Author Notes and Miscellany

General notes:

Vera: trust.

Red Balloon and Christine Watkins come from the warped brain of Lara. Milo Rambaldi is all JJ's, as are most of the rest of the characters in this story.

The interior spaces of the CIA's L.A. Headquarters are all fictional, unless I happen to be a lucky guesser.

There is such thing as a cyrillic keyboard, and they're pretty trick-looking, if you ask me.

General site credits:

Dictionaries: and (thanks, Thorne!)

Generally useful: (CIA world factbook, Russia)


Music credit: "Marrow," Ani DiFranco, is the overarching theme song for this fic.

Prologue — A Shift In Priorities:

"99 Luftballoons" ("99 Red Balloons") was a hit for the German group Nena in 1984. It reached US #2 and UK #1.

The a-bomb dates are correct unless I fucked up in my research. I don't know specifically what agents are told during training. I would imagine that, you know, preventing global destruction is pretty high on the old priority list. The Central Intelligence Agency evolved from the World War II Office of Strategic Services in 1947.

The KGB did, basically, evolve into the FSB in 1991. I believe K-Directorate is an invention of JJ Abrams.

Music credit: "99 Luftballoons" ("99 Red Balloons"), Nena.

1.1 — Postcards and Paper Bags:

Music credit: "So What," Ani DiFranco; "Unconscious," Stereo MCs; "Blue Monday," New Order.

1.2 — Habit:

Disk latency is a real term dealing with the speed of a disk drive (i.e. your hard drive); the mainframe models are a quasi-bullshit plot device. Hee.

The CIA and/or NSA may or may not monitor vast amounts of electronic communications in this country, i.e. what newspapers have budgeted for upcoming editions. Look into "Echelon" if you're more interested.

Clear and present danger is established court doctrine for restriction of First Amendment rights (1919 Supreme Court case Schenk v. United States) Prior restraint of newspaper publication of stories that have national security implications is referenced in Near v. Minnesota (1931).

Music credit: "Out of Habit," Ani DiFranco.

1.3 — Reflections:

The time zones are right according to

According to, the top industries in Volgograd are: Machine-building (30%); Chemical and petrochemical industries (14%); Food processing (12%); Ferrous metallurgy (10%); Light manufacturing (10%).

Slava: glory

Music credit: "Omaha," Counting Crows; "No Way Out of Here," David Gilmour.

1.4 — Overlap:

Post-it notes are a registered trademark of 3M.

Music credit: "Overlap," Ani DiFranco.

1.5 — Swallow:

Sodium Pentothal info from:

Music credit: "Waiting for the Sun," Jayhawks; "Itch," Ani DiFranco; "Losing My Religion," Tori Amos.

1.6 — Things Left Buried:

Los Angeles details are from personal memory.

Liquor credit (heh): Skyy Vodka.

Music credit: "The Thrill Is Gone," BB King; "Pulse," Ani DiFranco; "California," John Mayall; "Man in the Long Black Coat," Bob Dylan; "E-Bow the Letter," REM; "Rose Rouge," St. Germain; "The Boxer," Simon and Garfunkel.

1.7. — Nostalgia Run:

Music credit: "Adam and Eve" and "Dilate," Ani DiFranco; "To Bring You My Love," PJ Harvey; "Because the Night," Patti Smith; "Walk This World," Heather Nova; "When It Comes To You," Dire Straits.

1.8 — Settling:

Music credit: None, believe it or not.

1.9 — Filters:

Music credit: None

2.1 — Perspective:

Normandy locations from and

Music credit: "Things Have Changed," Bob Dylan; "Things We Said Today," The Beatles; "Deep Dish" and "Fire Door," Ani DiFranco; "Simple Man," Lynard Skynard.

2.2 — To Belong:

Music credit: None.

2.3 — Trust in Transition:

Music credit: "Pretending," Eric Clapton; "Tusk," Fleetwood Mac; "Bed of Lies," Matchbox 20; "Heart-Shaped Box," Nirvana; "Arabian Dance," Tchaikovsky.

2.4 — Skeleton:

St. Petersburg details from: (forest);®ion=st_peter (satellite imagery); (pictures); (metro system); (metro system); (pictures); (traveler's yellow pages); (a very kick-ass, informative and useful guide that helped me hugely).

Music credit: "Life During Wartime," Talking Heads; "Not a Pretty Girl" and "Shameless," Ani DiFranco; "DSMO," "Fearless" and "Electronaut," VNV Nation; "Come As You Are," Nirvana.

2.5 — The Answer:

Music credit: "Main Title," Last of the Mohicans; "Unforgiven," Metallica; "I'm The Ocean" and "Fallen Angel," Neil Young; "Exit," U2; "Standing (Motion)," "Epicentre" and "Forsaken," VNV Nation.

Epilogue I — Finish Line:

Um, I took physics in high school, but I really know nothing about Rambaldi devices or atomic bombs.

Music credit: "Going Down," Ani DiFranco; "Alone," Heart; "Bad," U2.

Epilogue II — Soznanie:

Soznanie: consciousness/realization

Music credit: "Crystal," Fleetwood Mac; "Theme," True Romance; "A Whiter Shade of Pale," Procol Harum; "Half the Man I Used To Be," Stone Temple Pilots; "Let It Be," The Beatles; "One," U2.