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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ = Scene/Time change

............................. = Meanwhile

[........] = Words between are thoughts


The car ride to the grocery store was a very long one. Nick stayed silent during most of it, as well as Greg. The silence was broken when Greg turned off the car and cleared his throat.

"We're here."

Nick was in a state of light sleep, and when Greg reached over to shake him, he woke up. "H-huh? Oh...Ok."

After both of the men got out of the vehicle, Greg locked the doors and began to walk toward the store. Nick followed.

"So...What do you have to get? You seemed to have a lot in the fridge when I made breakfast."

"Don't have any coffee stuff and ... uh... I think soda, last time I checked." Greg scratched the back of his head and reached into his pocket, pulling outa small piece of paper. "Hmm...Yeah...It says coffee, soda and cereal."

"Just breakfast foods?" Nick asked, and without much a thought to it, he opened the door for Greg. Greg didn't much think about it either, and he walked through it.

"Yeah, that's basically it. I grab fast food on the way home from work."

"What about lunch?"

"Don't eat it."

"What?!" Nick exclaimed. He felt eyes fall on him, and pulling Greg gently to the side, into an aisle, he whispered, "You don't eat lunch?"

Greg shook his head nonchalantly. "No. What's so wrong about that?"

Nick sighed. "Eating cereal and coffee for breakfast and fast food for dinner isn't the best set of meals you know."

"Well...I keep in shape and I do just fine. You saw me earlier; did I look sick or bony?"

"Well...No. But still, Greg, that's not exactly the best thing for you to do."

"Jeez Nick...When did you become so worried about the way I live my life? You cared but now it's a little too much."

Honestly, Nick had always cared for Greg, that was obvious. But the moment that Greg was mugged Nick began to care more than before. This was common among friends but to be truthful, Nick had seen Greg in a whole new light. It was a little odd to him, but he couldn't help it.


Nick blinked a few times once he noticed he had trailed off in thought. When Greg's hand passed his face, he sighed.


"You okay?"

"I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. But today, my friend, we're going to have a lunch. No questions asked."

"But Nick-"

"No buts Greg. Lunch. Got it?"

"A-alright. Fine. Now, can we get some shopping done?"

Nick nodded and smiled softly. "Sure."

A couple minutes later Greg had retrieved all the groceries he needed and off they were to his car.

After Nick placed the grocery bags in the back of Greg's jeep, he slid into the passenger's side of the car. Greg slipped into the driver's side and peered over at his friend, smiling a little.

"Where are we going for this lunch, Stokes?"

"Well....-Sanders-....We're going wherever you'd like to go."


"If you want me to cook for you again."

"I really don't mind. It's up to you."

"Well, let's go to my house then. This way I can have some good lunch food instead of having some kind of dinner or breakfast thing."

"Hmm...Alright then. We're on our way."


Nick pulled out his keys from his pocket, and within a few moments the two of them were inside his house. It was plain, with mostly black and glass. It seemed less like Nick, but maybe he just had different tastes.

"If you want you can help me, or you can help yourself to some TV. Whichever you wish."

"Hmm...I'll watch TV," Greg replied, looking around Nick's living room. Though he hadn't much thought about it, it seemed like a good idea for Greg to look around the house.

Doing just that, Greg peered about and looked around at everything. Nick was in the kitchen and out of his way, so he didn't have to worry about getting caught. But what with getting caught? He didn't know. Lots of pictures...Nick seemed to have a ton of different places and people. It was interesting...

Finally deciding that he should just sit down and watch TV like he had planned, Greg slid over to the couch and plopped down on it. It smelled rather...good, he thought. He felt weird about it, but not completely. Part of him was telling him to lie down and continue to inhale the scent while the other told him to watch the TV. Greg's weaker side won this time, and with a little squeal, he lied himself down and snuggled against the couch.

Listening to the sounds coming from the kitchen, Greg peered about, setting his arms behind his head. He closed his eyes, and before he knew it, he was off to sleep.

It was what seemed like moments later that Greg was awakened by a hand on his shoulder and a soft, but strong voice in his ear.

"Greg, wake up."

"Gimme five more minutes..." the younger man mumbled, grasping the hand and snuggling up to it like a pillow. He was awakened quickly when the hand was slowly taken away from him, his head falling to the couch side.

"Hey..." he griped, rubbing his eyes. Nick was looking at him, a small smirk on his face. With a bit of a chuckle, Greg looked up at Nick, his expression still seemingly asleep.

"Lunch is ready."


Greg peered over the food, and with a soft smile on his face, he turned to Nick.

"Looks good," he stated, a smile appearing. He ran a hand over his hair, a slow, yet loud yawn following.

"Still tired?" Nick asked, moving past Greg toward the seat sitting across from him. He sat down and pointed towards Greg's seat, the younger one sitting down and peering over the food. There wasn't anything too big...But Nick seemed to have gone pretty out for this.

"You cooked...all of this?" He asked, picking up a fork.

Nick nodded. "Yes, I did. Well, I had help from that uh...Hamburger Helper dude. Heh."

"Well, Cheeseburger Macaroni is still good..." With that, Greg took a bit of the warm food.

Throughout most of the meal, Nick and Greg stayed silent, but both of them had caught each other's eyes falling on the other. It was almost a game of catch you catch me. Every time Greg looked up, Nick caught him, and when Nick looked, Greg caught him. They seemed to find it enjoyable. Finally, Greg had enough, but in a good sense.

"Are we going to keep doing this? Or...Are you going to stop it?"

Nick set his fork down and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Who says I was the one who had to stop it?"

"Well, you're more 'mature' then I am."

"Oh really...well...then yes, I'm going to stop it. Now...Uh...What to do?"

Greg was...feeling a little frisky now. Lifting one of his legs up slowly, he rubbed it against Nick's leg.

"Ooh, fiesty," Nick stated, pulling his leg back quickly.

"Didn't like that?" Greg asked, but his question was answered when he felt the leg of the older man rubbing against him.

"What's this gonna lead to?" Nick asked, raising an eyebrow. His leg continued to rub against Greg's.

"Hmm...I don't know...Why don't you tell me?" he tilted his head slowly to the side, his hand reaching out toward Nick's. He gently grasped it and began to rub it.

Both men seemed a little weirded out now, and within a second or two they had pulled apart. Nick was just about to speak, but Greg quickly got up, shuffling off to the living room. Nick blinked, but he followed.

"Greg! What's the matter?" The younger man was huddled on the couch, his hands covering his face.

His words came out mumbles and hard for Nick to hear.

"Repeat that again?" He slowly walked over to Greg, and as he lowered himself to the other's face, his hands grasped Greg's. He pulled them down slowly. "Without the hands?"

Greg's face was as red as a tomato. He was quite embarrassed. He looked away from Nick, closing his eyes.

"Oh come on, Greg...Look at me? Please?" Nick turned his head to try and catch Greg's gaze, but it wouldn't work. "Greg! Look at me!"

The tone was...rather harsh, but it got Greg's attention. He slowly turned his head, his eyes opened quickly and meeting with Nick's.

"Now," Nick began, "I want to know what's going on in your head. You're not playing with me, are you Greg?"

Greg shook his head quickly. "N-no."

"You're...You really feel like this?"

Greg nodded once more. Nick paused, but he seemed rather happy. "Really?"

"It isn't just flirting," Greg stated softly, looking more seriously into Nick's eyes. He squeezed Nick's hands softly, a small smile on his face.

Leaning in a bit closer, Nick pressed his nose against Greg's. The two of them looked at each other for a couple moments before they finally kissed, their lips touching for the first time.

Nick slowly pulled away, sliding himself onto the couch and next to Greg. Their hands intertwined and Greg crawled into Nick's lap, his lips catching the older man's, and as they kissed, they both felt whole.


Author's Note: Alrighty then....I'm leaving it at that.....It's the perfect end for a story, and unless I wanna take it further (which right now, I really don't), It's going to be just fine with this. Umm...If I get...enough reviews telling me to continue...I might just do so ^_~