No way.

No fucking way.

There was just absolutely no fucking way.

There was absolutely no fucking way Shiro could take such an interest…

In me.

His hand was still around my throat, his lips at my ear. I wanted to scream, to run away and to never return. But there was something about him. Something so familiar that I never wanted to leave him again.

Wait, again?

'I've missed you, Ichigo,' Shiro whispered kindly.

I felt a shiver run up my spine. "M-Missed me? But… I don't even know you."

He sighed. "I didn't expect you'd remember. It has been ten years since that day, and you were such a young boy back then."

My life literally flashed before my eyes. I saw my sisters playing on the swings, my view as I went down a slide, my mother and father's marriage, my school I used to go to, and the day everything was taken from me…

I was in school, a few kids rushing past me, or rather right into me. After dusting off and standing up, I wandered down the hall towards the boy's bathroom. Just as I reached out for the door, an eruption made the very earth tremble. I fell over backwards, landing hard on my ass. Time seemed to slow down. A burst of orange flames and rubble rushed down the hallway like water spilling out of a bucket. I could feel a scream tear itself from my throat, my arms instinctively coming up to hide me from the danger.

I could remember a voice telling me I'd be okay. There was a blinding white light, followed by someone's eyes… a molten gold swirling in hot yellow encased by a sea of black ink.

I was back in the darkness, Shiro still holding me but I was closer to him now. My arms slowly wrapped around Shiro, I could feel his strong form relax slightly to my touch. One of my arms remained around his waist while my other slid up his back to his hood. I gave it a gentle tug, watching it fall onto his back.

Immediately Shiro closed his eyes. I felt the frown on my lips, and watched his deepen as I asked, "Why won't you show me your eyes?"

Shiro leaned back and sighed. His eyelids slowly fluttered open like butterfly wings. Our eyes met and I… well, I was mesmerized. His eyes were so beautiful, a little scary, but definitely worthy of an angel. I smiled, but despite never feeling so happy in my entire life, I felt tears come rushing to my eyes. My arms tightened around his strong form, I hid my face in the crook of his neck and I started bawling.

I could sense his awkwardness in this situation as his arms slowly shifted up my body. Not long after he had me in a comforting hold. I never felt so open before, like he was reading me through my cover, and I never felt so safe in my entire life.

"It's alright Ichigo," he hummed sweetly, "let it out."

I screamed into his shoulder, cries and tears pouring out of my body in a way that I've never experienced before. I couldn't cry, even if I wanted to, in the past ten years. My emotions had become stone. The pain was nothing but a dull numbness over my heart. I never opened up to anybody; I didn't want to, I was afraid to be that lost kid all weak and alone.

I was afraid to become myself.

My screams had turned to gentle whimpers, my tears had run dry and I felt exhausted. Shiro's gentle caress up and down my back had begun putting me to sleep, but I refused to pass out, I refused to leave this wonderful, wonderful dream.

Shiro chuckled, a beautifully demonic sound that crackled throughout the dark silence. "I'm not going to leave you Ichigo. You don't have to worry about that."

"Oh…" I whispered. "That's… good." My eyes fell shut.

Shiro released another amused chuckled. His arms continued to run up and down my back.

My knees startle to buckle, but when I fell he caught me. I decided, since he was an angel, he would be my guardian. I didn't care if he'd fallen, hell that just suited me more. I knew he had a strong lust for me, or more appropriately my body, but I realised that he could be trusted. I just knew it.

I rolled over onto my stomach, arms stretching out wide. I brought my hand up to my head to give it a gentle scratch, but became confused when my hand came in contact with my skin and caused a great deal of pain to rocket throughout my body.

I was awake instantly. I could feel a cold, sticky substance roll down my cheek and knew immediately it was blood. I took a look at my hands and froze.

These weren't mine. No, I definitely didn't wear black nail polish.

"Shirosaki, are you awake?"

I glanced to the door where a young girl stood. Her hair was a soft black, sitting on her petite nose was a pair of oval glasses, in her hands was a white clipboard and stretched out behind here were two beautiful dove-like wings. She had to have been an angel.

I swallowed the gathered saliva in my mouth and nodded. "Yes."

"Good. Yamamoto wishes for you to carry out your orders as soon as possible. Your team is waking now as well and will be waiting for you at the palace gates." She left without waiting for my answer.

I looked around wondering where the hell I might've been. If my hunch was correct then I was in…

I shook my head. That's ridiculous Ichigo, how could you possibly be in Heaven? Think… that girl called you Shirosaki right? So maybe you're in one of his memories.

That was the theory I was willing to stick with.

I put my hand to my head again. This time there was no blood. I really wasn't sure what I was supposed to do until a loud booming voice called out, "Shirosaki! Why are you not paying attention?"

My focus snapped towards the voice and it fell upon an old man. He was muscular and scarred, with wings frail and broken. In his hand was a walking stick that supported his weight as he hunched on it.

"Answer me!"

"Sorry Sir," I instinctively answered. This must've been Yamamoto, if the way he was talking meant anything. I looked around, realizing my scenery had changed. "I'm a bit out of it this morning."

"See to it that you get back in! All your focus must be here today! This is an important mission, and it must not fail!" Yamamoto shouted. I immediately stood tall; just about ready to soil myself from the fear this man brought me. "You three are to…"

His voice began to fade.

"Shirosaki! Move your ass!" a dark skinned angel shouted at me. I dodged just in time. "Where on earth is your head?" she asked me. I saw her purple hair and immediately the name Yoruichi came to mind.

"Not on earth," I muttered. The scenery had changed again. Instinctively, I drew a sword, a white replica of the one I'd gotten from Rukia, and managed to block a man's fist as it aimed for my head.

"Stay out of this you angel-scum!" the man hissed. I didn't recognize him, at all, but for some reason I knew he was a demon. "The boy belongs to us!"

Yoruichi leapt in, sword in her hand. She ran the demon through, the tip of her blade appearing through the front of the demon's throat. "Funny, I don't recall seeing your name on his soul." And she sliced his head clean off.

I felt sick, but for some reason Shiro felt nothing at all.

"Looks like Yoruichi saved you, again." Another man teased. I turned to face him. This was Kaien, and apparently he was also… Kaien kissed my lips. "You're really off today, something wrong?"

"Yeah," I answered. I felt a smirk tug at my lips. "You just kissed me."

"You're cruel." Kaien whined.

"No," Yoruichi intervened, "you're just hopelessly in love with someone you can't have."

I know that feeling. Wait, I did? No, that was Shiro. His heart truly ached this much?

"Where's our suspect?" Kaien asked. Yoruichi pointed to the back of a beige house. It looked familiar, not just to Shiro, but to me as well. "Ah. So we kill 'em all then? Family too?"

"An entire family?" I questioned, a little shocked.

Yoruichi nodded and started walking towards the house. As we slipped through the walls, she explained. "This family has actually done nothing wrong. But they're going to if we don't kill them."

"How is that fair?" Kaien protested, though he didn't sound shocked.

I, however, was stunned silent. There on a black couch sat little Ichigo, I mean me. I could feel Shiro's heart pound at the idea of killing me and my family.

"Shirosaki, you've been found out."

Panic struck my entire being. "Found out?"

"An angel is not allowed to have feelings for his human. Ichigo Kurosaki was placed under your watch so he'd die at the right time, but now you don't have any intentions of letting him die at all, do you?" Yoruichi scolded. She slowly drew her blade and pointed it at my throat, Kaien already had his out.

"Our real orders are for you to kill him, or for us to kill you."

I was shocked beyond belief.