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I glared across the dead land in front of me. A cold wind ghosted over my neck, sparking a shudder up my spine. This world was cold, tasteless and dead. A few browns here and there indicated past life, but for the most part color had abandoned us.

I yawned slightly and leaned back against the building behind me. We had managed to find a decent living space this time around, but it wasn't home, it could never be home. Home was in our memories; it wasn't out here in this shithole, as Renji would call it. And even though this town used to be where I lived, it was very easy for me to accept that it was a wasteland.

The soft crunching of gravel sounded behind me. Sliding my hand around the gun in my pocket, I turned to face whoever was approaching me. My eyes locked with a soft topaz blue, and I knew instantly that this was Toshiro. We stared at each other for a while, neither of us making a move. I took this time to read him, what his eyes said, they were cold and stubborn, just like the real Toshiro.

"Turns up, go on back inside," he finally spoke.

I nodded and started to walk past him, my hand still on my gun.

"And Kurosaki," Toshiro added. I spared him nothing more than a glance over my shoulder. Toshiro smiled and finished, "Grimmjow's throwing a fit again."

I smiled. "Thanks for the warning." And headed into the building.

By now the grip on my gun had loosened, but my hand was still in my pocket. I pushed open the old wooden door and it squealed loudly on its hinges before slamming into the wall. Ulquiorra stepped out of the shadows masking the walls in this old house, his gun held out with one sturdy arm.

I cocked my head to the side, laughing almost instantly. "Grimmjow still throwing a tantrum?"

Ulquiorra dropped his gun and caught it with his other hand. He shoved it into his back pocket and didn't take his emotionless green eyes off me as he uttered a few words, "The statement is literal. He's quite pissed at the new password."

He and I didn't exchange further words. We marched through the house towards the cellar door. Ulquiorra and I walked quietly down the stairs, the shoes on our feet making soft clicking noises against the wooden boards. As we descended further we could hear the faint noises of Grimmjow and Renji shouting, then possibly some furniture being tossed around.

"Fucking change the god damn password!" Grimmjow hissed out, punching the table beside him to try and look further intimidating.

"What's the matter kitty? Don't like it, take it up with the boss!" Renji replied. By boss I assumed he meant Toshiro, Ulquiorra or me.

"Teh. Whatever," Grimmjow huffed.

Ulquiorra reached the bottom of the stairs first. No eyes paid him any attention as he plopped down onto the sofa he called his bed. I wasn't so lucky. The moment I reached the last step, Rangiku came bounding over in my direction, screaming out my name as if I were a found lost puppy, and pulling me into one of her rib crushing hugs. I went from happily enjoying my personal space to being shoved into two large assets and suffocating from lack of oxygen in just a matter of seconds.

As soon as Rangiku had finished, Grimmjow walked over and hooked his fingers around the collar of my jacket. Pinning me against the wall, he shouted, "You Mister Good-For-Nothing and All-Mighty-Leader, what's the deal with the new password, huh? You wanna pick a fight?"

He was angry, that was obvious to tell, but I could also see some embarrassment in his stiff cerulean eyes.

Despite being at an obvious disadvantage due to our positions, I grinned and replied, "If you've got a problem with it why don't you just take the guard shift for the next month? That way we won't need a password and you can be happy!"

He glared at me, and although he didn't say anything he retained his hold on my jacket.

I stood tall. When I wasn't slouching I could easily tower over the blue haired sniper. I narrowed my eyes, giving him the best glare I could without looking ready to murder. I growled softy, just loud enough that he could hear, "Grimmjow, get off me and let go of my jacket."

Grimmjow instantly listened. Stumbling back, he hid his fear by replying, "Fine, keep your stinkin' password!"

I went back to my previous slouching stance, smiling warmly to the rest of the group who had paid absolutely no attention to that small argument. "Anyone else have a problem with the password?"

No one raised their hands.

"Good night then."

And they all mumbled goodnight back before returning to what they were doing.

I turned away from Grimmjow and walked to the left of the stairs Ulquiorra and I had just come down. I sat down on the dusty mattress lying in the corner and winced as the screeching sounds of old springs cut through my ears.

Now that was annoying.

The odd part, no one but me seemed to notice. I suddenly felt tired, as if someone had drugged me. I couldn't find my voice, and my hands seemed to move on their own as one by one my shoes were removed and tossed to the side, forgotten. I fell, slowly, down onto the mattress, the noises it made ringing in my ears. The pain shot through my body, and it hurt, like a bitch.

My face met the pillow, an ear shattering thud racketing throughout my head and pounding into my brain. I coughed as a thick wave of dust flew up my nose, before my eyes closed and I fell into the never ending darkness.

"Hello Ichigo..."

My heart jumped then thudded wildly in my chest. I spun around, trying to catch a glimpse of who was calling me, but I could see nothing.

"Ah... so you can finally hear me huh? That's good..."

Something brushed past my shoulder. I turned, but continued to see nothing. Then I felt something wrap around my chin. It almost felt like a thumb and a finger. Although I could not see them, I knew someone was gazing into my eyes, and I stared back.

"You're so beautiful. Much more than when I left you."

"Where are you?" I wanted to yell, but no sound left my lips for they had been silenced with a searing hot kiss.

"Follow my voice, Ichigo..."

My feet clawed the unseen ground beneath me. I used every will in my mind to force my body to run towards the voice. But the dream was fading... I was waking up...

The darkness disappeared and I sat up in bed. Looking around, no one was here. I cursed myself for sleeping in, and I knew I'd never hear the end of it from Renji or Grimmjow if I was late for breakfast.

I slid on my jacket (a loosely fitting brown jacket with multiple pockets) – to which I never remembered taking off – and zipped it up as fast as I could. Then I pocketed my hand-gun (silver, small but effective, goes in pants pocket) – to which I also didn't remember putting away – put my knife (slide up three inch knife made of pure silver) in my other jean pocket, stuffed ammo in my jacket's pocket and fixed my socks so that they weren't hanging halfway off my feet. I quickly slid on my footwear and ran up the stairs.

"Well, well, well," Grimmjow chuckled just as I reached the third step from the top. "Look, sleeping beauty decided to grace us with her presence."

I smirked. "And I suppose this makes you the wicked bitch."

"And I'm prince charming then," Renji boasted.

Grimmjow muttered, "Go get a room..." And that set the coals of hate within me into flames.

"That's enough, all three of you!" Toshiro scolded.

Grimmjow, Renji and I moaned, "Yes mother!"

Tatsuki added whilst slamming her book shut, "If you could all shut up and sit down, I'd like to go over what happened last night."

We filed in around a counter. As I sat down I asked, "What happened last night?"

"You mean it didn't wake you?" Uryu questioned.

I shrugged.

"Nuh uh," Orihime piped up. "Kurosaki-kun was out like a log!"

"Well then..." Toshiro spoke again. "I suppose it's best if we inform you before continuing on."

Bread, cheese, fruit and the likes were set down on the counter.

Now Rukia spoke. "I was out on guard duty when a hooded figure approached me. Silver didn't kill him, bullets stopped before they so much as entered his personal space bubble and holy water just rolled right off."

"Really?" I was shocked. "Did you use salt too?"

Rukia nodded. "Nothing got him."

Ulquiorra passed me a plate and a photo. "Last night most of us awoke to a bang. That being Rukia's gun shot. I was able to capture this photo before that creature took off."

I held the photo up in the little sunlight that came in through the dirtied windows. The creature in the photo was a man; either that or she was completely flat chested. He held no weapons, his face was covered in darkness cast by his hood, and behind him was a shadow that appeared to be two sets of bird like wings.

"What do you think?" Chad asked.

"With your eyes Ichigo, you should be able to tell what that thing is, better than most of us." Toshiro added.

I nodded. "It's an angel."

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