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Chapter 6

Percy could barely sleep last night; he couldn't stop thinking about her. The way she laughed, the way she sang, everything about her was perfection. He groggily made his way from his room to the kitchen where his mother just finished making a mountain of blue pancakes drenched in blueberry syrup.

"Good morning sweetie, you're up earlier than usual."

"Couldn't sleep, walking with Annabeth to school at 7:30." Percy explained shoveling pancakes into his mouth, only stopping for air.

"Well you better hurry up, its 7:15." Percy darted from the table to his room. He dug around for acceptable clothes for what seemed like an eternity until he settled on a dark blue Guy Harvey T-shirt with tuna on the back, a pair of dark jeans, and his black leather jacket. It took equally has long trying to comb his hair into submission, eventually he gave up, grabbed his backpack and ran out the door after kissing his mom goodbye. "I want to meet her! Invite her to dinner tonight!"

"Yes ma'am!" Percy bounded down the stairs, almost running over the building manager. "Sorry Mr. Litwack!" Mr. Litwack muttered something about rotten teenagers and continued his work.

No one was is the lobby when he got there, so he installed himself on the uncomfortable couch and flipped through his phone. After a few minutes of playing Candy Crush, he heard someone clear their throat above him; he looked up to see Annabeth looking down at him. Annabeth was wearing light blue jeans, a dark blue hoodie, and white lace TOMS. She had a beautiful olive branch necklace and owl earrings. Her hair was down but pulled back, away from her face.

"Good morning Milady. I must say you look ravishing today." Percy said with his trademark goofy grin. Annabeth smiled, trying to hide her blush.

"Why thank you, kind sir. You don't look so bad yourself." Annabeth looked into his eyes and was entranced; they seemed to be asking What are we? She silently cursed herself for falling into the trap that is Percy's eyes. "Well let's get walking." She hurried to leave, Percy following close behind.

"Annabeth, we need to talk about yesterday." Annabeth stopped dead in her tracks and took a sudden interest in her shoes. Percy stood in front of her and took her hands in his; he could feel her pulse beating rapidly. "Look at me." Annabeth looked at his face and immediately calmed down.

"Annabeth, I really do like you, you are perfect in infinite ways. But I barely know anything about you or you me."

"I like you, too. I want to know you better but this is way too fast. How about best friends until we're both ready?" He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"Sounds perfect to me. By the way, my mom wants to meet you; she said to invite you to dinner tonight." Percy lied, he knows everything he wants to know about her.

"Of course, if the dinner tastes as good as her cookies, it will be delicious." Percy pulled out his cell phone and typed something, followed shortly by a quiet ding. "Chocolate chip cookies for dessert."

"Well how can I say no, now?" Percy smirked. "That was the plan milady."

School was boring as usual for Annabeth, but she always had Percy right by her side to say something stupid or corny to make it better. Percy always seemed to see the positive, to always make a situation better. She loved that about him. She could analyze every motive, every aspect of people, situations and life but only saw what could go wrong, the flaws. Percy seemed to be her other half, and she didn't mind one bit.

"Whatcha thinking about, Anniebeth?" Percy asked, his head resting in the palms of his hands, elbows on her desk. His raven hair, going every direction but the way he wanted it to, hung just above his eyes, full of mischief and lightheartedness.

"Don't call me that. My name is Annabeth."

"Note to future self: No nicknames." Annabeth punched him lightly on the shoulder. "Hey! You'll pay for that!"

"Well not now because its lunch time!" Annabeth jumped out of her seat right as the bell rang and ran towards the door, dragging Percy behind her.

As per the norm, the school lunches did not look particularly appetizing, so they settled for paying a few dollars more for the Domino pizza that was available on the patio. After receiving their pizza, the duo decided to sit outside to avoid the onslaught of freshman in their lunch.

"Come on, I have an idea of where to sit." Annabeth trotted off behind the building towards the football field, Percy in her wake. In between the field and the building was a wide space void of people and shade except for what was provided by a lone oak tree in the middle of the expanse.

"Welcome to the field of Asphodel! This is the junior and senior hangout, freshmen and sophomores either don't know about it or avoid it because of the seniors. No one why that tree can survive here when no others can, even ones of the same species." Annabeth explained while walking toward said tree. She gracelessly slumped down, her back resting on the trunk of the tree. Percy was engrossed by the way the sunlight glistened off her princess curls and accentuated her calculating grey eyes, adding an extra aura of beauty to her persona. "Well are you going to sit or stand there like an idiot for the rest of lunch?"

Percy quickly sat down, trying to suppress the butterflies in his stomach. He opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by none other than the quietest guy on campus, Nico.

"Yo, Fish Face! We have a proposition for you." Nico was closely followed by a Thalia, Grover, Piper, and Jason.

"Do not tell me you guys are skipping class." Thalia grinned bigger than humanly possible in response to Annabeth. "It's only the second day of school! At least wait a week, jeez."

"That's beside the point. We skipped class to ask a very important question." Nico explained as the rest of the group sat down.

"There is no school next Thursday and Friday. So we were thinking, trip to Montauk?" Thalia finished the story. "Yes, Annabeth, before you ask Percy is invited, so you guys can spend as much time together as you want." Percy and Annabeth noticeably blushed. "So who's in? Jason, mom already said yes, so you have no choice"

"Well, I'm in for sure. I'll get my dad to rent a cabin. Who else should we invite?" Piper said confidentially.

"My dad might take some convincing but I'm down. Piper, can you?" Piper smiled sweetly and nodded at Annabeth. "Piper can convince anyone to do anything," Annabeth whispered to Percy. There was a chorus of approval. During the discussion, Percy just sat awkwardly playing with a blade a grass, avoiding Nico and Annabeth's glances. It was settled that the Montauk party would consist of 16 juniors, most of which Percy did not know.

After lunch, Piper and Thalia yanked Annabeth away from Percy to go to their free period while he ambled his way to swim practice. He was actually genuinely excited for this Montauk trip; it was more time he got to spend with Annabeth to get to know her better. He made his way into the locker room and was immediately assaulted by Jason and Nico.

"Nico, you're not even on the swim team, why are you in here?" Nico scoffed and grabbed Percy's collar, hauling him to a chair in the middle of the locker room.

"Sit. Explain." Nico demanded. Percy looked to Jason for assistance, who just threw his arms up in surrender.

"This is your cousins doing, not mine."

"Explain what, Nico?"

"You wouldn't even look at Annabeth that entire time. When Thalia said you and her can spend time together, you blushed. The Percy I remember had a lot more game than this."

"Listen, I really like Annabeth, and she likes me back. She told me Jason." Jason was gaping, the girl who was like his second sister never told him this. "But she said she doesn't want to 'go out' with me. Yet."

"Never mind. Forget I asked, girls are so goddamn confusing." Nico professed to no one in particular before walking out of the room.

"Dude, just grow a pair, and ask her out. She's my sister, I know she likes you." Jason shouted after him. "Anyways, we got to get in the pool before coach kills us. By the way, we have a meet on Friday. If Nico doesn't ask Thalia out by then, I am personally going to punch him in the nuts to make sure he has some."

Friday is going to be very interesting. Percy thought.

Thalia and Piper pulled Annabeth into a secluded corner of the library and shoved her into a wooden chair. Piper was smirking at her, but Thalia remained stoic.

"What was that, Annabeth? Why were you blushing when we talked about you and Percy?" Thalia fired questions rapid fire, not giving Annabeth time to answer.

"The answer is simple, my dear Thalia: our little Annie has a crush on Percy Jackson, although I believe it's bigger than it was before." Piper explained to a gaping Thalia. "So what happened?"

"Well, I kind of kissed him." Annabeth blushed and shrunk into the uncomfortable chair. Both Piper and Thalia were now gawking. Piper recovered enough to motion for her to continue her story.

"Well, not only does he live in my apartment building, his apartment is right above mine. Our rooms are connected by the fire escape. But anyway, I was out on said fire escape doing homework and listening/ singing Paramore. Someone cleared their throat above me, and there he was with a handful of chocolate chip cookies. We sat together, and then he started singing, which turned into a duet. It just happened."

"I've heard enough." Thalia starting grabbing her things to leave. "Are you guys going to the swim meet on Friday?"

"Like you can talk." Annabeth muttered to herself.

"Yeah, we will be there. But you better tell Nico, or I will." Piper's threats were always a force to be reckoned with. Thalia gulped at the thought of Piper telling Nico of her crush on him, Annabeth was a little scared for her.

Friday will be very interesting. Annabeth thought before grabbing her Calculus book to finish tonight's homework.