Terror Through Time Part 2

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: A New Scheme

Far away, in a dark time, people struggled in a ruined world, flinching with terror as a giant shark tortured them for their labor.

"Keep going!" yelled the shark, snapping his whip " Just because the boss is away on a little trip doesn't mean you can relax! Work faster! All for the glory of the Crimelord!"

"Glad to see you haven't forgotten how to have fun Armageddon," said an eerie voice, making the shark jump and turn.

"Boss, you're back!" said Armageddon " How was your trip to the past?"

"Successful" said Crimelord " Raphael will now have harsh doubts on what he is meant to be. There is no way that witch's prophecy will come true now. However, just to be sure, I may require your help in the next phase of my plan,"

"Heheh" said Armageddon, grinning wickedly " Sounds like fun. Say the word Boss, I've been itching for destruction since the day I was formed,"

A couple of weeks had passed since the Crimelord incident, before things slowly slid back to normalcy for the turtles. Well, normal in the weirdest sense of the word.

An old, Japanese witch friend of Master Splinter's decided to pay a visit last weekend and created a major fuss in the lair. Even though she helped out when a mob boss and his gang threatened the town, it a was a big relief when she finally left. Especially for Raphael, since he had the old witch staring at him the whole weekend.

One particular experience especially unnerved the turtle.


" You are troubled aren't you?" spouted a female voice, surprising the red-masked turtle in his room "So unsure about your future,"

"I really don't need your fortune cookie philosophy," said Raphael, turning to the witch.

"It's no fortune when you drown yourself in pity" said the witch " You have become angry and detached. Fearful of the darkness that stains your soul. He will continue to feed on your despair until it suits his will. He shall frolic in nightmares as well as dreams, tearing at bonds that were once his. Be wary, for soon he will return,"

With that said, she turned and walked back towards the kitchen to tell Master Splinter goodbye, leaving Raphael alone, stewing in his thoughts.

(End FlashBack)

"How did she know that I was thinking about Crimelord?" thought Raph " Is my unease that obvious?"

Raphael thought that he had been doing a pretty good job keeping the truth from his brothers. Who knows how they would react if they found what truly hid behind that metal mask.

Crimelord had to be the most sadistic villain the turtles had ever faced. Not only had he managed to separate the turtles, but he also captured them, and led Raph straight into a death trap.

Even if the villain had only been bluffing his power at the time, the threat he presented was all to real, and Raphael knew that things weren't over yet.

Crimelord was bound to return, and this time the results could prove fatal.

A cheery voice suddenly broke through the red masked turtle's gloom.

"Movie time guys!" shouted Mikey " Let's fire up the tube!"

"Alright Mikey" said Leo, running past Raph " Come on Bro, let's go!"

Raph shrugged his shoulders and followed in Leo's footsteps. Everything was normal now, but how long could peace last?