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Yami B: Joy *sarcasm*

Ak: Your just pissed because your not playing an important role.

Yami Y: Thats right, tomb robber! I'm the main one!

Yugi: Me too!

Ak: Right.


A howl of pain accompanied by several mutterted Egyptian curses floated through the Turtle Game Shop's residential home. Sixteen year old Yugi Mutou glanced up from his biology homework to see his limping yami holding his bare foot. Yugi chuckled under his breath. The tri-colored pharoah glared at the smaller version of himself before sprawling across Yugi's bed. His fingers curled into the quilted bedspread. "What are you doing Aibou?" Yami asked, becoming bored.


"For what?"


"What part of Biology?"

Yugi blushed a faint pink. "Reproduction."

"Really?!" Yami bolted upright. "I know about that."

"I'd hope so Yami."

"Can we try?"

Yugi gulped. "Try..try what?"

"Try finishing your homework together so you can done quicker and we can get out of here and do something fun!" Yami caught Yugi's blush. "Why are you blushing Aibou?"

"Uh..no reason." Yugi turned to his books again. 'What can I possibly tell him? That I wanted to try...urgh! This is irritating. There's no way in hell he would think of me that way. He doesn't need to know that he just turned me on. Thats right Yugi. Got to shut this book now.' Yugi threw the books unceremoniously in his bag. "What do you want to do Yami?"

"Your done?"

"No but I can finish it later."

"Well....can we go out to eat?! I'm starving." On cue, Yami's stomach rumbled. He shrugged his shoulders carefreely.

Yugi searched Yami's face for several seconds and decided there was only one reason the normal stoic yami was acting like an idiot. "How much chocolate did you eat Yami?"

"That cake in the fridge, two candy bars, two glasses of chocolate milk, um...oh and the rest of the brownies!"

Yugi's mouth gaped. "And your still hungry?"

"Of course I am. Aibouuuuu!" He droned, grabbing Yugi's arm, pulling him from the chair. "We have to go now!" Yami paused in his dragging of Yugi. He pulled a jacket from the closet and put it on his aibou. "Don't won't you to get sick. It's pretty cold out," Yami's voice wasn't hyper as he said those lost sentences but that was quickly shoved aside when his belly growled angrily at the wait. "Let's go!"

Yami scanned the surrounding area for a good place to eat. Jin's Deli. No. Yami didn't like cold cuts. La Cerise. Gross, French food. That left, the pizza restraunt. Yami crossed the street, Yugi in tow, not caring that several cars came within inches of colliding with the two boys. Yugi mentally hoped that the food would snap his yami from his sugar rushed stage. It usually did but that meant, he'd be grump. Yugi sighed. Sometimes there was just no winning.

Going inside, Yami hastily dropped into one of the corner booths, a tiny amount of saliva trickling from the corner of his mouth. The aroma of pizzas, every kind imaginable, floated on the waves of bliss to Yami's nose. He inhaled deeply and was seeing cheese. Yugi groaned. This was going to be a long wait. Knowing that his yami was a glutton, Yugi ordered two large pizzas for Yami, then one medium for himself.

Yugi took the time for the wait to study his yami, like he usually did when his other half was in these states of oblivion. It was the only time Yami let his guard be obliterated. The barricade was what halted Yugi in confessing his love for Yami. There was no telling what Yami might do. Yugi sighed was he watched Yami tear into the pizza eagerly. Yugi didn't have much of an appetite so he settled on nibbling a few pieces.

It was about one and half pizzas later that Yami regressed to his former self. Yugi quickly averted his gaze from Yami and instead pretended to be reading the dessert menu. Yami arched an eyebrow at Yugi's flushed cheeks. Had he been staring? Yami sighed. There was no luck. If only he could be brave enough and confess his deepest feelings for Yugi, it would make it so much easier. Yami glanced at the pizzas in front of him.





'Why can't I talk to him?' both wondered at the same time.

Several booths from them, sat their friends. Joey shook his head. "Why can't they just make up their minds?"

Mai voiced her opinion next. "Its so obvious! I saw it the day those two started splitting into seperate forms. Their in love."

Honda nodded. Ryou nodded. Tea frowned. Of course, all the good guys were taken. With Joey in a relationship with Ryou and Bakura, Malik in a relationship with Seto, Honda with Mai. There was noone left for Tea.

"You know, we need to get those two hooked up."

"How do you propose that Joey?" Ryou asked.

"Well, Friday's Halloween so I was just thinkin, lets do somethin about it then."

"Good idea Joey!" Mai laughed and clapped Joey on his head. "You do have a brain after all."

A sudden flash of light, followed by one pissed off Yami Bakura appeared. "What the hell did you mean by that?!! Are you suggesting that he's stupid?!"

"I..I didn't mean it like that Yami Bakura. Honest."

"Good." He dissappeared.

"Wow. He must really care for you Joey."

"Ah, shuddup! This aint about me. Anyone got any bright ideas?"

"How about-"

"Oh I know!" Mai perked up, cutting Honda short. "We could have one of those costume parties and make sure everyone wears masks!"

"This is going to be fun! Now, just make sure that Yugi and Yami don't find out!"

"Not until we have it all planned, that is."

* * *


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