Chapter eighteen

'What do you mean abused?' Kingsley asked.

Harry lowered his head and closed his eyes, Severus could tell Harry was not going to talk so he knew he had to.

'His muggle relatives, they beat him, starved him, locked him in a cupboard and,' Severus saw Harry's head shake, but it wasn't to stop him talking, he knew Harry hated thinking about that time, 'They sexually abused him, raped him, as a child. Harry told me when I stopped him killing himself after Black died. I knew there was more to his pain, it took me a long time to get him to tell me everything.'

'So you suffered through that as a child then everything Voldemort put you through,' Kingsley moved away with Gawain and spoke quietly to Albus.

'Sev,' Harry choked.

'I'm here Harry, but they needed to know, they needed to realise why you were pushed too far this time, why you went to the extreme.'

'You were Harry, so you won't be charged. But I would like your word that you will never do anything against the law again, I won't be able to help next time.'

'I promise Kingsley, I needed Sev.'

'Yes, I can see that. Would you have killed yourself when you came back?'

'Yes, I can't live without Sev, he's my life, my everything, I knew I couldn't go on without him. Sev gave me a reason to live. But since I'm not in trouble anymore, Dumbledore isn't, is he?'

'Technically Albus did nothing wrong, he was dead. All he did was use what you told him and somehow got it to his future self which he worked into some plans, but he refuses to divulge what he did or how he did it.'

'Everyone needs their secrets Kingsley. Now I might go down and enjoy some of Molly's wonderful cooking. Harry, Severus, I will see you both at Hogwarts later today.'

'We got everything Harry, it's all good, now get better.'

'Now I have Sev I can, thanks Kingsley and sorry Mr. Robards, I didn't mean to offend you.'

'You didn't, the minister has filled me in on you, so it's perfectly understandable and smart actually. As Mad-eye used to say, "constant vigilance", Gawain, Kingsley, Albus, Severus and Harry said together before the other men left Harry and Severus alone.

'It's over love, no more danger, no more Voldemort, now we just have to get you well.'

'Um, my legs are tingling, so I think I am. Care to use your mouth now?'

Severus chuckled, 'No, because I'm sure Molly will be bringing breakfast up very soon.'

'Why did I know you were going to say that Sev. But think about it Sev, getting sick, it was worth it, I have you back, Fred's alive, Dumbledore's alive. I think now I can put everything behind me, finally.'

'Yes, you can and I can see it, your eyes have more life in them now than ever before,' Severus kissed Harry then put his arm around him and the two men fell silent, but their love spoke for them.

'Why didn't you tell him Albus?' Kingsley asked as he saw everyone crowded around the expanded kitchen table.

'Let him have a few minutes with Severus now he knows he won't be arrested. He's waited eighteen years, I'm sure he can wait a few more minutes.'

'Harry won't like you keeping this information from him professor, he used to tell us how angry you made him when you did that,' Ron shrugged.

'This time he might actually thank professor Dumbledore,' Hermione smiled, 'after he finishes yelling.'

Everyone chuckled, 'I think I could put up with Harry yelling at me, again. But Ron, Hermione, I believe we can skip the formalities, you can now call me Albus since you are no longer students.'

'So we won't get to do our N.E.W.T.s?' Hermione asked sounding disappointed.

'You can, but not at Hogwarts. It's going to take at least a year before the castle can take students again,' Kingsley said, 'So we've organised for you to take just the classes you wish, but at the ministry. We've set up a few rooms for everyone your age that couldn't return to Hogwarts to do their last year and we've organised for some to act as your teachers. Hestia jones is going to take you in defence against the dark arts, along with some others that you probably wouldn't know.'

'I'll take those two up their breakfast, all of you eat,' Molly floated all the food to the table before floating two trays in front of her.

'So after breakfast are you going to shock Harry?' Charlie asked.

'Definitely, will the room hold all of us? As I believe everyone will want to see his reaction.'

'It's not Harry's reaction I'm looking forward to, it's Snape's,' Charlie smirked then started eating as everyone else did, but they knew Charlie was right. When they all went upstairs they knew something was going to happen, they just weren't sure what.

Everyone that was at the Burrow walked up the stairs, Arthur knocked, 'Wait a minute,' Harry's voice yelled.

'They're not, are they?' Ron asked grimacing again.

'I don't think we'll know for sure Ron, but if I were to make a guess, I'd say Snape was making Harry…feel better,' Charlie smirked.

'Okay, you can come in,' Harry shouted again.

One by one everyone filed into the room, 'What is going on?' Severus looked at every member of the Weasley family, Hermione, Albus, Kingsley, the Grangers and the head auror.

'We have a surprise for Harry.' Albus said.

'But I'm not being arrested, so what else is there?'

'This,' Albus opened the door to allow five people to walk in.

'Oh fuck,' Harry went to move, 'I…I, Sev, help me sit up.'

Severus stared at the visitors before he pulled Harry against him, 'Stay still.'

'Sirius, mum, dad, oh god,' Harry choked, 'Remus, Tonks.'

Sirius, Lily and James all sat on the edge of the bed, 'We're here Harry, you did it, saved us, all of us,' Lily said kindly, 'We remember everything, you visiting us, before you arrived, then we're here, waking up at Hogwarts,' Lily reached out and wiped a tear from Harry's cheek, 'Don't cry.'

'But…but, oh god, Sev.'

'I've got you love, it's okay.'

'Harry son, I know you're in shock right now, we were when we woke up, it'll take time.'

Harry grunted as he moved his hand inch by inch until he reached his mother's hand, 'You're here.'

'We're here, all of us.'

'Harry, mate, it's all good, Albus worked some miracle,' Sirius said kindly, 'Snape.'

'Black, Potter, Lily,' Severus gave Lily a small smile.

'Oh, I'm going to end up exhausted.'

'What are you on about Harry?' Ron asked, 'Do you think he's snapped?' Ron asked quietly.

'Ron, think about it, my father and godfather with Sev, they hated each other, all I'll be doing is stopping them hexing each other.'

'Sirius and I spoke about this Harry, it's good, we're willing to put all that to rest if…Severus is.'

'You forgot that Lily threatened us, you no sex, me I'd get hexed so I couldn't shag.'

Harry chuckled, 'Mum has some spirit in her, good to know so I won't get on her bad side.'

'You already are sweetheart, you swore again, my son will not swear, I do not care if you're an adult.'

'You have to watch her Harry, Lily has a temper,' Severus whispered before looking at Harry's father and godfather, 'We put the past behind us, for Harry's sake.'

'Fair enough.'

'Damn,' Charlie scowled.

'What's up with you Charlie?' Harry asked.

'I thought it was going to be explosive in here. Sirius used to tell us about him, your dad and Snape, we thought hexes were going to fly.'

'You're out of luck Charlie,' Harry said then looked back at his parents, 'You're really here?'

'We are and we're not leaving you again.'

'Well, you have to give Sev and me some privacy, I do want to shag him very soon, until his stuck to the mattress. But look Sev, I have everything, I have you, I have my family, I have the best friends around, we're alive, we're healthy, now we can work on having a baby, that will make everything perfect.'

'So I get to have James Potter's grandchild, I don't think anyone saw that coming,' Severus saw James Potter splutter and choke exactly as Sirius Black did while everyone else laughed. But they realised that Harry was right, for the first time in his life, he had everything he ever wanted. The love of a man that loved him, he had his parents, his godfather and everyone else that was standing around his bed. Harry Potter was surrounded in love, the love of his family.

The end: