd that has never had a boyfriend.

Percy Jackson, the new kid, the former Florida state swimming and fencing champion, innocently handsome, and more importantly the loser that needs constant help in school.

It was the first day of school for Percy Jackson. After moving from sunny south Florida with beaches and sunshine to the grimy Manhattan with an endless supply of trash and hobos, Percy wanted nothing more than to just go home. Back to his friends, back to his stepbrother Triton, back to fishing with his dad. But alas, his mother, Sally Jackson, was having no of it, complaining that "two years away from her darling boy was too long for any mother to bear."

The only person he knew in New York was his cousin Nico di Angelo, but he wasn't even sure if he still lived here as the last time that they talked was 2 years ago.

Now, on his first day as a junior at Goode High school, he stood cowering on the front steps of a school he has never entered, dreading the time when he must go inside to receive his schedule and meet his guide. But all waits must come to an end, the bell rang.

Without much enthusiasm, Percy ambled his way through the halls of Goode, attempting to find the mysterious place called student affairs. He passed by many groups of students, all of which had their eyes on him.

Why are they staring at me? Haven't they ever seen a new kid? Gods, this school is weird. Percy thought to himself when a voice separated him from his thoughts.

"Percy. Percy Jackson, is that you?"

Percy whipped around to meet a student, about 5'11" (nothing compared to his own 6 foot 4 stature) with long black hair that hung over his dark brown eyes, dressed in ripped black jeans, black vans, a dark grey V-neck t-shirt and a black aviator jacket.

"Nico?" the student nodded. Nico looked stunned when Percy embraced him in a 'manly' hug.

"I'm guessing you are new here and can't find student affairs? Need help?"

"Yeah, my mom missed me too much, I guess, and forced my dad to let me finish high school here. And yes please to the help. I'm so lost." Percy explained.

Nico led Percy through corridor after corridor, until they finally reached the office.

"Good luck man, I know your guide. She's something." Nico smirked.

Percy just shook his head and pushed through the door unaware of what's to come. As he walked in, Percy found himself awestruck at the beautiful girl who stood waiting for him. She was about 5 foot 9, with a perfect California tan, with a waterfall of perfect blonde curls like a princesses, and with intense grey eyes that looked like raging thunderstorms. She was wearing blue skinny jeans and what looks to be an old orange camp T-shirt, but she looked beautiful. Percy's jaw dropped when she spoke, her sweet, melodic voice floating through the air, was music to his ears.

"Hello, you must be Percy, my name is Annabeth Chase. I'm your guide."

Annabeth was the popular girl at Goode but she didn't act like it, she didn't hang out with the other popular kids, she actually hated the title. She would rather just be the mythology and math nerd she secretly is than the volleyball team captain and track star that everyone sees her as. Not that she didn't love volleyball and track, she loved it, but everyone, even her dad, expected her to be little-miss-perfect.

She was tired of living up to everyone else hopes instead of her own. She was slowly detaching herself from the expectations, skipping volleyball practice to go to the library, getting jobs tutoring, volunteering to be the new kids guide. The last thing she expected was for the new kid to be insanely hot.

He walked into the office smiling and shaking his head, he must have already made a friend. His smile was perfect and seemed to brighten the dark room. He was wearing dark blue jeans with rips around the knees, green converse, and a green V-neck that showed his well-defined muscles and a black leather jacket. He had unruly raven hair and bright sea green eyes.

"Hello, you must be Percy, my name is Annabeth Chase. I'm your guide." she said as she handed him his schedule. She looked into his bright green eyes and was completely mesmerized by the childish glint they showed when he smiled. She cleared her throat as she blushed. "This is your schedule. It was made so we either have the same class or I'm right next door, so…"

"Uh, thanks, if we will be seeing each other this much we might as well be friends. Don't want to get stuck showing a guy that you hate around. I'm Percy Jackson, but I guess you already know that from the schedule... Uh… I'm from Florida?" she chuckled at his attempt to strike up a conversation.

"Yeah, I know, they gave me the basics when I volunteer to be your guide. He's from Florida, State swim and fencing champion, etc. As I told you I'm Annabeth Chase, I'm a junior."

"Damn, they know about swimming? Now they'll make me join the team, I was only on it in Florida because of my dad. I love the water and all but not for competition, I just want to swim to relax. Anyway, yeah from Florida, love to surf, fish, swim, the typical Florida kid stuff. Nico di Angelo is my cousin, do you know him?" he explained as he held the door open for her. Annabeth smiled as they made their way to their lockers.

"He's your cousin! He's dating my best friend!"

"Death Breath got a girlfriend! Never thought I would hear that sentence, who is she?"

"Okay, well not quite dating because they both refuse to admit they like each other. Her name is Thalia Grace. Trust me; it will make sense in when you meet her. And speak of the devil."

Percy turned around to see a girl wear black combat boots, black skinny jeans, a loose black tank top with a white skull printed on it, and a black jacket. She had spiky black hair with a blue streak in the bangs, her ears were pierced at least three times and she wore a wide silver band on her wrist with the word AEGIS engraved in it. The only thing that threw off the punk look were her eyes, they were bright blue, almost alive with electricity. With a quick glance, she noticed Annabeth and came running over.

"ANNIE! I missed you! We should've hung out more this summer! Who's this?"

"First, DO NOT call me Annie. Second, we were together every day except for yesterday. Third, this is Percy Jackson, the new kid, and more importantly your boyfriend's cousin." Annabeth smirked at Thalia's face when she finished. Percy stuck out his hand for her to shake but she just stood there gaping.

"How many times do I have to tell you Nico and I are not, I repeat NOT dating."

"A lot because you like him and he likes you so you need to deal with it until you tell him." Annabeth knew she won this one, and stood there triumphantly smirking at the black-haired girl, who frowned and blushed.

"There I win. Now come on Percy, the bells going to ring soon."

"Okay then, guide away. It was nice to meet you Thalia." Percy said with a smile as they walked away.

Well that went better than expected. Annabeth thought.