Code Digi

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Chapter One

New Kids and Seeing a Lost Friend

"Ok class settle down now I have important news to tell you." Mrs. Hertz said. The class settled down and sat in their own seats. Two seats were empty, one by the window the other next to the set. The back door slammed open and stood there was a boy with blonde hair and aqua blue eyes hidden under glasses. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt with tan pants. The girl next to him had pink hair and shining hazel eyes. She was wearing a pink short sleeve dress and dark pink boots.

"Sorry were late Mrs. Hertz, Mr. Delmas wanted us to fix his computer because it kept freezing." The pinkette said while handing the note to her. "It's find, just go to your seats and next time don't slam the back or any door." She sighed and continued the announcements, "Ok, as I was saying the news is that today is a half day, so, after lunch you are free to do whatever you want just do not destroy things."Mrs. Hertz said and the class cheered and started to plan stuff to do after lunch.

"Also," Mrs. Hertz's voice cut though to chattering, "We seven new students here with us, please come in." she said as the door opened to revel three girls and four boys. The first girl had short shiny orange hair and maroon eyes. She was wearing a simple blue dress with white flats. The second girl had short brown glossy hair and deep brown eyes. She was wearing a pink shirt with no sleeves, a yellow skirt that ended at her knees and tennis shoes. The third girl had long flowy purple hair with a blue head band and golden brown eyes. She was wearing a purple t-shirt that ended above the bellybutton, shorts that ended at her knees and tennis shoes.

The first boy had brown spiked hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt, pants and tennis shoes. The second boy had neck length dark blue hair and eyes. He had on a gray shirt and pants with black shoes. The third one had red spiky hair and black eyes. He was wearing a red shirt and tan shorts with black shoes. The fourth boy had blonde hair with a white hat and bright blue eyes. He had a white tee on and shorts with dark blue shoes.

"Please, can you introduce yourself to the class" Mrs. Hertz said motioning to the class. The girl with orange hair spoke first, "I'm Sora Takenouchi!" Sora said happily. The purple hair girl spoke up, "Yolei Inoue." Yolei said calmly with a smile. The third girl spoke, "I'm Kari Kamiya! Nice to meet you!" Kari cheerfully said.

"I'm Tai Kamiya." The brown haired boy, Tai, said with a goofy smile. "I'm T.K Takaishi!" The blonde said with a charming smile. "I'm Izzy Izumi." The red head said sadly. "Ken Ichijouji." The blue haired boy said bordly.

"Ok, you may sit anywere and that will be your seat for the rest of the year." Mrs. Hertz said and they sat in the back in a row.

'Hmmm… Is Izzy ok? Oh I'll invite then to seat with us at lunch.' The pinkette thought.

~Time Skip: Lunch~

Team Lyoko sat at their table when the new kids stood looking for a table to sit at. "Hey, new kids over here!" the blonde spiked up hair with a purple patch in the middle shouted. The group of kids looked at team Lyoko's way and walked and sat with them. "Hi I'm Yumi Ishiyama." A girl with short black hair and eyes said cheerfully. "Off Deooa Rabbia." The one who shouted said with his mouth full of food. Yumi smacked him upside the head. He swallowed and said "Sorry, I said ' Odd Della Robbia'." The other blonde next to him said with a smile, "Jeremie Belpois." The boy next to Yumi said with a smile, "Ulrich Stern, nice to meet you guys!" the pink haired girl next to Jeremie said in a bubblely tone, "Hi I'm Aelita Stone!"

"Hey!" they said together except Izzy he was on his computer.

"Is Izzy ok? He looks sad." Aelita said to Sora. She gave her a sad look and said "We shorta lost a friend." That caught the attention of the whole table. "What do you mean?" Ulrich asked them. "She disappeared with a trace, when we were fighting in the…." Izzy stopped himself before he said something he wasn't spouse to. "I need some air." With that Izzy left. "Sorry about him, his a little heartbroken." Tai said. "Hey, umm… Do you know where the abandon factory is? We need to us something there." Kari asked. Team Lyoko froze, should they show them? "Ummmm…. Ok only if you tell us why." Odd said getting nodes from his group. "Ok, but only when we get there." Yolei said.

"Oh and we can meet by the woods too!" T.K said. "Ok" every one said. Tai's group left to get Izzy and waited for the rest.


They were all in the first level of the factory and then they told team Lyoko the story "Ummm we believe you now was it the computer you needed?" Jeremie said. "Yeah" they said. "Ok and since you told your story we'll tell ours." Yumi said and began to tell them.

They then reached the computer room and then Jeremie turned the computer on. "Ok, I'll start searching when it comes on." He said and every one gathered around it. The screen popped on and the middle box had a girl in it. The girl had golden brown hair and honey like eyes. She had a jump suit on with a light brown vest and boots. She had a cowboy hat and a belt with gun holders.

Izzy stared at her and she did to. "Izzy, is that you? Guys, is it really you?" her voice cracked with tears in her eyes.

"Mimi?" Izzy said and she nodded. He smiled for the first time in a month. "Yes, Mimi, it's us!" he said cheerfully.

"Izzy, can you help me out?" she said. "Yeah we'll get you out." He said softly. "And who did this to you?" he asked.

She looked grim and said, "The Dark Masters."

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