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Text between [ and ] are thoughts the person has...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ = Time change in the same day

------------------------- = Next Day

......................... = Meanwhile


"That's impossible." Grissom wasn't much pleased with the results he received back from their bio-chemist, Greg. The case he was working on depended on a positive response, but it came negative.

Greg shook his head slowly, shrugging afterward. "Don't know what to tell you, Gris, but the tests came back negative. The blood didn't match the girl's sample I had earlier."

"Damnit." Grissom sighed, running a hand through his short, graying hair. He fidgeted with his glasses, removing them after a moment or two. "Well, thanks anyway, Greg."

"Sorry I didn't give you what you wanted," the younger man responded, spinning around in his office chair as he watched the other man leave. He hated giving negative responses, but the tests didn't lie. It wasn't a match. He was curious to see what was going to happen. Maybe Sara would tell him...Or was it Nick that was on that case? He was getting them mixed up lately.

Greg and Nick had been friends for a while, ever since the day that Greg started in the Forensics department. Nick was the first to bring Greg any work, and truth be told, he always thought Nick was the nicest out of all of night shift, except for maybe Sara. He and Sara got along rather nicely. Now, almost three years later, Greg had -become- a member of the night shift, and fit in almost as tightly as all the rest. He was working a bit later tonight, simply because of the blood tests he had for Grissom. Noticing not many people were around, Greg slid his chair across the floor,grabbing ahold of a book he had on the counter. It was the book he was reading recently, "A Beautiful Mind." Ever since he saw the movie, he wanted to read the book, so he went out and bought it.

[Whoever said books were better than movies was right.] he thought to himself as flipped through the pages, skimming for his bookmark. Once he found it, he removed the paper piece and began to read, simply because, for the moment, he had nothing else to do. That was a first.

A few pages later, there was a small knock on Greg's door, and the young, spiky haired man turned around, smiling at who it was. Nick. He hadn't seen his friend almost at all today, so he was a sight for sore eyes after doing nothing but work.

"Hey!" he said happily, dropping his book to the counter. It made a thud noise that caused the table to shake, but neither of them seemed to care. Nick approached Greg with a few files in his hands, and a small bag with a pencil in it. The eraser was chewed to bits. [Oh great. More work.]

Nick set the files on the beside Greg's book, crossing his rather large, but fitting arms across his chest. "Sorry to bother you right now, since you've got all that work Grissom plowed on you."

[You've no idea...] "It's not a problem, really." Greg smiled a bit, turning toward the almost empty desk, a couple files spread across the surface, rather disorganized. "He just came in and got his results...Didn't quite work out the way he wanted it to."

Nick nodded a bit, narrowing his eyes, though in the manner he always seemed to. He peered around the desktop for a moment, his eyes wandering back to Greg after a moment. "Well, as I said, hate to bother ya, but I need this pencil tested for DNA strands, and who they belong to. It's the only evidence we've got right now on the case with that Jenkins kid."

"You mean the one who you think stabbed that other boy?"

"It's an easy case if this comes back with his DNA on it. I mean, if there's any trace of saliva remnants or even if you could use records..."

"But if it comes back negative?"

"Then we're shooting in the dark. We haven't found anything else yet." Nick sighed.

"Well, I'll do my best. Don't want to let anybody else down today." Greg chuckled weakly, remembering back with Grissom.

"Ah, don't feel to bad, it's not like you -made- it that way."

"Well, I guess you're right." Greg's eyes shifted for a moment as he looked outside the glass from his office, Sara walking by with some coffee. Coffee sounded great now. "Wanna go get some coffee?"

Nick shrugged briefly, but nodded. "I could use some."


Pouring the last of the remaining coffee into the two small mugs that sat atop the counter, Greg sighed to himself.

[Agh...more work tonight...But hey, it's for a friend, so...Quit your bellyaching.]

After spending a minute talking to himself, Greg finally snapped back into reality, looking toward the two full cups. He chuckled nervously to himself, feeling a pair of eyes on him as he stood there. Turning around slowly, he held the coffee pot in his left hand.

"Something on my face?" he asked with a smile, quirking a brow at the older man. Nick quickly shook his head, shrugging it off.

"'Course not. But you zoned off there, thought you might have forgotten you were pouring coffee."

"Very funny." Greg turned back to the counter, setting the coffee pot back in its rightful place, and afterward he grabbed the two mugs. He carried them over to the small coffee table where Nick was sitting, and placing them on the glassed surface, he plopped on the couch behind him. He released an overdramatic sigh, dropping his hands on either side of him.

Nick took a sip of his coffee and looked at Greg kind of oddly, tilting his head to the side. "You seem more eccentric than you usually do."

"That a bad thing?" Greg asked, leaning forward and grasping ahold of the steaming mug. He took a sip and set it on the table again, sitting in a more straightened stance. "I mean...I've been working a lot, so...I've got a lot of unused energy."

"That's what homes are for." Nick's expression turned into a small smile as he took another sip of his coffee.

"That's not funny, you know. You're not funny." Greg was trying to be serious so Nick would change his tune, but it didn't work too well. Once he figured out he wasn't going to change anything, he gave up. "Well...Blah."

"How grown up of you, Mr. Sanders. Are you ready to come out of the sandbox now?"

"What's with the jokes on age all of the sudden...Old man?" Greg cocked his head, almost in a fighting stance sort of way.

"Old Man? Oooh...Careful what you say. I'm not old, and I can still kick your ass." Nick set his coffee down, mocking Greg's stance with one of his own.

"Whaddya gonna do? Gum me?" Greg smirked derisively.

"Not. Even. Funny." Nick shot an actual glare at Greg now, the game becomming a tad more than he had planned.

Greg's eyes widened for a moment, but he got the hint and stopped. "Well, sorry. Just trying to lighten the mood."


"This place...The whole building's kind of...depressing. I mean, we've got a stabbing case, and then a rape case with that young girl and her boyfriend...Kind of...Depressing."

"I know where you're coming from." Nick sighed a little, taking a couple more sips from his coffee. As much as Greg would probably try to cheer everyone up, Nick didn't much think it'd work. Well, for the moment anyway. At least someone -was- trying to keep the others happy.

"Well, maybe I'll just stop...Doesn't seem to do much." Greg smiled a little, a light chuckle following.

"Nah, don't stop. You're the light right now. Everyone is looking at you for those...Jokes you do."

"Those jokes? Hmm? What jokes?"

"You're sad, you know that? Your brain isn't what it used to be." Nick shook his head and pushed himself into a standing position once he felt his pocket vibrate. "Hello? Yeah. Alright then. At the school in twenty minutes? See you then." With that, he hung up the little phone, dropping it into his pocket. "That was Catherine. We found a person who apparently saw the stabbing. Or so she heard. I've gotta get goin."

"Oh yeah? So when do you want those results?"

"Like...When I get back, if I'm so lucky?" Nick headed for the door, and once he was just outside it, he stopped and turned around.

"Oh yes. I'll make -sure- that it's done as quickly as possible. Just for you." Greg smirked teasingly, picking up the coffee cup in front of him.

"Well, thanks. I appreciate it." Nick smiled for a short moment, turned, and then headed out.


Greg sighed that ever-classic sigh of accomplishment. The results on the DNA test were a match. Perfectly. Now...If only he knew more about the case, he could piece together exactly what happened. As Greg put the papers together for Nick, he heard a knock on his door.

"Got the results?"

"All you think about is work, isn't it? Did you become a robot or something?" Greg turned around to the voice, and without a need to see, he identified it as Nick's.

"Not always."

That statement was enough to make Greg's curious nature take over, but he knocked it aside for a professional approach. "Hmm...Well, I think you'll be happy with the results."

"Really now? They're what I think they are?"

"Yep! Negative."

Greg began to laugh as he saw Nick's hopeful expression fall face first into a gaped, vacant expression. "You're joking, right?"

With a wink, Greg responded with, "'Course I am. Though...The fingerprints on the pencil belong to a ..." Greg paused for a moment, trying to remember the name, "A Rhonda...Peterson. But the bite marks belong to that Jenkins boy." He flipped the file down the desk, landing almost right upon the edge.

Nick walked over to the opposite side of the desk, flipping through the files. "Really? No fingerprint traces though of the Jenkins boy? Just the bite marks?"

"Yeah, just bite marks. I'm thinking gloves. Or maybe a jacket of some sort."

Nick nodded. "Yeah, probably something like that. Well, that witness just happens to bear that name you gave me, so...I'll bring her in for questioning tomorrow."

"Good job, then?"

"Yep. Good job. Thanks a bunch, Sanders. Listen, I'm going to go for the night though, since I've got ... Well, most of this squared off. Grissom and the others are off to, so you should get heading as well. Don't want to stay here by yourself, do you?"

"Not exactly, but I've got some cleaning to do." Looking around his work space, Greg chuckled nervously, as the mess upon his desk was mostly the worst. The papers were scattered everywhere.

"Well, not such a bad idea, you know." Nick headed for the door, the files in his hands. "Be sure to lock up your office. Also, lock up the building?"

"Do I have to?"

"Do you need me to wait, or something?"

"I'd like some company. I don't get much in here unless they want something. Kind of like I'm just some little machine, or something."

"Well, you -are- the one people go to with their needs...Since you're the bio-chemist and all? And since a couple of our others are out taking their vacation time..." Nick left it at that.

"Well, some of this isn't what I was trained to to, nor what I expected."

"Expect the unexpected, hm?"

"Funny." Greg stood from his chair, looking over the desk with a small sigh. He had hoped the mess would clean itself up...What a great dream that'd be. He began to pick some of it up, and he felt Nick hovering behind him for a moment before moving to his side.

"Your house isn't like this, is it?"

Greg shook his head, a small, barely noticeable smile growing on him. "Nothing of the sort. I'm just buried in work is all. Hardly a time for me to keep clean." He shuffled some of the forms together into a pile, setting them to the side.

Nick was almost finished with the papers he had began to stack, and only a moment later after Greg spoke, he had them neatly set by his friend's.

"We'll leave the rest for you to do tomorrow. There's too much."

"Well, well. Weren't you the one who said that you wanted to clean it all up?" Greg stated matter-of-factly, turning his attention to Nick.

"I agree to that, but I'm just as lazy as the next guy. And I want some sleep."

"Amen to that."


"Well then...I'll see you tomorrow?" Greg stepped down the final stair to the parking garage, looking to Nick, who was a few feet from him.

Nick nodded as he turned around, waving his friend a goodbye. He slid around the corner, disappearing from sight. Greg stood there for a moment, a small shiver running through him. The dimly light parking lot was scary enough as it was, but being in it at midnight? Even worse. Quickly running to his car, Greg's senses became keener, and his whole body was on alert. He quickly fidgeted through his pockets to find his keys, and once the metal object was in hand, he darted it to the keyhole. He unlocked the door and slid inside, shutting it hastily in a frightened jerk motion. He heard a low rumbling sound, and when he turned his head to look, he watched as Nick pulled away, out of the garage. Great. He was all alone now.

Leaving nothing to his imagination, Greg started up his car, making sure to lock all the doors. As much as he wanted to get out of the lot, he had a hard time getting the car into reverse. Finally getting the car in working order and reversing, Greg made sure that his speed was enough to get him out of that lot - fast. When the dimmed light of the parking garage faded into the light of the Las Vegas buildings, Greg felt a bit more safer. It was odd enough to feel like he was being watched, he didn't need to feel he was watched in the dark.

As Greg drove down the quiet, brightly lit street, he turned on the radio, beginning to 'groove' to the music. He tapped his hands along the steering wheel, his head bobbing up and down to the tunes. The faintest bit of paranoia Greg had was now gone. He stopped at the stoplight and caught sight of some girls in the cars next to him. They were pretty but...Kind of skanky looking, in his opinion. However, the guy that was riding with them, Greg liked his look. There was a small ping in his head that told him the guy he was looking at was cute, but Greg refused to even think about that. It wouldn't happen. He wouldn't let it.

It took Greg only a few minutes to arrive at his apartment building, and as he pulled into his parking space, he turned off the radio, ignition following. It was so dark outside his apartment building, simply because the parking lot was behind the building, the taller form casting a shadow over it. Greg left his car light on as he slid out, peering about the car-filled area. It was a nice, peaceful night, like usual. As he shut his door, he locked the car, and dropped the keys back into his pocket. A cold wind blew past the young man as he began to walk, his eyes shifting to the cars on either side of him. He was humming the tune from the car in his head as he walked, folding his arms over his chest to keep himself a little warm.

Greg paused for a moment, hearing some soft sounds from behind him. As he turned around, he peered over the ground and the cars around him. He didn't think there was much back there...Maybe the common rat that hung around the overly full trash can nearby. Agreeing with that thought, Greg was just about to turn around when he felt something protruding into his back. He gasped out softly, and went to move his arms when a gloved hand reached across his neck and over his mouth. He was too startled to respond.

"Give me your money, and I won't hurt you." The voice was gruff, deep, and throaty. It was enough to make Greg's skin curl.

Trying his best to even move, Greg began to breathe harder, his eyes closing tightly. The man pushed in the protruding object further into Greg's back, causing the younger man to yelp out softly.

"-Give- me your money. Now."

"I-I..." Greg stuttered, trying his best to move, "...I don't have a-any m-money..."

"You lie." He pushed Greg forward, but not much able to move his legs, Greg toppled to the ground. As the man moved forward toward Greg, the spiky haired one backed up until he hit the car nearest him, a small whimper arising.

"I told you, give me your money or I'll..." the burly man held up the protruding weapon, newly revealed as a gun. "Do something you won't much like."

"I told you! I don't have any money!"

The man cocked the gun and pointed it at Greg, just about to pull the trigger when the other man pulled out his wallet, quickly flipping it open. The gun was set at bay while he watched Greg pull out a couple bills. Greg wasn't a stupid person. He knew that with this neighborhood, it was best to keep money at home and at work. Not -with- him. He pulled out a a few fives and threw them at the man, his whole body beginning to shake. The man's eyes were visible through the mask he wore, and they narrowed as he leaned toward the money.

"You said you didn't have any."

"I...I...Y-you've g-got what you want!" Greg sat up as best he could against the car, pushing against it almost.

"..." The man stayed silent as he picked up the money, his eyes on Greg the whole time. As much as he was happy he had the money, he didn't seem like he cared.

"G-go! You got what you want!"

"Not all I want."

Greg's eyes widened a bit, and as he looked at the man, he gulped deeply. "W-what?"

"I don't have...All I want." As the man moved closer to Greg, he tried to back up, only reaching his unwanted destination: Nowhere.

"G-get away from me!" Greg growled, pulling his legs up to his chest. The man leaned in closer, and as his hands moved outward towards Greg's body, the young one took one deep breath, launching his legs forward - right into the man's chest.

Toppling over in a gasp, the man fell to his side, arms wrapping around his stomach. Greg watched the man for a moment, in disbelief at what he had just done. He began to pant lightly, and rushing himself to stand up, he began to run. Run. That's all he could think about right now. The moment was too much for him, and getting home was all he needed to do. All he needed.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Later that night~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Greg couldn't sleep. He tried to cook himself a meal, but he just ended up almost burning the kitchen down. His concentration was so off it wasn't even funny. All he could think about was that robber. That man that tried to hurt him, and take him. He couldn't let it happen. He wouldn't let it. Greg rolled over on his bed, burying his face half-way into the pillow. His clock said it was 4:30. He was wide awake, but he couldn't be more tired. Every time he closed his eyes, all he could see was that man...That man that could have ruined his life.

There wasn't enough to keep Greg's mind off of what happened earlier tonight, and as much as he tried to think of new things, he couldn't. He felt so...Dirty. That man, as much as he was a jerk and rude, was a man nonetheless. Kicking him...Maybe it wasn't the best thing to do. Not in the slightest...Or was it? How was he supposed to feel right about if it if he kept contradicting himself? He needed another opinion. Who the -hell- would be up, though, at this time? No one, that was for sure.

[Damnit. I wonder if...Nick is awake...Would he listen to me...?]

Pulling his face just slightly out of the pillow, Greg peered to his nightstand, past his clock, toward the cordless phone set next to it. He reached a shaking hand out toward it, but stopped halfway, doubting if Nick would even listen.

[Why would he want to hear me whining?]

Greg slowly began to move his hand back, but he stopped himself when he thought of the friendship he shared with the older man. He was there for Nick when he needed him. Why wouldn't he return the favor? Greg picked up the phone with his shaking hand, and dialed Nick's number quickly. There was a pause on the other side before it started ringing.

After about the fourth ring, Greg figured that Nick was too lost in dream land to even hear his phone. As he began to remove the electronic device from his ear, he heard a half-asleep voice on the other line.


"N-Nick?" His voice was trembling just slightly.

Yet another pause occurred, but Nick finally responded. "Greg? Why are you calling me so late? You okay?"

Tears softly welled in Greg's eyes as he tried to speak, his voice came out a bit squeaky. "I...I was...mugged..."

There was a clearing throat on the other line, but Nick's voice seemed to awaken. "Mugged?! Greg...What?!"

Though Nick couldn't see it, Greg nodded. "Y-yeah...I...Driving home...In my parking lot..."

"I'll be right over."


Greg was about to speak, but the click silenced him.

"N-Nick...?" His tears finally broke through, and as he began to cry into the pillow, he dropped the phone to the floor.


Greg's doorbell rang, but unlike a normal door, it went unanswered. Greg had managed to slide out into his living room and was staring at the door, along with all the locks on it. Every single one of them was locked to an extreme.

"Greg? Let me in! It's Nick!" The voice outside sounded like Nick...

Greg slowly stood up, dragging along with him his bed covers. He had them wrapped around his body, his arms tightly close to his body. He slowly drug himself toward the door, and once his hands reached the lock, Nick stopped knocking on the door. Greg's hands were still trembling, and with much difficulty he tried to unlock the metal blockades.

"Th-they're too hard to unlock," Greg stuttered, his hands weakly fidgeting with the locks still.

"Come on, Greg. I know you can unlock the door."

Greg released a shivering sigh as he tried again, but this time the attempt resulted in the unlocking of the door. Pulling on the wooden object, Greg's trembling and covered form was brought into view. Nick's eyes widened a bit as he looked over his friend; the boy's eyes were tear-stained, and his skin was pale. Nick walked past his friend slowly, so he didn't spook him. He headed toward the couch, and as he sat down, he saw Greg turn around as well.

"W-why did you come here?" The boy was still shaken, that was obvious. He staggered his way over to the couch, collapsing onto it and over Nick in the process. Now, usually, Greg would've thought before he did something like this, but he couldn't much think right now. He leaned his head against Nick's shoulder, sighing heavily.

"I came here because my friend was mugged and needs someone to be with him."

"Thanks..." Greg sniffed lightly, a heavy, long set sigh following. He was calming down, which was good.

"Don't worry about it. I know it's the last thing you want to talk about, but...Will you tell me what happened?" Nick looked down at Greg, who was staring toward the wall across from him. He didn't want to make his friend do anything that would upset him much, but right now, he needed to.

There was a small pause before Greg nodded. He turned over a little, his ear brushing against Nick's shoulder as he moved. He looked up into the older man's deep set eyes and sighed softly.

"Where to begin..." he said as he exhaled, nibbling on his lower lip.

"Just start with what you think is the best to." Nick smiled supportively.

"Well...After you left the parking garage...I went to my car, but I was a little paranoid...So I drove home rather quickly...I went to park in my space outside the apartment building, not suspecting anything..." Greg paused, his eyes closing shut.


"Well...I was getting out of my car, I...I started walking...I heard a noise and I turned around...but halfway through I" Greg's eyes began to fill up with tears once more, and as he began to cry, he felt an arm wrap around him, pulling him closer.

"Shh...Don't cry, Greg....Sh..." Nick began to rub up and down Greg's arm, trying to calm the crying boy.

"I...I was attacked...and he....the g-guy...h-he tried to d-do things to me...I've n-never..." Greg's cries now turned to soft sobs, drowning his words. He couldn't even speak anymore. He turned himself to where he could reach around Nick's waist, and doing so, he practically clutched himself to the underside of the other. His whole body began to shake along with his sobs.

"Greg..." Nick was mostly silent as he tried to comfort the younger man, and he pulled him in close, hugging him supportively as Greg cried into his chest. "You never expected it to happen?" Nick didn't expect much of a vocal response, but he knew that when Greg nodded his head gently, he was right.

"I...N-Nick...It was so..."

"Shh...Don't worry about it, alright? Right now you just need to calm down...collect yourself..."

Greg nodded again with a small, chittering sigh. His tears were beginning to subside, but they were still there. He reached up to his face and wiped his eyes, blinking furiously to clear his vision. Nick looked down at the younger man with a sigh, his eyes starting to soften themselves. One of his hands gently lifted up towards Greg's eyes, brushing away a couple of the tears. The other man's head raised slowly, catching Nick's dark orbs.

"Nick...Thank you."

"For what, Greg?"

"For...Coming here; being with me. I don't think anyone else would have done it."

"What're friends for, Greg? I mean...I'm happy that I could-" Nick stopped once he noticed Greg's eyes were closed, and his head was sitting softly upon his chest. "Greg?"

No response. He'd fallen asleep. Nick's lips curled into a small smile, and he pulled Greg softly closer to him, the younger man sleepily nuzzling against him. Nick leaned back just enough to where he was comfortable, and closed his eyes. Within a few moments, Nick was off to sleep just as Greg was.


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