"If it's all the same to you. I'll have that drink now."

The scepter lies discarded, the presence gone. Gone – like gravity has lifted, and moving your mind is so light now, the movements of your muscles pained and light.

Perhaps you should stop smiling, as it seems to be upsetting the mortals.

You could not care less. If Odin were here at the moment, or Thanos, you would delight in giving them the Midgardian gesture known as "the Finger." If your bones were a bit less broken, you would dance.

Because everything hurts, the city's rubble, Thor hates you, and it doesn't matter.

Because you failed; because, you won.




a/n: These drabbles were all inspired by a lovely piece of meta on tumblr by xparrot about Loki's plan in Avengers entitled "assembling the Avengers and (yet another) of Loki's master plans." I would highly recommend reading it - it's fascinating and very well thought out.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to know your thoughts, now that it's done!