Hi guys, Raven Here. I little song fic popped into my brain. Yes, a Multi-chaptered songfic based on Tony/Loki pairing and a song from Three Days Grace, I Hate Everything About You. This will be emotional and violent, and graphic which is why this is rated M from the get-go. Rated for Tony breakdown, DarkLoki, and: Rape, Stockholm's Syndrome,malexmale, language and possible mental breakdown.

SETTING: Near the end of Iron Man 3, yet Tony hasn't yet had the surgery, but his house is demolished form the Mandarin attack (oops SPOILER), things just happened to unravel before things could be resolved. He currently resides the Avengers Headquarters, formerly Stark Tower along with the rest of the Avengers.

And I know everything in this first chapter will seem quite rushed and really really long, but this is the prequel for things to come which will come in their time.

I do not own Tony nor Loki or nothing affiliated with Marvel or Avengers or Spiderpig...

Would make more sense if you listen to 3 Days Grace song I Hate Everything About You



2 months earlier...

Tony winced as a slap came hard across his face, looking at Pepper, with tears in her eyes.

"I can't... I can't take this anymore, Tony, I can't. I'm tired of it. Of your cheating. I can't do this anymore." Pepper said as she quickly wiped away tears threatening to fall.

"Pep-" Tony started, knowing he had fucked up, and fucked up pretty bad. And with the journalist too. What was Forbes magazine going to say about him in their next article?

"No, no Tony. I don't want a sorry, I don't want your company, I don't want-" Pepper started tears starting to fall harder than before.

"Wait, no Pepper, don't do, don't do this!" Tony said as he saw her start to tug at the ring on her finger.


"...this anymore." Pepper sobbed as she tugged off the engagement ring and threw it at Tony's chest, bouncing off his Arc Reactor and clattering on the floor before turning towards the door.

"Pepper! Pepper please just wait!" Tony yelled after her, realizing how badly he had fucked up.

"JARVIS, let me out." Pepper sobbed as the doors opened.

"JARVIS, override command." Tony said back, grabbing Pepper's arm, the doors closing back.

"I'm sorry. Don't leave me." Tony said softly, his eyes sincere.

Pepper's was cold, and heartbroken. "I didn't want your apologies Tony, I wanted your fidelity. And you proved to me that you couldn't give me that, even when we were engaged. It's over Tony... Let go of me." Pepper said softly, stern and unwavering in her decision clearly shown in her voice.

Tony's grip softened and Pepper's arm slipped through his fingers.

"JARVIS, override code '0HFalver049'." Pepper said flawlessly looking at Tony one last time and left as JARVIS opened the door, the door sliding quickly behind her with a grim close.

"Sorry for the inconvenience sir, Ms. Potts requests that you no longer contact her, for any reason whatsoever." JARVIS said.

Tony walked back to the main floor of the Stark Tower and picked up Pepper's engagement ring off the floor.

Tony sat in his bar room looking at the ring, watching the diamonds sparkle with drunk, blurred eyes. He held the fourth glass of whiskey in an unsteady hand, his mind replaying the sick feeling of losing Pepper for good.

Tony threw the glass at the wall, shattered glass sprayed on the floor, whiskey running down the wall as Tony covered his face with one hand and let out the most agonizing sob. He cried as he crumpled down internally. His mind was overrun with thoughts of not only the past memories of his beloved, but his now lonely future.

No living breathing person to talk to intimately, to share time with, to feel warm contact; only his cold metal technology and tools. The Avengers. An unbearable weight on his heart made him feel heavy. Tony grew weak as his tears began to slow, feeling like a hollow corpse slumped on the bar, as his lifeless eyes stare at the diamond ring. And without any images popping in his head, or an overwhelming feeling coming up, wanting to relive the times with her was the only thought in his mind.


"Tony! You cannot just bust into a mercenaries headquarters!" Barton hissed, shooting a toxic sharpnel arrow towards an enemy, sending out deadly shards of poisoned metal, slivering into the bodies of those near it. Natasha and Steve team battled on the ground, while Hulk smashing the not yet Uranium implanted weapons.

Thor threw his hammer sending the mercenaries flying.

"Chill out Legolas, were in total-" Iron man was cut off as he was zapped out of the air by a large red bolt, sending him into a brick wall, the wall tumbling on top of him.

Iron Man flew out of the rubble regaining his composure in the air, checking his HUD. "Control." Tony finished.

"Suit Armor at 85% sir." JARVIS announced.

"Wow that packed a punch." Tony muttered, blasting a few missiles at the Uranium- based weapon smuggling mercenaries.

The Avengers finished off the mercenaries, which happened to belong to Hammer Industries, which actually didn't surprise Tony.

The weapons were half-shit anyways.

The Helicarrier descended, picking up the Avengers and deported.

"Whew, that was tough." The visor slid up and Tony slouched, somewhat beaten up but relatively unharmed.

"We could have done it quicker if you had not went into the fight with such brashness, friend. You had put us in much danger." Thor spoke aloud, his voice filling up the room easily, the seriousness in his voice clear.

"Point Break, we got out fine. It's Hammer we're talking about, his toys are nothing but squirt guns."

"So that's what happened with your suit? A Squirt gun?" Barton said sarcastically pointing out the large dents and scratches.

"Uranium Squirt gun. When has anything stopped us? Just Relax." Tony said,ignoring the seriousness in every situation lately.

"No Tony, you don't realize that not everybody has a suit made of Iron. Natasha and I were in serious trouble back there." Steve spoke up looking at Tony, his face blemished by a small cut and busted lip.

"You've been throwing caution to the wind ever since your breakoff, and we're tired of it. You're putting us all in danger."

Tony immediately sat up, arguing with Steve.

"Wait a minute, first of all it is gold titanium alloy suit, and second, where the hell do you get off telling me off on my personal life old timer? It's none of your damn business."

"...Tony, but it is kinda true. You have been daring lately, putting yourself in danger, as well as us. We're just worried about you. Maybe you shouldn't have jumped back into the Avengers so quickly after what happened. Maybe you should...take a break."

Tony angrily snapped his head towards the voice, but quickly bit back his vicious retort when he realized it was Bruce. Bruce had just came back from his 'calm down room 'and had jeans and a blanket wrapped around his knew the last thing that they wanted right now was a huge green raging Hulk in a 20 by 15 foot room.

Tony didn't want Bruce to Hulk out in the Helicarrier, and settled for glaring viciously at Bruce until Fury walked into the room.

"I can tell from things that I don't need to angrily slam my hands on the desk and be disappointed in how that mission went." Fury says as he sits down by the seats near the doorway, crossing his arms.

"The mission went well." Thor said, confused.

"Yes, you completed the mission, and it would have been fine if you just had destroyed the weapons, instead of blowing the entire headquarters, sending uncontrollable Uranium debris for miles, that S.H.I.E.L.D now has to contain." Fury said sounding angry, his one-eyed glare staring directly at Tony, pointing blame.

"Director Fury, we were just explaining to Tony that he needs to be more careful is all." Natasha explains to him as she cleans a bloody cut on her arm.

"There's a difference between careful and recklessness, Natasha. Tony, needs to go back to learning the basics before he's allowed back on the field." Steve said with a stern voice to Fury. Tony once again snaps, by this times goes for Steve and grabs him by the collar of his suit.

"You listen here, you World War senior, I-"

"No you listen here, son, I'm not going to allow you to put the whole team in danger, and have us killed. I cared about my team back in the war, made sure I gave it my all to protect them, and I'm sure as hell am not going to lose anyone now because of your smart moves." Steve cut him off quickly, giving him the most serious look in the eyes rather than shake him off.

Thor, Bruce and Natasha looked down to the floor in harsh agreement with Steve's words. Clint has been polishing off his arrows this whole time, things were getting too messy for him and didn't want to jump into that recent anti-Tony bandwagon.

"Back off, the both of you!" Nick orders, still sitting down. Tony gritted his teeth and reluctantly backed off.

"Now, as much as I know you want to fight about who started what first like two- year olds," Fury emphasized, making both Tony's and Steve's actions seem entirely childish, making both men feel slightly embarrassed,"We have a bigger, badder, and certainly more dangerous situation to take care of." Fury said and Steve look at Fury.

"What kind of situation Director." Steve asked, Bruce once again looking weary.

"It has been reported that Loki has escaped Asgard and has been spotted in Tokyo no more than an hour ago. Since his attack in Manhattan a year ago, Tokyo officials believe it is our problem since we've dealt with it first. We're in route now."

"Wait, so when we think we're going home your just en routing us to a another battle?" Tony said thinking that this was the biggest pile of shit Fury had dumped on them so far.

"Do you know what Loki did to Manhattan Tony-"

"Yes, yes I do know, I know exactly what happened in New York."

Yeah I was sucked into a fucking wormhole, shit not again.

Tony seemed to get a little huffy, a bit pale, his cocky, arrogant air seeming to slowly diminish.

"I'm just gonna leave, I'm gonna leave now, before you, or any of you say anything else stupid to me." Tony quickly left the room, leaving everyone puzzled and perplexed at the non-Tony behaviour, except Bruce.

"What was that all about?" Steve said about to bring Tony into the room.

"No, don't. He'll be fine. Give him a bit." Bruce said calmly.

"Do you know something?" Barton said, sheathing the last of his arrows.

Bruce wiped his glasses and put them back on, not really the one to tell them Tony's secret, but thinking it was best if the group knew.

"Yeah, anxiety attacks." The entire group went silent.

Maria Hill entered the room, looking serious.

"I am sorry to intrude Director, but Stark has left the Helicarrier without admittance to deport."

"Let him go. He's got more than enough sense to know to show up when he's supposed to." Fury sighed in agitation and walked away his trench coat whipping behind him, Maria following, leaving The Avengers to mull over the new found information.

"Hey, missed me? Or my boot more?" Tony said as he flew in and kick an unsuspecting Loki in the face, causing the God to fly back almost comically.

"You're late..." Barton said causally, looking a bit rougher than he did before.

"Had to make renovations." Tony said, donning new armor although the same.

"We're getting our asses kicked. Something about Loki... he's different. More powerful. This time he doesn't need an army."

Loki cackled but donned an evil smile replaced his usual stoic face.

"You will be dead before you have the chance to beg for your life after I am done with you." Loki snarled, his scepter glowing brightly.

"Ooh,I'm quaking in my suit." Tony said in his suit, but before he could react, a blue strike hit him in his chest, sending him through two sushi kiosks and through the side of a building.

At the last second, Tony skidded on his side as he stabilized his fall, his thrusters landing him back on his feet at the last moment.

"JARVIS... what the hell was that?" Tony said looking at the chest armor showing red on his HUD as he stood.

"It appears Mr. Laufeyson has acquired some other power source other that the Tesseract. I am analyzing and diagnosing now, sir. Armor Chestplate at 90% sir. I suggest you take caution this time sir."

"Alright... let's bring out the big guns." Tony said, as he flew back over to the fight, quite pissed, but showing a nonchalant attitude.

"Y'know, Reindeer Games, I didn't really appreciate that." Iron Man flew up and went to hit Loki.

Loki only smiled. "You petty Midgardian. Do you think that your foolish trickery can deceive the God of Mischief!?" Loki turned around grabbing the real Iron Man by the neck, squeezing tightly, the one in front only a well displayed realistic holograph, which dissipated.

"Y-yeah, kinda." Tony said, a bit choked up as the armor around his neck started to crumple with Loki's newfound force, "But this is what I wanted... say hello to my little friend."

Tony used both his pulse reactors on his palms at full strength and sent them straight into the chest of Loki, flying backwards with the force. A blast sending an small airwave of shock through the air.

Tony landed on his back and skidded all the way , surprisingly at the Captain's feet, who lended out a hand which Tony reluctantly took.

"Energy percentile at 75% sir." JARVIS chimed informing Tony.

"When did you do that?" Steve asked.

"By that you mean the addition of holographic projection... do you mean when I switched from in front of you guys to the back... well, honestly I was never in the front you guys." Tony said.

"I though you said you'd never use a Scarface quote." Barton said shooting an explosive arrow in the dust Tony made for extra precaution.

"There comes a time when it's the perfect moment to use it."Tony said plainly.

"...And how poorly you executed it...Man of Iron." Loki said stepping out of the crater,the dust subsiding, looking damaged, but far from dead, which is, unfortunately how Tony wanted him.

"Woah, no offense Thor, but Loki should be see through with a hole in his chest." Tony said a little miffed.

"Was that your greatest weapon, little Man of Iron?" Loki said quite cocky, his scepter gleaming with his stregnth.

"No not exactly.I got a couple more things up my sleeve." Tony said, his gauntlets whirring to life as a mini machine gun whirred out, along with heavy duty rockets, with the power to be Jericho's very destructive child. Tony then pointed his thumb back at Barton, Natasha, Thor, Steve, and Bruce, who was currently a huge mad green monster.

"Plus I got these guys."

Tony and Steve bull rushed towards Loki. Tony wasn't really a ground fighter, but since Natasha was currently incapacitated by a slab of concrete that hit her face during the explosion, Tony was the next call.

Barton scaled Tokyo's mid-sized buildings, firing arrows, distracting Loki, while Tony and Steve rushed ahead; Loki was quite the distance.

The Hulk roared, an unconscious Natasha protected behind him, as he ripped a huge chunk of asphalt from the street, hurling it at Loki in anger.

Both Tony and Steve had to duck, sliding on their knees, as the asphalt barely missed them, Tony feeling the scrape of metal against asphalt as the top of his helmet grazed the underside.

A crack of a blue strike hit the asphalt and it turn into nothing but dust, as Tony and Steve sprang into action, rushing towards Loki, and as soon as both were going to strike him, Loki cackled and vanished.

"...You petty fools. Do you honestly think you can hit me with such a blatant attack?" A voice sounded coolly but no body was found.

Barton instinctively shot an arrow to the location, in which a Loki manipulation flashed its form from its camouflage. It cackled but disappeared.

"...Watching you squander and idly look about in confusion...you were meant to be ruled over..." Barton shot another arrow, only for it to fit another Loki manipulation, and another, and another.

Barton cursed under his frustration.

"... Have your feeble minds not realized the greatness you now face? How not even Thor can help you now?" Loki's voice spat those words his true figure not yet disclosed.

"...I have grown so much stronger, so much has been learned, it is time for the Avengers to learn who must rule over them, to kneel at my feet, showing subjugation to my unyielding power."

"ENOUGH!" Thor roared holding Mjolnir to the sky, lightning flashing, bolts and charges flying around, one pinpointing Loki.

Loki yelled as he was shocked into view, electricity flowing through him, until Thor stopped, Loki weakened considerably but not defeated, and he huffed as he regained composure.

"Hold your silvertongue, brother, or the next strike won't be merciless." Thor calmly said as he gripped his hammer tightly. Loki gives him a despised look, raising his wand to the air, clone after clone appearing in front of him.

"Worry not... Brother... For there are better things I have interest in than your threats." Loki hissed, and with a wave of his scepter, the Loki clones rushed toward the Avengers. Tony decided to take to the skies, leaving the rest of the group to handle the situation for a moment.

"If its a mob he wants to send out, then I know how to clear the room... Where'd I put those high energy repulsion beams?..." Tony mumbles as he looks through his weaponry database, the weapons whirring searching,when suddenly, he is grabbed by the foot and dragged down. He is caught off guard and unable to say the right command words, he spots the team fighting of Loki clones, and is then crashing through the floorboards. Tony is thrown against the floor, now reaching the ground floor, his eyesight dizzied and his back in bit of pain. He tries to sit, his eyes suddenly open wide in complete shock.

"P...Pepper!?" Tony says in disbelief, but there she was, standing before him. A gentle smile is on her face as she extends her hand to help Tony up, but he stands up on his own.

He knew this was all in his head, maybe he had blacked out when he hit the floor and this is all a very good dream. Or was it Loki's illusion magic screwing with him? The Pepper standing in front of him felt all too real, the warm glow emitting from her, the gentle look on her face. Tony was at a loss, the memories of their break up forcing its way into his head and colliding with what he sees right now.

Pepper takes a step forward, being face to iron mask. She places one hand on the neck of the iron suit, giving it a flick and causing the mask to flip up, revealing Tony's speechless face. Only the real Pepper knows that trick, this has to be a good dream, Tony thought. Suddenly, Pepper plants her lips on to Tony's, warm lips pressing together, but before Tony tries to get more than just lips, Pepper pulls away.

"So this is enough to fool you. Your one true weakness." Pepper says in a rather menacing tone, before Tony is impaled in the stomach with a familiar magical rod. He coughs up blood as his vision becomes blurry and crumples to the floor, but the sudden transformation of Pepper turning into Loki is all too clear for him.

"Sir, fortunately the scepter has missed all major organs and major arteries, although pain is expected."

No shit.

Then everything went black.