Ch.9: True Nature

"Ah, my head" said Donatello, holding his skull as he and Mikey walked through the sewers " That spell hurt! All of this magic is really starting to give me a headache,"

"Look on the bright side" said Mikey " at least you aren't dancing like a sick chicken anymore,"

Splinter's witch friend had been kind enough to give Donatello back his brains. Shredder and Krang weren't the sharpest tools in the box when it came for making plans. They needed their genius back. Especailly since they were plotting to take down Crimelord.

"Thanks for the sympathy" said Donatello, in response to Mikey's statement " Uh, Crimelord! I can't believe he did that to me! And he turned Leo to stone!"

"Yeah" said Mikey " the guy is a real creep. Even though he's just a future version of our brother,"

"It's gonna be weird fighting him" said Don " but it's even weirder teaming up with Krang and Shredder. These guys have been our enemies for over ten seasons, and now we're fighting beside them,"

"Desperate times dude" said Mikey " and like the witch said, we haven't got a choice. Now let's hurry up and get the Turtle Blimp. The others are probably already in their position, and we need to arrive just when the action starts."

"Wonderful," muttered Crimelord, looking out at the ruins of a darkly mutated city "The sight of pure chaos overwhelms me. Do you enjoy it as well Leonardo?"

The frozen form of Leonardo couldn't speak, standing petrified in stone right next to a horrified Bebop, his face contorted in terror. A devilish smile lit up on Crimelord's face.

Lives, so simple, so fragile, so helpless, so very easy to waste. These two lives would be preserved for further torment if he so wished it. Crimelord was really enjoying his freedom from the prison that held him bound, and Raphael and his brothers to thank.

A sudden vibration rocked the building from where Crimelord stood, making the red-masked villain narrow his eyes in rage. Raphael's future form glared at the air, and a mist formed showing what was happening below.

A transport module had just popped up inside of his building with Shredder, Krang, Rocksteady, and his two remaining brothers climbing out.

"So" said Crimelord " they have returned for their friends. Well…what's say I appear and give them a bit of a challenge?"

Laughing at his own sadistic joke, Crimelord put on his black and white helmet, and with a simple wave of his hand, poofed down to where Shredder and his crew were waiting. Not one of them would make it out of this structure alive.

Meanwhile, flying in on the Channel 6 building from above, Mikey and Don guided in the Turtle Blimp and tied it on to the roof. Sliding down the grapple line, the two turtles shadowed their way over to the skylight hatch, and slipped themselves inside.

"Alright" said Donatello " We're in! We have to do this fast!"

"Let's move!" said Mikey, and he and Donatello dashed down the hall.

Back on ground level, approaching the stairways to the upper floors, Shredder and his group were fighting their way through the various Channel 6 news monsters guarding the way to Crimelord, when the main bad guy himself suddenly appeared.

"Crimelord!" said Donatello in distaste.

"Ah" said Crimelord, surprised " it seems that you got your smarts back quicker than I thought Donatello. No doubt your new 'allies' helped you out with a bit of science. But science will do you no good against my magic. Come and fall, my dear siblings,"

With that said, red streams of magic danced out from Crimelord's fingertips, transforming like snakes to twist and bite their prey.

Shredder swung out with blades at one of the snakes, while Krang and Rocksteady fired at the others with their blasters. Don and Mikey dodged through the lines of fire, aiming to take down the main source. Crimelord grinned when he saw their attacks coming, and aimed up his other hand.

A flash of yellow energy shot out at Donatello, which he quickly deflected with his staff. Mikey jumped in from the left, swinging out his nunchucks with incredible speed. Crimelord barely managed to dodge the assault, only to take a small nick on his armor.

"Well" he whispered " this might be fun after all,"

Calling up a pair of deadly sais to his hands, the future version of Raphael charged at his two brothers with frightening force, taking them down without much care. Groaning in pain, Mikey and Don were flung into opposite walls, weapons skidding away from their hands.

"This is the end," stated Crimelord.

"Yeah for you chump!" shouted out a familiar voice.

"What?!" shouted Crimelord surprised, but before he could even turn around a blast hit him in the chest.

"Man that felt good,"

"Bebop!" cried Rocksteady happily, still fighting off a snake.

"Don't forget us dude," said Mikey with him, Don, and a unfrozen Leonardo "Leo, do you want to take the first swing?"

"It'd be my pleasure," said Leo, whipping out his katanas at the stunned Crimelord.

There was time for the villain to put a decent defense as the trio of reunited brothers started attacking in tandom, leaving no room to counter, and making he suffered the damage from every hit. Soon, the armor-plated felon crashed on the crowd, his black and white helmet rolling off to reveal the red-masked face beneath.

Quickly, the second Mikey and Donatello who already beaten on the floor, suddenly covered and shed their 'guise to reveal the serious expressions of Master Splinter and his witch companion. Placing both of their hands on the floor, the rat and the witch chanted summoning out a blue, glowing prison that completely ensnared most of Crimelord's body, preventing him to move.

Raphael sneered at this entrapment, angry that he was so easily tricked and beat. This whole game had started out fun, and now he had a hoard of heroes surrounding him.

"The game's over Crimelord" said Leonardo " Raphael's dark future is defeated. You lost,"

"Hahaha!" laughed Crimelord amused " If you truly believe that, then why am I still here? Haven't you figured out the riddle to this game? Surely you are all smarter than that!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Mikey.

"Think about it Leonardo" said Crimelord, ignoring Mikey " When you saw those sais you were sure your brother was dead. Taken down by his own future self. But if that were the case, how could I live? That leaves you only one conclusion doesn't it?"

"Raphael's still alive!" said Leonardo shocked.

"Yes" said Crimelord " Though he is no longer on this plain,"

"What do you mean?" asked Donatello.

"I owed your brother a favor for setting me free" said Crimelord " waiting for him to speak his most selfish wish. His darkest desire was mine to command, and even the descendant of a Bruja can't stop me!"

At the mention of the word 'bruja' Splinter's witch friend started in surprise, and looked upon the Crimelord with more fear than ever.

"You mean you're…you're…," she stammered.

"Yes my dear" said Crimelord, suddenly breaking out the binds to reveal his true nature. The image of Crimelord and the future Raphael melted, transforming into a large, ghastly beast with sickle-shaped claws, dark wings, and color-changing eyes "I am Diablo!"

The End

Author's Note: So everything that happened was a trick by a demon? How? Why? All answers will revealed in Terror Through Time Pt.3 the final installment of the series! Be sure not to miss out!