*** *** *** ***
A Bead, A Chain, A Single Thread
(It's Symbolic)
*** *** *** ***

I stare at three objects,
Which lay 'fore my eyes,
A bead, a chain, a single thread,
Of which had never heard the cries.

Cries of bloodshed, cries of pain,
Cries of pain from the ones who were slain.
And you, you also heard cries of sorrow,
For those who would never see tomorrow.

A bright red bead, I hold in my hand,
Lifting it up to catch the light.
Looks like a reddened, Scarlet Eye—
The seventy-two that were lost in the fight.

It's symbolic, how just three small
Tiny items, could bring back so much memory.
It's symbolic, how just three small
Tiny items, could remind me so much of thee.

A silver chain, dangling from my fingers,
Two thoughts come to mind when it glimmers:
The kan, your once chained, now broken swords,
And the five chains on your hand that shimmers.

Lastly, the thread, a light pastel blue,
Matches the clothes you wore.
Throught the Hunter's Exam, they were traces of your clan.
And with you in the Ryodan war.

It's symbolic, how just three small
Tiny items, would make me feel like you were right there,
Standing beside me as I stared at each one:
The bead, the chain, the single thread— And I tear

My eyes from them to look at you,
"But alas," I sigh, "'Tis only a trick."
You were never there, and you might never be,
So I say to the air, "It's symbolic."

*** *** *** ***

I found those three items in one of my jewelry boxes today. Coincidentally, my poetic self returned, and this time, it was not haiku. So this was my fantasy about having Kurapika as a boyfriend... *sigh*