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The first thing he did when he woke up was stumble toward his room to take a shower. When he opened the door however he saw a young woman in his bed, lying haphazardly across the small twin-sized mattress. He vaguely remembered bringing her to his apartment and he shook his head in disbelief at how fuzzy his head was at the moment. She barely had the cover on her, but she was still fully clothed so he didn't have to worry about seeing anything he shouldn't have. Then again, he mused, after everything that happened yesterday what hadn't he seen or felt? Well, there were more intimate things. But aside from making love to the girl he was sure that he knew her body quite well. He couldn't help but grin: Ero-sennin would be proud!

That was a weird occurrence for him though. Naruto wasn't the type to go around giving random girls massages, especially not full body, nude massages while he wore only the painfully thin fabric of his underwear. No, Sakura would kill him if he tried that on her. Hinata might get into it, but they were off and on for a while now.

Then again, it was also more complicated than that… what was really posing a problem for them was the fact that she was to be the head of the Hyuuga clan and she would have to… well, that train-of-thought was unpleasant. He didn't want to think about it at the moment. It was something that he had to work toward changing as soon as he stepped into office as Hokage. That was one of his main goals, because he still felt he needed to do something due to the promise that he made to Neji. The thought weighed heavily on him, especially now that Neji had passed away, sacrificing his life to defend Naruto during the war. Again… it was a topic he didn't want to think about…

He closed the door after taking one last look at the beautiful woman snoring softly against his pillow. A smile came to his face as he pulled the door closed as quietly as he could and his eyes looked around the apartment for a bit before he saw the scroll set that he had unsealed the other night lying on the coffee table next to his couch. The coffee table was a gift from Sakura, he remembered, because he wasn't sure he'd ever buy anything so… curvy? It had balled feet and legs that curved inwards with a flat top that had a lip around the edges.

He didn't have the heart to tell Sakura that he thought the table sucked, so he just hung onto it. If he just got rid of it and she happened to stop by one day… she'd ask… and then she'd let him have it. Like, really kick the tar out of him. Probably knock a hole in the apartment too while she was at it. He mused about having a window shaped like him right next to the front door.

That would be pretty cool, he thought. Except for the getting thrown through the wall part, he added in retrospect. That would suck.

Turning on the TV, Naruto walked over to it and put his favorite movie in the VHS player. Yukie-chan still sent him free copies of each of her movies, and this one was the one with footage of him in it, the one where they took back the throne from her evil uncle. Kazahana Koyuki was still just as beautiful in her latest movies, except now it seemed like she was able to enjoy her acting even more than before. That thought made Naruto feel good, and he was glad that he had been so stubborn back then and insisted on finishing what they had started. Things turned out for the best back then.


When Korra woke up, she was hugging the large pillow in Naruto's bed as she rested her head comfortably on the end of it. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and noticed that the pillow was soaked with her saliva and she even saw a thin line of it stretch from her lips to the pillow before it stretched too far and broke. She set her head back down for a second and turned the pillow over to wipe her face on it.

Hey, it was full of her spit already, wasn't it? What's a little more gonna hurt, she thought.

She didn't get up for a few minutes. The reason why she had stayed in the first place was because she had forgotten her key up in her room (which was locked by the way), not because she had jumped out the window, but because when she took Konohamaru up there to retrieve the scrolls before heading over to Ichiraku where he said Naruto would be (she had to ask Asami to decipher for her), she had left it there on the desk before dragging him over to Asami's room to speak with her.

She was too comfy in the bed to want to move and she knew that the only thing that she had looking forward to her today was for her to read through those dumb scrolls. Sure, she could tolerate Uzumaki now (and she hated to admit it but another massage would be nice), but it was still annoying to not have a clue as to what he was saying. She groaned at the thought of having to learn more Nihongo and wondered why she even really had to be here. The little bit of information and knowledge that she could impart Naruto with about the elements was not worth her time here, nor was whatever he was going to teach her about ninjutsu. Was this really just a good-faith gesture between the two worlds?

Then Korra's thoughts began to shift into ones of espionage and learning secrets and she shivered at the thought of being watched at all times. She looked towards the door that was cracked open just slightly and she could see that Naruto was sitting on the couch, reclining back into one of the corners as his attention seemed to be stretched between something in front of him and the scroll that he fumbled back and forth in his hands. She let out a breath and coughed slightly when she caught a dry feeling in her throat. She closed her eyes and turned around, breathing in and blushed when she realized that she could smell his musky scent from the pillow and the covers. She remembered his massage and shivered when she felt the ghosting of hands all around her once again for the briefest of seconds.

When she opened her eyes, she was met with a picture in a frame sitting on his nightstand. Her blue eyes examined it for a long time as she lay there, finally blinking as she closed her eyes again and tried to nap once more. What she had seen was a picture of a young Naruto, it looked like, wrapped up in so many bandages that he looked like a mummy. Beside him was a beautiful young woman who leaned over him and delivered a lipstick laden kiss onto his cheek while he sat in a hospital bed, snoring.

Korra smiled as she wondered what all that was about as she lay there in bed and took another nap for a couple more minutes before finally dragging herself out of bed and leaving the room to go join the crazy blond ninja.


A little under an hour into the movie, he felt someone's weight slip into the seat beside him on the couch. He turned to look at Korra who smiled at him briefly before turning back to the movie. Her eyes looked half-lidded for a few minutes, but when the scene where a masked ninja (a stunt-double dressed in orange since they didn't have cameras focusing on them at the time) carrying the real princess of the land of snow appeared on screen, Korra was hooked. He watched as she leaned forward in her seat, knowing that she was not sure what they were bantering about but able to infer that she didn't seem to believe they were going to make it out alive. And the way that train was right on their heels! Plus, Korra having never seen a movie before, so she didn't know that the hero always survived in the end and that he always saved the princess!

The train was close on their tails; the loud sounds coming from the train only got louder and louder as it trailed dangerously close behind the couple. Korra bit her lip and gasped, her left hand gripping onto Naruto's sleeve as she tensed when she watched the train shoot out of the opening of the cave, but not before the duo tumbled into the snow down the side of the hill.

When she realized how she was grabbing him she blushed and let go, trying to focus on the movie again. The whole time, she was muttering how beautiful the colors were and seemed astounded by the very concept of being able to watch a recording of an event on a screen. She had heard that the technology was readily becoming available, but she didn't think that it would look so true to life!

After a one-sided battle which led to the slaughter of many of the men in the reluctant princess's guard, the young woman just gave off a look of indifference at the scene before her. So many men had been willing to sacrifice their lives for her sake, and all she would do was call them fools. Korra hated that and she bit her lip in anger as she fumed at the woman on the screen, not able to comprehend that what she was seeing wasn't 'real' as she had never seen any kind of entertainment like it other than plays, and couldn't make the distinction… at least, there would be a distinction to be made if only for normal people who didn't know that this was a real story until the very end during the credits, so in reality, she was more emotionally connected to the goings on in the scenes before her than most.

Korra was pretty certain that the princess was calling them foolish because she heard her say 'baka' in her sentence as she looked down at the bearded man. She remembered Asami's lecture several days ago and that was the first word that Korra used to playfully insult her friend once she had learned of it. Asami, of course, just blew her off and grabbed one of her pigtails to pull her eyes back to the paper.

"This is surreal…" Korra mumbled, talking about the dead bodies lying in the snow onscreen.

Naruto looked at her but didn't know what she was saying or how to respond to her comment, so he just kept watching. It wasn't long before a blond ninja was hanging in the dark with a strange device attached to his abdomen. Naruto had been surprised at first that his little performance here had been caught by the security cameras in the large fortress, but he was glad that somehow the crew had gotten their hands on it because this was really his shining moment, he thought.

Aside from the actual movie, Korra was astounded at the picture box in front of her. Just looking at it, she wasn't sure what to think of it. "Wow," she said as an idea suddenly popped in her head, "if we could just watch the pro bending tournaments this way that would be incredible! So much better than listening to the radio... Someone could make a lot of money off of this!"

Naruto listened to each of her words but otherwise just ignored her for a while. He'd have to really cut into those scrolls so that they could start communicating with one another soon.

Korra, on the other hand, was entranced by the moving pictures and gasped in shock as the blond ninja was zapped by the strange device on his belly before he screamed in pain, hanging suspended by braces and chains that held his arms and legs apart.

"Did they really shock him? That looked like it hurt…" Korra covered her mouth as she stared in anticipation of what he would do next. Nothing seemed to happen for the longest time until she heard some condescending dialogue coming from the woman in the cell across from him. She looked defeated, overwhelmed… faced with an enemy that she couldn't possibly defeat… someone or something who had much more power than she and Korra found that she could relate to that overwhelming feeling. The stationary position of the cameras, one pointing at each cell, also gave the movie a very real and bleak feeling. Korra looked angry though at the way that she just hung her head, muttering something to herself as they sat in the darkness.

Then the young man dug his teeth underneath his high collar, procuring a sharp blade by biting on the end of it with his teeth. Korra watched as he pulled it into his mouth and pulled himself up so he could start trying to free himself by turning his head back and forth, cutting into the chain hanging him by his arms with the blade nestled in between his teeth. She remembered being trapped in the small metal cell by Amon's men and grinned at the memory of how she thought quickly to get out of that situation.

Naruto watched curiously at the string of emotions that played across the young woman's face as she watched the TV in front of them. It was funny, you'd think she had never seen a movie before by the way she was acting.

When Korra got a closer look at the blond on screen her body suddenly spun around so that she was facing him and she said, "Is that you?! Naruto?" She pointed at the TV screen and repeated his name. He looked at her tense reaction and he nodded once. Korra then turned to look back at the screen and hid her cheeks with her hands as she watched the rest of the movie with only slight outbursts every now and then.

It was him. It was the same boy from the picture on the nightstand! Holy crap! That was the same picture! How'd they get it on there?!


Korra smiled cheekily at the ending and was even happy during the credits where they put a picture of the hero all bandaged up and snoozing while Princess Koyuki gave him a lip-stick covered kiss on the cheek. It was the same picture… apparently the princess had kept a copy.

She yawned and stretched like a cat as she stood upright and then looked over at Naruto who had busied himself with reading through the first scroll.

"Hey," she said, nudging his shin with her toe as she stood with her arms folded behind her head, "learning anything new in there?"

He frowned and shrugged, reading through it and looking for what he wanted to say before saying, "I no understand."

Korra smirked and said, "I don't understand."

Naruto looked up with a confused look on his face. "I don't understand?"

"Right," Korra said, "neither of us do."

"Right… neither of us… do." Naruto looked through the scroll and didn't find anything that could help him.

Korra arched a brow and looked at his scroll with an amused smirk on her face, "Hey, these are in Eigo also… let me see that," she said, taking the scroll without waiting for his permission since she knew he wouldn't get what she was saying anyways.

He looked miffed, but he just scowled and watched her as she sat beside him, leaning against him to show him that phrase. "Look," she said, pointing at her eyes and then pointing at the scroll there. "I don't understand. Wakarimasen."

He felt a little nervous when she leaned against him, but he didn't want to appear easily-ruffled so he stifled the feeling, nodded and repeated after her, "Wakarimasen."

Korra frowned and jabbed him in the rib with her elbow, "Eigo!"

"Ah… I don't understand." Naruto finally said with a bit of reluctance.

"Yay!" She exclaimed.

Naruto grinned and matched her enthusiasm with a "Yatta!"

Korra blinked and looked around for the word. "It's so hard to find them when they're listed in this weird language… they need to be arranged using these phonetic spellings… gah." Korra frowned and looked through the scroll, but then she looked at Naruto pleadingly and muttered a miserable, "Yatta?" and handed him the scroll.

He blinked and took the paper scroll, using chakra to shift the letters back and forth, much to her surprise, so that he wouldn't have to unroll the whole thing to get to the word he wanted. He then pointed at the word written in Nihongo and said, "Yatta!"

Korra looked at the word and saw it had a definition. "Term for expressing excitement or accomplishment in either oneself or another. Close to 'I did it!' and 'You did it!'"

She looked at the phonetic spelling and nodded. It read just as she thought it would by listening to the sound.

Naruto looked through the scroll and pointed at another one.

"Tasukete." He said, waiting for her to look at the Eigo translation.

"Tasukete… Help? Oh, so if I need help, I can say Tasukete?"

Naruto made a face but he shrugged and kept looking. Korra, however, had another idea in mind.

Suddenly she pretended to faint and Naruto watched, a little surprised when she threw her torso over his lap and started to slide off over the edge of his knees. He put the scroll down and grabbed her before she could fall off of the couch and he arched a brow at the wanton look on her face as she seemed to recover there while lying on his lap. She bit her lip and quietly whispered out the word, "Tasukete~!" drawing out the 'eh' sound at the end for good measure as she stroked her fingernails against the front of his chest over his shirt and slowly dragged them down towards his belly.

Naruto, of course, blushed all over and muttered, "Nani tebayo?"

When he saw a smirk on Korra's face, however, he rolled his eyes and tried pushing her off of his lap as she squeaked and grabbed onto his arm tightly. "Hey! Quit it!"

"Hey! Quit it!" Naruto said back in a mocking tone. Growling, Korra swung her leg back and then shot a kick straight at the side of his head, knocking him out cold.

Unfortunately, she was also still grabbing onto his arm and now he wasn't holding her up as his body just slumped in the couch. Korra groaned when she hit the ground roughly, but to her surprise, she felt his heavy body land on top of her, taking the tumble because she had pulled too hard on him as she fell. His heavy weight knocked the breath out of her and she wheezed as her eyes bulged slightly while she squirmed underneath him.

With the wind knocked out of her, Korra just stayed there for a second, saying "Naruto, why do you have to be built like Naga?" She groaned as she tried to roll him off but to no avail, being too lazy and too weak to care at the moment after having his heavy weight fall onto her stomach.

Speaking of Naga, Korra wondered how the polar bear dog was doing all by her lonesome with only the three stooges to keep her company. Oh wait, no, make that four stooges. Rohan was already a year old, or almost one year, and he was probably just as bad as the rest of them. She chuckled at the thought of the four of them riding Naga around Air Temple Island.

Finally, Naruto rolled off of her and threw his legs up on top of the couch. When she tried to get up, however, he grabbed at the back of her shirt and pulled her back on her ass, grinning as he poked at her ribs and began tickling her mercilessly. He swatted away her arms as she tried to bring them up in front of her to defend herself and then caught them both with one hand and pinned them up above her head as he continued his assault, grinning the whole time.

The bastard! She thought, He was faking unconsciousness after I kicked him!

Shit, I almost knocked out there for a second, Naruto thought as he tried to blink away the stars floating around in his periph.

"Hey! What the heck! What're you-haha-what the heck do you think you're-ooh-hah! Ah! Hahaha! Stop! Someone, tasukete! Anyone, Tasukete!" She couldn't stop laughing. He seemed to know where every one of her ticklish spots was and she was so close to peeing herself that it wasn't even funny anymore.

The look in his eyes was predatory, and it seemed to say, No one's going to "tasukete" you now.

More tears leaked out as he kept tickling her worst spots, getting her all over and using his hips and the rest of his body to keep her pinned down.

After a while, when he got a little too close to her side and eased up too much on her hands above her head, she elbowed him in the face and kicked herself away, butt-scooting all of the way across the room as she tried to catch her breath, trying to figure out if she wanted to glare at him or grin.

She settled for a victorious smirk when she noticed that she had nailed him right on the nose and left him bleeding again. He groaned and pinched his nose, tilting his head back as he tried to stop the blood. She just nodded and said, "Yeah, that's what you get you jerk! Try it again! I dare you!"

To her shock, the Naruto she was glaring at disappeared in a puff of smoke and she shivered when she felt a pair of hands settle on her shoulders from behind. She heard him whisper something into her ear and she gulped, far too much anticipation over his next attack rendered her muscle fibers completely useless as she just sat there, seemingly accepting her fate. Her head slowly turned and she saw Naruto sitting behind her with a scary face like there was a light shining under his chin.

Realizing the imminent danger of the situation unfolding before her, she let out an ear piercing, gut wrenching scream.


"Come on, what are you taking so long for anyways?" Korra asked, arms crossed as she stood outside of the door to his apartment. Inside, Naruto was standing in his living room talking to a group of fifteen shadow clones who were standing in formation as their leader spoke to them.

Korra peeked in and watched simply out of curiosity. She had been surprised at first to see all of the shadow clones standing there, the 'kage bunshin' as they were called in Nihongo, but she knew now that he was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Anyone that could summon up their own personal militia was deadly in her book.

And cool too.

She grinned when he finally walked out of the apartment and nodded at her, saying, "OK!" and holding out his right hand in a thumbs up pose. She rolled her eyes at the way he acted and walked with him through the village.

While they walked, he pointed out particular areas and he tried communicating to her using hand motions and by pointing at stuff and calling it something in Nihongo while she told him what the Eigo word for it would be.

"Tsurii!" he said, pointing at a tree. She smiled and responded to him 'tree'. He repeated it, saying "Tree dattebayo!"

Korra frowned and asked, "What the hell is dattebayo?" At this point, she didn't care that he didn't know what she was saying, she just asked him questions to see what responses he gave when he did.

"Dattebayo!" he mimicked, grinning wildly as he apparently thought that he had gotten her to start saying it as well.

Korra just groaned and pointed at a white furred dog walking their way. "Dog," she said, waiting to see what he would tell her dog meant.

Naruto blinked and said, "Akamaru!" He happily ran towards the dog and extended his arms out as he went to grab it.

Korra repeated it in a little bit of confusion, "Akamaru? Are you sure that's it?"

When the giant dog barked, it ran up to them and Naruto started wrestling with it there on the ground. Korra couldn't help but laugh as her companion tackled the dog to the ground and started pulling on its ears and legs. "That's exactly what Meelo is doing to Naga, I'm sure."

She watched him go on for a little bit, stroking the top of the dog's head and scratching behind his ears once they settled down, only to push him over and start play-snapping at him. The way it was, Naruto seemed like he was more in touch with his inner dog than Akamaru was. Naruto didn't know it, but he just scored huge brownie points for being good with dogs. She couldn't help but smile when the dog licked his face from under his chin up to his forehead and he made a face of a mixture between disgust and annoyance.

And Korra didn't know it, but the only reason why he was so good with Akamaru was because of how long he had known the critter. In reality, Naruto was terrible with dogs. It wasn't that he hated them, but they always seemed to be able to smell the fox chakra in him for some reason and he had a lot of bad experiences with giant pit bulls and other breeds that he needed to walk as a kid on his D ranked missions.

Of course, that didn't take away from the little boost he just received in her mind.

"Naruto!" came a loud voice from further on down the road.

Korra looked up and saw a young man with dark brown hair and red markings on his cheeks underneath his eyes. He grinned and showed off a set of fangs that made her reel back slightly, but she quickly composed herself as she walked over to Naruto and tapped him on the shoulder before pointing over to the man walking up to them.

"Ah! Kiba! Nanika atta* (What's up!)!"

"Ossu! (One of several responses to *) Naruto!"

Naruto ran up to Kiba and they exchanged pleasantries for a while before Naruto called him over to meet his new friend, Korra. Kiba looked a little reluctant to speak with the girl at first, but he quickly got over it and waved with an as-polite-as-Kiba-gets 'Yo!'

Korra offered her best smile and bowed as she was taught to, but Kiba just looked at her in confusion for a bit while Naruto shrugged slightly. They talked for a bit about something and Kiba grinned and turned to Korra saying, "Naruto tells me that you speak Eigo?"

Korra's eyes widen in surprise and she looks up at Kiba and grins. "Yeah! Wow, you are pretty good!"

With a grin on his face he yelled out, "Thanks! Nice ta-meetcha!"

Korra chuckled and said, "How long have you been practicing?"

Rolling his eyes, Kiba said, "Shit… like… I don't know, six months? My sensei was adamant about me learning to speak Eigo since I'll be doing a lot of important missions over there soon."

Korra nodded, "I remember that… sensei is teacher, right?"

Naruto muttered, "Sensei is teacher."

Kiba looked at his friend and chuckled, nodding and confirming to him that if he wanted to call someone sensei in Eigo he'd need to say, 'teacher'. Naruto grinned and held out his fist, to which Kiba responded with a good old knuckle bump.

Korra smirked. They have that over here too, huh? Jeez, had I just kept my fist closed he would have known that I was trying to say hello. How crazy is that? Did he think I was asking him to hand him something by holding my hand out to shake his when we first met?

It was interesting how the two languages seemed to be so different, and yet both worlds had been influenced by both of the languages prior to them discovering each other. Their differences in mannerisms were also sometimes so far apart that they were completely foreign, while other times they were so close that they were nearly indistinguishable.

When Kiba and Naruto were talking, they seemed to be having a bit of an argument and Korra was even surprised to see Akamaru was growling somewhat, though at his master or Naruto, she wasn't all that certain.

Finally, they seemed to come to an agreement and Naruto turned to look at Korra while Kiba seemed to be mauling something over. Kiba frowned and looked at Naruto when he punched him on the shoulder as if to tell him to hurry and tell her something.

Finally, Kiba let out a sigh and said, "I'm going to help you guys for a couple of hours today so that you can both try and learn the two languages easier. Instead of using the scrolls, all you'll have to do is use me to translate and take your own notes, so it should be helpful to learn the basic phrases."

Korra nodded and smiled appreciatively, "Well, thank you for all of your help… um, what was your name? You didn't say."

Kiba grinned and said, "Kiba Inuzuka! Yours?"

"Korra." She smirked and said, "So Inuzuka is your family name, right?"

Nodding, Kiba gave an affirmative, "Yep!"

"And what about your dog? What's his name?" Korra asked.

Kiba blinked and turned to look at the giant dog who was now sitting next to Naruto and yawning. "Oh! Yeah, that's my best friend, Akamaru!"

Korra frowned, "His name is dog?" she asked in confusion.

"No, it's Akamaru… oh, wait, who told you that Akamaru was the word for dog? Nah, that's Inu!"

Korra's look of confusion washed away as she said, "Oh! Akamaru is his name! So inu is dog, huh?"

"Roger! Now, let's go grab a hamburger and get to work on this studying crap."

Korra blushed prettily and said, "Hamburger! I haven't had one in forever!"

Naruto, meanwhile, made a face and groaned when he heard the word hamburger. "Ramen, dattebayo!"

Kiba rolled his eyes, "I'm sure they can put some noodles in your burger if you ask them nicely, Naruto." There was a blank look on his face as he just stood there and waited for Kiba to explain himself.

Korra looked at Kiba with a raised eyebrow and said, "You know that he doesn't understand what you're saying, right?"

"Wait, you're that bad at this?! Jeez, this guy is hopeless!"

Korra rolled her eyes, "Tell me about it."

Kiba laughed, however, when Naruto said that he wasn't the only one. His laugh grew louder when he turned to look at Korra and realized that she didn't know what he had just said.

"Yeah… two peas in a stew… or whatever."


When Naruto and Korra returned from their long day of learning each other's languages, they were not expecting to see the busted in door to Naruto's apartment.

Just before they saw it, Korra was laughing at the way he was mimicking her earlier bending motions and making loud noises to go along with them, like "Shhhh!" and "Boom!" and "Whoosh!" He had been thoroughly impressed by her demonstration and he somehow managed to get her to promise to show him how to do it again so that he could practice. She smiled at how far he had come along with his Eigo with that meeting with Kiba when she noticed that his jaw had dropped and he was now staring straight ahead with a look of utter shock on his face.

They both looked at one another and then they took off running toward his apartment to see what was going on. They could hear a light murmur that Korra thought sounded a lot like snoring. She stopped at the door, only peeking in while she waited for Naruto to take the first step into the apartment before following in behind him.

"Oh… it reeks of alcohol in here, jeez!" Korra scowled and covered her face as she looked around the room and saw various people lying around on the floor, shit-faced-knocked-the-fuck-out drunk. Her eyes widened and her ears perked up when she heard a sound coming from Naruto's room. She looked at Naruto as he shakily brought his hands together in front of him to dispel his clones.

Before he did, however, he noted that a few of them had been making out with random girls, some kunoichi that he knew, and some civilians that knew of him because he was their famous hero who saved them all from Akatsuki, Pein and Uchiha Madara.

An annoyed, but satisfied look on his face, Naruto immediately cock-blocked the whole lot of them and felt memories surging back into him as he shook violently at all of the scary, sexy stuff that was drilled into his brain.

Korra gasped when Naruto passed out there and fell back unconscious like a two-by-four falling over. She just stared at him for a minute and then looked up at all of the confused faces of the women still in the room but without their own blond ninja to fondle and play with. She smirked and said, "Alright bitches, time to leave. Let's go." Her eyes were still taking in the sight before her… there were empty ramen cups and sake bottles everywhere! A few trash bags full of them were piled up by the door, but she hadn't even seen those yet and still the sight before her was impressive.

A collective glare centered on her, but Korra just tilted her head and pounded her fist into her hand and said, "Oh really? Who's feeling spry, huh?"

With that look on her face, even the most dangerous kunoichi in the room decided that now was not the time to test their strength against the newcomer. Ino gave her an idle glare while Sakura just laughed at her friend and said, "Hah! You were getting all hot and bothered by Naruto-kun! That's so funny!"

Ino turned and glared, yelling at her in Nihongo because she couldn't speak in Eigo well enough yet, though she could understand her for the most part.

Korra rolled her eyes and watched as the rest of the people filed out, some even coming out of the kitchen and the bedroom… except she heard someone fumbling to collect their things in her room and so she walked over to the door and gave it a shove.

She sighed when she saw her friend running away from the door, shrieking as she tried to grab something to cover herself, and she said, "Asami… I should have known."

[Kagebunshin no Jutsu, special Omake! Pt. 1]

"(Alright! Time to get things going! I'm gonna head out and get some booze,)" said one clone as he walked toward the front door.

"(The three of us will get cooking! Don't worry, the dumb ass bought enough ramen to fill every cabinet in his kitchen as well as the pantry! One of you should go get us a big pot though to put all of the ramen in so that way we can cook it all nice and slowly!)"

"(Ooh, I can do that… wait, can I eh… borrow it from Teuchi-san?)"

"(Sounds like fair game to me. Ooh, while you're at it, let Ayame-chan know that we're having a party!)"

A chorus of excited gasps and other sounds filled the room as the clones all seemed to be thinking along the same lines, "(Actually,)" one of them began, voicing out his opinion, "(Why don't we invite some more girls here? We can get a real party going!)" They all appeared to agree to that statement and they were laughing and talking excitedly about who they were going to bring to the party when suddenly one of the clones said, "(Hey! Wait a second… why are you reading the scrolls?!)" He was asking in a dangerously murderous tone as he pointed out the sole Naruto sitting on his own on the couch with said scroll in hand. They crowded the clone and he slowly looked up from the scroll that he was reading from, "(Well? What do you have to say for yourself?)"

"(Yeah!)" Said another. "(Don't you know that we're trying to give boss a hard time!? Why the hell do you gotta go and ruin the fun for us… You're not going to narc on us, are you?)"

The clone smirked and said, "(We're just going to have to do this anyways with him standing in front of us making sure that we're reading. Boss is a tyrant, you know that.)"

The clones rolled their eyes simultaneously and one of them had to stop another from smacking the insubordinate clone over the top of the head so that he wouldn't expel him and warn their master of their plans of debauchery. "(Don't hit him! If he's expelled then you know that the boss'll just cancel all of us and bring in clones that will do his dirty work.)"

"(Oh yeah…)" muttered one air-head shinobi as he scratched his chin, "(Well, what should we do then?)"

"(I say tie the bastard up if he's not going to participate!)"

"(I'll just bite off my tongue,)" said the clone as he looked at the scrolls with increased interest as his eyes skimmed back and forth over certain words and phrases as he tried mimicking them silently to himself. It was pissing off the other clones, but the bastard had a point! What would they do if he just bit his own tongue or stabbed himself or something? Then their fun would be over… then one of them realized something:

"(Wait… so… you're going to study… but you're not going to warn boss about what we're doing?)"

The clone just nodded and muttered a casual 'hai' as he used chakra in his finger to slide the words across the front of the page until he found the words he was looking for. "(And once the party's started I'll have a few drinks myself… don't ask me why, but this new language interests me… and so does she.)"

They all shared a knowing look and nodded, sitting down in a circle around him for a moment as they just stared, "(You know… it's like she has no chakra… at least, no more than a citizen, but they say that she's very powerful and that we shouldn't underestimate her!)" They all nodded in unison and after a while they began to talk again about what to do for the party.

Once everything was set up, the clones went around the apartment doing various activities. One of them walked out of the room with a box that was under Naruto's bed in his arms. He had a sneaky grin on his face as he sat down in the middle of the living room in front of the TV and some of the other clones noticed what he was doing, so they all walked over to look over the box curiously. "(Ooh! Is that where boss keeps his money and stuff?)"

Nodding, the clone rummaging through his master's personal belongings gasped with eyes wide and a devilish grin on his face once he found the pictures that he was looking for. "(Check it out,)" he told the others, all of whom had mirrored the grin he wore. Even the clone reading the scrolls looked up. He tried to look away at first but the blush on his face showed that he was definitely interested in what the other clone was holding up.

These were pictures sent to Naruto from Shion in the Demon Country. On the back she wrote desperately about wanting to 'pass on her traits to the next line of priestesses' and that she could use no one other than 'Uzumaki Naruto-kun' for that job. The picture itself was Shion sitting nude with a carefully-placed silk sheet that she used to barely cover her chest as the rest of it spilled into her bare lap. There was a beautiful smile on her face with eyes full of love and tender care in them.

The next picture, however, was too dirty to talk about in this story.

The clone who procured the box from underneath the bed grinned as he held up the picture to show it to the rest of his horn-dog brethren. They made various hoots and cat-calls at the picture presented to them until the clone put it away and showed them another one, this time it was of Koyuki Kazahana lying naked on her bed and taking a self-y as she had her mouth open and pointed toward the camera with a little 'Naruto' fishcake that had the 'uzumaki' spiral on the center sitting right on her tongue. She had written on the back of the picture that if he came to visit, she promised to taste and savor him thoroughly.

"(Wow,)" said one clone as he shivered, "(OK, is the boss gay or what? I totally forgot about these pictures, but why hasn't he gone to visit either of these girls yet?)"

Some of the clones just muttered in confusion as well, then one of them piped up saying, "(Wait a second, if he's gay, doesn't that make us gay too?)"

They all looked at one another in silence for a few seconds, apprehensive all of a sudden as that little perplexing thought sunk in for a minute.

"(Does anyone feel gay?)" One of them asked quietly.

"(How do you know if you're feeling gay?)"

"(Well, I mean, is anyone thinking about doing something perverted with the Naruto next to him?)"

Each of them continued to look at one another as if they were waiting for someone to make their move. It was a standoff and no one was going to do anything until someone else did something. What would they do if one of their own clones came onto them? Would they reciprocate?

"(He means do you like dick!)" said another, laughing out loud as he shoved the Naruto next to him.

"(Ok, now this is just getting homophobic.)"

"(Maybe we're looking at this the wrong way… is it really gay if you're gay for yourself?)"

"(We are pretty sexy…)"

They all nodded in unison and one clone out of the bunch said, "(Kami-sama, why must we be so fine!)"

Finally, the same clone who was reading from the scrolls just said, "(Listen, listen… whatever his decision about which is the farer sex, we should at least take it upon ourselves to show him what he's missing out on! Let's go pick up Asami!)"

"(Oh! Yes, I second that!)"

"(Alright! Do we have a third!)"

"(Shut up already and let's go get her! Wait, who was going to get the booze again?)"

One hand shot up and he called out hesitantly, saying, "(Uh, me. Why?)"

Grinning, the other clone said, "(You know how Tsunade-baachan has that secret stash of special slug sake at her home? She won't be there right now… you could break in and take out a few bottles for us… I'm sure she wouldn't miss it!)"

The rest of the group paled and they looked at the booze-fetching blond with faces full of sympathy. Whoever was going to go after that was probably going to die… even if she wasn't there, she probably already knew that he would be planning on stealing her sake and he'd get ambushed.


"Tsunade-sama! Where are you going?! Your guests!" Shizune bowed apologetically at the older man and his assistant sitting in the chairs in front of the Hokage's desk before rushing out the two large double doors that were thrown open as Tsunade started stomping down the halls on a warpath.

"My special sake… someone is probably stealing it right now! I have to get back and I can't deal with any more of these intrusions by these damn new-feet trying to establish their damn political and social foothold in our own home. Tell my guest to cram it, and I'm not traveling to their land right now."

"But wait! Tsunade-sama! How do you even know?"

"I can just feel it, OK?! Leave me alone!"

"Wait! Tsunade-sama, I can go check on your stash…"

Tsunade turned around and glared, "It's called a stash for a reason, Shizune! You're always throwing out my booze, so how can I trust you now?!"

When Shizune didn't answer, Tsunade growled and shoved a chuunin out of the way, accidentally sending him into the women's bathroom where screams erupted in a loud chorus and Shizune could hear the poor young man take a beating that he certainly didn't earn. Tsunade walked out of the building and stomped her way down the steps as she started walking home.

"Aiiiiieeeeeee!" Shizune screeched, reaching for Tonton as she made her way over to the dark-haired medic nin. "This isn't going to end well," she said in a worried tone to her little pig. The pig snorted and nodded, wheezing out a sound in agreement.

"Tasukete!" Shizune heard his yell and slowly walked away from the restroom, Tonton sporting a sweatdrop on her head as she looked up at the woman carrying her.


"(This is an S-class mission… there's no way I could pull it off on my own without getting hit. I'd dispel and then the boss'd know about our plans! We can't possibly get that sake now… we should have done it when the Hokage was off at the capital on a diplomatic mission…) Kuso!" he said, then finally yelled as he cursed at the end of his little rant.

"(If it's S-classed then we should send more than one… who else is up to the task?)"

No one responded until one of them walked over with a container of noodles that were cut long and started breaking them until he had 15 different pieces with one short one and proceeded to hold it out in front of him in the middle of the group as he dropped down onto his knees there, saying, "(We must decide by noodle!)"

They all nodded. One Naruto even pounding his fist into his hand as he scowled with his eyes squinted shut, "(I should have thought of that!)" he said.

They each looked at one another before drawing from the stack of noodles in the center and then they looked at the one Naruto reading the scroll and waited patiently for him to take his. He rolled his eyes and reached over, taking the make-shift straw (or in this case, stick) in his hand and holding it up to compare it to the others'. "(So who's got the shortest one?)"

When they looked, they held them back out toward the middle and the ones with the larger ones grinned and pulled theirs back so that the rest could compare until finally there were only three left.

The clone holding the scroll glared and said, "(I am not doing it! I told you that I am studying, and I will just let Tsunade expel me if she is there waiting for me, so pick someone else!)"

Groaning, the others looked at each other and nodded, saying, "(Alright, so I guess it's the two of us… anyone else want to join us on our path through the valley of death?)"

"(Well, when you put it that way! Definitely not!)"

"(Wait…)" said one confused looking Naruto as he looked at the original clone who had been volunteered in the first place, "(If you were going to go anyways, why did you draw a straw too?)"

He blinked and shrugged, "(Ah… I wanted to be a part of the team?)"

They all sweat-dropped at the same time while the clone just chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head.


A little while later, Tsunade sat behind a turned over table in her house with her kunai at the ready and a large pot sitting on top of her head as a sort of helmet. She grinned and watched the front door with narrowed eyes, saying in Eigo, "If you plan on getting my sake then you'll have to go through me!"

She was nearly foaming at the mouth and anyone who knew the woman would know that she had obviously just gone over the deep end, because she was acting goofy as hell. What the hell was in that sake, one might wonder?

Unfortunately, as she sat there waiting, watching the front door, she completely forgot to lock up and secure the back. Within a few minutes, the two clones clumsily broke in through the backdoor and even made a bit of racket, but when Tsunade stood up to walk into the kitchen and look around, she saw no one.

Suddenly, there was a sound outside and she let out a roar, running out the front door, knocking away all of her carefully-set traps as she ran out into the open and looked around again, this time with a kunai in one hand and a frying pan in the other.

Out the back door left two stupefied shadow clones who were just glad that Tsunade was off her rocker that night. They hoisted nearly twenty large containers of slug-brand sake and walked back out the back door, carrying them in suspicious-looking burlap sacks.

When Tsunade went back into her house, she sighed and shrugged. "I guess no one was stealing my stash… maybe I was just being paranoid." She smiled and decided to go have a drink herself while she tried to relax and clear her head. Twelve to fifteen hour days without booze would drive anyone batty, let alone someone who was so dependent on the sauce. Yes, it was about high time that she retire. She needed to kick that blond-haired bastard into gear to give him the hat and be done with it.

Smiling fondly at the thought of her 'little brother' finally fulfilling his dream, Tsunade bent over and looked into the cabinet where she had a hidden compartment where she kept the sake. She reached once and found nothing. Confused, she reached again… then she got on her knees and stuck her whole arm in there, feeling nothing but collected dust…



The two sake-napping clones could hear her loud voice all of the way out in the center of the bustling city as they stopped by Ichiraku to have themselves a bite to eat before going back home. Teuchi just looked at them oddly, but they smiled and offered him a bottle of the slug-sake and he just shrugged it off and poured himself a shot.

After only the third shot, the old man was slurring, saying, "(Naruto! You are such a good kid! I mean really! Really good kid!)" Then he turned to the other clone and said, "(And you, Naruto, you know? You have so much going for you… now that you're a hero and all that… whatever. You are alright… but don't you forget, that you are… the best of the best! And you… you can take my daughter out… anytime! I swear, you two would make a great couple, but you know what? I think it's because… really, just a really good kid!)"

"(Uh, alright Teuchi-san! Thanks for letting me know that… hey, where's your daughter anyways?)" the clone asked with a bit of mischievousness in his voice.

"(My daughter? Who, Ayame? Or the other one? Or … wait, I only have Ayame, right? I hope so… wait a second!)" Suddenly he looked very angry as he poured himself another shot of the sake and said, "(Who wants to know, huh?! They… they… they going on a date with… my daughter or… are they just out for her body! Or her cooking! They better not just be out for her cooking!)" He downed that shot and immediately poured himself another, "(I know that she's the best, but… you know, you're a really good guy, Naruto-kun! Just… a real good kid! You know, I heard that named a bridge after you! How ironic is that?)"

The second clone looked at him in confusion and said, "(How is that ironic?)"

Teuchi turned and glared at him, saying, "(Hey, Naruto, I wasn't talking to you, alright! I was talking… to Naruto!)" He pointed at the first clone, though his glare did not ease off of the second.

Holding his hands up in a placating manner, the clone said, "(Hey, no problem Teuchi-san. Sorry about that, I thought you were talking to me Naruto, not him Naruto.)"

Chuckling the man let out a grunt and said, "(Meh! Alright… no problem kid… man, you know… you guys ain't half bad. Thanks for the… for the… uh, what'd you bring me again? Slug sausage?)"

"(Yep! Slug sausage, definitely not sake.)"

Teuchi nodded, "(Yeah… slug sake would just be weird… but you're a good kid.)"


Finally, an hour later, the clones made it back to the apartment where they saw lights flashing and music blaring. Surprisingly enough, they noted that there were people dancing inside of the apartment as well. They grinned at each other and nodded together before kicking in the door and rushing in.

When the music stopped they glared at all of the people in the apartment and said, "(What the hell is everyone doing in Naruto-san's apartment?! Huh?! Well, are you going to explain yourselves or what?)"

They looked around. They noticed some of Naruto's friends had come, even Ino and Sakura who figured they might as well see what the hell was going on when they heard that there was a party at Naruto's at only six o'clock in the afternoon. Tenten had shown up too with Lee, and Asami was standing there with one of the clones leaning up against the wall next to her with his arm draped casually over her head as they spoke. "(You know, I was the one who kept biting your earlobe,)" he said with a wink of the eye right before the door came crashing in.

Temari was actually there too! And she had brought along her younger brothers, one of which was busy being a wallflower while Kankuro was talking with one of many civilian girls there at the party about how hard it was to get certain colors of makeup in Suna since not much money was spent on that particular commodity there.

The other clones, not sure what was going on, were about to walk up and try and calm down their comrades when suddenly they held up the bottles of sake in their hands and said, "(What the hell is wrong with you people! You can't have a party without shots!)"

Suddenly, the party started buzzing again as the people, civilian and shinobi alike, started screaming and woo-ing as they turned the music back up and got back to dancing as the clones started setting up the drinks by warming them up, pouring them and taking them out into the crowd that was beginning to pour even into the kitchen by now as more and more people were showing up.

When one of them got over to Lee, however, he immediately spun on his heel and kept walking the other way, avoiding him entirely.

Lee fell into a slump and muttered, "(Why must I be so dangerously affected by this wonderful drink!)"

"(Because you're a psycho,)" Tenten said, crossing her arms, but she let out a grin and sighed, "(But I guess you're my psycho.)"

Lee shot up and yelled out, "Yosh! (I shall now do one hundred single-armed, vertical push-ups with each arm, and if I cannot accomplish that, then I will do two hundred…)" Everyone knew where this was going.

Tenten face-palmed and just nodded and said "Hai, hai," every once in a while to show that she was listening to him while he made his declarations.


"(Wait a second… you stole this from Tsunade-sama? Oh shit… you are in deep trouble, dumb ass.)" Sakura said as she looked at the clone who just shrugged with a grin on his face.

"(I'm not in trouble… but Naruto is!)"

Sakura's eyes widened when she realized what he was saying.

"(So where is the real Naruto?)" she asked, looking around at the many clones talking it up with random people while one was even dancing with Hinata who had shown up an hour late. "(Is it the one dancing with Hinata?)"

The clone smirked and shook his head, "(Nah. He won't be coming back for a while. Out hamming it up with that girl from across the sea.)"

Sakura's eyes widened, "(I see… so Avatar Korra is in the village already? Huh.)"

"(You seem interested,)" he said, arching a brow.

"(Hm… yes, Sasuke told me about her. He has been practicing his Eigo so that he could speak with her. He is really interested in the new world and wants to go find out what it's really like for himself, but…)"

The clone looked at her curiously after several seconds without her saying anything and he said, "(But…?)"

Sakura shook her head. "(I shouldn't tell you,)" she said, furrowing her brow with a mixture of guilt and annoyance plaguing her pretty face. "(I'm sorry Naruto, but Sasuke asked me not to tell you anything.)"

Naruto frowned and said, "(You know… tonight, I'm not Naruto.)"

Sakura looked at him with her brow arched and said, "(Who are you then? You can't be anyone but Naruto.)"

The clone shook his head and looked out into the crowd where he saw Asami giggling as another clone wrapped his arms around her hips and pressed into her from behind out in the middle of the living room where they cleared the area so that people could dance.

He said something that Sakura couldn't hear because of the loud music, but when she asked him what he had said, he just stayed quiet and kept watching.

Tonight, he said, I am my own person.


"(Naruto! You're gonna get into trouble big time! You shouldn't be giving away… let alone drinking all of Tsunade's slug-sake. I know as much since I trained with her, she's going to skin you alive and bury you in a salt mine!)"

One of the other clones smiled brightly as he leaned on the counter and he held up a shot to Ino. She blushed and took the shot into her hands, looking away, a little ashamed that she was telling him that he was in trouble and yet she was about to drink the same stuff that he had stolen.

"(You know, tonight I'm not Naruto… tonight… I'm Naruto,)" he said with a knowing wink as he held up his own shot and yelled out, "Kampai!"

Everyone else who had a shot held up theirs as well and yelled it back, while Ino grinned and squealed out as she reached up with her own shot glass. "Kampai!"

Ino laughed when the clone grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out onto the dance floor. She set her sake cup down and followed him out there in a giddy fashion after just her second drink.


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